Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Can You Hear Me Now?

Kiki and Dilly meet at the Metro EVERY damn time. Zzzzz 

Nina brings Charlotte a gift at Wyndemere. It's an American Girl Doll. She has an invisible Nanny: "Mrs. Evans". Val says he wants to tell Nina about his childhood.  She ends up telling him about hers. He went to England to boarding school. They bond a bit. Then they kiss at the door--and Anna sees them.

Nate says to Griff and Anna:  "We have an update on Charlotte's whereabouts" No one cares. Oh MY GOD they'd better not waste ANY air time on her "rescue" UGH

Maxie gets a phone call:  "Claudette"?? She can't hear her. It's garbled. I'm hoping she's like at the bottom of a river.

CarSon with Lurking Worm Nellie. Carly notes lipstick on the glass on the table. ' He says it was Laura's. Carly tells him Jax went back to OZ. He says, huh thought you were close. She says "I'm going to tell you just what happened between us" She said she kissed Jax but stopped.  They talk about pain, themselves yada yada. Carly leaves.  Sonny tells Nell "well, good thing it's all over" Nell says "What if it's not"..Oh I think she's gong to say she migh be pregnant! AHAHAHAA oh dumb. dumb.

Liz and Franco ..Franco wants Liz to get on a plane--and go to NYC because "Tom is in the hospital".  Franco goes to get the car and Liz turns around and Tom is there. He's doing refab work on the upstairs. Franco freaks out but the boss says they hire guys on parole. Franco gets mad at when Tom tries to walk away, Franco tries to strangle him. Again. *SIGH*

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Nurse Bobbie

Molly is mad that Alexis was out all night... 
Alexis snaps at her.  Molly says to chill out, things can't get any worse (HA HA) 

Finn was in the Q house looking for Hayden.  She's feeling better but her test results came back and they are not good. She's positive 

Dr. O and TODD! What could be more wonderful!  Oh they are talking about TOM..ugh such a stupid story. 

Jordan is questioning Jules. She later goes to see Alexis. She tells Alexis Jules is in the hospital. Alexis is like: Ohhhhhhhh? HE isssssss? Molly is all "GOOD!!! I hope he dies" LOL
After she leaves Julian calls Alexis. He says "come visit me".  HE realizes she hit him. 

BOBBIE is back at the Nurses' station!! WOOT! 

Later when Hayden goes to GH she breaks down and she and Liz hugs her. 

Sonny and Worm-Nell. He has roofie head. He figures out that between the time SHE got him a scotch and now, he's blacked out. I hope he knows it was her. God I hate her!! Carly drops over. Nell hides upstairs. They talk about Jason finding the bomber. Then Carly says she shouldn't "Punish" Sonny any more for Morgan's death. 

You know, this "disease" has NO symptoms and no cure. ZZzzzzzzzzzz already. GEESH. 

Monday, November 28, 2016


Danny, Jake and Rocco all being played by the same kid? 

Alexis calls 911 then leaves. She goes home and drinks.  Jax comes over (See below) 

Ava runs into GH, nurse says it was a hit and run.  Ava's all upset. Julian comes to, tells her to call Sam, Lucas and Olivia to bring Leo so he can see them all "one more time".  She says "you're not going to die" He says "I didn't go back into the business for you...(dun dun dun)....BUT!! Before he could say it, VALERIE walks in!!! 

Boring Jordon, Maddox, Val and Curtis. Zzzzzz why didn't they make Maddox a Q? It would have been so much better and tied him to people.  

Idiot Worm Nell puts a ROOFIE in Sonny's drink. (No, it's not 2005) Which if you think about it, is stupid. Sonny could have finally grown as a character but nah, throw a roofie loving blonde in there.

 So, she undresses him, gets into bed with him and then strips herself and lays down.  He's passed out. 

Jax is going back to Oz... Lady Jane is ill. Joss is staying back.  Jax goes to Alexis before he goes.  He sees the blood on her sweater. She tells him she may have killed Jules. Cries.  He wants her to go to rehab "tonight" she begs him to let her go 'tomorrow'. 

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Sunday Surgery: Of Pizza and Parking Lots


I am thankful for:  The Q Thanksgiving, even if there were only 4 of them there,  the Davis Girls at home, adorable Avery and all of you!  We only had  three days of show this week so let's get to it. 

I'm eating all the left overs and feel so FULL---oy. They just never end. I need to go work out more and more!! 

Friday, November 25, 2016

Gilmore Girls and Other Binges

Oh my GILMORE GIRLS *Netflix  dropped today and I can't wait to watch!! I'm giddy!! I love Stars Hollow. I only started watching because of reruns on The WB (remember them?) when they used to air in the afternoon. I caught up around the last 2 seasons? Anyway, I haven't set time aside for my girlies just yet so NO Spoilers if you have!!

The Crown:  *Netflix Anyone watching? I am tuning in with my British Hubby and he's finding out all sorts of juicy stuff.  Awesome stuff on the inner workings of the British Gov and Royalty! Plus, it's the 50's and I'm enjoying all the props/wardrobe. Their cigarette budget alone must have cost a million bucks! 

Just finished The People vs OJ. * My family hated me because I knew EVERYTHING. I watched that trial from day one. I was off work with Jack at the time and ate that stuff up.  I loved the retro-ness of it all and the performances were just perfect. Oh, their cigarette budget must have been a 1/2 a million!! 
*We bought the DVD

Black Mirror *Netflix Didn't disappoint this time around. San Junipero filled me with everything. It's my 2nd fave (after S 2 White Bear) .  This was SO retro and SO my era it brought tears to my eyes. All episodes have been good this season. 

Hallmark Christmas Movies *Hallmark Channel Geesh, can they GET any more white? Or repetitive? I think there's another time travel one and another fish out of water and I need a boyfriend for Christmas! They have the same actresses (Lacey Chabert, Alicia Witt and Candy Cameron in so many of them.   Our own Brooklyn Silzer is actually in "Christmas In Homestead" this year so it gave me the excuse to veg out and tune in!  Who can resist Emma? 

So, that's my line up! We are going to see Allied this Sunday. My friends love those kind of movies. I don't care what we watch, I just like going to the theater now and then. I feel like I watch so much on TV that I forget that experience. 

Hope your Turkey was warm and Pies were delicious!  Thanks for reading the blog. 

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

We Gather Togetherpi

Laura and Sonny. Now I love Maurice and Genie but... Laura all of a sudden all smooshy with Sonny?
Oh well, in the spirit of Turkey Day I am rolling with it! 

Lante are getting married. I forgot they were divorced !! Laura shows up-- Kevin is there, Maxie and Nate.  They have the ceremony. I guess Lucas/Brad are just not going to be mentioned! 


Ok... So I love that Tracey got everyone together!! Yeah Tracey. NED needs to be on the show. They sit down to eat it. They were going to have Turkey but cook soaked it in Finn's "Bacteria" instead of Brine that was in the fridge. 

Carly's house. I think that everyone should have come together for Thanksgiving at Sonny's since he's on an ankle bracelet. know, GH. 
OMG Nell is SUCH A WORM isn't she? LOL
Olivia comes over, thinking Carly would be gone to Sonny's. She's saying Carly should go back to him.
Sonny's drinking in the dark. Of course, my celebration has to be ruined by his angst. He calls Carly but Nell picks up the phone. She then sees Carly and Jax hugging. 

NELL goes over to Sonny's..he's drunk as a Skunk. UT OHhhhh. Nell tells him that she saw Carly and Jax kissing. He get M-A-D. 

Julian and Alexis. She's just drinking them down. So's he. They banter.  Alexis asks Jules not to tell Sam about her drinking. At the end, she runs over Julian. She meant to put the car in reverse and she put it in drive. 

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Green Bean Casserole

Sam brought it to Alexis' house...she didn't bring Jason. He wanted to watch football. I don't care. BYE.
Alexis may be able to get her law license back IF SHE BEHAVES herself. LOL you know she won't. Everyone is drinking wine but her. That's not fair. They shouldn't drink either (for now) Then Maddox and Jordan come in and bring MORE booze.  Then TJ brings Curtis and Julian texts Alexis that he misses her.
She focus' on everyone drinking..and they are drinking A LOT.
She makes a run for it to get "whipped cream.

Julian is at the newest dive bar and meets some guy about turning the hospital into condos. They mention a "she" (Helena or Olivia Jerome?? Hmmmmmm?) Julian drinks. 

OF course it's the same bar Alexis goes into to have a vodka. 

Avery was on with Ava and Kiki ..OMG YOU HAVE TO WATCH just for that adorable girl! She's so good!! LOL She and Kiki were going to do the wishbone.

TJ is working at Kelly's?? HUH? WOW...ok then! He's doling out Pies. He invites Curtis to Turkey day even tho Maddox is going. 

Scotty and Lucy are together-- she thinks he was trying to break into her house. BUT She brought them with her. She locked them in the safe while they had sex. Whoops. Scotty says he got the pills not the bottle ? He put the REAL lithium pills in there so if they are tested, they will come back clean. 

Monday, November 21, 2016

Snow Day

Home with snow..18 inches and I am NOT KIDDING YOU!! BOY oh BOY--ugh. My kid is using my car. LOL
I am however, not watching GH today (again) 

So, carry on!

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Sunday Surgery: Wonder Waffles

CARBS! My favorite! 

Another attempt to entertain you on the blog when I've only watched 2 shows this week!! I think I got the gist of what happened. I think--one never knows with GH! 

I'm going to have some waffles. Jax made them for me! 

Friday, November 18, 2016


Jax made waffles from scratch. Another reason to have him around.  He's going to stay 'awhile' --at Carly's house. 
Later, Carly totally kiss HIM. SHE kisses HIM. 

Diane was on with Curtis. Talking about the bomb. 

Sonny's having nightmares. Jason tells Sonny he's not guilty. Sonny says he is guilty.

Charlotte says she wants to live with Daddy Cassadine.  Griffin punches Valentin and the judge sees it. WHOOPS
Val hinted he may have 'disposed of ' Charlotte.
Valentine gets sole custody of Charlotte.  Anna and Griffin are angry.  Val uses some Latin Voodoo on Anna. "Open your eyes" he says....

OMG Ok, so Oscar Jessups is brought up. He was around in the 90s or something but he's 'dead' but Julian 'talks to him" on the phone and says "I've done enough for months now". 

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

For You, From Me

 I would just like to note here that I have been extremely critical of GH lately. I suppose with all that's going on the world I'm very tired of a old gangster trying to (again) reconcile his life choices with reality. And VERY tired of women being used/abused for 'drama' sake. Don't need to see people getting strangled at this juncture when we've already had so much death on the show.

The hospital JUST got reopened, why not focus on that for awhile? They could have taken that direction awhile ago. New interns, nurses, medically centric and compelling. 

I also know some of my fave dialog writers seem to be MIA and the show is just depressing. Don't want to see Alexis do an alcoholic story when we've sat through countless ones over the years. Nope. Everyone is  all separate in their own little stories/worlds again.  I just need some joy. Not sugar-lah lah lah joy but escapism that's a damn good story.

Too much to ask? 

and PS get Ingo on contract.

I will give you this-- thank you for having Kin Shriner on a bit more. His humor is SO needed right now. 

Franco MESS

This whole stupid Franco confronts Tom crap? WHY?? why?? WHY???  Just Why.  Franco tries to strangle him. He's then seen at GH. Tom shows up at the Bar Alexis is at. 

Hayden. Dying. We know she won't. Liz comes in with antibiotics.

Carly's trying to find out the medicine clues.  Sonny realizes someone ELSE actually killed Morgan with the you know, revenge LMAO

Lucy and Scott..he's trying to get the meds. She knows he's looking for them. 

Nellie and Michael. GOD> STOP.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

ENJOY the show today--let me know how it was! I'm off to see my Aunt
and have dinner with friends. Much needed. :) Have a good one

Monday, November 14, 2016

Dearly Beloved

We are gathered together today to watch Sonny's Sob Story in Full Bloom. He takes full responsibility for Morgan's death. Cries. Says his life has had violence in it. Cries. He talks to all his loved ones.
He's sad..he's upset. He's the 'sole reason' Morgan died. He offered his hands for handcuffs. Jordan takes him in for questioning instead. He won't let Jason tell him what he found out. Zzzzz

Ava and Scotty in some 'secret' coffee place. She wants him to steal the drugs from Lucy. Crimson playing with Yentl...paperdolls. Valentin wanders in later. 

Valentin comes up behind Laura at Wyndemere because he has no key. He tells her she can live there if she wants..she's "Family".  Then Kevin says she can move in with him! She says it's too soon. 

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Emergency Surgery: Requiem For a Soap

Meet GH. 

Image result for sabrina dies on gh

The soap that's had a serial killer story line that offed a popular character by showing her strangulation in pretty brutal fashion. 

Image result for julian tries to kill alexis

The soap that is teasing to have a formerly strong woman (who turned to drink in times of crisis) 'reunite' with the man that tried to slit her throat. 

Image result for ava switches morgans meds

The soap that had another woman change bipolar medication on a young character that was finally getting his life under control. Social message? Um, none. 

Image result for elizabeth is raped on general hospital

The soap that is having a rapist from a woman's past pop up again to drive a story about redemption of a serial killer/abuser because a great/popular actor was miscast into a role that was designed to be short term and jarring. 

Image result for sonny corinthos

The soap that glorifies a mobster to the point of having everything, even his child's death revolve and center around his internal pain/angst. Not that he ever tried to truly extract himself from the crime-ridden life. No, he and the writers celebrated it for years.  The story couldn't even be written if someone else (Ava) didn't mess around with Morgan's medication.  

What's left now? Oh, let me tell you what's left. 

Image result for sonny and robin on the bridge on gh

A man on a bridge. Threatens suicide. Is stopped by an old friend who implores him not to waste his life because of all the 'goodness' left in it. We listened to Sonny's pain/angst and wrestling with conscience for weeks on this. And yet.... and yet.......
They can't let it go. 

Image result for morgans funeral on general hospital

Hell, no. Why not have Sonny get all up in the funeral too? I wondered why they needed that giant-assed coffin with no body. It was so Sonny could parade around it and lean on it and grieve his bitter, bitter tears.  It's a wonder that since Morgan's death happened October 7th, he has anything left in his ducts to squeeze out. 

His daughter is distraught. They've had some touching discussions. He has another son who's lost 2 girlfriends tragically and now his brother. His wife is going through her own personal hell. He has a toddler he wrenched away from her mother for 'protection'. 

But..what does Sonny do? 
The writers have him PULL A GUN at the funeral and threaten suicide. 

Image result for morgans funeral on general hospital

Now, let's examine this. Does anyone really think Sonny will actually splatter his brains out all over his son's coffin?  I did hear they herded the kids out of the church but-- Come on. It's not going to happen. 

So what is? 

Image result for morgans funeral on general hospitalImage result for morgans funeral on general hospital

Oh Sonny...don't do it!! Jason! Will save the day!! Sonny you've got so much to live for! So much to give! I can hear it now. We can't even have a few weeks of Sonny manning up for any consequences before trying to take the easy way out and get the pity-party cranking. (Not to mention out right 'innocence' of the hit).  Sonny's done nothing to change, nothing to grow, the canvas never shifts because "he is what he is". 

EDITING **Note: Interesting thing came up on twitter. Friend Meghan suggests that perhaps Sonny will fake everyone out and open the coffin and put his gun in? DONE with the Lifffffe? Hmmm. What do you think? 
The only way I'd write this scene is if every person in that church stood up, turned their backs on him and walked OUT.  Have Carly and Alexis tell him they hope his insurance covers suicide. Someone else ask where he wants his ashes scattered.  No one cares if you called off the hit or not. NOPE...your business and your life caused this. Deal with it. Hopefully, the church ladies have a good cleaning service they use. 

Elephant (or empty coffin) in the room? No body. When Bryan Craig realizes he needs some money? I'm sure ol' Morgan will pop his ass back up again. Making yet another death on GH just plain worthless.

Good Bye Claire Labine

Image result for claire labine

Writer of stories, Teller of Tales.
The soap world lost a great one, folks. If you haven't seen her work because you're too young, just watch a few old Ryan's Hope episodes. 100% character driven and family rooted, they were an amazing 30 minutes in daytime television. 

When she came on to GH in 1993, the show just burst with stories. Stone/Robin AIDS. Luke and Laura came back in the Pink Caddy-- she also created the Sonny/Brenda love story. The amazing part is that not only did she respect and embrace General Hospital history, she expanded on it in a way that made sense and also deepened characters. 

Daytime lost a great one. 

Friday, November 11, 2016

Sunday Surgery: The Blind Leading the Blind

NOTE In a week where I've drank and taken enough Xanax for 9 people, I PUBLISHED THIS I could either delete it, or leave it. 
Enjoy. BLOOP! 

After an awful week, I couldn't bring myself to jump back into GH. It was such a relief not to have to watch. I really didn't want to sit through sad Morgan funeral stuff. HOWEVER, I did look through Twitter and find some interesting screen shots I thought I'd try and caption for your pleasure. Hope you enjoy. 

I've been eating junk food all week's some Doritos and tootsie rolls. 

SO, Do you think Sonny..

Will actually kill himself? Great material for MB but let's face it--if Sonny does top himself off it will be the biggest shock since...well.. Wed morning. Anyway, I put odds at 0:0. I see Nellie in some pictures with him. Yeah, whatever. Glad they got Krissy on once more. 

We also know Hayden and or Hammy aren't dying either. No suspense anymore. Even if anyone does die (see 3/4 of the cast) they come back. Ghosts, Zombies, real people. 

Happy this guy is back, always liked him with Laura Wright. Also glad Ingo's getting some cash influx to keep his Maui-Hanalaaa lifestyle intact. *Follow him on Instagram-- he has great photos of surfer life. 

I just looked at photos in the timeline on Twitter. I can see the funeral is FINALLY happening? Hayden passed out. 

Not much mumbler movement. (I kid, I kid... you know I love to kid the Jasammin's)

Is that PEE? 

**NOTE there WILL BE a total BLIND READING OF GH this Sunday for Surgery. I am gathering photos and doing the Surgery blindfolded. Just winging it. Might be entertaining? 

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Fungal Invasion

Some of you may have found that the Wubs Facebook page is gone. For the sake of my mental health, I've disabled my Facebook for the time being. I really needed to walk away and just hold my tongue. I won't use this blog for my personal reactions either as I know you all look forward to a little break here. 

I've decided that although I'm not keeping up with GH, I can always put in little things here and there for you to enjoy. 

I heard BRAD was on the show for a hot minute and I know Ingo is back. Jax is always a welcome sight. 

AND Hayden got what I am calling a fungal infection LOL. I think having 2 contract players "DYING" is kind of moot know, GH 

Maybe I'll be back into GH next week--it can prove to be a mindless detraction. In the meantime I'm watching the Hallmark Christmas Movies and Food Network! Local news is pretty safe as well. 

I hope you are all finding what you need at this point.  Wub ya all! 

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Cast Your Vote

I live in the city where Susan B. Anthony is buried! Thousands are coming today to put their stickers on her gravestone. This has been a tradition for years but this year is doubly important!! It's awesome!! I can't go because of work and I also have a meeting from 5-7. UGH. Someone is taking mine. Hey, my Mimi was 12 years old when women got the right to vote. 

Anyway, I'm on a GH break again. Sorry. I can't take it anymore. I just don't like it-- tired as hell of the Morgan junk and it's not until Friday that the funeral starts. This rape revisit with Liz? NOT here for it. If it's to 'redeem' Franco that's bullshit. Franco was Franco---brain tumor whatever. I just can't deal with the writing (and you know I love RoHo). SO...break time!

Ingo's coming--let me know if it's good to watch more towards Thanksgiving. 


Who would be your BFF if you lived in Port Charles? 

Who would you want as your sister in law? 

Who would you want as your friend with benefits? 

Monday, November 7, 2016


Crap, we ALMOST got a Jordan Curtis kiss!! BUT! Maddox walks in ughhhhhhhh

Morgan died October 7th. Let that sink in. 

The guy Jason was talking to got shot. Sigh Police come. 

Carly goes to show Sonny the journal.  They talk about it, blah blah blah 

Valentin tells Griffin I AM THE FATHER. Griffin's DNA test says HE's not the Daddy. Charlotte runs to Val when she sees him says "Here you are"!!

Friz talk about Art. She wants Franco to pose for her. She wants to just do his face.Not his body (damn) 

OMG..Lucy called Ava!!????? COOL! This is the old-school Lucy.  Lucy thinks Ava and Morgan 'took up again" not that Ava switched the meds.  Lucy says she's not going to tell on Ava but is keeping the pills safe for later. 

Lante go through the Halloween candy and talk about only having one kid. Yada yada.  He gives her her old engagement ring back. 

That's it.

Sunday, November 6, 2016

Sunday Surgery: Papa Can You Hear Me?

Papa can you find this nurses' costume??

Yep. I'm turning GH into a Yentl musical.  I can see it now: Charlotte stands alone on the parapet of Wyndemere and belts it out PAPA can you HEAR ME???? 

Why? because this kid has had more Dads in 2 weeks than some screaming woman on Maury Povich looking for her Who's the Daddy.  Cripes. (that's a new word because I've said almost all the expletives I can think of for this show). 

Shall we begin? I'm having EGGS in honor of Lulu. Why? Oh you'll see why. Her name is Daphne. 

Friday, November 4, 2016

Oh Great..NELL's on again today. She found Morgan's journal. Um, does he seem like a journal-keeper? Maybe it was for Dr. Maddox.  Carly reads it. He is saying he's trying to get better and showed he was taking his meds. He's writing good things about Kiki.

Alexis is accepting Valentin's job offer.  She is going to prove Valentin might not have claims to the Cassadine fortune.  Alexis says Ava knows you strong armed Nikolas to sign. Val smiles. See, you know he took the drugs and now he'll blackmail Ava into saying Nikolas willingly sign it over. 
You wait. 

Kiki is still crying. So's Ava. Ava tells her to go back to college--anywhere she wants. She kinda wants her out of town. 

Jordan is tearing into Curtis about taking that photo of the police file.  Yada yada, Valerie is in trouble. Why did she tell Jordan anyway?

Anna and Griffin talking about Valentin.  Griffin might leave the priesthood. Zzzzzzzzz.  He's already kinda LEFT the priesthood, right??? I mean, he is all doctoring now. He didn't even want to tell anyone he WAS a priest at first. 

JaSam trying to figure out the BOMB crap. 

OK! I made it to 2:39! See ya :) 

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Karma is a Bitch...

** Twitter followers, I'm pretty much off there until after the election. I can't take it NO MO!!  I just want it to be over. 

Carly has an OFFICE? Hmmmmm.ok, don't remember it at all. Looks like the Crimson office with white stuff in it.  She says Nell can stay when Sonny comes by. Sonny set up a foundation in Morgan's name for people with mental illness. She wonders why he's donating so much.  They talk. He wants to talk at his funeral.  

Later, he calls Diane to get his affairs in order. "After the funeral no one will see my face again" and SID is saying he's going to contemplate suicide. DIDN'T HE JUST DO THAT????? ugh. We know he's not going to do it so ...stop it. He writes a note to Carly. 

Curtis and Jason...boring crap. I don't even care. I think it's about Curtis finding out who planted the bomb. zzzzzzzz Everyone is saying it was Paul. Because...why not? He's already gone so you can blame him and not have to get someone off the hook. 

Dante and Lulu... they see what's her face from Greece. Oh Daphne. That's it. Robert sent her to PC. Via Auckland. Lulu gets to question her too LOL.
Helena paid her to come to the island... to "bear her grandchild" so there it is..she's the surrogate.  You know Claudette is the kid. 
Daphne says that she never got implanted because Helena said the embryo was 'no longer viable" and it was disposed of.  Lulu thinks that is what the empty envelope was for from Hells.
SO much a lie, you know that brat Charlotte is Lulu's :) heh. 

Griffin is all DADDY-MODE now lol.  BUT! He doesn't want a DNA test because he knows in "his soul" she's his. Okay then!  Then, he decides to. Maddening dialog. Brad is going to do it. I hope we see him. 

Nina wants to know why Maxie didn't tell her she's no longer an Aunt.  Maxie fills her in on Valentin. "Karma's a bitch and so is Claudette"--
Nina says Valentin was "AMAZING' Sex wise. ;) heh

Anna and Valentin. He gets around, no? She says "We've met before, haven't we"??  He says No.  They talk and Anna says he need to get out of town.  She touches a nerve when she calls him a little insignificant man. 
After Anna leaves Valentine opens a box with a 1/2 photo of Anna in it? When she was young. 

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

GH reopens!

I still haven't bothered with Monday and Tuesday's GH So if I act clueless, this is why!! 

Monica gives a speech...Franco thinks he's going to thank him but she thanks Tracy instead.
Steve Hardy's photo is back up. Tracy says some board members want to still sell it. So, "do your best work". 

Hayden is all snippy with Liz .."Franco is a nutjob". They are like the same height-- good sister material.  Hayden is GH's new financial manager. Because you know, all her experience with her crooked daddy. (I guess?) 

Curtis. AND.....(sad clown) VAL. She was pretty sweaty to be in the Metro.  She finds his photo of the PCPD file he took. 

Sam is in the hospital..Not sure why? Doctor said everything's fine. It's some kind of pain--can't hear them mumbling. I must be getting old because it was really noticeable today. 

Griffin is at Anna's? Well, guess that's good since I don't have a clue where he lives. 

Alexis is hung over. As usual. This is getting so old.  Valentin walks in. They banter. He wants to offer Alexis a job.  They are 1/2 siblings, btw.  He wants her to be a consultant to clear up the family estate. I heard Valentine got off on a "technical thing". OMG he and Julian both. Great. 
He called Helena a PIT-VIPER. Oh hell no. He tells her the two of them deserve to get everything in the Cassadine estate. 

Ok, I lasted until 2:26 
Baby Steps people

Today is Hair DAY! But I MADE IT!

  Anyone catch Lois' hair yesterday? AHAHAHAHA. Lordy. Anyway, I'm having my hair cut and I'm not sure when I'll be back. I&...