Monday, December 23, 2013

Festivus...for the rest of us

Oh, what I would give to see Magic Milo do the Festivus Pole today!! Well, we know that we are going to see Friday's show at 2-- and since I know what happens, I may be out shopping instead. Not sure. We have to get all our food for the Feast Wed. I'm having the whole family here (Mom's side) which is 10 people. Yes, we have a tiny family! LOL

Milo will be on the show--not sure when..but he and Diane sit Shiva at Max's bedside. This week is pretty messed up show wise, I think. Tuesday is a repeat show Wed, then shows Thurs/Friday ..not 100% sure though.

I'm still scared over the TC news that she's PG in real life.  PLEASE DON"T DO IT!! LOL although Paddy and Robin having a 'Magic Ride" all year seems slim. Would you like to see a Sabrina is PG story? 


  1. No!!!!!!!!!!! Please don't let Sabrina be pregnant! Just cut the relationship and let it be over!

    And Jews sit shiva after someone dies, not when they are sick. Oh I hope Max lives.

  2. FYI: Shiva is when a person dies!

  3. The LAST thing I want to see is another baby-mistake story. I really dislike them and we've had to watch two this past year and I'm afraid I'd scream if there was another to face! Especially when we had to wait so long for Robin and Pat to be together. I'd like to see the scene where she tells him what she went thru being held for 2 years, because so far he doesn't seem interested.

    Anyway, Sabrina is supposed to be so saintly--why would they write her a story so like Britt's?

    Many years ago there was a period when the GH men seemed obsessed over babies all the time and that cured me of ever wanting to see another baby story.

  4. No. And since none of us want to see a Sabrina pregnancy they undoubtedly will do it.
    Sonny claims to have accidentally shot Max - he really is an idiot. I am not looking forward to an extended mob story but it sure seems like that's what we're going to get. Ugh. So disappointing.

  5. If she has to be pregnant, let it be Carrrlos' lol

  6. As I said in my last post, PLEASE, NOOOOOO!!!!

    Also, not to criticize you, since I do appreciate anyone's using Jewish expressions, but "sitting Shiva" is after someone has died!!
    (Oh, I see that Mr. Shmekel already has enlightened you . . .)
    I didn't see today's show--DVR didn't tape it, I am working until 9, so hubby is trying to find it for me online. I am SO STUPID, I forgot that it doesn't tape when the show looks like a repeat (although it does tape actual repeats, so this confuses me).

  7. AntJoan,
    Soapnet is still on this week. Also, some cable providers (including Time Warner here in Erie County) offer GH the next day in prime time on demand (even though it's not prime time).

  8. I definitely do not want to see a Sabrina pregnancy story. I'm happy for the actress, but this makes me very nervous story-wise. Patrick already had a year long who's the daddy story, and i have no doubt that Sabrina will end up sleeping with Carlos now that he's put himself in her care. Why don't the writers just hire Maury Povich and be done with it? This is ridiculous.

    I would care more about Diane sitting at Max's bedside if the two of them shared more than one scene in the last 12 months--the last 24 months for that matter. I liked their relationship, but it has been a LONG time since they were together.

    The high point of today's show was Robert's didgeridoo and Robin's "you didgeri-didn't?!" lmao. I also liked Robert warning Duke not to get involved with the mob war--too little too late, mate.

  9. Wonder if we get one more Scorpio scene before he hits the city limits? I am having trouble picturing him buying Duke a drink more than imagining Monica and Leslie having breakfast together. Scorpio and Duke have never liked each best they coldly tolerated one another. Honestly, they should have had Robert tell Duke at the house to stay the hell away from the Jerome family or that Robert would come to kick his butt. Then have Robert go throw back a drink with Luke and give us a Christmas gift of letting them improv the scene. That would have been a Christmas miracle, indeed!

    I love Sabby bawling like baby...What a weak character she is. Hoping that she turns into a conniving hellcat and causes havoc across PC. That would be an interesting turn!


  10. Well...that was lame. We got all the airtime between Sabrina and Patrick calling it quits and a hot 2.5 seconds of Robin/Patrick reconciliation. Lame lame lame.

    I feel like it's dicey to write a woman's actual pregnancy into a storyline. Not a lot of control on the part of the writers, and god knows they like control.

  11. The warehouse: Oh goodie, a shoot out and nobody is getting shot. Zzzzz. OH! My Caaaaaaarlos gets shot! OH NO! MORGAN SHOT MAX!!!!!!!!!!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Oh glad Caaaaaarlos escaped... My poor Max!!! I was so upset I cried! Morgan why the hell are you leaving!?!?!?!! BAH!

    Morgan and Ava's home: Diane wins the line of the day!

    Diane: Just once I would like to experience someone happy to see me. This is just a regular romper room in here.

    ROFL! Oh oh Diane finds out about Max! Damn you Morgan!!! If Max dies, YOU ARE DEAD TO ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Patrick and Sabrina: He dumps her ass! Enough said. :) I was thinking I hope Caaaaaaaaarlos goes to see Sabrina for help with his gunshot wound! AND HE DID!!! :)

    Patrick and Robin's home: Santa Robert!!! He isn't happy about Patrick haha! Oh Robert brings up Tanganeva! And Robert gave Emma a dicorido!!!!! (sp) Awesome. :) Patrick picks Robin YAY!

    Patrick: I've been an idiot.

    Me: Yes you have, but you aren't anymore. :)

    The hospital: Oh look Rafe hurt his hand because he hit a wall because he was upset with Molly. Zzzzzzzzzzzz. Oh McSilas keeps getting phone calls. Diane with Max awwww! :) McSilas take good care of him! He can't die! He just can't!!!!! :'(

    Kelly's: Shawn and TJ why are you at Kelly's?!!!?!!?! Zombie Heather might be around hiding!!!! Molly is happy TJ is okay!

    Sidenote: Karen, I hope Sabrina isn't pregnant with Patrick's baby! I hope she sleeps with Caaaaaarlos, and the baby is his!

  12. I hope they write in TC's pregnancy. Ha ha ha!

  13. Elizabeth Gunther said: "The high point of today's show was Robert's didgeridoo and Robin's "you didgeri-didn't?!"

    I laughed at the crack about the didgeridoo too. Robin should just thank her lucky stars that grandpa Duke didn't give Emma a set of bagpipes. PMSL

    I also cracked up at the Romper Room comment.

    I will be terribly upset if they kill off Max. Darn Morgan!

    He really does have a mental age of 12!1 Did he think a loaded gun was just for show? Pointing it at his father was bad enough. (Such a wonderful Christmas family scene! *gag* )

  14. they need to walk a fine line with writing in an actress' pregnancy. I remember on Married with Children they wrote in Katey Sagal's pregnancy. Then she miscarried. They eventually wrote off that season as a dream or something, but she still had to play around it. While it is a wonderful thing, I think the actress really needs to be consulted and it should be her decision and the producers and writers need to live with her decision and respect it.


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