Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Helena's HOME!

She's taping now so LOOK OUT! 


Oh, can YOU SEE AJ Sulking behind Anna? Yep, you know he's skulking around. I will be home late today so please recap if you will and leave your impressions.  WHAT SURPRISES does the day hold? Someone is going to get a shock!! 

And, here's a fun song that BelleKristin made up about GH Set to Fun. "Carry On" 

No One Dies
In a small fictional town in upstate New York that goes by the name of Port Charles
A man named Luke and a woman, Tracy, in a room at the Metro Court observed that here nobody dies.

It's true you know
People who, people who die here, they don't stay dead and they always come back
It's as if they all were given nine lives, the door's left open for the star to come back.
Their face may have changed, but one thing stays the same: 
no one di-i-i-i-ies! No one dies, no one dies!

Anna found a man in her room and he said he was her Duke Lavery. 
And Robin whom everybody had mourned, in a Swiss clinic, drugged.

And now we have Jason shot, kicked in the harbor too. Everyone thinks he is dead except McBain and Sam.
But now you see AJ's back. But not the last one we saw. Then there was Jerry, Jax, Brenda, and Stavros, the list goes on and on!
In this soap opera world, DNA gets switched, as do babies and lab results.
Crazy people like Heather run wild, steal a child, leap from roof. All the while, Olivia's still seeing things.
But we all know, they are immortal, as long as the actors still want to play them.
When they want a break, to move on to other things, they can always be written as dead...

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

I'm Susan Moore!!

Lulu's PURSE IS HUGE!! She could have a ham..or a baby in there. Geesh!! Lulu tells Johnny she knows that Connie has something on him. Connie comes out of the bathroom and announces that the "toilet paper is rough"LOL 

And it's going to be "HIDE AJ" for eons now.. zzzzzzzzzzzzz. Whatever. 

Todd and Heather--- and Heather opens her eyes. BOO!!!  "You should be a DEAD PANCAKE" says Todd. AHAHAHAA. They had so MANY MANY one  liners-- it was awesome!!  "You know she does NOT like you" he said about Diane to Heather.
Steven Larz sees his mama awake. 

OMG..Heather is pretending to be SUSAN MOORE!! She's pretending to have DID. Note she says STEVE. 

Steven Lars gives the DNA results to Sam. She's happy, stunned and hugs Steven.  She still "knows" Jason's coming home. 
"DreamJason" walks in..Sam's having a fantasy! Rumors were true that he had another scene in the can. Dream Jason and Sam hug, happy to be a family.

Starr and Xtina. (Kill Me Now) Although them gossiping about Connie was fun. 

Connie tries to tell Lulu they are "family".  There's a big Halloween party at the HS, Remember? I want Helena there...Zombie Claudia,  Bat..Stavvy... 

Trey talking to Sonny-- whatever. THEN Sonny dogs on AJ yet again. Those are GUZA's words. I hope AJ has some redemption this time around. Trey signs the paper to commit Connie. 

Sandy and Friends...

I know SO many people in the NJ and NYC area and all along the coast. I hope everyone is safe. We didn't lose power here, but 2300 houses were evacuated along Lake Ontario and no school/work today. I can't imagine what everyone downstate is coping with. West Virginia looks awful as well with all the snow. CT, MA... everyone just be safe.

Thoughts go out to you all. It will feel strange to blog today with everyone out of power and so many homeless. It's going to be a long recovery. 

My internet is going in and out so we'll see.

Check in!! 

Monday, October 29, 2012

Tristan Rogers is back to GH (Again)

Yep..Robert's coming back to GH it on TV Source Online!

Also, rumor has it Rick Hearst was on the set today as well. (Ric) Not confirmed just yet. Becky Herbst tweeted it. 

Waves, Water, Wind..

It's one of those days where some people won't be watching or even thinking about GH-- the Sandy Situation is dire. Hunker down!
We have the outer outer bands creeping in here. We've also had rain for 3 days already. SOGGY!!

Michael talking about Monica-- and Sonny saying what a creep AJ was. Whatever. 

AJ...with tears in his eyes. Explaining the 'accident' and he flatlined ..and MONICA Saved him. 

Sam and Carly... Sam's giving it to her. 

Olivia's still going nuts. Todd asks her to predict Dancing With the Stars!! ahahaa. Todd give Steven Lars Heather's stuff: BLT Sandwich card from Kelly'....a troll doll.. Swedish Fish and Fifty Hues of Blue (Where he hid the DNA  paper). 

Starr and Johnny--- weird. She really did care about him, eh?

Connie asks Johnny out for Coffee. Um, little late for that, eh? 

Today was too much...the first Steven Lars was working on the old AJ..and today the New Steven was working on the NuAJ ..and schmaltz?? 
OH WHEE..was it schmaltzy.

Jason isn't around to drink this in (yet_) and EVEN CARLY is the 99th recast since Sarah Brown. 

Maybe it's the low pressure but I don't care about Monica/AJ..and she didn't tell ALAN?? nice. Real nice. 

Tony Geary: Tracy or Anna?

Who would he choose if both were drowning? Well, take a gander at interview with Terry Morrow! This is Part two of this sit-down with Geary. Fascinating stuff! 

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Sunday Surgery: Insane

Insanity: Doing the same thing over and over while expecting different results.

I am here at 5:11am on Wednesday writing part of my blog so it's fresh on the page after today's show. That, my Wubbers, is dedication :) 
Playing Possum 
Scrub UP..and get on hazmat suits because I'm on a tear. Warning: If you enjoyed GH this week, you may want to skip this one!! 

Saturday, October 27, 2012

General Hospital: HORROR SHOW!

Nothing to do this fine fall weekend?? Well, check  out some of the gruesome and mystery filled movies our own General Hospital cast  has stared in over the years!! 

Anna Lee in: Bedlam (now showing on TCM) In this 1946 classic, Boris Karloff stars as the head of a sadistic 18th century madhouse.  Anna Lee comes along and tries to get the inmates better treatment. 

Connie Towers in: Shock Corridor (1963). Another flick starring a insane asylum. One man's decent into madness--all with our Helena at the helm! 

Anders Hove in the  Subspecies Series (1990's) where he plays bloodsucking vampire Radu. He's totally nasty and gruesome. Look at those fingernails!!  Tagline "The Night Has Fangs"! 

Demi Moore: Ghost (1990)  ok, it's cheating a little but she was on GH...and this is a fab movie. Who can forget her single tear--or asking for "Sam"?? *wow, was that really out in 1990??! 

Tristan Rogers: The Flesh and Blood Show (1972) Oh yes, a young Robert Scorpio playing the part of an actor in a seaside show. All the players are being BOO! 

Anthony Geary as Tony Geary (seriously) in Blood Sabbath. (1972)  A tale of a witches coven..with lots of topless shots ! 

Megan Ward starred in Amityville: It's About Time (1992) Megan plays a teenage daughter trapped in the infamous Amityville house.

Adrienne Barbeau in The Swamp Thing (1982) That's our Balkin Woman.. all fresh out of the swamp! 

Tyler Christopher in Raven: Love Bites (2009) a direct to DVD movie, I am mentioning it because he plays a character named "Vlad"...known to GHers as Luke's nickname for Stefan! 

Amber Tamblyn in one of the scariest scenes ever,  in The Ring (2002) Her face in that closet? Hellza. Facebook Wub told me she was also in The Grudge 2. 

John Ingle: Death Becomes Her (1992) one of my fave movies! John plays the eulogist towards the end of the film. He was also in the cult classic "Heathers" as Principal McGowan. 

 If you don't see anything else, treat yourself to "The Other"  (1972) which has our own Ruby (Norma Connolly) playing Aunt Vee. This is the creepiest movie ever. I saw it at the drive in and it about scared the sheeze out of me!! 

I would be remiss not to mention Michael Easton's wildly cult-popular "Soul Stealer"Graphic Novel series. Gothic prose and evil graphics, be thee here. 

I'm sure I've missed a lot of actors and movies!! Help a WubQueen out in the comments! Know of anything I've missed?

Friday, October 26, 2012

Nancy Lee Grahn to Guest on Castle!

Read TV Line's article on Nancy's guest stint for Castle in January! 
War of the Roses is on my Top 10 fave movie list, btw... yippee!! 

Aaayyy --- Jayyy!

Can Monica LOOK at more photos of Old AJ?? I did have someone text me today and say: Ok, who the hell is that with Jason in all those pics? LOL..she's only watched 10 years. She knows Billy Warlock as AJ. 
Monica blames Tracy... and they still have that damn couch.  Monica also says her sons are GONE-- not dead. GONE. 

Diane, bad timing for dropping off that thing for Sam.
CH played that AWESOMELY with Spinelli!!! wow.. Even the tears in her eyes when he was yelling at her. Nice scene. 
Todd and  Spinelli need to be BFFs!! 

Spinelli and Todd. Hmmm, I need to think about this for a minute. I might like them together. Spinelli looked so pale today.

Patrick went OFF on Nurse Betty about Jason!! And then Patrick went off on Liz!! All over Jason. 

AND there was AJ, all tan and handsome at the end! 

Thursday, October 25, 2012


Arial View of the Genesee River...See Jason anywhere?

Diane/Carly scene was nice...and I liked her with Diane! (she looked fabulous too) !! Todd tells Diane that Jason is Danny's father.  He wants Diane to tell her about Sam's baby truth. 

"Duke" Skulking on the docks? Yawn. A giant scarf fiber was left. LMAO 

Luke and Duke and LULU ... Duke wants to manage The Haunted Star (he was a manager of Duke's you know). BUT Lulu hires him as a bartender. 

AJ mention and BTW, Carly, AJ loved Michael too. 

AS PER DC Confidential: Skye and Nedly back for Edward's funeral! 

Short Anders Hove Interview!!

Anders Hove was interviewed by Full Moon Productions right before doing commentary for Subspecies 3&4 on DVD... it's SHORT but that's our Faison!!
Looking all spiffy and drinking a Starbucks Tea, I believe. 

Wednesday, October 24, 2012


Jason's death? Totally meaningless-- because we know he can come back whenever Steve Burton gets bored or needs money. Soap "Death" mean ZIP anymore. The only one that will be truly upsetting is when they do Edward's in November. Ergo, the whole "upset' of the other characters mean nothing.

Connie and Todd were fun. Connie walks up to Michael at the Metro and says: Nice ass!! PFfffft ahahahahhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

Monica so knows  AJ is alive. The photo in the living room has SK as AJ in it..and btw, Monica didn't say AJ was "gone"...
Michael  and Monica hugged it out. Awwwwwwww
SK was in the photo album as AJ so he's back people!! 
and she called him... "We have to talk"

Who will get Stone Cold's motorcycle? Giraffe books? Box of Pain?? WHO Damn it?!!! 

I hear Edward's funeral will be around Thanksgiving. With Pizza. :) 

New Spoilers are UP!

Ah, Faith's costume!! A Classic!!

Halloweenie is comin' ....tricks or treats???

AJ's is Blair...

Get them all on WUBS NET

Jonathan Jackson Talks "Nashville"

Terry Morrow interviewed Jonathan Jackson and it's an interesting interview, especially regarding GH. Are you watching Nashville? I bet he and Burton get the families together for some BBQ!!
As Avery Barkley, Jackson says he plays an artist who is "passionate about what he does, but he's also ambitious, and ambition can sometimes blind people about what they ought to do."

Check it out on 

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Write Your Own Blog

On a Scale of 1 to 5 (1 being asleep and 5 being excitement plus)  what would you give today's show?

Fill Ins:

Sam's grief was ________________________________________________________

Sonny will probably ________________________________without Jason.

The best scene was :

The worst scene was: 

Character I want to see naked:

Character I want to see set on fire: 


Where do you think Jason is? 

Monday, October 22, 2012

Take Me..To the River... Drop Me in the Water...

BYE Jason... Take me to the RIVER...Drop me in the Water-- (Talking Heads for you youngin's) 

Duke's just shooting everyone. "DUKE" and btw, you can't do DNA on him says LUKE. But fingerprints? Yes..however a master would CHANGE his fingerprints. OR hack the data base. 
WOW Duke shot Bernie and Joe Scully in the chests- boom, Boom... so Boardwalk Empire. 
SONNY JUMPS in!! ahahaaa...oh SaSon!! You know that Jason was sucked into a tunnel vortex under the docks that leads to Neverland. 

Monica and Tracy are sublime!! I love them. Monica was just calling Tracy out all over. LOL Monica "You named YOUR FIRST BORN Edward'!! hee hee. 

SNAP! Joe Jr. falls into Tracy's living room!! And bleeds all over Monica's couch!! And he's gonna die. I loved the character damn it. One of my fave newbies. Ok, only newbie I like lol.
He wants to see Trey...and tells Tracy he gave her the antidote and saved her life. She's stunned. Trey rushes over to the Q's to see him. 

Sam and John. ...zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. 

Best Scene: Lulu great. I am suspicious of that doctor though--I think she's probably a fake. To mess with Lulu. 


United States Trends 

· Change

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Sunday Surgery: Through and Through

A "through and through" gunshot wound is where the bullet enters and exits the body.... 

Which is what I'm assuming happened to Jason--since he was shot in the back and fell on his stomach and is bleeding out all over the docks. Why he didn't invest in a bullet proof leather jacket eons ago is beyond me. You know what's coming next...Duke is going to roll that body into the river and...that dragon  thing will wash up "Confirming" he's dead.
Yeah, right.
Jason..shot in the back by a guy that hasn't been on the show in eons. Ironic, no? 

SCRUB UP!! We have some surgery to perform on last week's show... and there's A LOT to discuss. 

Saturday, October 20, 2012

FRANCOFRENIA Opens at Film Fest!

And look who showed up!! Austin Film fest screened "FrancoFrenia" in all it's soapy glory!! I want to see this so badly. I want to see if you can spot Alberta anywhere (she was there!!) 
Thanks to @TvSpoilerGirl for the photo! 

Friday, October 19, 2012

Aw, Bernie...

Well..that can't be DUKE or the DUKE we knew-- he'd never do what he's doing...and I'm sticking with Faison. Bernie's all involved which was a rumor out there-- really not too shocking, imo...

JaSam ...all happy. Well, nope not for long!!  Sam gets t he Phoenix and Dragon out. You know that's going to wash up. 

Starr has been held at gunpoint at LEAST 300 times in her lifetime, btw.

Carly and Todd. McBain tells Todd to do better because he's heard many of his lies and this isn't a great one. LOL Diane walks in to be Todd's lawyer and gets him off. 

Lulu can't have a kid. It had better  NOT BE DUE to her abortion...damn it.

DOCK FIGHT..and Jason's down. Now, unless Duke chops his head  off in front of us and rolls his lifeless torso into the water he can ALWAYS come back. 

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Flashback to the Scottish wedding!! I loved her DRESS then, it was so gorgeous for the time. So romantic. 

Todd fesses up to Starr! He knows he has to, he does eventually anyway.  Aunt  Vicki MENTION!! "I didn't mean to lie this time, it just happened"...

Joe, I suggest you stop begging to your son and just GO. He's not the brightest bulb in the pack. 

Dante wants to get the swimmers checked out. Lulu tells Luke and he tells her to talk to Carly because she's so fertile!! LMAO Dante has to ask Epiphany about the spermie test LOL. Epiphany yells it!! YOU NEED A SPERM COUNT!!
Then she gives him the cup and says "FILLER UP"!! 

Jason says how he's never leaving Sam and Danny--never hurting them..blah know what's coming so there it is. Carly barges in to see the bay-bay. 

Jason tells Carly that Todd was involved.  Carly is nice to Sam. 

Joe talking to stupid TREY... duh ..duh... 

I SAY Duke is Faison..look at those eyebrows... and that's the only way this story is a good one.  LOL 
He has to be because it's just too pat to have him be DUKE and Faison could go to a speech clinic and take some Scottish. 

NEW Spoilers are UP!

He needs bluer eyes! 

Some new SCOOPS are up!! Diane is back to help Todd with the paternity reveal...and Duke gets a swanky new position... 
You know what next week brings... Burton's last day is Oct 22nd 

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

"Maybe We Can Be Happy"

LMAO!!! ahaha. Oh Sonny--REALLY? REALLY??  you know that ain't gonna happen!! 

Starr and Trey-- get out of the ugly apt!! 

Tea is going to KILL Todd LOL -- She's going to lose it.  She knows Todd so well... RH was divine today. WOW.. that scene where he was kneeling by the chair? WOW. LOVED IT. wow

MONICA!!! :) Is it McCall or Morgan!!? Oh get right to it, MON!! Alexis "I'm grandma"!! The Davis girls all come in cooing over the baby. Awww. 

Johnny and Connie..thought they were going to get kinky there for a minute! AND he took off his shirt! Lookin' buff again! Sonny walks in!! OMG I loved it. Sorry, I am liking Connie--she's desperate, sad.. and still crazy. 
Sonny tries to tell Kate he'll be there for her. I say yeah, until Brenda comes back. 

Luke and Anna.  Luke says "I got this (suite) fair and square by blackmailing my niece"!!! 

Jason wants Sam to move in with him. Awwwww. 

THE BABY'S binkie said "Stud Muffin" on it!! 

Tid Bits from Nelson Branco

In his latest FB post Nelson asks: Is Stuart Damon back taping for GH?? Could be true as we have heard Alan is indeed, alive and well. Maybe they needed a doctor this whole time for the "experiments" LOL (I'm assuming they are "experiments).

If you want to read his ebook, link here: SMASHWORDS 
This was on twitter this am:

 Casting Call: [DASH] Male, African American, 20-25. Handsome, colorful, charismatic. Bright, charming, appealing. Fun-loving CONTRACT

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Welcome Danny Edward!

I came in at the 2:30 mark in time for Sam to be saying "It's how I imagined it, it's the way it should be..." Blah Blah....full well knowing Jason's going Splash...
Tea says goodbye to "Victor" and tells JaSam he likes Spanish books. 

Yeah SEXIS!!

Stupid Junior Mints... they are just sooooo boring. BORING. Today was just like pulling teeth. And btw, Trey showed NOTHING for Krissy until Dad took her. Playing out so badly. Wonder if TJ and Molly are doing it somewhere. 

Carly is just touting Todd all over the place. LMAO She's going to fall, fall, fall. And she plants one on Johnny!! 

OK, TEA knows..she runs out, Todd's arrested and Sam names the kid Daniel Edward. :) That is all 

Monday, October 15, 2012

From Tumblr 

Well, Jason's RUBBER ARMS saved that baby...and come on, if Heather fell from the TENTH floor, she'd be mush!! LMAO!! going to scream like a howler monkey!! I don't like how this end was written for her..ugh Flo is SUCH a great actress and the TnT scene was I kid but I love her.  

Heather "talking to Anna"-- like she could talk. Anyway, she mentions Robin again. LOL. Nurse Betty overhears them of course. 

Liz was all sad because of Jake--which makes sense. She's thinking about Tea. wahhh. 

GH is back in production after a dark week. So great to see everybody!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Sunday Surgery: Noise Induced Hearing Loss

NIHL occurs when too much sound intensity is transmitted into and through the auditory system.

Now, let's think...about whom can I be referring??  Hmmmm. LOL... Tea has always been a screamer and she belted out a MIGHTY one Friday!! Heather probably had her ear drums break during her downward spiral!! 

Ok, scrub up...put on your ear protectors and we'll DISH!!!

Friday, October 12, 2012

Baby Bliss


PICK it up Today!! 

Crazy Pants!

OH TODD! I love what you say!! LOL Calling Heather Crazy pants!

Poor Olivia...down the stairs..whoops. She and Steve Larzzzzzz can have matching bandages.

Heather and that baby! He was so good up there..Sam's face was in torment!! Why not just leave the roof? I mean, she has to come down sometime, why confront her up there?  AND Stupid DANTE leaves but doesn't stay like on the stairwell ..geesh.

What's that Transylvanian sounding lady doing there? You know she's trouble!

LOVE TRACY AND LUKE...nice..Tracy had on my fave jacket. :) They spill their love secrets to each other!! THAT'S HOW YOU write old friends, lovers. You don't just forget them!! Yeah!! Great writing. They said "In this town NObody dies"!! 

WHOOPS,  Anna bad timing. Heather's getting more cray cray. 

GOD Tea's scream was a banshee!! LOL

Exclusive: ABC To Honor World AIDS Day

With Two special episodes of General Hospital  on December 3rd and 4th. Details are not available yet, but when they are you can find them here!! Let's hope it's the nurses' ball! 

Scoops are UP: A Jumper!

Go see the scoops...WUBS NET and remember to take some with a grain of salt. Most are only two weeks out so they should be right on. It's very difficult to get anything further along without it being a "rumor". 

I did get the first good email confirming a funeral for Edward Q and that vets will return.  YEAH!! 

I should be back for the show today. 

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Write Your Own Blog

Is it POSSIBLE?? Six words??!! 

Yes, it's that time again...
Your challenge today..(and it will be a BIG challenge for some!!)

Tell me what happened on the SIX words or less.

Good Luck, Wubbers. 

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Retina SCAN

If I had a soap kid, I'd put a HUGE chip in their ear like dogs have so I could track them. LOL. Geeze.

DANG, Steven Lars woke up. 

Luke and Duke never met..but he recognized him from photos. He wants too! Or I would if I lived in PC! He says he's Anna's husband but after 7 years, aren't you like considered legally dead anyway? 


TAWD is in BIG TROUBLE from EVERYONE!! lol..John, Sam...Jason-- and Heather calls him. Good Lord. He'd better run. He opens the door to TEA!! 

Maxie is dying to have Spinelli for her beau...and forgets she's married to Matt! LOL whoops.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

'I'm Proud of You"...

says Lulu to her Daddy..awwww. He says he told Robert and Holly told him too. Ethan was mentioned!! HELENA was mentioned!! 
Why was Lulu in her robe?? Any idea?? OH!! They were going to HAVE A BIT OF A nookie while she's in a Yanks outfit. 

Finola Hughes killed it today as usual!! Nice Duke flashbacks with her giant hair! LOL ... Duke's eyes looked a little He escaped from where? Hmmmm. Luke sees her!!

Heather the nutty-- and Steven Lars buys a clue and tries to pretend he's on board with this. Then he makes a stupid move with his cell phone..duh! Like his Mom isn't smart enough for that. He really does have one brain cell. And Heather knocks him in the head and escapes! LOL 

Todd and John. Todd trying to play stupid. Heh. 

Sam gets the news that Heather has her baby... that kid is one cutie!! 

Monday, October 8, 2012

Becky's at DWTS!

That's BECKY with one of her kids supporting KELLY ON DWTS!! VOTE!! Even Sam and Liz can come together for this!! It's a soap night!!
Kelly did AWESOME!! 

Kirsten Storms with Becky's daughter, Ella. 


The Warping Of Reality (TV)

I'm probably one of the most liberal TV watchers there are. Growing up I watched TV as much as I could. ANYTHING I could. It could have been Bowling for Dollars and if that was all I could get, I'd tune right in. As a little kid, I positioned my bed so that, if I cracked the door just so, I could see the TV in the living room. I saw The Munsters and Laugh-In that way! Finally, I saved my money for about a year to buy a tiny black and white TV for my bedroom. It got exactly 3.5 channels. I say .5 because CBS would cut in and out making it almost impossible to watch. PBS came in pretty well, all the way from Clearfield, PA. ABC brought me my soaps and that kept me happy. I remember my Dad coming into my room and seeing about 10 minutes of "Three's Company" declaring it "garbage" and walking back out. I loved it. 

Bringing us to reality TV.  Everyone and their mother has an opinion on it...and frankly, I can deal with just about all of it. (I still say Phil Donahue pioneered an early form of "reality show" with his gritty talk show and that thing used to mesmerize me).
You want to give young kids unlimited amounts of alcohol, put them in a tiny apartment (or in Vegas) and see what happens? Hell ya, I'll watch. You want to parade little tots all dolled up and interview their crazy mamas? Sure!! Stick people on an island with limited food and water and let it rip? Heck, I'm there. Hoarders? Addicts? Obese people? People who are told they will be "transformed" if only they splay open their body parts on TV? Dish it up! I've always defended my love of the genre as my being interested in weird documentaries over the years. (Ok, ok... but you look back at Faces of Death and tell me that wasn't  an indication of things to come!)

I loved the minute Teresa Guidice flipped that table on RHONJ. I grinned watching Kelly Bensimon have her melt down on the vacation from hell. LOVED it.  Bethany and Jill...well, that started the little voice in my head saying "look away".  For the first time you could just see how the show imploded these two people's friendship to the point of no return. It was harsh, it was sad...but still, I thought hey, Bethenny got her own show--Jill is guesting on talk shows, who am I to judge? Keep it rollin'...!! Plus the fact that Bravo Andy made it all seem okay. His cute smile, genuine "concern" for the ladies and after show drinking were all part of the package. 

Then the suicide happened. When Russell Armstrong killed himself I thought "well surely they aren't going to show that season" stupid was I? Of course they showed it! They showed the ladies and their hubbies dishing about it before the show in some sort of "serious examination" of the situation. Would Russell have killed himself if he wasn't in a microscope? We'll never know. It was  an uncomfortable turning point but I still barreled on, because hey... he was a abusive guy anyway. Was it that wrong to tell his story if it helped some woman from being in the same situation? Nah... couldn't be. 

Reality raged on. Then this season of RHONJ happened. And it wasn't so much the season that got me thinking, it's the dang finale that's making me cringe. We have actually watched two families implode on TV --all seemingly for the sake of fame.  There's a point in the second reunion show where Andy looks positively white under his spray tan.  It's around the time that Teresa is yelling about Kathy calling her mother a liar and she moves seats. You can hear Rosie in the back ground going shit-bananas. Look at his face. It's almost like "holy hell...what have we wrought"?? Would these people be doing this in the privacy of their own home? Nah.. if they never went on the show the "cookbook" fiasco would never have happened. The tabloid crap wouldn't have exacerbated the entire fight between everyone. No nasty tweets. No one would care if Lauren Manzo got a lap band. Caroline would have been the nice lady that helped at the Brownstone. This reunion was vicious. Not even a little fun. Just tragic. 

When Joe stepped out and (I'm assuming lied his face off) about his "phone call" I started having this feeling in my throat. Like..what am I doing watching this? Teresa's 'smiling' face nodding like it was all fine. Then Jacqueline spilling hugely private BFF secrets. Just tossing them out there. (not that I blame her, I'm just sayin') I saw a tweet from Teresa today saying she "put up all the texts from Jac on her blog". Good LORD! :throwingmyhandsup: 
You are worrying about that when your sister in law is saying she's moving because she's afraid her daughter is going to feel bad going to her school with your kids? 

This season has made me think I may be done with the Housewives. Real or not, it's a bit too vile to be a voyeur to anymore. I will watch the Reunion Part 3 because let's face it, I'm not THAT noble but I won't LIKE IT!! lol  Mark my words, someone is going to get seriously hurt or murdered as a result of one of these shows and we'll all go: Huh. Didn't see that coming!
But we did, Blanche, we did. 

And as for Mr. Cohen...I love the guy. Read his the fact he drinks late at night with the likes of Wendy Williams and dishes all the dirt. But I wonder...there's a thin line that separates he and the guy that did  "Girls Gone Wild" a very thin one. I just hope he can keep sleeping at night as the seasons tick by. 


  Felicia and Mac are making out on Maxie's couch. Everyone is out and Bailey Lu is sleeping. He talks about seeing Frisco!! That's ...