Sunday, December 18, 2022

Sunday Surgery: Hooked Again


Well, this week was a whopper in a lot of ways! Some of the people that were sure Rory was the hooker (despite Diane saying it was a woman) lost that gamble with his death Friday. Between that and all the Elizabeth happenings, it was a goodie. 

Grab some coffee or tea or..? And let's go! 

WHO'S THAT GUY OF THE WEEK: So, yes, the main story was Rory's being hooked but..but..who WAS that guy on the floor? Jordan glanced over and was like "yeah, another dead guy here'!  Rory went there because he was an exotic animal dealer so the hook must have needed some more toxin, right? I just found it hilarious that the dead person was such an after thought! 

WHAT'S THAT THING OF THE WEEK: So, was it a bracelet or hoop earring? I think it was an earring but...??? Did Rory rip it off her ear when she was leaving and that's why it was in his pocket?  They did Rory's post mortem in about 4 minutes so hopefully the DNA will be back from this by Tuesday. 

WHY PUT HIM THERE OF THE WEEK: Speaking of Rory, he gets through complex surgery and they WHEEL HIM INTO THE HALL where everyone is standing? I thought this was hilarious. Um.. ??? I get we needed a Trina freak out -death scene (that Spencer would witness) but why not in a recovery room? I mean... Just weirdly, germy rando!! 

WUBSY'S WISH CAME TRUE OF THE WEEK: OH! Liz tells Finn she's pregnant with Nikolas' baby!! Squee! Finn saw the prenatal pills, asked and to cover their butts, she says Oh yes, we've been having an affair and ...BLOOP!! Not only was it crushing for Finn, Nikolas also spilled it to AVA!! Come on!! Ava on the evil-warpath? Um, thank you!! Christmas came early!!  Liz wants to keep it all hush-hush for the 'boys' sake, then fake a miscarriage but I think things won't go as planned!! :clapping: 

UT OH OF THE WEEK:  Speaking of Elizabeth, she realizes that Esme is NOT the hooker after Rory dies at GH and she finds her decorating the tree in the tower along with Nikolas.  (hey, Hallmark Movie: The Tree in the Tower!)  Why is this bad you ask? One of her prime motivations and justifications for keeping Esme up there was she thought she was a serial killer. Pfffffffft. Um... WHOOPS!! NOPE!! You lose! Now what? You're all fake pregnant with Esme locked up and you have to deal with Stupid Nikolas. Poor Liz. 2023 doesn't look too great right now. 

TINY TIM OF THE WEEK: Your parents are Heather Webber and Ryan Chamberlain, both serial killers. You're pregnant and being held in a goth tower by a not too bright Cassadine. Your only hope? A nice nurse who is pretending to be pregnant with your baby. What could POSSIBLY go wrong!!? 

CARLY BEING CARLY OF THE WEEK:  Carly got to Firelady Denise before Drew did and paid her off to give a story about Harmony and Willow's life. She's so hell bent on Nina not knowing she's Willow's bio mama that she is playing her Carly Card to the max. Of course what she doesn't know is that Wills has stage 3 cancer and needs bone marrow. Willow swore Drew to secrecy so it will take a near-death experience on Willow's part to get this to come out. I can't wait for the sheeze to hit the fan!! 

NO ONE CARES OF THE WEEK: Oh my GAWD with the Austin stuff. I don't even know what to say anymore. We got rid of Todd for Franco for......WHAT???????? One day he's helping Britt out (good), some other times dealing with Mason (bad) and now trying to get Spinelli to run a dating check on Maxie and himself? (stupid). The ONLY thing to come out of this that was half-way decent is that Maxie said Spinelli was "her person". Good. Now get them together and send Austin off into the night.  PS. Please get Maxie some new clothes for Christmas. 

TRAVEL JOURNAL OF THE WEEK: So VAnna is hold up in a windmill!! I could see the moving wall! How cute. Anna's done some nice shopping on the run and found a gorgeous pink sweater. I have to think they filmed all of these to disperse while JPS is off filming Villains. Vanna also seems to be the only couple having zex on the show lately so I don't mind! 

DECKING OF DEX OF THE WEEK:  Oh, Spencer went OFF and just punched Dex in the face. Cam kinda stood there like the Cam he is. Why did I like that? No reason, just a fun scene with some soapy things happening. 

DREAM TEAM OF THE WEEK:   Brad and Britt talk about the party and then she tells him he's her sole beneficiary. GAH.. I've been binging The Good Place lately and these two would fit right into that show.  I'm going to miss them so much. 

HAIR CUT OF THE WEEK: Um, am I crazy or is this some 1990s sheeze? 


Elizabeth tells Finn she's pregnant with Nikolas' baby

Alexis talks Finn out of drinking away his sorrows  

Rory wants to find the exotic animal dealer but instead gets hooked

Rory dies in GH while Trina screams on

Elizabeth realizes that Esme isn't the killer 

Spencer was going to leave town but decides to stay

Joss can't tell Cameron she's leaving him just yet 

Dex dreams of Joss 

Maxie finds out Austin was blackmailing Spinelli 

Ava learns about Nikolas and Liz "baby" 

Victor finds out from Ava the tea on Niz 

Willow tells Drew she has cancer but tells him not to say anything

Carly pays off Denise to stick to the story Harmony gave regarding Will's birth parents

WUB WONDERS OF THE WEEK: Where is Selina Wu? She can surely be in this diamond story! Who can the Hooker be we would care about? I'm down to The ADA that lost the case, Deputy Mayor and Esme's old Nanny, Maggie. (none of which would really matter btw). It COULD be Heather although she DID act surprised Esme was around and she sure doesn't wear those type of earrings, right? Hmm. Also, what about all that jingling bracelet everyone heard? This person is wearing jewelry while killing people and it's falling off and you can hear it even though they have a full face mask and gloves/coat on. Hm... 

LOOKING FORWARD TO: Phyllis coming back and her talk with Nina. It HAS to lead to some clue about Willow, right? This story needs to move along!! Also looking forward to Maxie moving away from Austin and maybe getting some new sweaters for Christmas? Alexis and Curtis: Yes. The entire Elizabeth story is so juicy good. Now she's double screwed in this! LOL. BUT! Finn's away from her and it's such a great soapy story I'm here for it. 

I'm out Monday because I have meetings until 3pm so I will put up a filler blog. Have a good one! 


  1. I know it's just to throw us off, but I noticed that Ava has the same earrings as the one that was found in Rory's pocket. I know they would not make Ava the killer, but would be a good one as NO ONE would think it's Ava. She's also not missing an earring. She loves Trina to pieces too so she wouldn't want to hurt her, but she is the one we'd least expect the killer to be.

    I think you are right and that they filmed tons of VAnna up front while JPS is off shooting his other show. Better idea this time around.

    Where does this snake venom thing fit in? Is the killer using this in the hook? There are not too many people left that could be doing this. Plus, they are not showing any behind the scenes stuff to make us have suspense or even care.

    Yes, where is Selena?

    I will miss Britt; just got to really like her this time around. Makes me not want to invest in anyone :(

    PLEASE Santa give Maxie a new wardrobe for Christmas. Maybe even a red sweater and not the peach one every day!!!!!!!!

    Thanks Karen; as always great SS

    1. GH has an absolutely fabulous Costume Designer. Kirsten Storms needs to get rid of some of her issues and/or get out of her own da*ed way so she can be dressed nicely. Of course, that can be deduced, just look at the way Ava is dressed! I do not know what it is with her but it is with the actress. And, she's fragile so they handle her with kid gloves. She warrants our care, maybe even our prayers. And, of course, she's had more than her fair share of physical health problems which could weigh on her!

    2. Oh, blast it, I forgot what I came back here for! My brain, some days it annoys me. Anyway, I've been trying to find out about the Nik actor issue & I hit pay dirt. GH is making NO change in Nik actors. This has all been just a bunch of ballyhoo because MC changed some things on his IG acct. etc. As fans we can really get stirred up, can't we?!

    3. I wrote about both of those items back when people were questioning them. I guess you weren't here then.

    4. Yes, Heather did have a tropical disease! Cannot stand Dex. Cannot stand Cody Bell. Sadly, I think the show has reached a hopeless point with both Roger Howarth & Michael Easton! And, I'm sure they cost a pretty penny.

  2. Great SS!! Ava was the first one attacked so it wouldn’t be her. I think we are set for a disappointing resolution. I don’t care about Willow either and I believe she has stage 4 now. Like I said before the usual doom and gloom for the holidays.

  3. Thanks for another great Surgery, Karen.

    WUBSY'S WISH was also my wish.And not only is Finn now gone he’s also said he never slept with her so he can’t say the baby's his. lol

    OMG...I want to see "The Tree in the Tower ."

    I thought that bangle was a bracelet too and I thought the Hook must have an awful skinny wrist. How did she even lift that hook let alone wield it? Then everyone said it was an earring and I felt really silly. lol

    As for the Tiny Tim I’m picturing the SNL Christmas special. PMSL...Look out Port Chuck.

    Add Ava into the mix and I have a feeling the spirit of Christmas will definitely be missing this year.

    Loved Maxie saying Spin was “her person’ As for Austin:
    A A Go Away. Don’t come back another day.

    I’m really going to miss Brad and Britt too. :(

    I’m still mad about Rory. Was really hoping they would fake his death. :( Nice guys aren’t allowed on this show. I now fear for Cam.

    I hope they resolve the Hook story soon, and I can't wait to see how Liz gets out of this mess.

    1. "I hope they resolve the Hook story soon, and I can't wait to see how Liz gets out of this mess" Define soon.

    2. What I hear is lotsa great stuff between now & the big bash NYE Britt birthday party. Brad will find out abt the Huntington's. (Kelly has been gone since right before Thanksgiving so that's how far ahead they are.) Then Jan. & Feb, both, are supposed to be whole lot of story being played out to finish points. I figure that means I'm going to be waiting longer on the leukemia reveal & the HOOK reveal, than I would like to be waiting but I will admit that I am the impatient type!!

    3. soon...definition: in or after a short time.

    4. You took me literally. That's fair. Okay, I think the HOOK reveal is gonna be NOT soon. Dadgummit.

    5. Definitely not this year I would guess, although I hope I'm wrong.

  4. DID story with Liz being the hook would have been SOAPY!

  5. Someone got a look at the HOOK's hand & saw that it was not an African-American but that it was white, or maybe Latin. Me, I want to throttle Carly (who I love) and Willow (who I like) and Michael (who I feel different ways abt at different times. Willow needs to get over her self & go public & have a valid marrow campaign! Michael needs to not go away on business trips & put his foot down & INSIST that they go public for the marrow campaign. The second they do that, Carly will come around & do the right thing. She's still going to be hated but at least it won't be like an open wound bleeding all the time! BTW, I hear that Lesley Charleson has had some health issues & is now recovering, but I wish they would tell people that! You did not hear it from me. I am preoccupied with how bad this is going to land on Carly's head. Meanwhile who is connected to Trina who can be the next victim? Trina herself? Portia, Ava again, Taggert, Joss, Cam, Spencer. Anyone else?

  6. I think Sasha is the Hook Killer. Maybe? I don't know. LOL

  7. Thanks for another great SS!
    I was one who thought the hook was Rory. So when I saw the earring and that they were testing it for DNA I immediately thought that he might have been a cross dresser and this hook event was a copy cat. LOL I'm probably wrong.
    We do know that Trina can scream really well. That whole thing was as weird as them wheeling Rory through the main hallway.
    Unidentified dead guy...why was he even there?
    What the heck happened to Epiphany and her MCAT's?

  8. Shallotpeel u r very funny and right on tsrget

  9. I really thought the hook was Rory. He's not a big guy and I thought the jingling was handcuffs. Hope it's someone no one expects

    1. Yup. It'll be someone nobody even knows I am sure.

  10. I think the writers also have changed their minds many times since the hook's either Assistant DA or Maggie - but there DOES come a time where we won't care, at LEAST let us know...
    ----MCATS and Epiphany agree we dropped it
    ----one of the issues with Chase/Brook Lynn, Finn and Liz, Cam and Joss Maxie and Austin, Alexis and Greg, Gladys and Mrs. Wu, Curtis and his dad, Deputy Mayor and Laura etc etc is the choppiness ----------- we don't see people for days or weeks and then we have one day of them and I for one have to be reprogrammed......
    ---also besides Town Square - has ANYONE mentioned Christmas shopping, trees, etc.? It's next week and just nothing that I have seen??
    ---Nina is gonna spill the beans about Britt at some point......
    I thought it was a great week - Maura West is the queen......

    1. I think MW & Ava Jerome are that perfect moment in time with just the best character she could ever be playing! Elsewhere, yes, I agree, in 2023. And, I'm glad I'm funny! With Carly Tenney Snyder I could sometimes SEE Maura. With Ava that magical curtain is down & I never see through to the actress. Although there's some ATWT outtakes that Maura is funnier in, than any blooper reel I've ever seen!

  11. Wasn't Heather admitted to GH with some disease that was from a tropical country? Could it relate to the snake venom? I really liked Rory and Brando. I don't get the appeal of Dex. I know he is supposed to be the new Jason and Jocelyn the new Carly but he is dull. Love Roger H. but Austin doesn't work. Maybe pair him with Ava. More age appropriate and they can cause havoc together. Also, I love Mac but can't stand Cody.

  12. Looks like no GH tomorrow. The final Jan. 6th committee meeting starts at 1:00 EST. Buckle up.

    1. I can't find any messages online saying it's preempted...not on Twitter, facebook, or the ABC site. TV Guide says new shows all week. Where did you see this?

    2. ... Depending on the hearing’s length and follow-up coverage by news personalities, “The Bold and the Beautiful,” “General Hospital,” “GMA3: What You Need to Know” and “The Talk” are all likely to be preempted. ...

    3. On the ABC World News. Of course they didn't mention a pre-emption, I just assumed as this may be historic.

    4. Thanks spDB. I never see these listed listed in any of the usual places that discuss the show. That was posted 19 hours ago so you think they'd have announcements on their station websites at least.

  13. Love this quote from Michael Blake Kruse as posted in SOD. I chuckled at his description of his equipment.

    After Rory was felled by GH’s Hook killer, portrayer Michael Blake Kruse posted a good-bye to the show on GH. “Here lies Rory Cabrera: He Tried,” the actor began. “Many thanks to everyone who has sent me supportive messages in light of Rory Cabrera leaving the GH canvas. I enjoyed playing the character and valued his essence.
    Yes, he was unsophisticated and naïve but at least he was genuine. In particular with Trina, he was always sincere and had her best interests at heart. That has to count for something Sprina fans.
    Rory was a mediocre cop, at best, but Port Charles isn’t the easiest town to police. He was also equipped with a holster from the 70’s, no radio and no bullet proof vest.
    Above all, I had the pleasure of working with some incredible people and have a newfound respect for everyone involved with daytime TV. It’s easy to critique but not easy to create.
    All of my love and appreciation to the fans who were supportive along the way.”

    1. What a nice quote and good bye email. Lol about his equipment, he has a good sense of humor!



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