Thursday, December 5, 2013

Tequila BUzzzzzzzzz Kill!

Damn I was hoping Sabby slept with Carrrrrrrrrlos!! It was only a pass-out! Carlos was subletting Milo's apartment? 
This Robin story is so flat for me. Even her talk with Anna. Flat.  I did like the Edward mention but that was about it. If I came back from the dead, I'd be all over Kelly's and the Floating Rib..celebrating.

 Did I see Emma went to SCHOOL? Like she couldn't have a day off when her DEAD MOTHER comes back? Geesh! Patrick didn't even take the morning off. GOOD LORD.

TOLD ya Georgie was coming again. She sure had on some pink lipstick there! Maxie wants to kill herself. *sigh*  I wish Georgie looked all Zombie like.  Maxie gives her kid fashion tips in her suicide note.
Robin shows up!

So, Carlos might be related to Lily. Interesting--Brother? Cousin? Uncle?


  1. Haven't seen the show yet today, but if Carrrrrlos is related to Lily, wouldn't that mean that Sabrina and Carrrrrrlos are related? Since she's related to Juan and Juan is Lily's kid? Right? So confusing. LOL

  2. Carlos was adopted by Hernando Rivera. He is the adopted brother of Lily. Hernano wanted to pass the family business to a son.

    There would be no blood relation between Carlos and Sabrina. They may not even know there's a connection.

  3. I do not understand Patrick going to Carlos' apartment. I get that he's an emotional mess now that Robin is back, but for all of these months, his relationship with Sabrina seemed forced, like Robin was still pulling him back. Why isn't he in with a therapist or another character to get some emotional support and guidance instead of chasing Sabrina around town? And Felix is misleading Sabrina with the idea that Patrick wants her back. The show is dragging again, and yes, this is a negative critique!

  4. I've not watched yet but my sis in law texted me and said "Sabby is Sonny's daughter with Lilly"

  5. Sabrina said she was 27 years old - impossible for her to be Sonny's daughter with Lily

  6. @Lori, I think Lily gave Juan up for adoption (he was Lily and Miguel's kid, product of a teen pregnancy, if my memory serves), and Juan was adopted by Sabrina's relatives. So Sabrina and Juan aren't blood relatives.

    Sabrina being Sonny's kid would be ridiculous -- Lily blew up, period, and it caused a lot of repercussions. Would be terrible to retcon that storyline. Could Sabrina somehow be the lost Quartermaine heir, or has that all been forgotten.

    And where the heck is AJ?

  7. why haven't Lulu and Dante even been SHOWN for a minute but this 'WHO CARES' mob sheeze is?
    Like Shaun is going to actually KILL anyone

    I think Carlos is Lily.
    Get it/

  8. ok. someone needs to put together a scorecard. and by that i mean a family tree / flowchart. email it to Karen and let her post it.

    include on it the possibility that Lily didnt die (no one does on this show) and who would be her child with Sonny that she was pregnant with.

    I expect a full report in the morning. (ha ha)


  9. I can't buy Patrick running after Sabrina. He could barely say "I Do". Can the decision really be that difficult? Robin needs to get a grip and slap some sense in to Paddy.

    Sonny and Shawn blah blah blah. So beyond boring. At least bring in Olivia for a little sizzle.

    I can't buy that Lily didn't die. Sonny was rocked to the core by her death. It was a turning point in the character.

  10. At least AJ is back tomorrow.

  11. The Robin/Anna talk was ok, although I too thought it was stupid that Emma was going back to school the next day. Come on!

    FF through the rest though.

    Let me just reaffirm here: Finola Hughes is flat-out great. She always brings her "A" game.


  12. OK, wouldn't Robin WANT TO RUN to Maxie and Sonny? She loves them! Makes no sense. And, again, Robin, CLAIM YOUR MAN, go home and sleep with him, let Sabrina sleep with Carrrrrrrllllosssss!!

  13. LOVED Robin and Anna's Mother/daughter talk/hug, "You're my hero," don't we all wish we had a mother like Anna?

  14. All I could think was, "Thank God Robin's not wearing that god-awful blouse." I'm sure other things happened today....

  15. The hospital: Felix is so freaked out he can't find Sabrina! Patrick why are you back at work?! You were supposed to be on your honeymoon! You were not on schedule!!! Felix don't lie to Sabrina about Patrick losing it when he found out she was missing!!! That's not being a good friend! Okay Felix's story about Joyce and Sabrina, wins the line of the day! ROFL! That cracked me up! Oh there is Joyce! ROFL!

    Milo's home: Wow! So Caaaaaaaaaarlos is subletting Milo's place?! Where is Milo? Is he out of town?! Awww Caaaarlos and Sabrina didn't have rebound sex. :( Well, she was drunk at the time, so it's good that Caaaaaarlos didn't take advantage of her! Awww! :) Stupid Felix! Thanks to him, she is fantasy land again!! Listen to Caaaaaarlos! He knows what he is talking about! Oh he kisses her and look at Patrick haha! He doesn't look mad! :)

    Ellie and Maxie's home: Love the Mac and Ellie scene! He is just so happy that Robin is alive!!!! :)

    Anna's home: Emma is at school?!!?! She should be having a day off to be with her mother!!! :) Wow Robin whining today?! You can't believe what you saw? Geez you are acting like you caught your husband in bed with a woman and he cheated on you! Listen to your mother. She is giving you great advice!

    Sonny's office: Wow Sonny has a picture of Lily in his desk ROFL! How convenient. WOAH! Lily is wearing the same dress as Sabrina wore on her wedding day! Is Lily Sabrina's mother?!!?!

    Georgie's grave: Oh Maxie come on!!! Hope is not all lost give me a break! You can get help and work on yourself! Oh great now she is thinking about suicide?!!?! COME ON MAXIE!!! OH GEORGIE! :) Good to see you again. Oh Maxie can't see or hear Georgie because she is in so much grief. Oh isn't that a sweet suicide note! A note to her daughter telling her about how makeup and jewelry is less is more. Wait so Maxie is going to take Viagra pills to kill herself?!!?! Georgie touching Robin's shoulder so that Robin goes to see who touched her and then she sees Maxie! Thank you Georgie! :)

    Preview for tomorrow.

    Ava and Sonny: Oh! Sonny wants to hit Ava! :) I wonder if he means physically or business. :)

  16. kdmask said..I think Carlos is Lily. ahahahaha Get it/
    ROFL! What?! :) No I don't get it. :) Explain. :)

  17. Did anyone else notice the name plaque at the cemetery under Robin's was for Tony Jones? I wasn't watching GH when he died. Was there a body? Is this a Cartini nod to things to come????

    Also, Ellie wins line of the day when she asked Mac who wouldn't love Robin..."Ooh sugar! Sabrina." Teehee. To be honest, my mind went straight to Carly. Can't -wait- to see that reunion.

  18. CareyN - Tony died in the 2006 storyline about a virus hitting town. While the storyline brought back Tristan Rogers and Emma Samms, it made Scorpio look like the world's worst deadbeat dead and Holly like cold-blooded murder. Tony last few scenes were pretty good though - he and Lucas had some closure, etc. There was even a funeral for him where all I can remember is that Frisco couldn't make it back because he was deep undercover at the time.


  19. It is KM's acting that is falling flat. The portrayal of Patrick, Anna, Mac and especially Emma has been excellent.

  20. Kim is not bringing it to the table! Been watching for 35 years and always a fan, but come on...

  21. Bookworm, thanks for the refresher on background of Lily, Juan, etc. I admit that I always snoozed through most of the Lily stuff as I found her to be so boring. I really hope they are not planning on bringing her back from the dead too. I think the only other "dead" person I really want brought back is Alan. The Q's need him so much.

  22. I think Finola is phenomenal and I loved the Robin/Anna scenes. What makes them even more special is the close friendship in real life. They truly love each other and it shows. Always nice to see Georgie. She looks beautiful. Robin needs to go home and get some clothes.

  23. macy -- I'm a huge Robin/KM fan and I've been so reluctant to say that....yeah...I'm not feeling her. I WANT to, but I feel like she's playing Robin too strong...too buttoned up and has been from the start. There's a difference between nearly cracking and then pulling yourself together (like Fin is doing!), and showing a little and then smoothing things back out or just letting it simmer. I feel like if she actually got to TELL her captivity story to anyone, aside from "Gone for 2 years, it was hard," we'd get to see more. I mean, Jeez...the woman was freakin' TORTURED by Obrecht. Let her fall apart completely to SOMEONE (Patrick preferably) rather than this constant reigning it in.

  24. I for one would have a hard time believing that Lily or that baby could have survived. I was wondering if maybe Carrrrlos lied and that they did sleep together

  25. I also heard the Sabrina is Sonny's daughter with Lilly rumour. It wouldn't be the first faked explosion..As for her age..most of the kids on this show are now adults so I don't think they're bothered by that detail.


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