Sunday, October 14, 2012

Sunday Surgery: Noise Induced Hearing Loss

NIHL occurs when too much sound intensity is transmitted into and through the auditory system.

Now, let's think...about whom can I be referring??  Hmmmm. LOL... Tea has always been a screamer and she belted out a MIGHTY one Friday!! Heather probably had her ear drums break during her downward spiral!! 

Ok, scrub up...put on your ear protectors and we'll DISH!!!

Well, this week was interesting..the whole baby thing finally coming to a head and a jumper on the hospital roof!! What more could we want??! It was also a swing week-- meaning no DID or other stories, just a rollin' amount story tie-up. NO Junior MINTS!! Or if they were on, I blocked it out! LOL.  Lante had some cute scenes and I liked Lulu putting her legs in the air to try to get PG (women really do that, btw!!).  I am liking Luke --he's not just some drunk at the Haunted Star being a sour puss. Tracy and his talk was wonderful! 

I'm also NOT feeling Maxie's pain. We've seen this pattern before--a LOT. She likes Spinelli when he's not interested. So, when she went to Lulu declaring her "love" for him,  I was like Whatever. I don't see that spark anymore and I hope they keep EllieSpinelli because they are cute. 

Anytime Todd noshes it's fun to watch. He ate a LOT on OLTL..talking  the whole time. I liked CODD's popcorn, movie, breakfast scenes. Light and fun. Of course, WE know she is going to find out what he did--and it will be a doozey!  

*sigh*..I had high hopes and I'm not sure why this return is just "blah".  Feels like Duke could be ANY villian... Flat affect... weird scenes with a foreign speaking minion.. eyebrows that are sinister. (They are DISTRACTING ME. BIG TIME.) The whole 'Robin' mystery also has lost it's luster. Just not written right, imo. I'm rooting for Luke. Duke's probably Franco with a new face. LOL. Or Faison. Or Helena. I can only hope I'm surprised by this whole thing. 

SCENE OF THE WEEK: I choose the scene of the week the same each time: that what sticks out in my head as the most as a stellar acting/writing moment. I'm sure people will object, but for me this week, even with all the histrionics over the Duke-Reveal and Baby, my favorite moment was when Anna was in the hall  with John. She had just found out about Duke, Luke was fighting with him over her and she went for a breather. John came up to talk about the kidnapping and you could see the subtle shift in her face. Pain, disbelief..and then sliding into the commissioner role. It wasn't a "snap"-- because the lingering effects were still there. Just a brilliant thing to watch. 

NOT THE SCENE OF THE WEEK:  Well, other than when he got knocked in the head and was unconscious, this guy was just..DUH as usual. 

Was ANYONE surprised when Joe Jr.  Walked out into Duke's place? Uh, no... I didn't even blink. 

How did you feel about the baby reveal? I was happy for Sam --but that too was a bit lack-luster. Not sure why. Maybe because I'm so sick of DNA/Baby/switch/kidnapping it doesn't even make a dent anymore. I've probably seen about 10 stories about it in some form over the years. Even the rooftop suspense wasn't that much. -- Good cliff hanger, I mean to actually have Heather jump but given the fact there's a SID out with JaSam and baby on the cover, we can figure out that the kid doesn't go splat. There's also the underlying knowledge that Burton is leaving which casts a certain weirdness on everything.
Here is my wish: No announcement would have happened about that--Steve  wouldn't have told a soul other than the producers. Then his exit may have been shocking. They could have even made up false stuff about "Jason" in the future to throw us off. (And we all know unless we see his battered corpse,  he may come back.) *sigh*

I'm looking forward to Edward's memorial...made all the more real by the passing of John Ingle. It will be emotional for all.  I'm hearing they are looking at people like Robin Christopher to come on for a cameo. Can we hope that Wally Kurth can get a loan-out? Rena Sofer? (can you imagine!!??) The reading of the will, all of that could be fascinating. 

RATINGS were great in the key demos: *see them  all on SON !! That's number one baby! 
Women 18-34 Viewers
1. GH 231,000 (+49,000/+15,000)
2. Y&R 209,000 (+21,000/-37,000)
3. DAYS 147,000 (+11,000/-79,000)
4. B&B 143,000 (+7,000/+16,000)


  1. Karen, usually I work on Sunday, but today I have to go to a wedding--I'd rather work, I swear, I hate these darn things!!

    I saw Luke take a drink, which would be momentous given that he is sober now, but no one mentioned it, and Luke denied that it was his drink.

  2. Duke is likely a pawn- the Ewen to someone else's Jerry. Whose we don't know.

    Lulu, Dante, Maxi are all dull. The Ellie-Spinelli thing has potential.

    They should have killed off the baby. Tired tale, and poorly acted by Burton and Monaco. Tea's screaming set off alarms at the D.E.W. line. Hope they keep Heather, though.

    I have a feeling the Swiss nurse is the female 'Angel'- Duke's sidekick from the 80s. She's clearly got a wetty for the Dukester. Luke has ZERO chemistry with Anna, good chemistry with Tracy, while Anna and Duke sizzle, even 25 years later. Tracy sizzles with Joe Jr. It'll be interesting to see if they keep the Sr. Scully. It'd be foolish to let such a good actor and character walk.

    Speaking of bad actors: with all the nonsense over NuKrissy, lost is the fact that Scott Reeves is the worst actor on the show, bar none. And he was pretty decent to start. He's gotten worse over his 2-3 years. I've never seen that happen. Yes, bad storylines for a character, but never the ACTOR sucking it up. It's bizarre. I call him HR Huff-N-Puff (for those old enough to recall the 60s). Would that he, not Barash, were slated to hit the bricks.

    You are right about the anticlimax of the baby after Burton's gonzo. BAD p.r.

    Todd is the best character and Roger Howarth the best actor on the show, by a mile. He simply enlivens EVERY scene. His headstand was perfect.

  3. The baby reveal feels very rushed because SBu is leaving. They figured everything out in a week, and are shoving Jasam back together.

    Tea's wails with the best of them but ENOUGH already!

    Roger is just awesome, no matter who he is in a scene with. He is my favorite character on the show. I hope that Codd has a really great story coming.

    Steven Lars - I agree with Cosmoetica He seems to be getting worse as an actor.

  4. This was my first experience with the Tea scream and it was horrendous and deafening. Can't wait to see her go now. Thought Lulu and Dante were just adorable this week. I don't agree that Scott Reeves is a bad actor - Steve has been written to look like an idiot. Luke and Tracy scenes were excellent and I really like having Duke back. Best part of last week - very little Carly, Sonny and Connie. Dialogue on the roof was pretty dumb, too. That baby is so precious! Actually looking forward to Monday's show.

  5. The Duke/Anna thing fell flat and the Robin story is lackluster b/c Cartini doesn't have the love/passion for the characters and history behind them. Their hearts belong to OLTL. It's painfully obvious in the way these stories are rolling out. A few major key components are missing: Robert Scorpio and Faison among others. Instead we are getting Clint Buchanan...what does that tell you? The Scorpio story is a "have to" to shut fans up...but it's not a labor of love. I'll hang in there...but it could be SO much more. The Scorpio story has EPIC potential. Sri Rao...where are you?

  6. Cosmo, are you president of Lindsey Morgan's fan club?

  7. gmjl said...

    Cosmo, are you president of Lindsey Morgan's fan club?
    October 14, 2012 11:32 AM

    No, just that you and a few others seem to be getting hairy-handed wanking off on the Krissy SUCKS, IS HORRIBLE, I HATE HER meme, and when confronted with simple questions as to why, you have no objective reasons.

    People on the show who are currently demonstrably worse actors include Scott Reeves (as Steven Lars Huff-N-Puff), Kelly Monaco as the constipated Playmate, Steve Burton as her equally constipated musclebound squeeze (on and off), Flo Lozano as Tea- the Midnight Scream Queen, the gal who plays Britt- as attractive furniture piece #1, Sean Blakemore as Shawn- attractive furniture piece #2, the original TJ (now replaced), and arguably Kirsten Storms- who has one note- screechy, in all her scenes.

    If and when there's some balance and realism to your and others critiques, then maybe some of us would take it seriously, otherwise it's just Jen Lilley Hatefest (Part 2- THis Time It's Personal!), and we all know how that turne dout, as now the Lilley fans outnumber the Storms ones.

    Morgan is a mediocre actress, but she's getting better. So was Lexi A mediocre, and then she got to be solid. A young Kim McCullough she was not!

  8. The real question, gmjl, is why do folks like you and the others have so little in your lives as to have to constantly post childish attacks on an actress who has a poorly written character, first off, and do so with such determined childishness?

    It's a TV show, for God's sake, not your job nor life.

  9. I'm not getting overly excited about the raise in GH ratings.
    I have a feeling that a lot of people are tuning back in just to see how Steve/Jason exits the show.
    Once that happens I'm afraid they will tune back out.
    Because even though the writing has gotten better than it was during the past regime, it still has many problems.
    The biggest for me is the same as the past, certain couples being shoved down our throat while another being disrespected. I think there could've been a way to wrap up the exit to make Both sides happy.
    Ever since the killing of Jake and so quickly giving Jasam a baby, I have been unhappy with GH. I kept waiting for the new PTB to fix the mistake, instead I got more of the same.
    I know so many think, just get over it. Trust me I wish I could but I just don't feel the same about the show since it happened.
    There are still things I like about it, okay mainly Carly and Todd. Never thought Carly would be someone I would tune in to see but her and Todd and her and Jax I like to watch.
    Not feeling Kirsten Storms return. Maybe I just got used to JL? But everything feels flat and the overnight Spin is my soulmate feels rushed.
    But to be honest I never liked the two romantically. Love their friendship but not as anything more.
    Sorry, but I too can't stand NuKrissy. The actress can't act. Truth is truth. To me it is painful to watch.
    Same for KA and Starr. I know she has played the role since childhood but the girl can't act. The only thing I like about Starr I gives Michael a S/L.
    I was enjoying John and Sam mainly because I was a Caleb and Livvie fan. But the writers have ruined that for me too with pushing Jasam back together.
    Tea screaming did hurt my ears but I do believe her reaction to her child being missing was right out.
    So IMO , FL did an amazing job. Loud Yes but so much feeling, I thought it was quite believable.
    Not feeling Dukes return either. But I do not want Anna with Luke. Friends yes, but nothing more.
    Oh, and I was loving Tracy with JS jr, now the writers have ruined that for me. I was hoping he wasn't really guilty of all those past crimes because I was really liking him. Now once again TIIC ruined that.

    And yes, I'll harp on this last point one more time, I'm so tired of Becky getting no airtime! Patrick and Elizabeth are fabulous together. The writers could be building on their friendship and then growing into more. Instead PTB bring in two new characters and a stupid SL to bore us with!
    I'm just getting tired of waiting for GH to get good agin.
    Yes, it is better than what it was a couple of years ago, but it is far from Good.

  10. "It's a TV show, for God's sake, not your job nor life."

    Pot, meet kettle.

    Actually, I don't really care much on way or the other, but it's kinda fun reading your gasbag posts that go on and on and on...

  11. gmjl said...

    "It's a TV show, for God's sake, not your job nor life."

    Pot, meet kettle.

    Actually, I don't really care much on way or the other, but it's kinda fun reading your gasbag posts that go on and on and on...


    Of course you do- it's the evidence you have no life and obsess on things. If you did not you'd not think opening a comment with a cliche was clever.

  12. Um...yeah, well at least I'm not some frustrated critic who had to start his own website in order for his reviews to be shared with the world.

    Talk about someone who needs to get a life...

  13. Oh, children, please play nice(ly), or Karen will take away our posting privileges again, and then NONE of us will be able to share our wonderful insights!!

  14. I'm really disappointed with GH now. Those rooftops scenes were horrendous and Ron should be ashamed of himself. The acting was equally as horrendous. Like I said on Friday's blog, no intensity, no drama.

    Karen, I definitely agree about the Anna scenes with Duke. Her acting is so on point...wish others would take notice! I am also not invested in these Anna/Duke's far too choppy for my taste.

    Loved the Lulu scenes! Been there done that! Lol! *giggle

    And I see Cosmo is still arguing with people over nothing...Lol! Happy Sunday my soapy pals, hope everyone had a good weekend :)

  15. I do believe Cosmo was goaded this time actually! LOL they were talking about Steven LARZ/Scott Reeves.

    But no fighting please.
    I wub ya'll too much

  16. There is a lot of hate out there for Jasam and Ron did not do himself any favors on how he ended them. I know people on the ABC daytime staff and a GH writer. The snail mail for them is NOT even 50% positive. But anything that has the name on it - no matter if it says I love or I hate count in the "mail for them" pile. Jasam have been an agenda couple for the Guza era and there were huge fights on killing Jake an "executive" decision was made because the writers did NOT want to kill Jake and very much protested the storyline. Guza and Co wanted, for all costs, to keep Jason in the Mob and refused let Liason to have a relationship, because they thought Jason would have to leave the mob - amd Jason/Sonny's Mob was THE most important thing for about a decade. Guza/ Frons were under the impression that if Sonny and Jason left the forefront, the show would lose all of its viewers, mainly because they got most of the mail. Of course, clearly they were wrong, because Sonny has maybe 1/4 of the airtime he had a year ago and the ratings have stayed the same or gone up. No one with any pull would listen to the writers and producers who said that - of course Sonny and Jason get a lot of mail, they are the only characters who have been show on air for three weeks straight.
    I know a lot of people (both in person and online) who can't wait for Jason to leave and will not turn on this show as long as jasam has a second of airtime. There was a big campaign to have the 'jasam baby' die.

    I will never understand the theory that mail content is not "read" but counted based on what name is on it. Love or Hate a viewer is a viewer and will not turn off the show. everyone who sent in I hate Jasam mail was counted in the FOR jasam numbers. The decrease in numbers for Gh from 2009-2011 shows that mail should actually be read.

  17. I know for a fact mail is counted -- I ran an actress site for nine years. Fan mail makes a huge difference. Can't say anything about "couples"-- I know some characters are kept because of mail or brought back. This was of course, before the huge internet sheeze so who knows.

  18. Karen:

    I apologize for any disrupts my upbraiding of children may have caused, but if you will see from any exchanges over three or four threads,there have been a # of folks ala gmjl and Tammy Wynette, who- much like the Jen Lilley haters- decide to simply rag on actors they don't like.

    In response, I've courteously asked them to explain themselves, answered their own questions in detail, and they respond with more Tourettes like attacks on actors, personal ad hominem against me (or a few other folks who disagree with them), hence ceding the argument, and displaying their own lack of imagination.

    The main difference is, while I think Scott Reeves has gone from a good to EMBARRASSINGLY BAD actor (and I won't even get into his personal bathing in suntan oils), I don't HATE HIM or the character. I'd like to see the mid-00s Steve return (Shawn Benson, I think- the guy Carly had a wetty for), but I don't attack Reeves the man nor the poorly written character because 1) I am mature, 2) it's not that big a deal, and there is a perverse kind of glee in PJ Lars's being so dumb about his mom, and 3) it's just a tv show.

    However, if one is typing with hairy hands from Wankerville, this is difficult. I accept this.

    Again, Karen, apologies. I just found the whole nonsense where fans, like those mentioned above, driving an actress (Jen Lilley) to a nervous breakdown on Youtube, to be borderline psychopathic and cruel, and find the repeat actions on this Morgan girl to be just as cruel and pointless.

  19. gmjl -- keep on keepin' on!!!

    Cosmo -- I don't like Lindsey Morgan as Kristina. It's my opinion. Your is that she is getting better.

    No reason to fight over opinions. You'll never see my POV and I'll most definitely NEVER see yours.

    Thank you!

  20. Right on, Tammy. You know we're just bullies...;)

    It appears the only one here who is allowed to have an opinion is resident "expert" Cosmo.

    oh and for someone to claim it's just a tv show, Cosmo does spend a great deal of time posting or arguing with people over a tv show.

  21. Tammy, I'm not fighting, and an opinion is something that can be expounded upon. What you and the other members of the Hairy Handed League do is rant! If that keeps you lubed, so be it.

    And gmjl, please wash your hands before typing.

  22. Wow.. I guess I’m in the minority here. I REALLY liked the way this rushed s/l was played. I was happy that the story wasn’t dragged out for eons and I thought FL brought it..Even with her screaming and wailing, I thought her portrayal as a frantic mom was great. Sam on the other hand wasn’t frantic enough to me. I didn’t mind the screeching not one bit, cause as a mom I would have been even worse. And when Tea said to ANNA, wouldn’t you do the same, Anna shut her mouth, nodded her head and walked away.

    I also liked how Tea kept telling Todd to shut up and close his mouth, whilst John tried (and tried and tried) to tell her the truth. She wanted the details but the urgency of the matter kept breaking in. That’s old school soapiness ya’ll. Yes someone should have spit it out, but come on, her and John are close and he knows how much this child means to her, Anna is a mother who is still going through the pain of losing a child, and Todd, well shoot, that’s his end, so trying to spill this would be hard.

    I even thought Jason’s sudden turnaround to LOVING THIS CHILD INEXPLICABLY was well played. I mean it was a desperate situation with crazy woman holding onto said infant on roof, so if any time is a good time to claim love and fondness for a child this would be it.

    I thought Jason’s lunge for the baby at the end was awesome, too. Yes I am ACTIVELY CHOOSING to enjoy the camp and not factor in the plausibility. Fridays cliffhanger showed Heather on the far side of the roof though, whilst Monday’s intro showed her closer to Sam and Jason, but meh, the details. JASON SAVES THE DAY AGAIN!!! Come on, he had to before leaving town.

    Loved the slo mo when Heather fell, Jason lunged, and Todd grabbed Tea and pressed her into his arms so she couldn’t watch the fall.. I LOVED IT..and she started screaming all over again, DOES SHE HAVE MY SON!!!! DOES SHE HAVE MY SON…Come on that was awesome…It has to play out this way for the most heartwrenching feels.

    Also enjoyed Luke and Tracy’s cordial chat over their current coupledom issues. JE and TG play friends well. I’d like for Tracy to do dirty business with ELQ and for Luke to cover for her or bail her out a time or two.

    Also, several mentions of Laura by Duke…I’ve got high expectations.

  23. I agree that the SL needed to end quickly, but because it was so predictable. The lack of realism w Tea turning over the kid sans a DNA test is niggling, but at least this reused tale is done, and so too will be the Jasam SL.

    FloLo's performance showed what a good actor can do with mediocre material, and how much better an actress she is than Monaco.

  24. "FloLo's performance showed what a good actor can do with mediocre material, and how much better an actress she is than Monaco."

    "Exactly, Brender. I am tired of people ripping actors personally for bad storylines. And if you can't say exactly why some scene or actor is bad, then there is no reason save your own bias, and we don't need more biases floating around.

    So stop bullying the actors with personal issues and stop bullying those who disagree with your biases."

    It appears you need to start following your own advice, Cosmo.

  25. gmjl said...

    "FloLo's performance showed what a good actor can do with mediocre material, and how much better an actress she is than Monaco."

    "Exactly, Brender. I am tired of people ripping actors personally for bad storylines. And if you can't say exactly why some scene or actor is bad, then there is no reason save your own bias, and we don't need more biases floating around.

    So stop bullying the actors with personal issues and stop bullying those who disagree with your biases."

    It appears you need to start following your own advice, Cosmo.


    Now, I warned you to get your hairy hands dry before typing.

    Look what you wrote: It appears you need to start following your own advice, Cosmo.

    Here's what I wrote: I am tired of people ripping actors personally for bad storylines.

    If they are in the same storyline, this makes obvious that FloLo is better than Monaco. Again, Monaco has a look of constipation on her face that is no different than when she lost her kid. I.e.- Monaco has one gear- other than zombie, and that's constoipated. By contrast, FloLo has shown at least three or four different ranges beyond her Only Dogs Can Hear It wailing: tenderness, embarrassment, shame, rage, guilt.

    By contrast, Monaco has NEVER had such a scene. Whether in silly stories- like the 2006 dance scene with her doppelganger, or in 'serious' scenes like the TV gal who wanted vengeance on her for seducing her father.

    To Monaco, 'emotional' is simply the ability to pinch off a loaf of shit.

    Now, as I have AGAIN courteously answered another of your tired and puerile posts, why don't you show you've passed puberty and answer my queries: why are you obsessed with Lyndsey Morgan, since there are at least half a dozen other actors on the show who are clearly worse?

    Is it jealousy? Are you fat and lonely, and envious of a young girl who got a job based on her looks? If so, why not slag on Monaco, who is clearly even worse, even with a decade of practice?

    Now, stop buffing your Hairy Handed League graduation certificate and show you can be an intelligent adult. Or just keep scratching and sniffing, and the rest of us will get another good laugh at your expense.

  26. Cosmo, the only ones laughing are the ones who are tired of reading your gasbag should concentrate more on getting laid, it would help with your grumpiness...or you can always increase your fiber intake, since you seem to fixated on constipation.

  27. gmjl said...

    Cosmo, the only ones laughing are the ones who are tired of reading your gasbag should concentrate more on getting laid, it would help with your grumpiness...or you can always increase your fiber intake, since you seem to fixated on constipation.
    October 17, 2012 9:21 PM


    Said the troll as another hair sprouts on his pinky!


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