Sunday, December 1, 2013

Debbi Morgan Tweets Regarding Emmys

I haven't said much about Prospect Park's announcement that it's not continuing with either OLTL or AMC online.  Debbi Morgan of AMC fame tweeted the following regarding the whole mess:  (read from bottom up) 
Not many actors have spoken out about how abruptly it was cancelled. 
  1. Your tweets said it all & that's "Emmy" enough for me...Smile!
  2. & to be honest I don't need an Emmy 2 recognize how much U all loved the work I was able 2 bring 2 U...
  3. However, with the end happening in the way that it did, for right now, I just want to remove any reminders of our untimely end...
  4.  I 've decided not 2 have my name submitted 4 emmy consideration this year cuz I just really, really want 2 move on. & our most amazing cast will always hold a special place in my heart...Darnell, Mickey, Sal, Cady, Thorsten, Vincent...just to name a few! I wil 4 ever B grateful 4 the years of playing "Angie" beautifully created by our beloved Agnes Nixon. The many months of being told we're on hiatus but wld B coming bck & then snatching the rug from under us & the fans has been very emotionalSo right now the head space I'm in is just completely distancing myself from AMC w/regards of an Emmy consideration.


  1. I can understand her feelings. She must feel betrayed. IF she were to win a Emmy that would be good for Prospect Park and Debbi owes them nothing.

  2. This whole mess just seems so unfair to the actors who want and need to work.

    When PP first announced they were 'saving' AMC and OLTL and putting them on the internet, people cheered, happy to get their shows back. Then PP announced they couldn't do it and left it hanging. What were the actors to do? Wait around to see if PP might try again?? So Roger and Kirsten and Michael took jobs offered at GH. They really helped GH recover from near-cancellation, along with the excellent cast of GH and they fit in very well. Todd was lighter and funnier, and John was a better cop, and with a bit of humor. They moved to PC from Llanview and it worked.

    Then after a year PP decided they can try again and they want their characters and actors back! This was unfair to the actors who had settled into a new home with good work to do. I doubt they were excited to be yanked back to something as experimental as Internet Soap.

    Now why couldn't PP just let it go? Let the actors keep their new jobs and simply write them out. They got upset because in that year's time the characters got changed to fit GH and a couple of minor characters that GH didn't need were killed off. Big deal. And they sued ABC over it. Even if they did have rights to those characters, the characters had moved on and PP should have simply let them go. Yes they were important characters on OLTL, but if they had tried, they could have written them out.

    Instead they claimed ABC had gone behind their backs and hired the three. For Pete's sake, what were they poor actors supposed to do? Their show had been cancelled and they'd been told PP couldn't get financing to start the shows again. They needed and deserved to be working.It seems to me that PP is the deceiver. Made promises they didn't keep.

    Finally when they got shows up and running, fans were excited, but not enough to view they show on computer in big numbers. When PP cut each show to twice a week, the writing was on the wall.

    GH was obliged to rewrite characters after a year! Talk about unfair! I don't blame Frank or Ron for the mess--they naturally wanted the wildly successful characters they had had on OLTL and didn't come up with new ones for the actors. I actually liked them all better on GH than I had on OLTL. They could cut some of the heavier baggage of the characters and make them more fun to watch. Todd wasn't as evil, John wasn't saddled with dim Natalie, and Kirsten didn't need a baby to drag her teen character down.

    I do not see what PP expected. How can they be suing ABC when they brought it all on themselves. Oh, I know, they had agreements with ABC, but to expect actors to sit around idle while they fight it out with ABC, who DOES have a good, ratings-rising soap now, is just ridiculous.

  3. I agree on the lawsuit. I hope it gets thrown out of court

  4. @soaplover, I couldn't have said it better!! Spot on. While I like the RH version of Franco better and like that Kiki isn't so annoying as she was with the whole "Capt Morgan" thing and am glad that Silas got the stick outta his a** I wonder IF they will ever be able to go back to the characters they played from OLTL. I can't see PP winning this lawsuit and as much as I hate ABC I blame this on PP. They gave us hope only to take it away time and again!



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