Friday, December 30, 2022

Last GH of 2022~!!


Welp, here we are, 'ringing in the new year'!! It's in the SIXTIES TODAY here--and last week it was FOUR. 

Britt's Party. She blows out her candles. Dr O is going to sing and she does but we don't see it LOL weird ...OMG huge MONTAGE of Kelly and her as a kid..then on GH. It's so nice and I'm getting all teary. 

Someone is watching Spencer and Trina ..OMG it's the HOOK! BUT Maxie interrupts them tells them to come inside. 

Liz runs out, Finn follows.  She tells him she lost the baby. He's sad for her. He leaves, Terry comes out..they hug. 

Willow and Michael.. Wiley went to bed. They are talking about 2023. She wonders what will happen if she's not around next year. Michael proposes.  She says yes...

Sam and Dante are having dessert in Kelly's. Joss walks in to see Cam.  Cam isn't there, he's filling in for the catering staff.  Joss sits down tells Dante what a bad person Sonny is.  She leaves to go to Britt's party and Dante and Sam watch the fireworks outside. 

Laura is trying to get answers out of Nikolas. He says he's too far gone and Victor has the upper hand. She says she'll help him start over. She says she loves him and she'll stand by him. She leaves. 

Esme has a match. She keeps looking at the smoke detector. Finally lights the tree, detector goes off..huge fire. She's like maybe this isn't such a good idea??? Nik runs up.  He has a fire extinguisher and goes in..all smoke and fire. As he's trying to put it out, Esme runs out!!!!!! She's on the parapet but Nikolas finds her. Tells her the only way is down. She looks down. He says don't do it!! Then she hops up on the ledge..


Britt leaves the party

Joss and the HOOK are on the docks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Thursday, December 29, 2022



OH WHAT FUN!! What a great episode!! I'm so sorry I didn't see it in real time! I saw his face on Twitter -- Anthony Montgomery !!! 

It's going to be NYE for like two days! Squee..

I have to say the dialog was top notch yesterday--wow. So good. 

The deal TODAY is my Dad wants to see Avatar --- and we know how LONG that will be. (I never even saw the first one lol) Then you know, I may be here at 2,  I might not!! 

Wednesday, December 28, 2022

For Wednesday Stuff


Please look at the WUB AWARDS that are below this!! I wanted to throw up something so you can all comment and let me know if I should watch the show tomorrow morning or just FF the whole thing!

Brother can finally get out of Buffalo and Dad can make it from Southern Tier so we are having Christmas today!! 

See you tomorrow! 



Here's to a recap of 2022 which saw about the most interruptions a soap could take! Hope you like our Awards but I'm sure you have your own thoughts. With such a large cast, narrowing things down is difficult especially since almost every actor is top-notch.  

                                                                    Deception Launch 

Best Actress:  Rebecca Herbst  (Elizabeth)

Best Actor:    Nicholas Chaves  (Spencer) 

Best Supporting Actress:  Kelly Thiebaud  (Britta) 

Supporting Actor: Charles Schughnessy  (Victor)

Best Younger Actor: Easton Rocket Sweda (Leo) 

Best Story:  Ice Princess Revisited 

Runner Up:  Everything Esme 

Worst Story: Carly in Florida 

Most Anticipated Moment: Peter August's Death 

Best Couple: Laura and Kevin tie with Anna and Valentin 

Worst Couple:  Michael and Willow 

Best Addition: Comet 

Best Visit: Emma Samms (Holly) 

Runner Up Visit: Sean Blakemore  (Sean) 

Best Recast:  Heather Webber (Alley Mills) 

Most Used Recast: Temp Michael (Robert Adamson) 

Best Guest Cameo: Linda Purl  (Peyton Honeycutt) 

Best Guest Regular: Jeff Kober  (Cyrus) 

Most Missed Character: Phyllis  (Joyce Guy)

Most Needed Character that was absent: TIE: Taggert/Monica 

Best "Day Player" Character: N'neka  (Arlondriah Lenyea) 

Worst New Character-Old Character: Drew

Best Dressed Character:  Anna Devane 

Worst Dressed Character: Maxie Jones 

Most Overused word: Wiley 

Fave Family Team:  Wu Clan: Aunt Selina and Brad 

Biggest Surprise: Marcus Coloma out in December 

In Memoriam:  Sonya Eddy, our favorite nurse, singer and would be doctor. 

This year brought a NuJordan and a NuTrina ...many temp recasts, some old faces and places (Ireland).  For the most part I really enjoyed GH this year. Could the scenes as a whole been longer? Yes. Editing and continuity tighter? For sure but all and all pretty damn good. Vets, Ice Princess... and all the rest.  Kristina Wagner is back on contract!! Emma Samms visited! Old School GH is back! :clapping: 

HUGE Thank you to Dave and Sonya who keep this blog going even when I'm down and out. Thank you to all the faithful readers and people who comment!! 

Thank you to the writers, cast, crew and everyone at GH!! Here's to a great 2023 

Tuesday, December 27, 2022


 Willow is lookin' poorly in the Gatehouse. Pa, I mean Michael comforts her. Drew and Carly are outside talking about old photos of the commune. They are looking for the leader, Josiah. Wiley wants to go sledding and Willow says she can't. He pitches a fit LOL.. Drew and Carly walk in. Willow and Michael leave. Drew and Carly look through files to see if they can match up Josiah's photo with any of them. Drew gets a phone call and of COURSE Carly finds the file. She stuffs it into her fking purse. Making us sit through this misery even MORE. 

Sasha tells Gladys about birthing the baby at the Qs and Brando's motorcycle. They miss him. Chase comes over and sits until his to go food is ready. They talk about life and how good Sasha is doing and aww... you know. 

Gladys gets up to go to the powder room and runs into Selina Wu! Oh she owes her money! Selina wants to know when she'll pay her.  BUT, she also says that the gamblers love her and she 'livens up the room". She's trying to make Gladys dig deeper. Gladys says that she doesn't have enough money to play right now. Selina says that they will work something out.  Gladys gives her her diamond earrings that Sasha gave to her for Christmas. Selina says she can play ONE more game and that's it. She'd better win her money back. 

Sonny is meeting some mobular guys at the Metro in a room. Dex and Frank are there too . Roman Hume comes in from the "export" guys that want to move product through Port Charles. Sonny says it's HIS RULES OR ELSE. They comes to terms and the guy shows Sonny a boatload of money "It's a start" says Sonny. 

Maxie is waiting with Brook because Brook has been feeling sick, like with the flu. They talk about how she messed up with Chase. It seems like Brook could be pregnant but she's not. Oh! Maxie figures out her symptoms are: SHE'S IN LOVE. OH FFS.  Brook realizes she REALLY IS IN LOVE with Chase :eyeroll: 

Cody barges in on Britt after she says to stay out of her office.  He tells her he was interested in her because of her father: that was my key he says.  He mentions Leopold Taub and Faison and his inheritance. Yada yada. He wants another chance. She says she can't give him one. 


Oh! Britt is getting something from Selina Wu and it's "costly"..wonder what it is. Oh fake ID to get out of the country 

Monday, December 26, 2022

Rory's Memorial


Rice Square: People gather for Rory's memorial... Sam, Spencer, Trina, Curtis... Marshall, Laura Robert. Rory's family are having a private burial.  Robert gets a call from Dante to go to GH to talk to Heather who is hinting she might know something about the killer.  A reporter (Raymond, gorgeous) from the Invader comes over to talk to Laura about Rory. 

Spencer and Trina decide that now is a good time to become "public" to lure Esme out. They take a picture together for the newspaper. Curtis realizes they are up to something. 

Heather is getting checked by Portia to see if she can go back to the BIG HOUSE.  Then she talks about the trial and reading about it. Says it was so obvious that Trina was set up. "What was that girl's name again"??  Robert comes in and says "oh my favorite Scorpion" LOL!!  Mac comes in too. She wants to stay at Springridge if she helps. 

Brad and Maxie are planning Britt's party. Brad already did a signature cocktail for her "The Britch" and Maxie is mad. "I'm family"!  Brad wants to have a FOAM PARTY. Maxie is like um..NO. They get in a fight about a Disco Party and Maxie hates all his ideas. Britt comes out and tells them they HAVE to get along. 

Cody and Mac talk about the baby that was born at the Q house. Mac is all dressed in his blues :) They talk about life, yada yada. Forced stuff. 

Austin has Terry come to Britt's office. Austin wants to order a state of the art machine for GH. Terry is like no way. Britt says who cares?! Ask the board. Terry realizes something is wrong with her and asks. Britt says she just realized a bunch of things after delivering a baby at the Qs that might have died.  She leaves. Britt tries to get the truth about what's up with Britt out of Austin. He's not saying much. 


Heather sees a text with the photo of Spencer and Trina together. She gets a mean face on



Sunday, December 25, 2022

Sunday Surgery: Snow Jobs


How fitting that Port Charles also had a storm come in Friday!! The Bomb-Cyclone Snow Storm hit us around noon the same day. We aren't as bad off as Buffalo by any means but it was a whopper. 

Why did I choose this photo to use for the blog???  Just loved it.  Laura, Scotty and Liz. Grandparents--one honorary one bio. Sniff. Made my realize how long I've watched! I do wish he would have said happy birthday to her but... all in all great scenes. 

It's Christmas Day so I'm not sure how many will be reading this but I'm hoping you're safe, warm and surrounded by love. Let's go: 

Friday, December 23, 2022

O Holy Night


Scotty is playing snowball fights with Jake and Aidan. Cam and Liz talk about her break up with Finn. 

Quartermaine House: Austin is there. Cody shows up and says there's trouble to Olivia. No one can get in or out of their road. Cody will stay at the Qs too. Olivia has to whip up lasagna. TJ and Molly show up too! The road is blocked. They were caroling and can't go anywhere. They are also invited to dinner! Oh! Next up pregnant lady that was doing a living nativity scene comes in. They all eat lasagna and then lady goes into Labor!! And it's breech. 

Laura says the weather is so bad she had to walk to the PCPD. Jordan is there too. It's Laura's birthday, not sure anyone remembered. 

Maxie, Britt, Dr. O and Nina are celebrating. Britt is doing the Polar Plunge later, soup kitchen and seeing Brad in PC's men's choir. She leaves. Maxie is going to Portland to visit Georgie. BUT! Her flight is cancelled. 

Ellie and Spin are in Portland celebrating. She's happy he took Georgie to see her. Ellie looks so good! (same actress). Georgie is a little pill and mad her mom isn't coming. 

Back in PC, Dr O tells Maxie they WILL get her to Portland!! There are planes in Toronto, Maxie just has to get there so she calls Brook for a private plane. Brook can get one but only out of Toronto. Too hard to get across the border so Austin calls for a boat to take her. It IS faster that way but.. ACROSS THE LAKE?? lol IN A STORM? um, ok. 

Sasha is at Brando's garage. Sonny walks in. Sasha tripped the alarm. She's trying to finish Brando's motorcycle like he wanted to before 2023. They garage is being sold. Sonny pitches in to help her. Britt comes in because her car spun out. 


AUSTIN calls Britt to talk him through the baby delivery. She drives in with Sasha on the motorcycle to the Qs!! Baby gets born. Named: Britta Noel. Awwwwwwwwww. Everyone is dancing. Britt is kinda sad. 

Laura makes it to Liz' house..she sees Scotty.  Liz says she's grateful for them. Later, Dr O comes in with mistletoe.

Maxie makes it to Alberta but cant' get any farther. AND then Spin and Georgie get into the airport as well. They all have pizza. 

Ellie gets a call from her new beau, Griffin Monroe! Who lives in Portland now

Sonny gets to Nina's house. 

Thursday, December 22, 2022

Holiday Stuff


Joss on the side of the road with a flat tire. Dex stops to help her. WTF is that bodyguard that was outside Trina's house? Um... or why wouldn't she have a driver. I know it's a SOAP and Dex has to be there. :eyeroll: He was following her. They banter then end up making out on the side of the road. Then the truck comes and Joss runs to it. 

Rice Square: Brook and Chase talk. Linc tells him to get on stage or no partnership and no songs for Brook Lynn.  Blaze and Chase sing together. Their "new single". It's a long song.  Chase won't get back together with Brook. He leaves. 

Sonny is there with Donna and Donna gives Nina a Christmas present.  It's an ornament she made. 

Carly is at home, Ava comes over with Avery. They are going to the Gingerbread Jam but Carly invites them in for cocoa first. Ava tells Carly she and Nik aren't together.  Ava tells her he's cheated (but not with who). 

Spencer is at Trina's. They talk about Christmas. They talk about Rory. Spencer has a plan to lure out Esme because he's her prime target. Trina says that she'll help. 

Nikolas is drinking and talking to Esme in the Tower.  He tells her that he and Ava broke up. She's happy. 

Ryan and Heather are in the common area of Spa-Jail. She puts a Santa hat on him and a beard. She says they are going to give pain to anyone that's hurt their girl.  Heather gives Ryan a wrapped box. 

Mac gets a call and he says they have a lead on Rory's killer and it leads back to Felicia and Ryan.  The DNA on the earring shows Gloria Wilson who was Ryan's ex-wife that Ryan killed 30 years ago, witnessed by Felicia herself. 

They go to visit Ryan. Heather was opening the box but stops when they come in.  Heather says hello to Mac and calls Flea The Aztec Princess. Mac shows Ryan the earring: Lose Something? 


So, Heather stole Ryan's keepsake chain with all his momentos of kills on it and that's where the earring came from. 

It's snowing and they sing Silent Night in Rice Square. 


Wednesday, December 21, 2022

IT'S all of a SUDDEN...Christmas EVE!

 I'm back today. Still sad about Sonya. Reading all of the beautiful tributes on Twitter, IG and Facebook. 

I HAVE NO idea why/how but it seems to be Christmas Eve?? IT's like..BOOM! Here we are! And it's Wed? So weird. 

Christmas at the Qs! and......... NEWS INTERRUPTION because Zelenskyy is at the WH. So we can watch him arrive? I mean, history but come on. 

That took too long.


Christmas at the Davis House!! ALL the girls are there!! TJ and Dante too. Oh and Spencer!! Nice!! Spencer wants to know if he can get out of his family because of his Dad LOL. Dante gets a call and leaves.  Alexis and Spencer have some good Cassadine conversation about his life and navigating being part of that family. 

Trina's all upset at her house. Everyone tells her not to worry. They know she's upset about Rory. They have about 3 trees there LOL FIVE! Trina cries to Joss. She was supposed to be at Rory's family gathering tonight. She's sad.  She and her mom make an ornament honoring Rory for their tree. 

Chase, Finn and Gregory at Chase's apartment--No Greg's!! . Chase tells them he's not singing at Rice Plaza tonight because Brook was mean. Violet is there too. Dante is at Chases' apartment, he has news. Brook's letter got to the board and they'll look at his case in the spring. IN THE SPRING. Oh geesh. 

AT the Q HOUSE:  Carly/Drew...Ned and Olivia, Wiley..Leo, Brook Lynn and Millow. Willow tells Wiley he's going to have a sister. Drew is still going to try to find Willow's parents. Carly is like: Um, why bother? Monica is "under the weather" . Brook thinks that Ned can sing instead of Chase. Ned is like NO WAY. Carly leaves. Drew follows her out, grabs her and makes out with her on the porch. Weird. 

At Rice Square, I guess there's a show later on and Chase pulled out because he's mad at Brook. Austin and Maxie are shopping or walking around, or whatever. Maxie says she thinks that their relationship is more "Trauma Bonding" Than anything else. They end up breaking up. 

Brook shows up at The Square--the 'show manager' is angry that Chase isn't singing and won't let Blaze go on on her own. 


Joss drives off the road

Carly gets a keychain with Jacksonville on it from Drew and a key 

Chase shows up at Rice Square

Spencer goes to Trina...she opens the door he says "Merry Christmas" 

PS: huge HUGE question: WHERE ARE SAM'S KIDS? WHERE IS ROCCO? Why wouldn't they be there? LOL 

Tuesday, December 20, 2022

Sonya Eddy Has Passed at 55


It's with heavy heart I learned of Sonya's passing yesterday at the young age of 55. Her love, light and tremendous talent is just such a given at General Hospital it is hard to imagine the show without her. Thoughts and wishes out to all her family and friends. 

AND ... Take Two

 So I raced home yesterday and.........JAN 6th was on!! SO, that was a no go . BUT I did see the Canadian Tweets (they saw it) and found out Willow's having a Girl... Phyllis was back and The Firelady got called out by Alexis. (she checked her story). 

Today is a toss up. I might be here, I might not. It will be a mystery until around 2pm!! So much going on right now. I bet everyone is busy as well. 

What do you think of the Marcus news? You think Tyler Christopher will be back? I'm thinking the odds are in favor --I can't think of why they'd let Marcus go in the middle of a juicy story unless HE was causing kerfuffle on the set. There's been no rumors of that and he was pretty active with some of the cast on IG and TikTok for awhile now. Hmmm.. guess we will just have to wait and see! Since he supposedly refused to film his last scenes, we could get the temp recast (Adam Huss) for while OR he could be in as Nikolas. Exciting! 

Meanwhile, I found a fun site called "Shop Your TV"!! Trina Robinson has one of the pages. 

Have a good one! 

Monday, December 19, 2022

BREAKING NEWS: Marcus Coloma OUT of GH!!


Daytime Confidential reports Marcus Coloma is out as Nikolas Cassadine effective immediately. No word on replacement. For further scuttlebutt they also say that he refused to film his final scenes before leaving.  So far there's been no confirmation from MC himself on the situation.

I will keep you informed!

Also Note: Obviously, GH will not be on today due to the hearings. 


I'm out today for work... and might be out more this week, sorry! David and I have come up with some things to entertain you. I will be watching on Hulu and catching up when I can!! Happy Hanukkah!! 


It's that time of year again when we make our predictions for next year. Every year we hope a few come true, but they rarely do. I had two last year that I do believe made it, if you stretch your imagination a bit.

Jeff Webber will finally arrive. The actor will be someone most of us know, but he will not be someone with a daytime history.

The Nurse's Ball returns. However, it will be totally re-imagined and radically different than the past. Fans revolt.

As always, this is made to be fun and goofy and not made to be taken seriously. So don't. You can comment or, better yet, give a prediction of your own. Anyway, just have fun with it. 

Dave: GH will pull out all the stops for the 60th anniversary. It will coincide with the Nurses Ball. They will invite anyone who ever acted on the show to come and sit in the audience for the ball. In between scenes current actors will interview former actors in the audience asking them about their time on GH.

Karen: I hope they will absolutely have an "interview" session with past/present actors, maybe a Prime Time Special!! PLEASE!! So many reboots are happening and past actors visiting the nostalgic past, I would love a huge retrospect of GH. 

Dave: Jax will be recast by actor Trevor Donovan

Karen: Um, I had to Google Trevor Donovan!!  But alas, I do not want a Jax recast. I would love for JERRY Jacks to make a stop in Port Charles as part of Victor's Ice Princess Climate Plan. 

Dave: Said it last year and I am trying it again. They WILL redo the opening theme song and credits to something cohesive and pleasing to listen to and will debut on April 1. Respect the past, please.

Karen: Ditto 

Dave: Leslie C. will retire. The role will be recast, but she will only be onscreen sporadically as needed.

Karen: I predict that they will unfortunately treat Monica like they do Audrey. Just "there" but not "there". 

Dave: Tracy's time the show will increase. They will offer Jane a good storyline in the Spring and she will take it.

Karen: OH I hope so. She can be helping with the Ethan situation or something and be in Europe so she doesn't risk being arrested in PC. 

Dave (and Karen agrees) Sam and Dante go to Las Vegas, party too hard, and get married by an Elvis impersonator (John Stamos cameo) at a little chapel on the strip. While they are saying their vows, the camera cuts to Lulu in bed starting to move her hand. (Soap 101, kids) This leads to...

Lulu (Julie) returns and the drama is there with Dante remarried. (see above)

Dave: (and Karen's biggest wish!! ) Michael and Willow move to Paris to head up ELQ Europe

Dave: Yet another takeover of ELQ is initiated. This time it is Mike Webber, president of Barrington Enterprises.

Note from Karen: Oh, great idea! We'd have to call him Mickey because TOO MANY MIKE's! 

Dave:  A new character will be introduced as a possible love interest for Sonny.

Karen:  My new character prediction will be someone from Sasha's past. Unfortunately if they are going to keep her, I think this card will have to come out. 

Will THIS be the year Rebecca Buding is enticed to come back? 

Aiden will need some medical procedure that Jeff is an expert with...OR need an organ donation thus reuniting the Webber fam. (guest appearance by Sarah) . NOTE: This was the latest Aidan (Enzo DeAngelis) and I have no idea what he'll look like next!! 

        Rena Sofer is no longer on Bold and the Beautiful. Will Lois pay a visit? You betcha.


Sunday, December 18, 2022

Sunday Surgery: Hooked Again


Well, this week was a whopper in a lot of ways! Some of the people that were sure Rory was the hooker (despite Diane saying it was a woman) lost that gamble with his death Friday. Between that and all the Elizabeth happenings, it was a goodie. 

Grab some coffee or tea or..? And let's go! 

Friday, December 16, 2022

2 Martini FRIDAY


They are trying to save Rory. Trina is yelling, screaming and Cam and Joss try to calm her down. Um, she sure can't cry. YELL...yes, Cry? NOPE. Anyway, Rory dies. Trina yells and collapses into Portia's arms. 
Trina goes and sobs in the chapel. Sobs. Joss comes in. Trina is sad she couldn't say the words "I love you" to Rory. Joss says she wasn't ready. 

Netherlands: VAnna are hiding out, trying to find Lucy. They are glad they are together. They make out. BTW, they are in a windmill, you can see the wall move LOL. Valentin thinks a diamond broker in the area might know where Lucy is...but in the meantime they will have zex. 

Ava calls someone and plays Nikolas' confession over the phone. She says "meet me at the Gallery" Victor walks in. She toasts him "you got your wish, I'm divorcing Nikolas".. AVATOR! I'm so happy. Victor points out that the confession is moot because Elizabeth saw Esme and she's alive. Ava says it still would be messy. She wants more money in the settlement. 

Laura is going to Wyndemere. Sees Nikolas on the docks..says "we can go together" ..he's sad. Flashes back to the Ava convo. He tells her that Spencer isn't at the house. She wonders how he got out of jail so early. He says "Guess who".  He tells her Victor. Laura gets a call that Rory has died. Goes to GH 

OMG SO Jordan calls Rory's parents and Dante shows her the earring they found in his pocket. Jordan says they already did a post mortem (UMMMMMMMHHAHAHAHAA) and they found snake Venom and Dante says "Esme could be at it again". Liz says: That's not possible. Everyone looks at her. She says "Well Cam doesn't think so either"..Then Laura comes in. 

Liz goes to see Nikolas. She calls him on the pier "you could be walking into a trap! Be careful" ..I have no clue what she means. Nikolas goes up to Esme's room. Opens the door and....

Dante and Jordan are going to test an earring they found in Rory's pocket for DNA. He must have snatched it from the killer. 


Joss doesn't tell Cam about wanting to break up

Liz is horrified to learn Esme isn't the hooker because she and Nikolas gave up everything because they thought she was a killer and she's not. (she never left her room) 

Spencer isn't leaving town because he wants to be here for Trina 

Thursday, December 15, 2022

Bloody Thursday


Gun goes off..Dante rushes in..One guy is on the floor (never seen him, maybe apartment owner) Rory comes out of the back and he's hooked. Jordan rushes there. Dante says the hook must have jumped out the window.. they take Rory by car to GH. Not time for an ambulance. 

Joss, Cam, Spencer and Dex in Kelly's. Dex says "your Uncle pays me well" to Spencer. Spencer decks him. Dex leaves. Cam and Joss talk. 

Trina is looking for Rory..Jordan says he should be at the station. Trina says well, he's not and leaves. 

Spencer is talking to Trina outside of Kelly's. He says Cam is "Over Him" and Trina said she can see differences in Spencer already. He says he's "taking off" 

Alexis and Curtis are in the gym, talking about the Hooker. They get phone calls From Jordan and Greg about the hooker situation. 

Portia tells Elizabeth she's worried about getting married in Feb with Esme on the loose. Liz tries to reassure her. 

Nik and Ava talk in the Gallery. OMG! He serves her with divorce papers!! She can't believe it. She cry yells. He finally tells her he's a terrible person and had an affair with Elizabeth! OOOOOOHHH SNAP!! THEN she cries more and is like "what did she give you that I couldn't"?? A BABY he says! She's having my child!! BLOOP! They talk, he says yep, that's what is happening. Ava turns, grabs a knife and raises it to attack!!!!!! Oh, damn she just threatens him. Tells him to go enjoy is 're-do" with Elizabeth. "God have mercy on your soul, because I won't". Says she hates him. 

Maxie and Sam talking about how much everyone hates Austin. It's dumb. DUMB DUMB DUMB. No one cares. Sorry. I mean, cut bait with this guy. 

Greg tells Finn that Violet is sad because she thinks Daddy is sad. She drew him a picture.


Curtis comes an interrupts Trina and Spencer...gets Cam and Joss. Tells them all Rory was hooked. 


They rush Rory in.. they say get the antidote for the poison. Finn and Liz work on him. They give him the antidote and operate. Portia walks out as everyone is gathered in the lobby. Portia says hes' lost a lot of blood BUT what? They wheel him through the HALLWAY LOBBY so Trina can rush to him. He says "It was too soon to tell you how I feel but when you know, you know" and he flatlines. 

You know I love soapy stuff but THEY WHEELED HIM THROUGH THE HALLWAY?? 

Wednesday, December 14, 2022

General Hospital By the Numbers

NOTE: Today my TV is taken up with WORLD CUP SOCCER!! So.. here's a fun post for you to read. I'll watch GH on Hulu tomorrow morning! 

One:   April 1 was the first day of GH broadcast in 1963

Two:  Number of Characters Sarah Joy Brown has played on GH 

Three:  Number of Episodes Elizabeth Taylor appeared on GH as Helena Cassadine

Four: Number of actors that played Caroline Benson (Carly) 

Five: Number of crime families in the area of Port Charles 

Six:  Number of beers in a 6 pack 

Seven:  Number of times Sonny Corinthos has been married (four to Carly) 

Eight:  The number of Nurses Ball acts in 1994

Nine: Number of Great-Grandchildren of Edward Quartermaine as of 2022 

Ten: The age of Lucky Spencer when he first appeared on GH October of 1993

Eleven: Number of opening title sequences that have opened the show 

Twelve: Number of cast members in the first episode

Thirteen: Weeks was the number that Anthony Geary was originally contracted to work on GH 

Fourteen: Number of Days Jack Wagner's "All I Need" hit (sung on GH) was on Billboards top adult contemporary chart 

Fifteen: The number of years Robert Scorpio was forced by the WSB to be incognito to save his family before returning in 2006

Sixteen: Age at which Alexis Davis birthed Sam McCall  

Twenty -Seven: Number of cast members on Night Shift 

Thirty-One:  of October; Maxie's birthdate 

Thirty-Three: The number of actors/vets that appeared in GH's 15,000th episode 

Sixty-Six: Number of the address of The Q Mansion on Harbor View Road 

180:  The Number of pages in Robin's Diary 

1,537:  The number of episodes of Port Charles 

1963: The year it all began 

1975: First Issue of Soap Opera Digest printed 

15,000 Number of Episodes GH hit in June of 2022

30,000,000 Viewers watched Luke and Laura get married in 1981 

Tuesday, December 13, 2022



Alexis and Greg, drinking Mocktails at Charlie's and talking about The Hooker. Nothing big. 

Finn sees Liz at GH. Goes to Charlie's and stares at the booze. Alexis and Greg come up. He tells Alexis that Liz left him. He orders a drink. Alexis talks him out of it. He leaves.

Britt and Maxie. Maxie is mad Britt told Austin about the party and not her. Also that she wasn't asked to plan it. Britt gives her an invitation. Maxie is wearing the same peach sweater she has worn the last 10 shows, I SWEAR. 

Austin asked Spinelli to run an analysis on Maxie and him using the dating data. I have NO CLUE what this story is supposed to be about. WHO CARES what the data says. WHY does Austin??? Spin goes to give it to Maxie (I think) and anyway they fight over it and it falls at Maxie's feet. Austin tells her he blackmailed Spin into running their stats. 

Nina and Sonny giggle and kiss and yada yada. Nina finds a hand drawn picture from Donna that has Carly on one "MOM"..she doesn't want to cling to Donna as a replacement. Sonny says she'll be fine. 

Carly is talking to firelady and thanking her about lying to Drew.  The lady was supposed to tell him that BOTH parents were dead but said only the mother. She wants more money. 

Drew tells Willow her biological mother is dead. She runs out.  She's crying on the balcony... Drew finally figures out (with the help of flashbacks) that she's sick. She tells him everything but swears him to secrecy.  He says he won't tell. 

Ava goes to talk to Nikolas about the state of their marriage. She thinks they owe it to each other to "find their way back'. He says she can't move in yet because Spencer is back and it's not the right time, Yada yada and LIZ WALKS IN!!!!!!! Oh damn it, Ava leaves. Elizabeth tells Nik that she told Finn she was pregnant. He says WHY not say it's HIS? She says we haven't slept together LOL!! She says in a few weeks she'll "miscarry" and it's just to buy them time. 

FINN runs into Ava and doesn't tell her!!! 

Britt figures out that Spinelli is Zelda. 

Monday, December 12, 2022


 MONDAY? Ooofff AND it's freezing!! So cold here and yes, it's December but dang LOL. I'm still a baby. 

Ava and Trina. Trina knows she should love Rory as he's so nice but she just doesn't. Ava says that love is complicated. Also says Esme probably isn't the Hooker. 

Spencer is at Wyndemere drinking sherry as there is no whiskey left. He flashes back to talking to Trina at The Grille. Nikolas comes down and is like: Um SHERRY? Spencer says "you drank all the whiskey" LOL!! He says Victor is making them stay at Wyndemere. They talk about Spencer losing hope about Trina. Nikolas reminds him of a childhood story and says you can never lose hope. He says don't give up on Trina. 

Elizabeth and Finn. She says she's pregnant and he says "with another man's baby"...and she says after Monterey she needed to talk to someone and she felt too guilty to see him. He asks who the father is, she says NIKOLAS ahahahahaha!!! Finn walks out. Goes to the lab and throws stuff. Liz finds him there. He says he's going to call Jordan about the possibility of Esme being on Spoon Island, he's not protecting Nikolas --not even for Liz. Liz says Esme isn't on Spoon Island because she's BEEN THERE A LOT!! 

Ryan and Heather talk about their daughter. She says she tried to hide her from everyone. Said they couldn't raise a baby in a cabin when they were pretending to be other people. He says he's found her and she's been coming there!! "How do you know it's her" says Heather. He said she gave him a chain that Heather obviously stole from the cabin. He also knows she's kept track of her the entire time. She says she dropped Esme off and she grabbed her necklace. She must have had one in her hand when the nurses found her. Heather wants to know all about Esme. He tells her she's missing and Ava pushed her off the parapet! UT OH. They try to figure out where she is. Ryan knows she was at Pier 55 and it must have been to go to the Cassadines. Heather says she'll make they pay if they have her. Ryan says "WE WILL" then he stands up! Heather smiles. 

Esme in the tower. Nik comes in. He brings her a tree. She says she wanted a REAL TREE that she picked out. He says TOO BAD! "you're just a vessel"!! He leaves. Esme decorates using bandages and toilet paper and cotton LOL 

Carly goes to try to stop Drew from talking to the lady about Willow but..Willow stops her at the Metro Bar. She's having dinner with Michael. Oh, Michael cancels..he's out of town on business. She asks Carly to join. Carly goes on and on about finding HER birth parents once Willow says Drew is finding hers. OMG I THINK WILLOW IS GOING TO TELL Carly she has cancer!! UGH NO... she cops out and says she's just worried about the baby. Damn it. 

Drew is talking to the firefighter lady. He's asking about baby Callie (Willow). She tells the same story Harmony did. Some lady abandoned her and Lorraine (Harmony) adopted her. She also says her "bio" mom died of an overdose some years ago. Has no idea who the father is. 

Drew goes over to talk to Willow about what he found out. 

I wonder if Carly paid that lady off. 


Dimitri brings her ornaments an lights!! 

Heather and Ryan pledge to find Esme

Carly PAID OFF DENISE the fire lady!!! YEP!! 

Trina texts Spencer "Welcome Home" 

Sunday, December 11, 2022

Sunday Surgery: Folic Acid


Um.. anyone else suffer some emotional damage over the whole Rickie/Hazel thing with Ryan and Heather??? HOLY HELL!! LOL  Between that and the Prenatal Vitamin reveal and Sprina Friday had me rollin!

The Title was a toss up between "HELLO LOVAH" and Folic Acid and I went with the pills because Esme Tower Story is a great one. Plus, Dark Elizabeth! 

Photo Credit: @Here4Sprina 

Friday, December 9, 2022

World Cup


Blame soccer today! And yes, we are a 1 TV household right now. Sad but true. I'll catch GH in the morning 😎😎😎

See you Sunday! 

Thursday, December 8, 2022

BLOOP! I Made IT!!


UGH I won't be here for GH today and I was so looking forward to seeing who was at Anna's Door! I won't look on Twitter or here so when I watch it on Hulu I'll be surprised!! 


So nice when things get cancelled!! LOL... Anyway I made it. 

It was MARTIN at the door! He followed Valentin by stalking his bank accounts. He wants to go with Valentin and Anna to find Lucy's killer. They argue. Finally Anna tells him they think Lucy is alive. The Marshalls knock on the door. Marty answers it. He tells them he's renting the house to get over Lucy's death. They can't search without a warrant. The Marshall guy from PCPD (crooked Victor worker) shows him his gun and says to tell him where Anna is. Valentin comes out with his hands up and says he went there looking for Anna but couldn't find her. THEN Anna comes up behind the guy and puts a gun to his back!! "DROP the GUN" she says.  She knocks him out. 

Sonny visits Heather!??? OH! She had said she could describe the diver of the van that crashed. So he's trying to get her to shut up because the driver was Dex. She'd know him anywhere. Sonny tells her to give a fake description to the officers. She says no. Then he tells her 'things can happen in here' and she realizes she has to say nothing.  She says she can't remember what the driver looked like at all. Sonny leaves. 

Ryan won't talk to Jordan but Ava walks in and might change his mind. Jordan asks him about Esme. He doesn't say much but he blinks "yes" when she asks if she's capable of murder.  He's not saying a lot more. They talk a bit and go to leave. His assistant tells them he's going to tell him something. Ryan says that yes, the killer wrote that letter but it wasn't Esme. Not her wording. He asks Ava why she has her wedding ring on still. She says she never loved Ryan and loves Nikolas so much. Ut oh. 

Sonny comes out and Jordan asks why he's at the Spa Jail. He says he was making a donation for the work program lol.  Then he notices Ryan: Why are you talkin' to that garbage? Ava says she's helping the police. They figure out he's probably right and Esme isn't the killer. 

Rory and Trina are at the PC Grille. She hasn't been out in public much and she feels weird. They talk about the art show she's opening and he wants a private tour on Sunday. Then lunch. He also wants her to come to his family Christmas Eve party. 

Liz and Finn. Recap of what she said to Jeff and what Jeff said to her. They talk about Reiko. Yada yada. He loves her, she loves him but remembers she's helping Nik with Esme. She doesn't deserve him!! 

Nikolas and Victor. Victor wants the whole Cassadine Clan to have the hoildays there. Nikolas balks at the idea. Spencer is like OF COURSE YOU DO, you LOVE AVAAAAAAA. Victor says they are getting a divorce so....Anyway, Nikolas says even if we are divorcing, you can't live here. Then tells Victor if he's in charge of Spencer, he can't stay either.  Victor says they are all going to dinner. Nik says no "not until Spencer wants's too soon"... So Spencer and Vic leave. Nikolas throws stuff "ESME"!! 


US Marshall says arrest Marty. 

Valentin and Anna escape. 

Nikolas calls Liz. Finn tells her that he saw Nikolas earlier 

Rory tells Trina he loves her... and Spencer walks in

Heather goes into Ryan's room "Hello Lover" :) 

Wednesday, December 7, 2022

I Think This Was a Friday Show?


OH! Anna's at Tiffany's house in Ireland! How awesome! Of course we don't see her but yeah! Anna is dying to know what's going on in Port Charles. They talk about Lucy being alive. Val says he's going to search for her. I think Villains is taping again LOL he needs a break! Anna wants to go with him. 

Robert, Laura and Felicia talk about finding Lucy and Valentin helping. They discuss the diamonds. Laura said she looked online and diamonds can be used for all sorts of things. Cancer treatements, lasers yada yada. Felicia is going to examine it with a jeweler's loop to see if there are hints. She got a number and googles it. It's not the registry number so they think it's a code. 

Felicia leaves. Finds out the PCPD might have a lead on Anna. She calls Valentin and tells him to get out of there with Anna. 

Sam and Dante walk into The PC Grille. Cody is drunk, says he's leaving town. Sam's like: BYE! Sam says she's seen his records and he's shady. Then She takes a call. Cody and Dante talk about the sealed records. 

Liz runs into Jeff at GH..he says they have to talk before he leaves tomorrow. Terry comes over. He says thank you for looking out for Lizzy.  Jeff and Liz go talk. He says seeing Heather made him realize he ran from problems and he's so sorry. Liz says too little too late. Explains about her life and not having a family there. Not being able to process her pain. Jeff finally leaves

Britt books a venue for her party. She invites Terry and Yuri. Terry is excited to go but wonders why she's suddenly throwing a paryt. 

Finn tries to get into Wyndemere and wants to talk to Nikolas about Esme. He gets in and tells Nikolas he thinks she's on Spoon Island!! OMG then Finn is like, let's look! Nik says no and Finn says he can always call the police. Nik says he'll go ask his staff to confirm she's not here and then FINN SEES THE PRENATAL VITAMINS!! OMG! Nik comes back and says the staff say no way is she on the Island. Finn leaves. Nik wonders if he saw the vitamins. 

Victor tells Spencer he's getting him out: TODAY !! There are conditions though. Spencer goes to get ready. Cyrus and Victor spar about lying. 


Victor tells Nikolas Spencer has to live at Wyndemere AHAHAHHA

Robert thinks there's a code inside the diamond that Victor needs

Liz hugs Finn and has the prenatal vits in her hand. 

Anna and Valentin go to leave and they open the door. Valentin says "YOU"????????? and the show ends. 

Tuesday, December 6, 2022

SO much happening!!


I almost didn't make it! I was doing Christmas Cards and... BLOOP! time whipped by. 

SPA JAIL: OH! JEFF WEBBER VISITS HEATHER! AAAAAAHHHHHH!! She mentions Steven Lars. He says to stay away from his family. Especially Cameron. Heather said she just wanted a BLT. Then RYAN ROLLS IN!! Jeff says: Is that??? Heather says: The one and only! 

Ava and Trina are shopping but RORY comes Rory asks Trina out to dinner for their 3 month "anniversary"... she says yes and they'll go later. 

Victor finds Ava. Tells her love is wasted on the young. He says maybe some day it will be their turn. He thinks they should put their heads together to get a plan up for Nikolas. She's like NO way. 

Then, Trina and Ava meet back up and Trina says how nice Rory is but she can't stop thinking about Spencer. 

Finn and  Alexis look for Violet but then talk about Elizabeth. He tells her that Jeff slept with Reiko. She says he shouldn't give up. 

Victor finds out from Deputy Mayor that Holly is recovering and the necklace was destroyed in the fire. He's mad, crushes a gingerbread man LOL. Says he's still going forward with the plan. 

JAIL: Spencer and Cyrus. Cyrus tells him he can trust HIS side of the family, not the Cassadines. Also talk about redemption and families. Cyrus gives Spencer a small box. Spencer doesn't open it. HE tells him to take it anyway and 'follow his heart'. Victor walks in. 

GH: Portia, Stella and Marshall talk at GH. Portia says Marshall should be retested because a lot has happened in the years regarding his diagnosis. He says no..he's at peace with it all. 

PCPD: Curtis invites Jordan to the wedding. He says she's TJ's mom and a big part of their lives. Then they talk about the Hook. Jordan says Alexis messed with their investigation. IT's a nothing convo really. 

WYNDEMERE:   Esme is in bed.. looking awful. Nik and Liz find the empty vitamin bottle, wonder if she took all of them. Liz says they have to pump her stomach. LOL She jumps up!!! NO! Then eats breakfast. Tells Liz she threw out all the others but took one. Liz was happy she took one. Esme tells Liz to ask Nikolas what happened on the parapet and mentions Ava. Liz is like: WHAT does AVA have to do with this?????? Nikolas gets rid of her and tells her he'll explain it all later. Liz leaves. 
Esme wants a real tree and to to pick it out herself. Nikolas is LIKE NO WAY ..she tries to guilt him about a story cutting down a tree when she was young. He leaves. "is that a no"? She asks. 


Jordan marks decline on the invite 

Heather tells Ryan if he could talk, they'd have a lot to discuss

Jeff runs into Liz at GH 

Esme "sees" Ryan and says she knows what she's going

Curtis and Alexis are teaming up to solve The Hooker 

Finally: Tracey

  Portia and Elizabeth at GH. Portia heard about Gregory.  Liz says the family is taking it hard. Portia asks what is wrong but Liz says she...