Monday, September 30, 2013 it reveal day?

I'm going to play Devil's Advocate for a minute.
Do you think the truth comes out...or does Maxie imagine it, faint...and Brad doesn't spill? 

I know which happens, but want to see what you think! I will be home LATER than GH today so leave your comments below!!

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Sunday Surgery: Honey, I Grew Up the Babies!

yes, you are the giant baby I have always dreamed of! 

I can't believe it's Sunday already--this week FLEW by. Kinda like the aging of the babies FLEW BY.  They are eating cheerios and babbling already! I realize it's hard to employ little newborns but damn, son! It's so laughable. I would have accepted a tasteful "3 months later" zip in time. It could have worked.

Get on your gowns and remember to lay the sponges out..and mix up some baby oatmeal---here we go!

Friday, September 27, 2013

"Spencer's House of Pain"

Some fun news!

Nancy Lee  Grahn is celebrating 18 years on GH tomorrow!! Time flies...

And, Ian Buchannan became a US Citizen this week!! Get out the hotdogs and apple pie!!


Maxie.. yelling in the church.. where anyone can hear!! GEESH!! 

Tracy coming in with her gift to Lulu's-- and there's no chem between NuLu and Tracy like there was with JMB and she. Sorry. She delivers her lines SO bitchy!!

Luke's on Cassadine Island..hawking up a lung. He's talking to Holly, who's with Robert. AND Helena comes out looking SO FANTABULOUS!!  Too bad she's only a ghost. :) Olivia sees him in a coffin. SO, we are  to think Luke is "One foot in the grave" and seeing Hells while Livvy sees him dead.
Got it. 

That was creepy..Helena was basically the devil LOL 
Olivia heard Luke say: "I need Spanx"..."Spanks" so Tracy knows he needs her with him!

Shirtless Nikolas.  YES!   Thank you 
Dr. Obrect visits her "newborn" Grandson

Brad got Felix some chocolate covered cherries. Felix doesn't want them. Brad decides to "do the right thing" and go to the Church to tell about the baby. WILL HE?

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Lynn Herring..back on set!

Lynn  Herring, OUR LUCY posted this on her Facebook Page today!!

FROM LYNN: "Yeah! Loved being back at GH today. Got to work with Sam, Alexis, Kiki, Michael and Scotty, of course. Tomorrow it is Heather time! Xo"

He's a PipSQUEEK!

Says Franco.. ahahhaa.  "He's like 12" says Franco about Morgan. He wants Carly to paint. 
"You think that by doing arts and crafts with you I'm going to unsee my half-naked teenage son with that bimbo from hell?
Then, she threw paint on him.  then they kissed..

I SO DON'T care about CArrrrrrrrrrllllllllllllllos.  Even shirtless. Don't care 

Spinelli's coat totally matched Connie's stroller!  And Lulu asked Maxie to be godmama and Dante asked Spin to be godfather.  

The juicy stuff? Ava and Morgan. Kiki slaps her. Maura West is playing Ava SO nuts!! I love it.  Morgan is so studly and Michael looks like he needs to use the potty.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Next Week ON GH ...

Gonna be a hootenanny! 

"HI MOM"!!!!

MAN-EATER (or BOY eater?)

Todd's holding my prop of the week...and he put it on canvas! He loves Heather's wallpaper heh. Diane loved him!!

Shirtless men today: Dante... Morgan...Franco.. and Carlos!

Morgan..I knew he'd knock over the vase LOL. So soapy.   AND CARLY!! ahahaha. Morgan totally owns it!! Carly jumps Ava! Throws her out of the Metro..whoops
I am TOTALLY SHIPPING Ava and Kiki getting pregnant AT THE SAME TIME by Morgan!! Oh yes!! Maura is 41 in real life.
AAHHAHA! Can you imagine!!?
Morgan's going in again for some more Ava!! and here come Kiki and Michael!

Oh priceless.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

"I don't need any help...."

 Says Sonny.. with Carly in his face. "I like the darkness" says Sonny. Carly reminds him of the last time he went off his meds and shot his gun in Robin's house. LOL. She's brave!! What a great scene with Carly standing there with the meds. Mentioning

Ava  would make a marvelous coke-head. Poor Morgan, looking  for sympathy from the Devil!! Ava is totally playing that poor boy LOL Sitting on the bed, holding his hand..

AND THEY WENT THERE!! I totally yelled and scared Gus!! I knew they'd go there but not this soon!! WOOT! 
HOLY CRAP!! They went!! On the door!!

Lante..geesh. That baby is as big as Lulu's head! 

Kiki says she "loves Michael more" than Morgan ...and Michael LOVES Kiki. BUT as I said, Kik can't deal because of MORGAN'S PAIN!

Silas and Sam eating on the hospital floor. Ewww.Sorry. but eww

GREAT show today!!

Monday, September 23, 2013

Morgan, Meet AJ

Well, today's show was much like  Friday's show... yelling, yelling yelling.

Duke and Anna were cute, even if they were going to eat Haggis. 

Carlos (whom I am now calling Nacho) and Derek. HAAA..whatever. Poor Duke has to  sit at Macie's desk.

The best part of today was Sonny, Michael..and Morgan. They acted the hell out that scene!! Morgan was broken. He is so going to turn on Sonny.
Calling the Jerome family!!
Michael=St.Jasus and Morgan is so obviously AJ. 

I so wish AJ was there...and Dante.  It was incomplete without them. AJ's like a prison ghost now!!

Morgan goes to see AVA!! He's hurting, she's hurting....hmmmmmmmmmm


Sunday, September 22, 2013

Sunday Surgery: Polar Opposites

Well, it was a wild week...Ups and Down..literally and figuratively. This show frustrates the hell out of me at the same time I rejoice in it's brilliance. I get a joyful frustration from the whole thing.
Hopefully, I can explain that well enough!!

Get ready... it's surgery time!  I'm wearing ORANGE scrubs in honor of our Heather..she who stuffs it down! 

Friday, September 20, 2013

Better Late than...

Is it me or is Carlos like a weird 70's stereotype? Good gravy--"Keesing my Girrrl" AND he looks about 20 years older than Betty. And wasn't Betty all shy around guys because she never got any action? 

Sonny dancing..LMAO. Sorry, it cracked me up. And was Livvy's dress tight enough? How will she sit? He's up and down on the bipolar train!? Now he's manic. He was awesome with Carly. LMAO
 I do like the shared hate that Olivia and Carly have for Ava.
Although truth be told, without Ava right now, this show would be such a zznoze! 

Liked  Patrick and Sam talking about Robin and Jason over Cheetos. :)

Could Michael have BIGGER Puppy eyes??! Didn't like Kiki's dress... way too old for her. Penny just blew Michael off.  LOL 

Fast Ferry blew up!!  Max and Sean are gonna be in SUCH trouble!!  

Sonny's meltdown.. was kinda like the Claudia night-- hope no one gets an ax in the head LOL 
The secret is OUT! 

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Bieber Hair and Cougar Boobs...

Best Scene from  yesterday's show!

Who saw giant Jesus at Connie's funeral yesterday?
Where was DIANE? and Alexis... I mean. Diane especially. It seems a little empty in there. Thought she had a giant family AND was an international fashionista. I also thought I missed some of the funeral or something but nope. Just not shown.

 Rafe was on... not that I recognized him ahahaa. It's been forever. Snooze --whatever  he and Taylor are going to have a "PLAN" to break up Molly and TJ.
That always works

Britt's baby's head is huge LOL She'll end up at Wyndemere--and didn't she have her own place before moving in with Betty and Felix? Why wouldn't she have her own place? She's a doctor?! 

Suddenly-Emma misses Robin! It's  uncanny!!

Carlos looks like he came out of 1979.  He and Silas have matching hair. 

Anna's taking care of BabyConnie. Julian Jerome keeps coming up in coversation.

OMG MORGAN has a BIEBER hair-do!! ahahahaa. He maxed out her credit cards on gambling. Ava had on cougar-boob print dress. They are so going to do it. heh

BTW, Betty was "in Puerto Rico" with Carlos until she came for nursing school? Her accent is like Chicago! But, note that when she saw him, she totally went into Spanish mode LMAO

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

HUMP daaaaaay!!


I am down with a cold and have a meeting this afternoon so please leave me some comments, let me know if I need to watch the show--yada yada!

Thanks! I'll try to be back in action later to get the scoops up.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

YOU are OFF The Island!!

Bye to the Boat House. Which is a good idea because it's getting dang cold out and a space heater would only set the place on fire. 
Why would Kiki NOT want to know  Silas but wanted to know Franco?

Felix and Carly BFF duo! And, BTW-- like Heather is going to stab someone. She killed that sammach! GEESH! and isn't a BLT toasted?  I guess she'd have too many crumbs! :)

Why would Ava and Julian gab on the pier where they just killed someone? And why in GOD'S NAME doesn't Sonny just GOOGLE Ava Jerome? I mean...duh --she had the same name when she had Kiki all those years ago, so?? Someone would have made the connection? 
Carly and Felix just happen to go to the same pier..LOL. okay  

Wonder if anything BAD will happen at that Kiki Mo-go party. nah.  couldn't be


Monday, September 16, 2013

Heather's OUT!

And eating Tranco's him some striped wallpaper.  okay-- and she wants a BLT.

Can't say a lot-- interrupted by the horrible Navy Yard Shooting. thinking of all of those involved.

I guess Carly and Felix are BFFs now?  People said he helped her when she chopped her hair off. I totally forgot that.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Sunday Surgery: Pill Pusher

Sonny...take ya pills. something...
Sonny...did ya take ya pills?? 
Did ya eat??
LOL..poor Sonny.... Hen-pecked!

Not to say Olivia  isn't trying to get him sorted out. I always say though, she'd be smart enough to smoosh them pills up in his drink or make him eat some applesauce. Thinking Sonny will just take the meds is a bit naive.'s time to SUIT UP and get your gloves on!! The pharmacy is now open! 

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Special Message to WUBBERS from Denise!

Denise Alexander, 'our' Leslie, has given us a special message from the set of The INN-- which will be in it's 3rd season October 7th!! If you haven't seen seasons 1 and 2, get on over to You Tube or The INN Series Website!

HOW FUN! Someday, I'll get on that show myself!! :)

Friday, September 13, 2013

Gabby Kind of a Day

Yesterday's GH:  Carly, Liz...Sam...all boo-hooing on Jason.  St. Jasus, forever in their hearts. awwww.  Sonny got some pretty artsy flowers from Derek or what?! 
TODAY'S SHOW:  Today was just... 

Carly wants to be painted?? aahh HA.  Oh her PORTRAIT. I was thinking full on body paint.

Duke's on. Geesh. It's been forever.  And they put him in a HOSPITAL GOWN?! Ok, still zexy LOL

Ava in Sonny's house! He thought that luscious butt was Connie's?! ahahaa. Nope. IT's too SHAPELY. 

Max and Shawn making you know Heather will show up soon! 

IT was SILAS on the docks. Did you really think it could be Jason?! ahahhaa. Unless he has a new face, never gonna happen.  Who's watching everyone? I'm thinking Carlos-- Betty's ex or brother.

Vincent--he's some guy from the gambling website. I must have missed that day on GH when I was on vacation because I had no clue who he  was!! 

Maura West could have come back as Faith Roscoe. She acts a lot like would have been a good story.

TODAY WAS JUST..tedious. Good grief.  Who's at the door to see Todd/Franco?  She smelled the BLTs. :) 

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Happy Birthday, Twinlets!

That's's JaTranco's BDAY today!! Yes, that is a ACTUAL CAKE I found online. Adorable? hahaa. OMG.
I'm going to a meeting today, so give me the heads-up on the show!!

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Name the Baby

Aw, Anna goes to see how Maxie is. I love her!! Maxie's PUSH Prezzie should be a damn Hermes bag or something.  NOT a framed thank you.  GEESH
KS and  FH were AWESOME!! :sobbing: ..talking about Maxie. wahhhh 
Maxie asks Britt to keep it quiet

MONICA is on!! Grilling AJ: DID YOU DO IT?!! DID YOU DO IT??!  Then she rails at him for messing up. 
The board of GH voted her OUT! WOW... (because of AJ) 

Nikolas is holding the baby for BRIT. She doesn't want to breast feed. Or bond. Patrick sees it in the hall.  Nikolas is just strolling all over with that kid. geesh.

Lulu and Dante have to name the baby. I hope it's not Connie.  Or Michael. There are three of those on this show already. Maybe Blanket after the blanket Anna gave them? ahahhhaaa

Sonny slugged that reporter. Where the hell are the guards? AJ/Diane want to use Sonny as a "reasonable doubt"  story. Michael thinks that's not right.  And EXcuSE me!!?? But why would DIANE cross Sonny like this??? Makes NO SENSE!

 OH LORD...they named her CONNIE.

Good gravy. Adele would have been way better after Sonny's Mom


New Book: One Life to Live: An Oral History

Just came out yesterday! A great new book compiled of one of a kind exclusive interviews with past and present OLTL cast.

GO To Amazon to order the paperback or Kindle edition.

During its more than four decades in the ABC daytime lineup, "One Life to Live" told countless stories, from sensational adventures to thoughtful social commentary. But the tales that went untold -- the experiences of the writers, producers, cast and crew behind the scenes -- are just as fascinating as any kidnapping, baby switch, or courtroom confession.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

"Don't Let the Door Hit You in the Ass"

Tracy words today! LOL... Ava  has just moved RIGHT in hasn't she?? Getting on Twitter and everything-- and Franco says he's trending! #francosafreeman!  Using Qwifi I see!

"Get your poser ass outta my house!"
says Todd to Ava--MY HOUSE? Er. um...
Todd tells Tracy that he poisoned her relish. Then he basically says his heart belongs to Carly.

Sam and Silas... kinda boring.

Kiki and Carly-- interesting. Kinda, I wish Carly hated Kiki more. Sonny walks in. I'm sure Carly will be all over the fact she didn't even know about it lol.  Morgan thinks Connie's death his fault.  Morgan had a crying talk with Sonny. Sonny won't take his pills.

Britt figures out there's fluid in the kid's lungs. The kid that is about 2 months  old already.

WHY THE HELL did Betty take the baby and not Britt? I don't get that..Britt just gave birth, she's a doctor..that was stupid. 
The baby was 'saved' by Dr. Silas. Yawn.

The Jr. Mints were on and they were stupid. There's a new Taylor. Who looks about 23.

Today's show was..well.
I could have napped.

 Monica's on tomorrow!

Monday, September 9, 2013

Carpet Cleaning Needed

Well,  I haven't watched Breaking Bad from last night so I'm not going to tweet during the show. I take NO CHANCES with spoilers!! I've stayed off Facebook too. I did go on Buzzfeed and they even had some dopey recaps!! BOOOOOOOO I hope to watch tonight.
BTW, I couldn't stay off twitter the whole time.

I'm pathetic.  LOL I didn't see any spoilers though.

I had to put that pic up because she's just adorable!! I hope she grows up on the show just like Kimberly did!! 


Ellie gets the tumor back from some baliff..who looks like Bull from Night Court. That was such a fun show, wasn't it? 

Maxie and Spinelli. Spin better not play a MARTYR this whole time.   Spinelli went to talk to Ellie about the baby.  He says to keep it quiet. Then gets a pout on and stomps out. 

I guess Britt's baby is comin!! .  Doesn't Nik have a house full of servants? You should get some chambermaids up there!!  And, hey, put a sheet down, will ya? That rug is expensive! At least get her in a BED... geesh!!! Or the couch!! 

Betty really IS Nurse Kennicot from AMC .  Well, that baby was clean..and not shaped like a beach ball! LOL and HUGE..about  2 months old or what?  and, um.. it sure doesn't look like BRAD.

Why did Olivia bring her pocketbook? Oh, she's Italian. My Sicilian Mimi told me they don't go anywhere without it. Something to do with the war LOL 
And you know Sonny, if you REALLY WANTED to kill yourself you send a note in the MAIL for them to get it after you're gone. This part makes no sense. It's just Sonny-like but without the build up. I mean, it's Connie. 
MAURICE did a great job though. HE BROKE A TON OF BAR WARE!! Bottles, glasses...yada yada
"Connie is gone...she took your heart with her"...awwwwwwwwwwwwwww
Olivia pulls up a chair to watch LOL.. all the boys come in. Kristina is absent however because God knows where she is! LOL 

 STUPID LULU "Don't come any closer"...seriously? Geesh, way to have compassion!!  Maxie, don't you know that that baby will get sick soon and need something from the Scorpio/Jones side of the family? Come on.  She was just SO NASTY! 
Gawd, this is going to drag on forever. FOREVVVVVVVVERRRRRRRRR. 

Aw, Maxie got a "Push-Present".   I didn't get a PUSH PRESENT. They didn't have those (that I knew of) when MY kid was pushed out.
Yes, I'm bitter.

Why did Brad need to tell Dante about Britt's baby? Huh.. I KNOW WHY!! we all KNOW WHY!!  Oh he says it's because of wanting to press charges. Bait and Switch!

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Sunday Surgery: Neoplasm aka: Tumor In a Jar

What a week! 

Sonny's all cry baby, Olivia's still wailing, Diane brings it to the trial, Baby Ariel is back and Britch starts full-on labor while Princess Mother Sabrina looks on.
Can't wait to get going!!

Put on your best Neoplasm-Wear and let's get on it. 

Munchkins: Surprisingly Tumor-Shaped!

PS. In honor of said tumor, I am eating some nice Tim Horton's  Dunkin' Donuts Munchkins. Want one? 

Friday, September 6, 2013

Aw, Poor Sonny..

Wah..he's at the Haunted Star Bar... cryin' over Connie and he has a gun.
GHOST CAWNIE walks in says "don't do it" or something like that. I think it was Kate.  LOL get it? Sonny imagines marrying Connie--  and the boat looks nicely decorated. Olivia "sees" Starr in Connie's wedding dress and figures out where Sonny is. 

Suddenly, that bandaid looks too small for that giant thing to have been  extracted.

TUMAH: DAY 2!! You think it will get a dressing room?? hehahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. Diane  should have brought in a neurologist or two, don't you think? Oh, well, the judge is ready to drop the charges. THEN Carly wants to make a 'victim's impact statement". Like she gets to the be one to talk for EVERYONE? Ask that dead nurses' family! Ask Sam!! Geesh

I think I'll order some  "Tumah  Time" tshirts

Nikolas is so protective of Britt! Brad is doing a bad job of lying, imo.  Nik is saying Brad has to have Brit live in his HOUSE?!
Why did Betty go to Wyndemere? I mean..I know to deliver Brit's baby but geesh---

Emma is precious. She knows TOO much for her age!!  "A baby is not a backpack Daddy"!!  There's a NEW ARIEL!! Ariel 2.0!!  She also takes her Dad out to play ball so he doesn't feel badly about not having a boy. ahhh. 

GEESH! Dante! HUG your MOTHER.. don't sons know MOMS NEED A HUG sometimes?? Morgan's just yelling all over. Throw something, you'll feel better. 

Britt goes into labor with Betty there and Nikolas running in

Olivia runs in to save Sonny...

GH: Questions To Ponder

In case I don't make it back to watch the show:

1. Give an estimate  of when we'll see Rafe again.

2. What do you think they are using as "Brit's PG Belly"? 

3. Give and estimate of when Lante will find out their baby is Spixie's

4. Which character do you think will get SORA'd next? 

5.  Will Carly and Franco have sex before October? 

6. If Sonny's on his island crying, can anyone hear him? 

7.  Do you think Franco/Todd will make Art out of his tumor? 

8. Which character is  going to be PG next on the show? 

9.   Do you think Kristina is :
     A. still cleaning the prison
     B.  off to college
     C. in the GH storage closet 

10.  How is Alexis going to remember Derek is Julian? Do you think it will be a flashback when they kiss? 

11. When Robin is found alive, gives the cure to Luke and Robert also wakes up, how many seconds will it take Patrick to drop Sabrina on her ass? 

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Who's Feeding The Baby?

Hello!! I'm still here because my schedule isn't filled out with kids yipeee! (I think?) Max or Shawn?

Thank GOODNESS Britt changed that dress.

Felix called Brad ASSFACE!! ahahhahaaa.

AJ and Franco have mirror scars. BTW,  Diane is going to blame Sonny for Kate's murder.  Brad gave her something in that bag that has to do with a trial.

Liz got changed fast to go to a really really bright dress.
I am a big Billy Warlock fan and liked his AJ...but Sean is killin' it.  He's so good!

Todd is totally mugging it for the camera.
And make no mistake, Franco is TOTALLY TODD now.

Laura Wright looks flawless lately does Becky. But she always does. Carly doesn't seem to care that AJ killed Connie, she's way more concerned he "disappointed Michael" AHAHAA. Oh, classic.

Nik wants to let Brit stay at Wyndemere because it needs a new Queen!! :) 

I wonder if that baby ever got fed. Geesh.  

Oh GUESS WHO  will be trapped with Britt to deliver the baby...heh. Poor Betty.

SNOOZZZZER day today, imo 



ahahaha yes, Franco's actual tumor.
In a jar. 

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

You Lied To Patrick, You Lied to Me...Everyone?

Yeah..and US TOO just yesterday!! Brad is the Dad? Um, I think not!! Jason Thompson was great today again.

What do you think about the Silas/Sam  kiss? what is their smooosh name? I haven't kept up on that. He's still Caleb/McBane to me. Ron says "SIAM" so..he being the headwriter, I guess that's it!
 "I'm not sure what you call it upstate, but in the city, we call it kissing.

I take it Sabrina moved into Paddy's house? Felix must be lonely with just he and his bitchy sis around.  Brad acts like the baby is his after Britt calls him. Don't believe it. 

Olivia and Moronigan talked a bit. I guess for exposition? Kinda boring. Ditta Michael and Kiki.  He sits on the BED. DOH! Kiki, you idiot!  Then again, it's stupid Morgan's fault for not getting any guest-seating in their little "crib".

Naked DEREK...hotzzzzzzah!!  

Olivia finds a note from Sonny saying "Goodbye"... she's freaking out.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

The Father is....

I so wanted Helena to walk in on Patrick and Britt and go WHO THE HELL ARE YOU TWO? get out!! LOL  Britt says Brad's the dad--( in spoilers if you read them) Which begs the question: Is that real? Because if it is she's stupid as you could TELL the second the kid is born. Ergo, she's probably buying some time. 
Nikolas saves Brit's ass and comes in and tells Paddy he'll break every bone in his hand. 

Lulu was such a FISHWIFE TODAY!  she's just so strident and blah, blah..blah.. THEN she uses the "My Dad is dying" card. I wish they'd make her a bit softer. Stavvy fried her brain and vocal cords. Or Froze them. 
Spinelli chickened out telling Lante the truth. He also said that Maxie should distance herself from the baby. Then he tells Maxie she has to "learn to live without their child" which I don't buy as a Spinelli thing. 
Well, until Fall Sweeps. (Nov..I hope. I HOPE it's not until Feb sweeps) 

Diane says: Let My AJ go...but they found the gun.  SO, AJ doesn't go!! And his fingerprints were on the gun. 

Sam and Silas kiss. 

Felix and Brad are chatting it up-- Felix trying to widdle the truth out of Brad.  Seems Brad's been holding a torch for Felix.  Patrick punches Felix. Hard. 
"Fat, Chinese Gay, Tapdancer" says Brad about himself

Moronigan and Kiki arguing about the gun. Good Gravy, they have one brain cell between them. Morgan finds out that Kiki went to see Michael at the PCPD. whoops.

NEW SERIES OF LUTHER is on tonight!! BBCA!! If you watch, you know it's AWESOME. If not, watch first 2 seasons on NetFlix. There's only 11 episodes in total!! Eeeeeeeee!

One Life To Live... Gone For Good?

Looks like One Life to Live is done for the moment, if not forever. This statement came out today via TOLN, the soaps producer: 

Prospect Park is shelving "One Life to Live" until the ABC lawsuit is resolved. The team will focus on producing "All My Children," which proved to be the more popular show online. (On TV, "One Life to Live" generated higher ratings.) Writers are currently putting together scripts for a second season.
Kwatinetz is now two years and more than $10 million into the soap business. The learning curve, he said, has been intense.
"Agnes told me this job wasn't for sissies," he said, but added: "If I didn't want to make any mistakes, I would sit back and let other people go figure it out and then just copy them. But then we wouldn't be helping to shape the future of television."

Big question is..will it be back if/when the lawsuit is settled? We'll have to wait and see.  OLTL's online numbers were below AMC's however, so who knows. 

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Sunday Surgery: Saline Secrets

This week moved at the pace of a jackal (get it?) Brilliant in words and delivery--editing and even pace. Loved it! 
Things got bloody, people puked-- cried...screamed. You name it. That was just the first half of the week! 
We need our heavy duty scrubs on for this surgery! I'm going to grab a nice bagel and settle in. Off we go!

You're Still IN

  I REALLY need for today's show to be a good one. Dang it.  Scotty and Ava talking about the boring custody case.  She says Laura is on...