Friday, December 20, 2013

New Cast Member

Hottie..Ryan Paevy--- !! TV Source broke it to me and others on twitter! He'll be playing Nathan, a new PCPD man in blue who will interact with Maxie before KS goes on Maternity leave.  If you want even hotter images Image GOOGLE the boy. phew-whee!


  1. Karen,
    Do I remember correctly that one of your only complaints about OLTL was that they hired a bunch of hunky guys who were awful actors?

  2. He is a hottie. I just hope he's going to be a real cop and not some corrupt mob puppet.

  3. he is pretty hot :) I think ABC kind of gave away how important GH is to them by rescheduling yesterday's episode. Can you imagine them ever doing that before now?

  4. Blue eyes and black hair and killer thighs. This boy is downright cute.


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