Thursday, December 1, 2022



                                                        WORLD'S AIDS DAY 

Dex is at his home, napping, thinking of the Joss kiss.  Michael comes in, says he found his phone. Dex tells him about getting shot helping Anna escape. Michael is mad and says Dex has to stay away from Josslyn. 

Carly and Joss are in the kitchen Joss is applying for pre-med. She wants to because she realized how helpless she was when she was trying to help Dex. Carly tells her it's hard. "is this because it's easier to think about than your feelings for Dex"?  Joss says she really wants to help people and felt awful when Ava almost died. Carly mentions Cameron. Joss says it's not the same with them because she's grown and loves him but doesn't LOVE him. 

Sasha is decorating Rice Square. Nina gave her the job to do. Chase walks up.  He says he'll help. Tells her that he and Brook broke up. She thinks maybe Brook was doing what she thought was best for Chase. 

Willow is napping. Nina comes over to ask her to help Sasha decorate the Square because she could really use a friend. Willow says Nina is just thinking of herself.  Nina says no, Sasha has lost her baby, her husband had a breakdown was in a conveservatorship and WILLOW has everything. Wiley, Michael a baby on the way. Willow loses it and screams: SHUT UP SHUT UP!! 

Brook writes Chase's letter to the PCPD. Gives it to Dante. He says "it's too late".  Tells her the board is meeting today, right now. She wants to go NOW and interrupt it and lie about the reason. He says that Chase wouldn't want that. Brook tells him the whole story about Linc and singing and yada yada. 

Valentin wants to give Sonny a business prop. He wants "Pipeman" industries who are mercenaries  to be able to store things in Sonny's warehouses. 10 MILLION a pop!! Oh it has to be Victor's stuff.  Sonny's like "WHY YOU doing this"?? Val says it's because he's worked with them before and he's doing it as a favor. Sonny is wary. Says no. Valentin says they will be coming through Port Charles anyway and if he doesn't agree, he's a PROBLEM and PROBLEMS could be GONE. 

THERE SHOULD have been follow up today to Wu slipping Victor that drug and also Britt and Dr. O. 

FUN FACT: Tempo Magazine was shown on Dex's table. That's from All My Children!! 


Sonny calls Brick to check out Pikeman or Pipeman security 

Willow and Nina argue, Carly walks in. Nina faints

Joss goes to Dex's apartment

Chase is told his appeal is lost... but.. Brook is calling someone to help (i bet it's Tracey) 


  1. I'm disappointed that Victor is in tomorrow's episode and there doesn't seem to be any consequences from that drink.

    I'm wondering if Dex works for Pikeman Industries. He said he was working for a mercenary outfit. He could be playing both Michael and Sonny trying to get close to Sonny. (I'm still hoping it's because he's an undercover fed working to find out if Sonny is going to work with that outfit so they can catch h company and Sonny.)

    It was actually a good show today. Still Moving right along.

    1. "Di says, I'm still hoping it's because he's an undercover fed"

      YES! I hope so too!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Carly's home: The TRIBBLES!!!!! YAY! :D

    Carly and Joss: Pre-med? No no no! I don't want Joss as a doctor! I don't see her as a doctor. Besides we have too many as it is. We have enough nurses, especially with Willow being one. I like her better as a teacher. Carly yes Joss DOES have feelings for Dex!!

    Joss: I'm not in love with anyone.

    OH! There ya go! She isn't in love with Cam! About time Carly brings up Cam! Yes time to talk to Cam and break up with him. :( I know it's going to hurt Cam, Joss, but you gotta do it. Just be honest with him. Carly wins the line of the day.

    Carly: People are going to say, like mother like daughter.

    BAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHA! No no no! Come on Carly. :) Joss has to break up with Cam. She can't stay with him just so she don't hurt his feelings!

    Sonny's office:

    Sonny and V.C.: What was all this about? Is something bad going to happen?

    Q home:

    Dante and Brooky: Too late for Brooky to send the letter? DAMMIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Brooky on the phone: I wondered who she was talking to.. Yes it could be Tracy.. Well Brooky yes you better fix this!!!! GRRRRRRRR!

    Rice Plaza:

    Nina and Sasha: OH! Decorations! Great idea!!!!

    Sasha and Chase: Hmmm. Yes Karma. :) But Sasha don't talk Chase into getting back together with Brooky. Hmmm well, Brooky has to fix it and get Chase back on the force first..

    Chase and Dante:

    Chase: It's final. The review board turned down my appeal. And I'm not a cop anymore. I never will be again.

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! That broke my heart! I feel like I'm gonna cry!!!! BROOKY DAMMIT FIX THIS!!!!

    Mildew home:

    Mildew: Did Willow get treatment today?! Is that why she looks that way and is so tired?

    Willow and Nina: No Nina! Willow doesn't have a perfect life. If only you knew.


    ROFL! No Willow YOU shut up!!! Man Willow is all yelly!!! Oh hi Carly! When Willow passed out, the jaw dropping Carly made me laugh!

    Dex's room: TEMPO MAGAZINE! YAY! :D Oh nice dream Dexxy. :)

    Dex and Michael: Angry Michael! Yes Dex stay away from Joss! Yeah right! Hahahahaha!

    Sidenote: Where is Victor? He frozen in his body? :) With tomorrow's preview, nope. Did anybody tell Mac the plan they had with Holly yet? Will it be off camera? I hope not.

    Throwback Thursday: *Jumps into my time machine to go to January 2000* Faison telling Luke your wonderful son is alive! Hahaha! :D I sure remember that. Does anybody else?! :)

    1. I think Willow just came back from her kemo treatment.

    2. "Di says, I think Willow just came back from her kemo treatment."

      Yeah it looked like that.. I wonder why they didn't mention it.

    3. I actually REALLY enjoyed Willow telling Nina to shut up. Geez she's annoying.

    4. I loved Willow yesterday! Her yelling was spot on. Gladys Kravitz couldn't see she looked like crap? (she really did!) Gladys Kravitz just kept yammering on and on and on...and Willow snapped like a twig! I loved it! And I was dying when Carly walked up and was hovering outside. Loved the whole the mess!

      Great guess by Karen that BLQ called Tracy. I would have never thought of that! Another reason I read this blog. :)

      I don't mind the idea of Joss being a doctor, and Carly's line was great about like mother like daughter. She showed a little self awareness there.

      Badger Bob and the Tribbles all on one show? I was shocked! :)

    5. She really did look terrible. Great makeup job there. And the yell was so called for, and done perfectly. Loved Carly's jaw drop when she fell too.

      "Gladys Kravitz " lol Love it.

      Joss would be a great doctor. And it will open up storylines for her. Some day she can become the new Monica.

      Loved Carly's comment about like mother like daughter. It was a good comeback at the haters. I get so tired of hearing it every day. Poor actress was getting it since she was a child.

  3. tired of mildew, cujo and nina

    1. Me too witch. Get the mother story out now please.

  4. I think its crappy that they aren't having Joss go right to Cam. Should have happened right after Dex initially left her dorm. She owes him honesty and right away. I hope this doesn't mean that we will see less of Cam. I don't mind Dex, I just feel bad for Cam and his portrayer.

    More scenes making Nina the nag and Bitch. I didn't mind her telling Nina to shut up, even as a Nina fan. They are making the audience hate her more and more so it makes me wonder if they plan to kill her off (after getting that bone marrow of course).

    1. Cam's portrayer has cut way back on his hours. He's in school and has a music career.

      And that can't do everything in one episode or they'd have to deal with only Joss that day. And then the snarly haters would be calling her the pet because no one else was on.

  5. Agree witch tired of the three shrews

  6. Robin and Stone. Their love story was so well done.

    1. Agreed Lindie! My favorite GH story of all time.

  7. They are talking about Bob the Badger! I'm not sure how long he has been there.

    1. Good grief, one commentor said it was a Wolverine! I work for Michigan, love the Wolverines, and that is not a Wolverine! HAHAHAHAH! :)

    2. lol It will be all over the boards tomorrow with everyone swearing it's tru because the read it online. LOL


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