Friday, September 30, 2016

Finally Friday!

I had a big beer at lunch so... :) Not responsible for my blog. 

Tracy's still trying to talk Paul out of killing her. If it takes this long to kill someone, not gonna happen. 

Carly gives Morgan some jade, as a token of how proud she is of him. 
Ava comes in to give Avery a dress. Since she STILL HAS CUSTODY this is stupid. 
Ava is saying Morgan is unstable. She goes upstairs to 'see Avery" but really is going to replace more of his meds. 

Sam is telling Julian no one wants him there. Stay away from Alexis. He should leave. 

Anna talks to Dilly about Susan. Dillon calls Tracy...she goes to answer the phone.  She screams into it, Anna hears her. 

They needed to use the gym again, so SaSon moved into there to continue the "Jules must die" convo. OMG. zzzzzzzzzz. 

Ok, I made it to 2:34. I'm not going to finish. I'm seeing Roger Howarth tomorrow. I hope to write something up after--not sure I'll get to the blog? It will only be a giant serial killer bitch anyway so....??? 

Have a great Friday! 

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Terrible, Horrible No Good Day

Tracy's trying to talk Paul out of keeping her hostage. Not doing a good job. OK, HERE GOES THE STORY OF PAUL!

Off camera, Susan was supposedly in Port Charles (and no one saw her I guess). Some pharmacist helped her get on drugs. Then Sloane raped her Then she went to the ER at GH-- and Dr. Maze (remember him??) messed up the rape kit!! THEN!! What? Oh the other lady we don't know he killed was a witness but she wouldn't testify. MONICA wrote a letter to Susan saying GH couldn't help because the rape kit was tampered with. 
YEP. That's it!!
How did he get all those people to GH? He poisoned them so they'd have to go to the ER and then he could kill them and get the hospital closed.
Why did he try to kill Bobbie? No idea.
Why did all this happen off camera? This is GH!!

this is text message killer bad. Holy shit. REALLY bad. Someone reminded me that story was at least written during the writer's strike!! 

Oh, Jordan and Anna figure out the entire thing just standing in Paul's room. Seriously. EVERYTHING. 

Oh, he's not gonna kill Tracy, she's in the spoilers for next week. 

Laura and Kevin are on a plane. He got on just to talk to her. Laura is mad at Kevin for writing a book. Which I HAD NO IDEA even happened. That's how long they've been away.  He was writing about social media. Then he apologizes for writing the other thing about Her and Helena's cure. I guess she forgave him. 

Nathan is the Daddy. No one cares.  And......something about Valentin. That's her 'Danger-man". Shocker. 

JaSam eating Spaghetti. That spaghetti was the best part of the show. 

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Agnes Nixon, dead at 88

Oh Good bye wonderful, great lady!! She was such a visionary. If you're my age you know the ground All My Children broke in the '70's. Soaps weren't just for your mama anymore!! Then OLTL was created and another great soap joined the ABC Family. She will be so missed. 

Anna is in PORT CHARLES!!

Paul catches Tracy after she runs to the elevator. She tells him how she figured out where Susan was.  He wants her to have dinner with him. She's hedging. 

Claudette is ON. UGHHHH She doesn't want to get the results back so quickly. She goes into the hall and tells Griffin she has to talk to him in her room ASAP.  She tells him he might be Charlotte's baby daddy. 

Nathan calls her room, the results are in!! So, soon, we'll all find out who Claudette had a baby with.
No one cares. 

End of the show.. they go to open the envelope. IT will be tomorrow.

Curtis is shirtless at the gym. Maddox comes in. He says "hey, let's spar".  Eye Candy today. They talk about Jordan..get all pissy...grrrrrrr.

ANNA IS HOME! Pissed about Duke. Why couldn't they have waited for 4 DAYS to do the trial until Finola was back?????
Anna yells at Jordan about the warrant not being right. Jordan says it WAS right. Anna asks about Alexis and her testimony. She wants to talk to Paul. 
Oh she goes to his room. Olivia is there, leaves the door open. Anna finds the cuff links!

END OF THE SHOW: Paul is locking the door. Tomorrow's previews have him yelling at Tracy.
Also Tomorrow? Laura and Kevin on a plane. AND Genie's hair is my fave (my color!!) 

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Birthday Wishes

Kiki and Morgan talking at Kelly's. Snoozah You know he's going to cheat like Darby told him. He did cheat. Then Dillon tells him about how professors check work for plagiarism. Heh.

Liz and Hayden.  Hayden is mad she gave the diamonds to the police.  Now Naomi is in prison. Hayden wants money from Liz to get her Mama out of jail.  They argue. Liz finally tells her to beat it. Later, Hayden looks for jobs on her iPad at Kelly's. 

Heather and Franco. He wants money to help with Liz. Heather thinks he pushed her down the stairs! LOL! WHOOPS She also thinks that Franco really killed all those people in GH.  She cuts him off from any money. 

Tracy and  Dilly go looking for Susan. Tracy thinks that's why Paul is feeling bad about Sabina. Huh? Because he misses Susan?  Tracy finds out because she called the store in Bar Harbor where she used to work. She finds out Susan is in a mental institution. 
Paul goes to see Susan who is comatose-like staring out the window. Catatonic. Paul tells her he's killed everyone involved with the 'brutalization' that Sloane did to her. People working the case, docs, nurses....
I am not kidding you. So Susie's entire story HAPPENED OFF SCREEN!! Hey! Just like Claudette's! 
He lights the candles-- "Everyone is dead but Monica" ... and TRACY IS STANDING  IN THE DOORWAY and hears him!! BOOM! good scene! RB is great. 

Julian gives Alexis signed divorce papers for her to use. He also wonders why she acted like she did at the trial. OH! He think she did it on purpose to help him! LOL! She goes after him with the bottle. BUT she doesn't use it. LOL. Come on. Julian is all like, "I need you to move on so I can move on"?? Such weird dialog.
Alexis chugs wine after he leaves. 

Here's a video of Alexis killing Alcazar (The First One). Which is why I can't deal with the way she's acting now! LOL 

Monday, September 26, 2016


Jules is bugging Nina... "I want you to clear my name" he says. WTF. Um, how would that go? Oh he wants a profile and a cover to 'air' his 'side of the story'. Nina tells him to take a hike. 

Sonny is talking to Jason about all the revenge he wants to take. Yada Yada. 

Kiki isn't working..just standing around the Metro. Morgan comes in, then has to go do a paper for school.  Oh, look, Dillon walks in! 

Alexis is hung over--she drank 2 bottles of wine and Sam says she's started another. She's in the same clothes as yesterday. Why wouldn't Molly or Krissy or Sam stayed with her over night? Especially with Jules FREE? 
Alexis can't get hired by anyone as a consultant (I guess you can do that even if your license is revoked). 

Stupid Nellie (I hate her more than Val) is making a memorial page for Sabrina. She's all up in the Q house like she owns it.  
She's talking to Sonny at the end. 

Paul is trying to tell Tracy he killed Sabrina and she's not letting him. So he never does. Of Course not.  Later he calls Susan and says "Everything will be ok". Meaning it's why he's killing off people. 

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Sunday Surgery: Light A Penny Candle

 All I've Got is a Photograph...I want to touch you!!!!! (yes, I quoted Def Leopard) 
Starting this Sunday Surgery on a bitch note since this week was the polar OPPOSITE of last week. So if you don't want to know, save yourself now. Grab a pastry and don't let the door hit you!! 

Friday, September 23, 2016

Friday's a "C"

Funeral. Predictable. Felix was good. Lucy--nice touch but where's BRUCAS? I mean, seriously. 

Because Sabrina's dead. Just think:  Carlos Dies, Carlos Lives, Carlos Dies, Sabrina Dies. Joe lives...then Joe goes to Puerto Rico with Teddy. WHYYYYYY

Hammy went nuts in his room. PLEASE tell me he's not talking about his dead wife because she's still alive? LOL PLEASE. My poem:

Greens and Ham

might be Silas and Sam
Where the dead wife says:
Wait! Here I am!! 

And at the PCPD trying to figure it out.  They figure it must be a high ranking police and has access to GH. That was quick. Too bad they are living in 1971 where there are no security cams in the hospital. 

And... Jason goes to see Liz while Todd looks pissed.  Later, Liz goes to the funeral. Even Carly gets up to talk because the day ended in a "Y". 

Epiphany sang. Why did they use a track? She can sing so well live.  *sigh* 

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Another Funeral....

and I don't care. Jaded and old--I've seen too many and mourned too much to ever believe someone isn't coming back to life...or has a twin..or a doppelganger..or.. might be a new character. So whatever.  Having so many characters not really die, it cheapens everything. 

Ok, so Nate tells Maxie he might have a baby with Claude. She says DNA test! They go to see Claudette. 

Griffin is at Tracy's with Michael and T. Claudette calls him and he says GOODNIGHT. Bye. Tracy got most of the funeral arrangements going. 

Ava and Jules are going to make out soon. Geesh.

Dr. O was on today. Good Gravy, FORGOT all about her. Seriously! and I love her! Where was she when GH was shutting???
She's not sure if she believes Claude about the baby. Oh she does, she sees a video and thinks it's her. When Nate and Maxie come, Claudette gives them a "lock" of Charlotte's hair she kept around her neck. She says it's dark because the girl's hair bleaches out in the summer.  Oh lawdy. 

Sonny and Morgan talking about bipolar. I HATE that Ava did this to the meds..the writers had the perfect opportunity to show that meds, counseling and family support could work but NOPE. 
Kiki gets the night off from Carly and goes to see Morgan in the park, they are going out on the town. What could happen? They see Julian and Ava at Kelly's... Morgan goes off. I can see it now: Morgan is going to kill Julian and Ava will be all guilty because it will be she that brought harm to her brother. 

Paul creeps into the Q mansion to finish off Monica. Tracy sees him "Stop right there...she thinks he wants to question Monica...Tracy has a guard on her door. He can't get up there. 

I missed Michael giving Teddy to Joe. Welp! 

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

GH is Closed!

Doors are shut because of the serial killer. Epiphany says she's sorry to Dr. Hardy

Hayden is in jail, Naomi comes to see her.  Hayden is mad about her Dad not being her Dad. 

Lante comes over the Qs with food. Michael's upset. 

F'king Claude has a daughter. WHO CARES all of it happened OFF SCREEN. She had to "give her up to keep her safe" ... blahhhhhh...

Griffin tells Maxie Sabrina is dead.  Franco doesn't want Liz to know because she's too fragile.

POOR EMMA! Another Dead person! Although she'll just be like: When is she coming back to life???

I'm going to go do some work.
If anything fun happens let me know.

BTW, Jules' trial was TERRIBLE and I can't. I'll get to it on Sunday! 

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Quid Pro Quo

Ava looks dressed for a blood-letting cocktail party lol geesh!!  They so need to go all Game of Thrones and just make out. heh. 

Sonny and Carly..Carly's all upset about Sabby. Sonny's like "Who would kill that gentle soul"?? Carly wants the KILLING TO STOP!!  I want this stupid thing to stop. HOW many times are we going to hear about this? "Stop the killing" Stop being Mobular..stop stop

Paul and Dilly...Paul "I've done a very bad thing" --meaning Julian getting off. Zzz.

Giff and Scotty in the park. Griffin overhears Scotty saying Jules is going to get off. Scotty is like "WHY do you care"? Griffin: I'm Duke's SON. Scotty: @@ !!

Olivia is on!! Be-ratting Alexis about her testimony on the stand. Poor Lex! wahhhh

OMG So Claude says she got hooked up with a bad-guy who's now in prison. I thought Valentin? But was before he got into prison I guess. She went OFF-Grid (except for applying for the Crimson Job)...and is scared. 
Oh for F sake..this is IT? 
Nathan is like whatever. She's all "I love you"!!!  I guess she can't get Griffin so she goes to Nathan. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz. 

Ok, I'm leaving at 2:30. Done I have too much to do. 

Monday, September 19, 2016

Kelly's Is Back

You'd think if someone fainted in open court, you'd call the medic for damn sake/ NOPE. And with NO JURY in there, it's so flat. Alexis has no idea what happened. 
Sonny testifies. He says his gun is REGISTERED. He in no way shape or FORM can have a registered GUN For F Sake, ughhhhh!! He can't even VOTE. But you know, GH. Don't try to even attempt to be anything but GOOFY. Geesh.
Sabrina is supposed to testify too but Carly comes in and tells everyone she's dead.
The defense and prosecution rests. 

Claudette and Griffin. I so don't care about this story!!  Bleck. Griffin tries to ask her about what she's been up to. She's not spilling. 

Carly finds out about Michael. Michael pushes her away. He goes to talk to Teddy who's SORA'd now-- and Claud goes to talk to him. "Carly really did feel badly" blah blah.  If we'd seen Michael and Teddy and Sabby together more than 3x since she's been back, these scenes might have mattered more. 

Maxie, Nate and Nina at Crimson. She wants to do a photo spread.  Spinelli tells Maxie he's been digging around on Claudette. She tells him the whole story. He says "I know something else"!!! But then he says What did Claudette do after Griffin and Nathan?
NOTHING!! He could find nothing which he finds fishy. "There's nothing"!! Nothing on her, it's like she's erased! 

SORRY SO LATE!! I forgot to hit 'Publish"!! WHOOPS

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Sunday Surgery: It's Just a Shot Away

SO much to talk about this's going to be tough for me to organize all my thoughts. I hope I make sense and make you think a little bit about the show we sometimes love to hate!! The week was a wild one, really wild. Had me open mouthed, sad and wanting to get home to watch. Yes, you read that right. Even with company I was rude and watched Wed-Friday because I just 'had' to!! 

I chose the Stone's song for the title because it was blaring through my head when Monica went down and then in the Sabrina chasing scenes. Do you do that? Have some song playing in your head when watching a show?
Maybe I'm just nutty. :) 

Ok, so... what for breakfast? Poor Sabby is laying in the morgue and everyone else is all upset. To honor her I'm having angel food  cake. That just seems appropriate for her

Friday, September 16, 2016

Bye Sabby

Monica wakes up... she's groggy.  Jason explains what happened to her. 

Paul questions Alexis on the witness stand. Alexis has trouble with understanding the questions presented. Goes in and out like she's drugged. Hmmmmmmm.  I guess yesterday she drank out of a cup of water he gave her. Jordan thinks she's drunk, or trying to throw the trial.
Scotty brings up her killing Keifer and Alcazar LOL know it. She's Natasha Cassadine bitches!! 

Michael says bye to Sabby while Tracy hugs him. He cries and says goodbye to her. 

Carly is talking to Nellie when Nina walks in and asks if she (Nell) is pregnant> She doesn't know that she's Joss' Kidney donor. Nina is looking for a girl she's supposed to meet about adopting her baby. OMG Enough with the BABY CRAP! Lante! Nina! UGH!! 

Nina takes Nellie to give her a make over. Since she's looking like a Duggar, I guess.  That just wasn't too attractive. 

Nice Sabrina Felix Montage. 

at the end, Alexis faints and Julian catches her. 

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Wrong Address

I got in late..2:20 mark

WHOOPS with the wrong "wire tap" stuff.. Scotty was delighted!  The address on the warrant was WRONG-- and thrown out. Crafty PAUL changed it! 

Tracy was trying to insult Monica so she'd come out of her coma. :)  Jason is there too. Monica's eye's are open. 

Lulu is talking to Kevin about the Embryo. I hate this story,

Oh No... Felix is so crying... :( Michael's upset. They are talking to Dante. Sabrina is being photographed by the coroner.  Michael goes in to say goodbye. Aw, Michael. First Abby dies by a wrecking ball, now this. You'd think he was cursed by Hells! 

Tracy finds out at the end :( 

Bryan Craig Up and Quits General Hospital

Because..? He makes such good decisions? Why the hell would he quit now--?? Makes zero sense, imo

Image result for morgan on GH

READ IT HERE on Daytime Confidential 

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Here's Your Tie

Julian's trial is supposed to start today. You know it will get F-kd up!! 

Monica is down! Sabrina goes in when Paul goes out-- she finds Monica. Paul stares at her.  He leaves to go get help. Sabrina gets Monica breathing again-- they found the injection site. Paul left. Oh, he's on the phone at the hospital. Sabrina finds him and says "you never got help"-- she tells him it was an injection. THEN she realizes it was Paul who did it!!  She tries to run and he takes her into another room.  It's pretty brutal. Sabrina is like NO NO..Paul is like I'm sorry but I have to. They tussle.  Wow, it really showed a lot-- I was surprised. 
Bye Sabrina. 

Later, Tracy sees Monica on the gurney. She's all upset. Mon is breathing but passed out. 

Diane is coaching Alexis on the stand to breathe. NLG plays nervous so well. Diane tells her to get angry! 

Liz and Hay are all mad they are sisters, aren't believing it. Especially when he says Heather told him!!  They DO believe him in the end and Elizabeth is upset she gave Nate the diamonds. Hayden runs out and wants to blow town. Finn stops her. Says: no don't go. I'll help you and get a lawyer. Then the Feds step out of the elevator and arrest her. 

Tracy asks Mikey what his intentions are regarding Sabrina. He's all smiles. He shows her an engagement ring. Carly sees it and says HELL NO!! Tracy reads her so well: You came to town and slept with your Mother's husband. HHAHAA. Carly thinks Sabrina doesn't love Michael. 

Sonny visits Jules in the jail. OH! He has a KEY to his cell. OF COURSE he does! He gives him his necktie. Sonny says "I offered you a deal, you gonna take it"? The deal is: Jules pleads guilty before the trial. If not, Sonny will have him killed in jail. 
Scotty Baldwin walks in and Julian says he's going to plead guilty. 

Tyler Christopher OUT!

Oh yep..he's gone according to SOD: Read it and weep!

Multiple sources confirm to Digest that Tyler Christopher will not be returning to the role of Nikolas on GH, which he originated in 1996. The actor has been off-screen since June, at which point the character was temporarily recast with Nick Stabile. Though both parties had hoped to strike a new contract deal and for Christopher to report back to work in September, negotiations fell apart last month. For the full story, check out the new issue of Soap Opera Digest, on sale Friday.


Tuesday, September 13, 2016


Tracy says "the hospital may be closed by tomorrow"!!! She sees Monica for lunch at the Metro..and the board wants to close it.  

Liz is out of surgery.. Franco is whispering to her that she has a secret sister.  Liz is freaking OUT that Hayden is out of jail! She tells Sabrina where the diamonds are. Sabby is going to Liz' house to get them. Later Hayden walks in. Franco went to the Metro to get food. Sabrina was supposed to call him when she woke up. Whoops.  Oh! She does!! Franco is going to go over. Liz is freaking out over Hayden. Hayden tells her Franco promised her the diamonds for blood. Liz says "the diamonds are gone" !
FRANCO tells Liz and Hay they are sisters and to "BE NICE" lol

Oh, PS for you people that don't know, Liz does have a sister, her name is Sarah. But GH forgets. 

Hayden and Finn are bonding over his needle fix. They took a selfie. Adorable. I really like the whole Hayden Finn, Franco and Liz thing. 

Morgan is sad. Sad, sad Morgan. He has 90 text books all over. I guess he got right IN to college!  DARBY comes by.  STI Darby! Why? Who knows. I guess when Morgan is manic he's horny? Morgan is online gambling now. 

Jordan, Maddox and Nate making up a "Murder Board" to look at the victims.  They make all the ideas up--one being that the guy doing it might be doing it for 'revenge" not a psychological reason. 

Paul seems to have been on the phone with his daughter Susan.  He sits and listens to Monica and Tracy talk about the hospital shutting. Maybe he wants GH shut down? Hmmm? 

The CSI people think the killer wants the hospital shut down and gave people the stomach but to GET them into GH to murder them. So does Paul or the people he's working for want revenge on the hospital? 

THOUGHT: what IF...Susan (Paul's daughter) is really Hammy's "Dead" wife..who still has the disease and Paul has to do what he's doing to 'cure 'her??? OOOOOOo could work??!

OMG!!!!!!!! THE ENDING!!!!!!!!!!! It's not what we thought was going to happen!??? OMG!! Wait until you see who's down!! 

Monday, September 12, 2016

Snack Bar

I can only hope we find out soon why Paul went and killed old people. Wouldn't he just kill Ava ?? I don't get this stupid story. AT. ALL. 

Sam is still in her wedding dress. Goes to Alexis' house. Sees Molly, won't drink wine so they have to tell her she's PG. Molly's all happy 

Julian and Scott. Whatever.

Sabrina is back to work!! Michael is all: Serial killer! Tracy says..come on, she's going back to work. Tracy and he argue. So, when she's killed I guess he can hate her LOL 

Finn is all up and nutty about his meds again.  He can't get a candy bar out of the vending machine and gets angry. Curtis asks him what's wrong. 

Hayden's mama thinks Hayden knows her Dad is Jeff. So but she doesn' it's that old soap "WILL SHE TELL HER INadvertently. OF COURSE SHE DOESN'T! Because...Soap 101

Ok, that's all I can deal with today!! Have too much to do and this is too zzzzzzzz

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Sunday Surgery: Blood Type: Webber

I could be a firefighter...or a pop star..or or OH! I know... maybe a Choo-Choo Train Driver! 

Mania... Lost Embryos.. a wedding...Coffee--lots and lots of coffee and those snazzy shoes in the photo. This week's GH didn't match last week's for entertainment, that's for sure. Even with Robert on I felt like things were just plain tossed up in the air and snipped on the editing room floor. 

I'm having company from Australia all week--so who knows when I'll be able to get on. They are hubby's cousins. We are even going to let them get used to driving before they go to Boston (we did warn against that but ..??)   I guess we'll fire up the barbie and get something on to grill! 

Friday, September 9, 2016

Shoe Shots

Franco tells Hayden she and Liz have a rare blood type. Hayden can't believe it. HUH? She's like "no one has that blood type"!

Robert and Lante sit and talk about Daphne on the Island. You know she's got a little Spencer-Dine running around via Stavvy/Lulu's egg.  WSB Says Daphne never lived on the island in that house. After Robert leaves, Lulu says she's going to find Daphne. 

Hammy Finn and Curtis go to see Jordan. 
They have a photo of the feet at the top of the stairs. It's Liz' phone and they used Geo-Tracking to figure out it was at the top of the stairs. Paul goes crazy. Says they can't drop the charges! IT's not true yada yada. 

Morgan's getting more manic. Darby's due back so..  UGH 

Carly asks Nellie to work for her. Nellie and Morgan are sitting CLOSE on that couch! LOL She talks about teaching and Morgan's mania takes over and now HE wants to go into marketing. Later he is online signing up for full time classes at college. Carly is all: HUH??!! He's very manic. 

Griffin and Sonny? They are talking about Alexis' drinking. Griffin saw the picture of her 'roughing up' Kristina (Grabbing her) It's basically a summary of Julian's crimes.  Robert is there later and Sonny introduces him to Griffin.
oh! NOW Robert loves Sonny! He's so happy he helped Anna, they have a BEER TOGETHER!!!

OMG. Such sacrilege. 

Hayden goes to GH and Asks Franco about how he figured out she was a match to Liz.  They get interrupted --and her charges are dropped. She says she won't give Liz her blood until Franco gets her something. 

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Break Day! Live Long and Prosper

Loved GH last week...this week, nope, not so much. I am not watching today's yet, so here you go!

Happy Star Trek 50!! I watched with my Dad-- and that show had a lot of shaping of my core values. Which, yes, it was TV but such a great message!! EVERYONE can be on that bridge of the ship, even an "evil Russian" --who were our bad guys. 

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Spleen Emergency

Liz' spleen exploded. Griffin calls someone. NOW, she's been laying there in pain forever and no one noticed? She's a nurse and she didn't tell people how much pain she was in? She goes into surgery. Franco calls Jason to tell him that Jake might want to know that "his mother is dying". 

Morgan didn't go to the wedding because he's looking at HATS at Perks???? Okay then. This meds story is so NOT needed.  A recovery story would actually be welcome. Not another stupid redux of his downfall. 

Dillon and Tracy. Um, Dilly is never on so don't care. He talks to Kiki....sigh

Jason gets to the hospital Francos' mad since he ignored his phone calls. They argue. 

Where did the Davis girls and the kids go!!? COME ON!!?? They just disappeared!! UGH Hate that. 

Sam and Spin eat at Jake's.. She has ribs WITH A FORK. LAWDY. She and Spin say they are BFF. 

Sonny talks to Ava at Perks Coffee. Yada Yada

Tuesday, September 6, 2016


Wedding Day... which was kinda boring. I know fans love it but-- snoozah. Monica should have said to Liz "I was invited but I won't step foot in that Murderer's House"!! 
Alexis gets drunk.
The kids don't like vanilla cake so Carly says they can have chocolate syrup on it..

Finn and Curtis discuss Hayden. Valerie comes in. She overhears Curtis say Hayden isn't guilty. 

Naomi visits Hayden in jail.  Her Mom thinks she probably did it. 

Franco meditates in the park. 

Paul is all nervous, That's not how serial killers act. But, you know...GH

Liz is laying in bed, miserable. 

Monica asks Sabrina back to GH, she will talk to the board about it. 

END OF SHOW: Franco is going to tell Liz about Hayden and she passes out. Tomorrow there's a "Code Blue' on her! 

Monday, September 5, 2016

Happy Labor Day

GH is not a new show kick back in honor of hospital staff everywhere! 

Sunday, September 4, 2016

Sunday Surgery: All Hail The Queen

The Week of Ava...
Well, I had a break and a vacation and here I am....back again! This will probably not be the usual long, drawn out blog that I usually do because who's got time for that! Right? It's September!! Where has the time gone? You all know it's my time of year to go back to work (Sept 7th) with the kiddies. I miss doing my therapy thing believe it or not!! 

Ok, get ready because...I enjoyed the show this week. For the most part, stories are coming together and there were a lot of things I was happy about.  The cast is still way too huge-amoungous but maybe my break and trip to Hollywood did me good? 

So, let's have some comfort food today and grab some coffee-cake with all the trimmings! Ava had the Best Week Ever so she gets the first bite! 

Friday, September 2, 2016

Gettin' Married!

Good day for JaSam fans out there!! I was at my Aunt's house so I haven't watched yet. I grabbed some pics for you from Twitter though. Thank you @FyeahGH for these! 


Thursday, September 1, 2016

Fortune Cookie

I came in at 2:21..sorry.

I saw Nurse Extra (adorable) who said she saw Hayden smack Liz! 

Bobbie wants to be Avery's nanny. Kinda like Audrey is for the boys :) She's going to watch her. Nellie is NOT happy...she says she's leaving but, I bet she doesn't. 

Joe and Sonny. I so miss Carlos' ACCENT!!  The Amish were on too.  Mikey is all jelly of Joe. moment. He gave her chopsticks.  I know this is bliss for fans but zzzzzzz. 

Franco and Liz..she has a mild concussion and some spleen damage but not bad. Franco said "Early Morning Discharge" in a Naughty way!! LMAO 
I think Liz is going to have a spleen problem..or liver. Something is wrong. 

END: Hayden and Finn kiss. She's then arrested for the attempted murder of Liz-- she thought she was being arrested for the diamonds! 


  Felicia and Mac are making out on Maxie's couch. Everyone is out and Bailey Lu is sleeping. He talks about seeing Frisco!! That's ...