Friday, December 6, 2013

Spoilers are up!!

Go to the to get some spoilers. Nothing huge but there is a missing item Lante will be wondering about..
Hmmmmmmmmmmm WHAT COULD IT BE!!??  

Patrick goes to save Sabrina from "Carlos" but really doesn't seem all that concerned about what Robin went through all. LOL. 
Paddy's sweater-coat? No comment. 
You'd think he'd want to be with Emma...she's at school telling people her dead mommy came back to life! LOL 
Carrrrrrrrrrrlos gets decked by Patrick. 

Maxie...'I NEEDED you so much Robin"!! Leave it to Maxie to be so focused on herself, not Robin who was held captive for 2 damn years! LOL 

Carly and Todd eat chocolate and make out. That chocolate eating was TOTALLY Todd behavior. He used to snack all the time on OLTL. I notice he's wearing bummy clothes since his tumor was removed? 
Heather is back.  She tricks Franco into thinking PCU called.  She's got a knife. 

Oh, Ava and Sonny were on.  Ava gets on the stand.  That's right..AJ's trial is still going!! DOH! Pffft. 

This week was  such a let down for me and today just capped it off. zzzzzzzzzzz. 


  1. I knew Patrick would pull this crap. Awful!

  2. Robin/Maxie was great. The rest was total bs -- I used to care about the AJ trial, but now it's been so badly paced, I hardly care.

    Who is this zombie in Patrick's body? I need to see Anna talking some sense into him, telling him exactly what Robin went through. Geesh!

  3. I was back to FFing through the Todd...err...Franco and Carly scenes.

    I agree that no one seems too interested in what poor Robin went through for 2 years as the prisoner of a psychopath. Patrick should be holding her tight and finding out what happened to her. And poor Emma should never have been just sent off to school.

    I wanted to smack Carlos too. Patrick didn't "put Sabrina through" anything. He was hit in the face with news that would have floored anyone. It's a wonder he knew what planet he was on after seeing Robin. It would have taken any normal human being a lot of time to process that shock and then remember where they were and who they were with.

    Speaking of which, I wanted to smack Felix too. Someone tell that idiot that Patrick didn't do anything to anyone. He was going on and on like Patrick had deliberately left Sabrina at the altar. It was obvious that he didn't know Robin and had no idea what kind of shock everyone else was in.

  4. Everyone's right, why is no one following up w/Robin about her ordeal? Oh, you're back from the dead, OK, let's talk about me . . .

    Shouldn't Robin be debriefed by the police and referred to a counselor?

  5. I agree - Patrick, Robin, and Emma should have gone to a therapist by now, or at least it should have been mentioned. I know that this is a soap, but Robin was kidnapped and gone for so long!

    I hope that Patrick dumps Sabrina before January. Come on already!

    Oh, and I completely agree that Franco is soooooo Todd. This is just ridiculous. They need to send Franco away and bring the actor back as someone else. The Franco character was too different from this and not even a brain tumor could explain his change in character, especially when it mirrors Todd!

  6. I just keep getting more angry at both Robin and Patrick. What is wrong with those two!!!???

    He was practically paralyzed with grief over her--enough for an Emmy Nom--and he can't dump Sabrina and embrace his wife???

    And Robin--I'm equally pissed at her. She says she was sustained thru 2 years of torture by thinking only of Patrick and Emma and getting home to them. And when he says to her, 'Let's go home', she says NO??? She hasn't even told him what her kidnapping was all about yet! Shouldn't they both have a zillion questions about those 2 years?

    I'm getting fed up. Of course, I am not that fond of Sabrina so that may be coloring my anger a bit. But this does NOT seem at all natural. Why is Patrick still so possesive of her that he socks Carlos? Just stupid. Sabrina at least, is behaving somewhat naturally--broken hearted and wanting to avoid Patrick and draw away from Carlos. Running from an ugly situation.

    But Robin and Patrick? They are both idiots!

  7. Milo's home: Oh look! 18 year old Sabrina got two men fighting over her! I LOVE Caaaaaaaaarlos! He tells it like it is!!! Patrick want to take Sabrina home!?! HUH?!!?! Uh Patrick? You just told Robin you wanted to take her home. I think you need to go home alone. You are confused. And don't hit my Caaaaaarlos!!!!

    Gravesite: No Maxie! Don't overdose on the Viagra pills!!!! Maxie thinks Robin is a ghost ROFL! No Maxie ghosts don't slap people! ROFL! Woah wait up! Robin thinks it's okay what Maxie did with the whole baby mess?!!? OY! *facepalm* Where is the judge?! We need the judge!! Better yet, we need Caaaaaaaaarlos!!!

    Bobbie Todd Franco Baldwin's home: Awww poor BobbieToddFranco Baldwin! He is hurt his daddy rejected him. :( BobbieToddFranco Baldwin wins the line of the day today!

    BobbieToddFranco Baldwin: Oh my are you kidding? I have to watch the first 20 minutes of Bambi just to cheer myself up. That's beautiful. You should consider a career in greeting cards.

    ROFL! Well, Lucky he got Carly there to sooth him with sex ROFL! Oh look he got a teaching job! Oh no wait it's not real! His mama pretended to be the person who wants to interview him! Oh oh Carly is in the shower while Mama Heather sneaks in with a knife!!! Mama Heather have you been watching the movie Psycho recently?

    Court: Oh Ava changed out of her hooker outfit! :) Oh oh she is afraid of Sonny AND Sean ROFL! Oh there is Starki with her facial expressions. Awww Ava is giving Starki an olive branch but she won't take it. :( They are showing AJ again YAY!

    Ellie and Maxie's home: Ellie has a new job in Oregan!!! :( Oh Spinny is going with her! With the baby! I think that is a GREAT idea! Other wise Maxie will just keep going to the apartment trying to see her daughter! I don't want Ellie, Spinny, and baby Georgie to go tho. :(

    Felix and Sabrina's home: Oh Robin visits Sabrina! And for Monday's preview, Robin says to her, I need you to help me get my husband back! BAHAHAHA! I love it! That wins the line of the day right there! :)

  8. You're hilarious, Sonya. lol

    How can Franco and Carly think that he'd be hired as a teacher. He'd never pass the background check, tumor or no tumor.

    And I actually like Carlos too.

  9. Di said...You're hilarious, Sonya. lol
    Hehehe thanks. :)

    How can Franco and Carly think that he'd be hired as a teacher. He'd never pass the background check, tumor or no tumor.
    Well, it's an art teacher job. :) We don't know if it's for high school, college, or just art class for after hours. :) How did Mama Heather know about the job? Hahaha!

  10. I actually enjoyed Carly's comment to Franco regarding getting Arnie Becker as a father. Considering Corbin Bernson played her Dad on GH also played Arnie Becker on LA Law.

  11. Hey there, Sonya!
    What do you mean, it's an art teacher job? Art teachers have to have accreditation, same as a math teacher! They're around kids. Schools would never want a serial killer around kids. I think they would laugh at Franco. And does he have at least a masters in Art? That's what it takes now. He said it was for PCU...the university. He"d have to have a masters degree. Better to have a doctorate.

    I was an art teacher in a college for 20 years, so don't dismiss the screening process with 'It's an art teacher job.' Like that's nothing, non important.

  12. soaplover woah no no, I wasn't dismissing art school. I was just mentioning what type of teacher job he was looking into. I'm sorry if I offended you. The interview was fake anyway by his mother. Did he say it was from PCU? Oh okay. Well, again I'm sorry.



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