Wednesday, March 31, 2021

One Black Shirt

 Yesterday's Thoughts: 

I don't like the plastic chairs at Curtis' Club.. but I DO like Laura and Curtis talking.

Evil Peter unleashed is way more watchable. 

Michael IN BLACK....DEAD!! ahahahahaa. OMG. HE WANTS TO TAKE OVER FOR SONNY? On what freaking Planet?? AHAHAHAA. WELP, he had to go buy some black wardrobe to even think about talking to Jason about it. 

I can deal with Taggs and Jordy. 

Love that Finn and Valentin were there for Alexis.

Carly and Anna. Anna's so calm and British and Carly's such a big mouth. Oh, Val is going to help too? Interesting. 


Britt goes to Maxie's house. Maxie says this baby "needs to disappear". She says Peter has to believe her baby is still born. Maxie says Britt has to help her with that.  Britt says it won't work. Maxie says they'll tell Peter the baby is dead and Maxie will have someone care for her outside of PC. Then, after a couple of months, she'll say she's too sad and move, start a new life. Britt says that's just dumb (it is)

Robert shows up at Anna's and wonders why Carly is there.  (me too). Carly leaves. Anna and he talk about Peter being guilty. Robert thinks her plan is dumb LOL. He also tells her Maxie has her own plan. BUT! Maxie won't tell him what it is. Anna thinks they need to tell Maxie the plan before she does something 'drastic'. 

Valentin is at the Metro to meet Peter. Tells him to turn himself in. Peter goes to make a call. Carly comes in and yells at Gladys and tells her she's going to get her lawyers involved because Gladys is lying. She says it loud enough for Peter to overhear. Valentin steps in to "save" Gladys. He takes her away and asks her out for a drink. They go to the PC Grille where she drinks up and he lets her just blab away. 

Carly confronts Peter next. They talk about his newspaper and she'll pull all ads from there and get a ton of people to do the same. Plus, his lease is up. 

Alexis at court.  Molly and TJ go to the court house. Alexis pleads guilty. Dante testifies that he doesn't think Alexis mean to harm him. She needs treatment not jail. Alexis says she's sorry and ready to make amends. The judge dismissed attempted murder charges since Franco wasn't hurt. She gets 3 years for assaulting Dante. 

Curtis comes to see Jordan and he finds out Taggert is staying there. They talk about being a policeperson and lies/cover ups. 

Tuesday, March 30, 2021



Today is my Eye Appointment day! I should be home for the show, but in case I'm not, you have this little area to post in. I loved yesterday's show. Not sure why but damn fine acting, great dialog and just good stuff. I mean, nothing giant happened, it was just good.

Do you know anyone that calls glasses cheaters? My Dad does LOL 

                                                        Sabrina, before the "glow up" 

Do you notice how few soap characters wear glasses? I always have. Since I wore them as a little kid, it was like: Um, only old people wear these or... girls waiting for a make over?? Now on GH some of the 50 year set do (NLG, Kin...etc) but no youngins. Maybe now with Lasix people don't even wear them that much, right? 

Do you miss Sabrina? I like her a hella lot better than Willow. Willow, even after all this time is just a sad-sack no personality character to me .She's supposedly in nursing school now? Why? Leave her be the tutor at GH. Gives her way more flex in the schedule.  I hope they continue to have Felix on more with Lucas. 

OK! That's it!! Hopefully I'll be back! 

Monday, March 29, 2021

Ankle Monitor

 MONDAY Again! Some areas might have the trial on, but not for me! 

Trial of Taggert.  Trina pleads with him that he change is plea to not guilty.  He does change his plea. 

Peter and Elizabeth. He tells her he "takes responsibility for Franco's death"...because of setting things in motion. He wants her to do an article about it for the newspaper and they can dump on Jason. She tells him to shut up. He says everyone is lying about him and then she goes lunging for him. Finn stops her. Damn it. 

Carly and Jason. Carly's mouthing off about Cyrus' offer. Jason says they aren't taking it. She tells him Gladys is the witness. He says Gladys MUST have seen the real killer dump the gun. 

Anna found Bella for Violet (stuffed pig). She's going to drop it off at the Metro. Dr. O shows up at her door. Anna tells her about Dante. Dr. O is all "Oh, they must have released him early." Anna lets her know she knows about Dr. Kirk.  The go round and around. Anna tries to get the tie with Lesil and Dante. Lesil basically tells Anna Dr. Kirk sexually assaulted her by touching her and kissing her.... and now he's dead. Anna "Ummm, yes, he is".  Anna says she doesn't care he's dead, she's glad he won't control Dante anymore. Anna then tells Dr. O she thinks Peter killed Franco! Dr. O has a realization that she knew Franco had Drew's memories and she didn't warn him. She's double mad at Peter and wants to kill him. Anna's like "Let's bring him to justice". No way.. Dr. O leaves. 

At the Metro, Cyrus, Martin and Laura. They squabble. Marty says he knows their mother is fine. Cyrus is all "HOW do you know that"??  Martin tells him he saw her a month ago. Cyrus is pissed WHERE IS SHE? Martin says she was moved. OMG THESE THREE ARE SO GOOD. I absolutely LOVE their scenes. Cyrus tells on Martin for helping Julian after the bombing. Laura is aghast. Martin says he didn't know that Julian did the whole bomb. But Julian was blackmailing him about Cyrus being his brother. THEN He says that Marty called him to eliminate Julian before he could tell Sonny they were siblings! WHOA...Laura is all what??!! 

Curtis' Club: He's getting the floor plans going. TJ is helping him. Cam walks in. Cam wants to run the social media accounts for the club as a thank you for helping him with the whole Franco thing.  Then Cam runs off to the courthouse to be with the girls at Taggert's hearing.  Curtis asks if they are going to get a divorce. Curtis is like: not sure. 


Taggert is out on bail, wearing an ankle monitor

Dr. O and Peter spar--A MUST SEE!! oh it was so good!! She tells him Justice is coming!!

Carly and Anna are teaming up against Cyrus. 

Sunday, March 28, 2021

Sunday Surgery: Behind Bars


Unremarkable week marked by unremarkable story movement but... let's get going!! I hope YOU had a fantastic one. We had wild weather; great then basically a monsoon! Guess it's spring in Rochester. 

Although I chose the Jason photo up there, he's not the only one "behind bars"!! Who else but Michael Sonny Corinthos, washing and cleaning in Pennsylvania. Curtis is also opening a new bar. BARS EVERYWHERE! 

I'm feeling like a donut today. What's your fave? I love old fashioned blueberry cakes that have just a slight glaze on them. 

Friday, March 26, 2021

Happy Birthday


Well, I heard there WASN'T A NEW GH yesterday due to THE POTUS presser! Biden is ON MY SIDE! I didn't miss an eppy this week!!

Sam took Dante to talk to Kevin. I actually thought I missed something but people are saying no. Anna's in talking to him now?? 
Olivia is outside the room saying the rosary? WEIRD 

Jason is in jail...across the way from Taggert. Taggert is led off to be sentenced. Then Britt comes to "do a check up on Jason" and then she asks him what's up. He says that Peter killed Franco. 

Michael and Sasha are in Kelly's. Gladys and Brando come in. Brando tells Michael it was his mom that says Jason threw the gun. 

Nina stayed at Phyllis' house and is back to the bar to talk to Sonny. Sonny says he's happy there. (ahahaha). Phyllis tells her about the break ins and how the town is dying. They want her to write a story about Nixon Falls to help it out. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. GEESH that's this story? WHAT. Nina is going to stay and write the story. 

Laura and Martin meet. It was his birthday last week. He says he has no other family or kids or a significant other.  He's been married and divorced 3x. 

Carly and Cyrus.  There was a meeting planned by Jason for the Five Families and now Cy is wondering if Carly is going to go. Michael calls her and tells her about Gladys. She figures out that Cyrus put her up to it. Cyrus says if Carly does what she wants then Gladys might recant. 


Sam and Britt team up to get Peter and help Maxie. 

Thursday, March 25, 2021

Getting My Beauty Mode On


So today really IS the day I'm going to get my hair done!! So enjoy and have some fun. Think of ways to either kill Carly or make her vocal cords rupture lol. 

Celebrate Agnes Nixon!!


March 31st, 3pm EST you can watch a live stream of a parade of stars from OLTL and AMC pay tribute to Agnes Nixon. I believe this is probably a run up to the prime time reboot of All My Children that's happening. Kelly Ripa and hubby Mark Consuelos look to revive the show which will center on the Kane and Santos family. It will be titled "Pine Valley" !! Read about it on Soap Opera Network. 

Go to Michael Fairman's site and there's a link to the live stream you can enjoy! 

Wednesday, March 24, 2021



Real Andrews is back. Jordan visits him in jail. She tells him about Cyrus' offer to get his mother back and not tell on Taggert. His sentencing is tomorrow and Jordan says not to plead guilty. Trina comes to visit. 

Curtis and Portia in Da Nu Club ...talking about Taggert and such. Then they talk about Jordan. 

Nina calls Carly. Carly is a mouthy banshee. Won't let Nina talk. Tells her she'll not see Wiley and yada yada. Nina keeps trying to tell her about Carly doesn't let her. Carly just keeps bitching until Nina says "I have nothing to tell you, you made your bed; lie in it alone"...ohhhh! She's going to just run with this Sonny is alive thing!! NICE. She sits and tells Sonny the story of Nelle (no names) and he says it's terrible. 

Lucas stops by to see Felix. Fe is taking over the Lamaz class for Epiphany. Oh, Lucas asks him out for  drink after! Interesting! 

Brook runs into Maxie at GH. Maxie sees she's PG...Maxie asks her about the father. They talk about Lulu. Maxie says she could have Britt as her doctor. Brook Lynn is like: NO THANK YOU. Then she sees Lucas and Maxie thinks Lucas should be her coach. Takes her into the room. Peter than busts in and says "Sorry I'm late; traffic is murder" . They throw Peter out of the class. 

Val is at the Metro with Charlotte who is GROWED UP! Geesh! Val tells Anna that Brook is pregnant.  Charlotte wants to come over and see Violet.  When Valentin tells Charlotte she has a fit and tells him she doesn't want to share any of her stuff with anyone LOL!! 

Tuesday, March 23, 2021



Well, my hair got moved to Thursday!! SO here I am!!  I'll be out Thursday so reset!! 

Laura and Cam and Liz. Laura is going to take Cam to find "justice" ...and goes to Curtis' Club? Umm..okayyyy 

Finn shows up at Elizabeth's house. He says he's sorry about Franco and wants to be there for her. "Family" because of Violet. He talks about he and Anna not marrying. 

Nina and Sonny. He says "I know you". He tells Nina he dreamed about her and recognizes her. Knows her voice from when she called. Phyllis calls him Mike and Nina is all ..HUH?  Phyllis tells Nina the story of Mike and how he came to the Tan-O. 

The New Club: Portia brings Trina there. Curtis is waiting for the inspectors. She apologizes to Curtis about blaming him for Taggert 'not dying'.  Then Laura and Cam show up (see above).  Laura wants Curtis to help come up with a plan so Jason gets convicted and Cameron won't think about hiring a hit man. Anyway, long story short. Trina finds an old guitar at the club and convinces Cam to play to say goodbye to Franco. He sings. 

Carly, Jax and Ava at the Metro talking about Nina. Carly's being a pain in the ass, Ava tells them she left to get away for a bit but doesn't know where she is. Jax goes to call the state department. Ava and Carly ask Martin about grandparent's rights. He says in NYS they sure can sue for visitation. Ava's like HA HA told ya so. 

Ned thinks Brook will use her baby to get ELQ back from Valentin. He's right. BUT he tells her not to do that. They talk about the Q family and past sins. 

Valentin is talking to Martin about the baby and he wants to be a part of it's life in "every way". Marin tells Val to try being nice to the mother and not involve the lawyers. Then he goes to the Q house. 

END: Valentin goes to the Q house and tries to play nice with everyone. William Lipton is very talented. 

Nina gets on the phone to tell Carly about Sonny. Carly answers but she's already mad that Ava told her grandparents have rights LOL SO you KNOW she's going to mess this up!! 

Didn't See That Coming: Terry Walks The Streets


Laurelton Murders circa 1985

(Note from WUBSY: Wow, I do not remember this!! LOL I remember the character of Terry but that's about it!! )

I remember this storyline as one of those "who cares?" storylines throughout my GH watching history. I mean, there were some good moments, which I will applaud, but for the most part, this added very little to my GH memory. 

(As always, I try to do these vlogs from memory because I think that is more fun. And I appreciate when all of you chime in and set me right.)

The positive was The Brownstone. Bobby and Jake bought and renovated the boarding house and rented it to "Young Doctors in Love". (bonus points if you remember that movie, we can make that another vlog someday). I know there was Kevin, Patrick and Terry and some others that came in and out of view. Kevin and Patrick were brothers and Kevin was gaslighting Terry with 2 murders of people no one cared about. 

They all went to Laurelton for a grand wedding and it was a stunning location shoot. My mind says they filmed it in North Carolina, or maybe that was where Laurelton was, I don't remember. More than likely they filmed it in southern CA. But... it was a location shoot. When is the last time Karen said THAT in one of her vlogs?

And so here it is. Grand old wedding and Terry walks naked down the center street of Laurelton.


It was definitely one of those "is this really happening?" "are they really going through with this?" "what the...?" moments. Yup, there she was. 

Having some of the vets in the storyline (Bobbie, Anna, Frisco and Jake) did help. I am not totally sour. And I do miss Jake. He was a great character. Over time more people came in and out of that Brownstone and I agree with Karen when she says over and over again they need to resurrect it and bring it back. All the college kids can move in. 

So... do you remember Terry walking naked down the street? I know one person who doesn't! (ha ha ha) What were your thoughts on this storyline? Should anyone make a reappearance in Port Chuck?

Obscure Trivia: The actor who portrayed Kevin was named Kevin Bernhardt. Before this role, he was a fill-in as Frisco for 15 episodes. Apparently, Jack Wagner was in a contract dispute/negotiations with the show and was out for that time. How many of you remember Kevin as Frisco before he was Kevin as Kevin?

Karen HERE: Hello, thanks to Dave for this blog!! I'm out today with a hair appointment, much better than the dermatologist yesterday for sure!! 

Monday, March 22, 2021

Monday: Use Your Sunscreen


Today I go to the skin docs to check out my over-tanned skin. Well, from the 60's to the 90's that is. I'm so imagining the pain AND the money involved. I did get such a great tan. *sigh* 

SO, I will not be here today for the show. Tomorrow is my hair (I'm so high maintenance lately LOL). I'll try to get a place holder here too. 

I wonder how many days it will take Sonny to meet Nina? Will she be all over him right away? Hmmm. 

Sunday, March 21, 2021

Sunday Surgery: Wrongful Death


Ever wonder if you're watching Bizarro World GH? Like where all the people you want dead are alive and... well, you know what I mean. Every. Single Thing  I wanted to happen didn't. Every character I wanted to shut up just got mouthier!! LOL.. It was quite a week to say the least. 

Let's get into it 

Saturday, March 20, 2021

First Scene Saturday: Nikolas and Lucky

Brothers meet for the first time (1996)


Dave writes: Revising history is a rough road. It needs to be plausible and well thought out. When it doesn't work, the fans know it and let TPTB have it... Case in point? Monica waking up one day and suddenly remembering that she gave birth to a daughter twenty-some years ago that has never been mentioned on screen. To this day, when Monica mentions all her children that died, she never mentions Dawn. (and that bothers me)


This storyline with Nikolas had potential for major backlash because it was rewriting legacy. The Spencers at the time were untouchable. Instead, it opened up an intriguing can of worms. We got to learn more about Laura’s time on Cassadine Island. Luke had to come to terms with having a Cassadine in his family (sort of... work with me there). And Lucky was… well, watch the clip. The acting between Tyler and Jonathan is incredible. 


What helped immensely was that Tyler Christopher held his own throughout his debut and we had the great acting chops of Tony, Genie and Jonathan to guide us through and provide chemistry. This storyline was believable. And to prove it was, fast forward to 2006 when Laura wakes up from her catatonic state. All three of her kids are there, supportive of her and supportive of each other. 


This worked. On so many levels. And it started with this initial meeting between Nikolas and Lucky.

Wubsy Here: I just want to put in a few notes. When this story first happened I had an ATTACK LOL. How Could Laura have a SON with a CASSADINE? How dare they rewrite history!! Then I calmed down, sat through the whole "Lasha" and "Blueberry Hill" story and finally accepted it. I also remember this Lulu like it was yesterday. This time in GH was really interesting and had an arc I could get into. They had filmed in Rochester (the Pink Caddy scene) right before Laura gave birth to Lesley Lu. All In all I really liked the Nikolas angle and really loved JJ and Tyler.

Friday, March 19, 2021

It's a baby


Nice Friday here, sun is out but it's still cold! I think we are going up into the 60's next week! I will be out Mon/Tuesday because of a doctor and then a hair appointment. REAL LIFE!! damn it LOL 

Dante, Peter, Graveyard GUN! Ugh, you know Dante is talking too much before shooting. 

Sam finds out Maxie is with Spin and didn't text Peter. 

AND OF COURSE SAM STOPS DANTE FROM KILLING THAT SHITBAG UGH. THANKS SAM. She pleads with him not to do it and throw his life away. :EYEROLL:  Anyway, Dante thinks his PTSD is still with him and is shook. Sam says she'll help him. 

Carly goes over to mouth off to Liz about Jason being arrested. She's such a bitch. Even tho Liz tells her to leave she won't go. Badgers Liz about what she saw, yada yada. Carly says Jason would never do that. They go back and forth and back and forth. 

Chase is talking to Finn about being his son. Finn says they should get the DNA redone at Mercy because GH results "aren't that great" LOL . They talk about being Father/Son not Brothers. Not much to report. 

Ned talks to Olivia about Brook Lynn, Olivia says that he needs to see her asap. She's not going to tell him what's going on yet though. Olivia is also talking about how she felt with Robert and taking chances. 

Brook Lynn runs into Valentin but she has her coat on for now. OH! She opens it! LOL he laughs a bit. Is it mine? She says yeah..he wants to help her. She doesn't want him to. She leaves. 

Brook comes home and tells a surprised Ned she's PG. He can see that, thank you LOL 

Robert talks to Jackie about the whole paternity thing. He feels very close to her now. Not sure why? She gets an alert that the INVADER put out a story about Finn/Chase DNA stuff. I guess Cyrus told Peter August to do it.

Sonny....zz...Phyllis, cleaning the bar. That bar is the cleanest damn place in the tri-state area. He was playing poker to win back his rings from the pawn guy. But...sigh...alas, he only broke even. Good God that bar never ever has a customer in it. Phyllis tells Sonny that she and Lenny had a baby girl that lived a few days and never had any more kids. 


Cyrus was the one that planted the story. He also talked to the lab at GH and said "make it say what I want it to say".

Nina goes to the Tan-O 

Thursday, March 18, 2021

EYE Witness


So, what did you think of the memorial? I'm over soap deaths LOL.  Whatever. 

Britt and Valentin ..she thinks that Peter might go after Val. Brit starts shaking badly. Gives Valentin an excuse why. 

Carly went with Jason to the PCPD and is somehow allowed to BITCH Jordan right out! God ugh.  Diane comes in..and asks what the cops have. They don't know.  Jordan comes back and they have an eyewitness that saw him "throw this gun down a garbage chute" in the hallway. It's not Liz. 

Brook is looking at Valentine's social media and he and Charlotte's photos. Olivia walks in and sees Brook Lynn. LOL HER STOMACH IS HUGE!! HUUUUUGE. She has to be having Twins! GEESH!! Olivia figures out it it's Valentine's and she says don't tell him. Because Olivia can't tell her baby Daddy's ever LOL 

GH: Violet wants to go home to Anna's, Finn isn't so sure. Then Anna walks off the elevator. Finn says he'll see Violet at the hotel for tea at 4. 

Anna goes to talk to Finn in his office in GH. She says that she'll quit the WSB for him. Finn doesn't believe her. They talk a lot and decide they can't be together. 

Willow and Chase talk about Chase being Finn's son.  BORING

Peter and Sam...boring talk in Kelly's. He says Sam has enough on her plate with Alexis drinking and her leaving Jason.  Peter gets a text to go to the cemetery (from Maxie) and meet at Nathan's Grave. 

Dr. O and Dante. Dr. O clicks the pen and tells Dante to kill Peter. They are in the graveyard. Oh, he probably texted Peter to go there. 

Brando and his Mama talk in the Coffee Corner. Oh She's the one that said Jason ditched the gun in the garbage chute.  She went to Jordan. I guess she's renting a place where Franco had his studio. "Saw it all happen". 

Nina and Aussie Boy talk in the Gallery. Jax wants her back. Blah blah blah. 


Nina gives Val a card to give to Charlotte because she's leaving. Then Valentin runs into Brook Lynn. Peter goes to the graveyard. Dante is there.  Chase goes into Finn's office after Anna leaves. 

Wednesday, March 17, 2021

Franco Fest


Franco's Memorial at Ava's Gallery.  I like it.  The pictures that are displayed are those of Franco's art patients he helped in therapy. Not his own work. Awww, good on Ava. 

Dr O and Nina talk about Nelle.  Then Nina talks to Joss about Nelle.  Nina is leaving PC to "get away"...we know she'll be going to the Sonny Show. 

Laura talks to Scotty at Liz' house. Jake and Aiden are there too! Jake got SO BIG! wow, I wasn't even sure it was him but it's been about a YEAR since we've seen him!!  Liz still thinks Jason killed Franco. 

Cyrus sees Peter in the graveyard. Peter pulls a gun on him.  He wants Peter to work with him to 'solve a problem" 

TJ and Curtis talk about his new nightclub.  

Dante and Sam are at Kelly's and Sam tells him that Alexis is pleading guilty. 

Carly cries to Jason about Sonny leaving her...and dying...but there's no body. 

LOTS OF FRIZ Flashbacks.  Really nice and Becky and Roger had some nice chemistry

Jason is arrested for Franco's murder. 

Tuesday, March 16, 2021

Graveside Manner


Brook Lynn is PREGGO!! Like BIG . Michael and she talk about Sonny being dead. He asks who the daddy is and she says none of your biz. They talk for awhile then she tells him it is Valentin. 

Alexis is at the house with all the girls. She tells them she's going to plead guilty at the trial. She says she has to so she can pay for what she did.  Alexis invited Valentin to come too.  The girls don't want her to plead guilty but she thinks it's for the best. 

Cam is in the cemetery looking at all the dead people he knows. Looking at his Dad's grave (BioDad Zander). Talks to him and says how crappy his life has been. "maybe if you stuck around and didn't get yourself shot, I'd be ok". Zander appears and says Cam is right, it's all his fault. He tells him not to make the same choices he did. Then Joss and Trina walk into the scene and Zander disappears. 

Trina and Joss in the coffee corner talking about the memorial. They want to make Cam feel better.. they take flowers to the cemetery.  Cam is hostile. Woe is me. I think he's going dark. YEAH I HOPE SO

Brando and Sasha..he's checking out of the hospital. Has no shirt on so Sasha is oogling him. THey almost kiss and Cyrus walks in. GLADYS walks in too. Hugs him. Brando thinks she wants something. a later scene it's shown that cyrus brought her to town. 

Peter is telling Maxie he's still living at the house and he's 'joined to her". :eyeroll: Creepass'd Peter. He's telling her everyone lied and she'd better not try to keep him out of her life or the babie's. yada yada.  He's keeping the key so nothing happens to "she or James or the baby". I always forget about James.  She placates Peter so he'll leave. Vows that she'll keep her baby safe. 

Monday, March 15, 2021



So, today I have an eye appointment and... you know the drill. GH will be on Hulu at some point. Here's my challenge:

Pick ONE (and I MEAN ONE) GH Character, past, present, dead or alive to have their OWN SPIN-OFF SHOW. Give the show a name. Here's mine: 

HELLE'S BELLE'S starring: Helena Cassadine!! 

I made it back!! SURPRISE!! 

Lots going on! Maxie gets a surprise visit from Olivia and Dante....and some Ziti LOL Sam brings over empty boxes so Maxie can donate all his ish!! LOL 

It's Neil's Bday and Alexis is having lunch with Sam .. Sam leaves, Nedly comes in.  Alexis wants he and Olivia to get back together. Then Olivia an Dante walk in and see them having coffee. WHOOPS

Finn, Jackie and Greg are at GH ...getting the DNA results. See Below

Peter, Anna and Jason at The Intruder Office. Peter leaves so they can search it since 'there's nothing to find" .  Anna talks to Jason about her not believing him about Peter. He tells her he thinks Peter killed Franco. 

Ava and Nina. Nina talks about Wiley.  Tells Ava what she said about Willow not being Wiley's momma. Ava's like: That's dumb. 

Q House: Val tells Michael if he lets Nina see Wiley, he'll give him proxy to vote his shares. 

Willow and Chase: He tells her about the whole DNA Thing. They go to GH to see the envelope being opened. THE FATHER IS: Hamilton Finn because of course he is because where would the drama be if he wasn't? 


PETER goes to see Maxie, locks the door. 

Sunday, March 14, 2021

Sunday Surgery: Shot Thru The Heart.


WHAT a week! GH trended, Wubsy lost her ish and GH was the talk of the town!! I still have lots of feels, that's for damn sure. Let's get to it. 

PS. Yes, that's the Bon Jovi Song. 

Friday, March 12, 2021



Willow and Michael talk about Wiley not calling her Mom. OMG NO ONE CARES. PERIOD!! Seriously. Oh, they talk about Wiley's snacks! 

Jason goes to see Danny. Danny says Sam cries at night about Jason. He can hear her. :eyeroll: He comes in and tells Michael that he had to tell Monica (off camera) that Peter probably had Drew killed. And he tells Michael and Willow that Franco was murdered. 

Anna talks to Frisco on the phone and goes to see the asss-face Peter. She talks about Faison and his obsession with her and doesn't want him to be obsessed with Maxie like that. For some reason, Peter tells Anna she's "just like Faison". :EYEROLL:  He's mad Anna killed his mother "Should have been you" he says. 

Nina is sad about Franco. Valentin recons her about the whole wedding. Boring. She tells him about Wiley and Carly and Michael saying she can't see him. He says she shouldn't have told Willow she wasn't his real mama. 

Sonny plays poker with: BOB, DAVE and TOM lol ...he's pretending he doesn't know poker. OMG it's so sterotypical it's LAUGHABLE. LOL!! OMG. Well, Sonny wins it all at the end because of course he did. BOB gets REALLY MAD. 

Later, Elijah comes into the TAN-O to buy it. Sonny walks in all beat up and says: WAIT. Gives them the money. He says he's paying them back and paying for 6 months of staying there and he'll save it. Elijah wants to know where he got it. Sonny's like "I don't remember". 

They tell Chase Finn slept with Jackie.  They tell him that Finn might be his Dad. That scene played out really....strangely. I don't know, Chases' reactions were--off to me. Anyway, Chase ends up throwing out Finn and Jackie and hugs Greg. Not sure if they are going to look at the DNA tests or what. 
Chase says to Greg that he will always be his father because he was there while he was growing up.

Oh.... really boring today actually. 

MONDAY: Nedly is on

Thursday, March 11, 2021



Jackie goes to Anna's to talk to Finn but he's at Chases'.  Anna explains the stuff about Peter to Jackie.  Nothing much. Only to not keep lying to people because it's toxic. 

Chase had Violet go with the nanny to breakfast and the park. Finn missed a million calls from Jackie. The DNA test is still waiting. Gregory comes over. Chase goes to take a shower. He and Finn talk about the whole DNA thing--CHASE HEARS THEM! Then the gets a phone call about Franco. Finn is going to go see Liz. Chase picks up his phone to give it to him and sees "DNA test results on it" and asks him what it's about. Finn tries to Lie... Jackie comes in and says it's time to tell the truth! ! 

Terry is with Liz. She made breakfast. Liz called Nikolas, he's coming home after he tells Ava. Sam comes to see Liz. Liz tells her that Jason killed Franco. She says NOPE. Liz says YEP. Then Sam leaves. 

Cam called Joss and Trina to meet him at GH, he thinks Franco is faking his death like Taggert! OMG!! He is a kid of Port Charles!!  He can't hack the computer so they go to the morgue. Terry sees them. Trina tells the pathologist her friend fell and to help them. CAM GOES IN AND sees Franco's name on the chart. Finds his drawer--opens it up...slides out the body!! Pulls the sheet back and...yep. He's dead. Cam touches his face, cold. Then he sinks to the ground.  Liz comes in later-- (Terry called her) and Cameron said he was hoping Franco was protecting them. But..he's dead. 

Jason is talking to Carly in the Corinthos' Kitchen. He thinks Peter killed Franco because of course he does.  Then Sam comes over. Asks him if he killed Franco. He says no. 

Sonny is getting ready for the poker game. Some guy comes in that knew Lenny and Phyllis and wants to buy the bar. He's an old friend that rented a room from them. Sonny thinks he's a "sweet talking". He's probably the guy that's been vandalizing places so he can buy them up.  The guy says he'll buy them out and they can run it until they retire. Sonny doesn't like him. Sonny goes off to play a poker game. 

TOMORROW: FKINGPETERASS is on ..and he's in HIS OFFICE at the Intruder like nothing happened !! WTF. UGHHHHHHH 

Wednesday, March 10, 2021

What a Day!!


Well, here we go. I have to see Sonny today and Peter. Not a great day for The Wubsie. Lordy. 

Sonny the handyman. They are afraid they are going to lose the bar. Phyllis tries to sell her china to the pawn broker. Like anyone buys china anymore LOL Sonny offers the Pawn broker his rings and he wants a place at the poker game he runs. 

Laura and Carly talk about the pills not being approved by the GH board. She says Cyrus will be double mad now. Laura gets the call that Franco is dead. She leaves. 

Scotty and Cam.  Joss comes over wondering why he wasn't in school. She tells him to call Franco if he's worried. When Joss goes home, Carly gives her the news. 

OH! The door opens and Franco is standing there in front of Cameron. WTF ...Don't ask me. Has to be a dream. Yes, it is.. Franco basically tells Cam thank you for loving him and he made him a better man. Cam goes to run out and he wakes up.

Liz accuses Jason of killing Franco. They take him to the PCPD. Liz says good bye to Franco. The forensics team are doing their job and Franco's phone rings in his pocket. Cam leaves him a message about seeing him again, yada yada. 

Liz goes home to tell Cam Franco is dead. Very sad scene. OMG..YOU HAVE TO WATCH IT. WOW, it's amazing. William Lipton is insanely good. I got chills. 

Diane comes to the PCPD. She has the same lines she's had for years. "My client"...all that. 

Laura has to tell Scotty that Franco is dead. He loses it. Says he's lost Karen, Logan and Franco. And then bursts into the interrogation room to beat down Jason. 

ASS FACE Peter walks into Maxie's room. Asks how the baby and she are. He wants to run away with her ..tonight. As she's hooked up to the IV. What an idiot. Flashbacks show him erasing Franco's phone.  He asks Maxie to trust him. She says: YOU'RE NOT THE MAN I THOUGHT YOU WERE!! FINALLY! yeah!! Mac rushes in ...grabs Peter. Tells everyone that Franco was shot and killed. 

WATCH TODAY'S SHOW... outstanding performances all around. 

Overnight News


SOD published a story yesterday saying that Roger Howarth has not left GH. "Just taking a break" .. 

READ it HERE: Roger Howarth Talks GH Status  . We know this could mean Franco set this all up and isn't dead. I don't think so. Why? Too much blood. We saw Elizabeth saying goodbye for the effect of nothing but the audience. We JUST had Taggert do this. Sonny is still presumed dead. Would they do it again??? I think the rumors are true and Roger will be back as another character or Todd Manning. Prospect Park doesn't own the rights to that anymore so??? 

You'd think I'd be happy he's not leaving the show. It's not really about that but I'll give my full thoughts on Sunday. GH was certainly hopping yesterday. It trended "Franco" for 3-4 hours on Twitter. There are over 48 comments in this blog. Wubsnet on Facebook went nuts. I guess I should be glad. Fact is: PETER has killed Nathan, Drew, Franco, split up Fanna and got Maxie pregnant. HE should be laying there in a pool of blood. Period. 

Chad Brennan (Zander) Shows up with Cameron (I think today?) Probably to comfort him. Weird because Cam has never seen or even known his bio-dad. But I'll see how it plays out. 

Amanda Setton is back as Brook Lynn after having her baby. She should show up next week. 

See you at 2! 

Tuesday, March 9, 2021

Back to Reality UGHHHHHH


So, my first day back more full time since COVID! I work until 1:30 and have to get home so I don't think I'll get GH in until later in the evening on Tues/Thursdays. I MIGHT today if I can because of the whole exciting ending yesterday. 
In case I don't, please use this space to give your 2 cents. Lord I hope it's Peter that's shot but-- I don't know, he seems teflon. 

Still no Sonny yet? To what do we owe this fun?? YEAH!! 

I MADE IT BACK!! It won't always happen but I really wanted to watch today LOL So I can let you know what's what. 

Maxie is still whining to Anna... ugh. Maxie just get it over with . Anna told her she had Peter kidnapped. Maxie is angry.

Sam tells Liz all about Peter and what he's done. Then Liz leaves to find Franco.

ALexis comes to GH ..Sam tells her about the wedding. 

Robert tells Spinelli he has to step up and help Maxie put her life back together. 

Jordan yells at Robert about keeping things about Peter from her. 

Scotty goes over to Liz' and talks to Cameron. Cam has a plan. Talks to Scotty about Franco. 

SON OF A B.........PETER SHOOTS FRANCO and it looks like his heart. I AM NOT HAPPY. 

Good Anna Mac Scene. 

Maxie tells Anna that Lesil was more honest with her than she was. Then Spin and Sam come to see Maxie. She tells them she's sorry she didn't believe them about Peter. 

Oh my god, he's dead and FKING PETER SHOT HIM??????? PETER? PETER. Peter who should be DEAD. Not Franco. Roger Howarth better not be off this show and better be back as TODD or I will ...retire.  
OH PHEW!! Franco opens his eyes when Liz gets there. That's a lot of blood tho. Jason calls it in and gets a whambulance. Oh, no...he tells Liz to tell the boys he loves them and he loves her. She gives him CPR.  And...he's dead. Liz pleads with him to wake up. Jason tells Jordan he's dead. Liz says goodbye to him. I THINK he's dead but this is a soap and I have no idea if they are faking it, or he's dead dead. UGH That's how soaps have cheapened death. Jordan asked Liz what happened... Liz said Jason killed him. 

Stupid Peter shows up at GH ...Val yells at him. Peter says he's just like his father and he's going to go see Maxie.  Anna says no way. And Maxie lets Peter come into the room. 

UGHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Stupid show.

Monday, March 8, 2021

In the Studio


Franco has Peter tied up in his studio. Oh, Roger is going to have fun with this LOL . He points a gun at Peter but says..nah. He gets out his old "torture" type tools LOL . He tells him he's going to cut out his tongue!!  OOooooh, you MUST WATCH!! So good. Peter does confess. BUT THEN Franco says he's not killing him, just recording him and FKING PETER GETS OUT OF HIS BONDS! DAMN IT holds the gun on Franco! Shakes like a leaf!! Then Franco tells him to run away and Peter says no, there's no evidence against him and goes to shoot Franco. Franco throws somehthing at him and then they tussle. The gun goes off but we don't see who's shot. Damn it! 

Willow is at Chases' apartment. Violet comes out and is looking for Finn. They talk with her. 

Gregory asks Jackie and Finn about what happened the night before their wedding. OMG and FINN TELLS HIM!!!!!! what!!? WHOOT! Greg figures out Chase could be Finn's son. 

Maxie wonders what is wrong with her baby and there's nothing wrong. She argues with Britt about Peter. She still doesn't believe he's bad. 

Mac, Anna and Val can't find Peter. Valentin goes to find Jason. Mac yells at Anna for her part in all this. Tells her to apologize to Maxie. She goes in. They both cry. Maxie still loves Peter. Yada yada. 

Jason tells Spinelli that Franco is hearing Drew in his head. Oh, Jason is sitting at Sonny's old desk! LOL Sonny would hate that ish. Jason wants Spin to track Franco.  Valentin gets there and tells him about Maxie being in GH. Spin runs out. Valentin tells Jason that he has an offer for him. "Closure". Asks Jason not to do anything just yet. Britt comes in and tells him not to be stupid LOL. I think she wants him dead. NO! She says not to kill him, the WSB will get him. 

Sunday, March 7, 2021

Sunday Surgery: Double Dog Dare You


It's been... 10 SOAP DAYS WITHOUT SONNY!! And Yep, I'm dancing because guess what. NO ONE CARES!! Well, I don't care and I count more LOL

It was a mixed week. In some ways, I was happy it moved forward but in others...I'm still scratching my head.  GH Is still my go to show daily so I'm not complaining too hard, but you know me. I kinda am!! LOL  Let's roll! 

Friday, March 5, 2021

Hit in the head

The Wedding Continues. 

Maxie's in labor. BUT, her water didn't break. Britt says to go to GH asap. They leave. Peter screams LOL They all yell at him, then he leaves to go see Maxie. WHERE THE HELL IS OBRECT WITH THE PEN? And where did Valentin go? This is just so inconsistent.'s like when Curtis disappeared. 

At GH, Maxie is just having stress pains. She's getting a blood sugar test done. She is still thinking of Peter. 

Franco remembers it was Peter that kidnapped Drew. He goes to tell Dante and Sam...

Finn goes to get Violet and ends up talking to Jackie .

Violet's at Chases' apartment. Gregory comes over and helps comfort her. She wanted a wedding! "Daddy loves Anna"..awww.  Greg and Chase talk about his happiness and Chase says that depends on Willow. 

At the Qs Nina told Wiley his real mother is Nelle. She read some books and being HONEST was the best she says. Which makes Carly RIGHT of course. UGH. Anyway, Willow and Michael take Wiley upstairs so Carly can bitch at Nina for awhile. 

TODAY'S SHOW WAS A MESS but all you need to know is someone hit Peter in the head with a crowbar.  Greg hears Jackie tell Finn she was attracted to him way back when. 


Thursday, March 4, 2021



Eden posted this ....awww. little Wileys 

Chase and Jackie up in the Metro Room. She put Violet to sleep. He tells her about Alex/Anna secret. Asks how anyone could marry having that type of secret. Jackie of course had a whopper. LOL 

Nina goes to visit Wiley. He's cute. She winces every time Willow says she's Wiley's mother. 

Jax and Carly talk at the Metro. About .... Nina. Pointless. Carly just wants to be the center of attention LOL 

OMG--Carly goes to the Q house while Nina is there..SERIOUSLY? UGHHHHHHHHH Willow goes to put Wiley in his PJs, comes down is upset. She says that Wiley told her she's not HER REAL MOTHER ahahhaha. OMG So, Nina must have told him that? And he can TALK? 

Anna and FINN. Finn wants to know what else Anna is hiding. He's mad she shared things with Val and not him. He's angry she let a murderer around Violet and realizes they had Peter kidnapped. "You let Violet be in a wedding that was never going to happen! I'm just an after thought to you'!! Anna cries pretty. Finn isn't having it. 

Cam and Liz come to visit Franco at the Metro. He's there until he can check into Shadybrook tomorrow. Liz and Cam brought more things for him to take and Cam wants to apologize for running off before. Cameron gives Franco the phone that has the Drew video on it but Franco won't watch it. I think it explains Peter's part in all this. Liz gets a call to go to GH. Cam was going to stay a bit longer but Franco says it's not safe. Liz also leaves.

Franco watches the video he made of himself as Drew, telling him about Peter. 

OH! Finn goes to see Jackie when Anna leaves. 


Valentin says he's going to expose Peter's lies. Maxie says to stop. Robert says to listen to him. Valentin says he has to protect Peter from Jason Morgan and Maxie too.  He says that Peter did the kidnapping and mind stuff with Helena and Faison. Then he says that he brought down Drew Cain's plane. Sam goes nuts "I KNEW IT"!! I KNEW YOU DID IT!!

Maxie won't believe it because she says Anna would never do this to her. Robert calls up to Finn's room to get Anna out. Anna comes down and tells Maxie everything. Mac punches Peter. Maxie goes into labor. END

THIS IS HOW IT SHOULD HAVE kidnapping foolishness, imo. 

Wednesday, March 3, 2021

Salad Fork

 Oh boy...this wedding! LOL..NO ONE is there!! Where the hell did Curtis go? He was all tuxed up and everything!! Oh! Today they say he was "outside on a call" ? WEIRD....So Obrect is stopping the wedding. Mac thinks she's a fugitive. She's like: NOPE!  Robert calls the WSB and confirms it. Curtis wants to know if she's not responsible, who is? Peter looks ill. 

Obrect is putting the tape of Alex in. Alex tells everyone she's Peter's mother. Peter ugly cries. So, why would this stop the wedding? I mean, Obrect better get to the part where he killed people and such. Right now they are just going to feel bad for him. OMG Maxie is upset. Peter's furious with Anna. Finn walks out because Anna knew and told Valentin and not him. 

OMG Maxie decides she doesn't care WHO Peter's mother is, she still wants to marry him!! WHAT. SO I guess the info about him being a killer evil idiot isn't coming out?  Peter decides that yes, he'll marry Maxie. Lesil gets mad and is going to click her pen to make Dante kill him but Valentin yells out "I CAN'T LET YOU DO THIS"!! So I guess he's going to spill? 

Carly and Michael talking about Nelle and Nina. And Sonny...blah. Hey! SEVEN Sonny-free days! Woo hoo!  Not much comes out of the talk. Carly still hates Nina..yada yada. Tries to tell Michael NIna shouldn't see Wiley. He's like NOPE. Wow, stood up to her. AND he calls Nina over to see him! 

Nina and Ava at the Coffee Corner. Nina tells Ava that Nelle was her daughter. She's sad. You know. Nina also says that Carly let Nelle fall to her death. Ava says Carly had a point since Nina was such a jerk at Sonny's funeral. 

The salad fork comment is what I need to gouge my eyes out with. 

Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Peter's DOWN!! LOVE IT


At least Peter is down and out...I wish he was dead but...maybe I WILL GET MY WISH!! 

Peter is in a storage unit. Someone slammed the door shut. 

Maxie is so upset Peter isn't there. 

Everyone is talking, milling around. Lucy looks good. OMG more "talk"...yada yada. It's painful. Anyway, Anna says they should maybe postpone the wedding. Finn is like WHY!!? They talk about doing their own wedding.  All mushy stuff. How much they are in love.

So, the upstart is, Val and Anna planned to kidnap Peter and put him in a property that's "off grid" .... make it look like he left on his own and he left Maxie a note. Says staying with her was too dangerous. Then, they'll take the time to gather information to put him away. 


Bad idea....and boring. But here I am! 

OMG Dante goes to the parking garage to talk to Lulu on the phone. He hears a banging noise and PETER IS YELLING AN DANTE OPENS THE DOOR! stupid VALENTIN!! GEESSSSSSSSSH US. Why didn't he have a guy drive him OFF the property? WHY can't we have NICE THINGS?

OH, AND just as Finn is going to stop the wedding. PETER RUNS IN! He has no idea what happened... ugh. ugh. ughhhhhhhhh. Mac yells at him and says it's not safe. Peter just wants to get married. Anna and Valentin are like: Ummmm...what. 

SO, I guess the wedding is happening.

THANK GOD Dr. O Objects!! 

Who TOOK Peter?


I watched the show... and the best thing was Peter being bagged in the head! Suspects are many: 
Lesil, Franco (thinking he's Drew?), Jason... someone said Cameron on twitter, someone Val and Anna hired, or?? 
But..I think the cuff links were recording devices could be that Valentin hired someone to take him. Maybe Jason? 

Peter is tall. REALLY TALL LOL ..the only person I think that could put that bag over his head is Jax! We know it's not him. 

Anyway, it's nice to have something to speculate on the show again. The pre-wedding has been tedious.

Maxie's Dress? HORRIFIC Oh my GOD. WHAT? Looks like when you were pregnant in 1963 and HAD to get married and your Aunt Bessie covered you up so no one could look at your shame!

Anna's was pretty, but pointy shoulder pads? I know they are "in" ...eesh. 

I'll be here later!

Monday, March 1, 2021

I'm Missing...


Alas, I have a dental appointment during GH. Not sure I'll miss much? Probably the lead up to the wedding and such. I'll watch on Hulu later. 

Dave came up with a great question for today...other than not wearing masks, what would be one thing you miss most during this time of COVID? What are you looking forward to doing when it's "over" or we all have the vaccine?? 

I'm going to THE MOVIES!! I'll probably go once or twice a week and not even care what is on. I so miss the whole experience. Such a great thing to sit in that darkened theater, munching on popcorn and letting yourself go! Fun Fact: I LOVE the front row!! 

One theater here shows all the Oscar noms before they are announced. I don't think my son and I will make it this year. Not even sure they'll reopen. I know they are already open in some parts of the country but not here in NY in my county anyway. 

Finally: Tracey

  Portia and Elizabeth at GH. Portia heard about Gregory.  Liz says the family is taking it hard. Portia asks what is wrong but Liz says she...