Monday, December 12, 2022


 MONDAY? Ooofff AND it's freezing!! So cold here and yes, it's December but dang LOL. I'm still a baby. 

Ava and Trina. Trina knows she should love Rory as he's so nice but she just doesn't. Ava says that love is complicated. Also says Esme probably isn't the Hooker. 

Spencer is at Wyndemere drinking sherry as there is no whiskey left. He flashes back to talking to Trina at The Grille. Nikolas comes down and is like: Um SHERRY? Spencer says "you drank all the whiskey" LOL!! He says Victor is making them stay at Wyndemere. They talk about Spencer losing hope about Trina. Nikolas reminds him of a childhood story and says you can never lose hope. He says don't give up on Trina. 

Elizabeth and Finn. She says she's pregnant and he says "with another man's baby"...and she says after Monterey she needed to talk to someone and she felt too guilty to see him. He asks who the father is, she says NIKOLAS ahahahahaha!!! Finn walks out. Goes to the lab and throws stuff. Liz finds him there. He says he's going to call Jordan about the possibility of Esme being on Spoon Island, he's not protecting Nikolas --not even for Liz. Liz says Esme isn't on Spoon Island because she's BEEN THERE A LOT!! 

Ryan and Heather talk about their daughter. She says she tried to hide her from everyone. Said they couldn't raise a baby in a cabin when they were pretending to be other people. He says he's found her and she's been coming there!! "How do you know it's her" says Heather. He said she gave him a chain that Heather obviously stole from the cabin. He also knows she's kept track of her the entire time. She says she dropped Esme off and she grabbed her necklace. She must have had one in her hand when the nurses found her. Heather wants to know all about Esme. He tells her she's missing and Ava pushed her off the parapet! UT OH. They try to figure out where she is. Ryan knows she was at Pier 55 and it must have been to go to the Cassadines. Heather says she'll make they pay if they have her. Ryan says "WE WILL" then he stands up! Heather smiles. 

Esme in the tower. Nik comes in. He brings her a tree. She says she wanted a REAL TREE that she picked out. He says TOO BAD! "you're just a vessel"!! He leaves. Esme decorates using bandages and toilet paper and cotton LOL 

Carly goes to try to stop Drew from talking to the lady about Willow but..Willow stops her at the Metro Bar. She's having dinner with Michael. Oh, Michael cancels..he's out of town on business. She asks Carly to join. Carly goes on and on about finding HER birth parents once Willow says Drew is finding hers. OMG I THINK WILLOW IS GOING TO TELL Carly she has cancer!! UGH NO... she cops out and says she's just worried about the baby. Damn it. 

Drew is talking to the firefighter lady. He's asking about baby Callie (Willow). She tells the same story Harmony did. Some lady abandoned her and Lorraine (Harmony) adopted her. She also says her "bio" mom died of an overdose some years ago. Has no idea who the father is. 

Drew goes over to talk to Willow about what he found out. 

I wonder if Carly paid that lady off. 


Dimitri brings her ornaments an lights!! 

Heather and Ryan pledge to find Esme

Carly PAID OFF DENISE the fire lady!!! YEP!! 

Trina texts Spencer "Welcome Home" 


  1. Wonder who Esme will strangle with those Christmas lights.

    1. Or cut with the glass ornaments. Nic sure has a dumb guard. Lol

    2. Or Rapunzel down (soapdome they are probably 200 feet long lol)

  2. Spring ridge:

    Ryther: Ooooo Heather and Ryan are a couple that I didn't know I needed!!!! They are so delicious!!!!! :D Thank you writers!!!!

    Purtis home:

    Ava and Trina: Why didn't Trina put her perfume in her bedroom? Or really in her purse. Trina it's really time to break up with Rory, and tell Spencer how you feel!!!!!


    Nik and Repunzel: Awwww that's a cute tree! I love it!

    Repunzel and the tree: I love that she is decorating the tree and talking to Ace! :D

    Repunzel and Dimitri: Oh my! Dimitri likes her!!!! :) He is so sweet!!! Esmitri!!! :)

    Nik and Spencer: Spencer you are not 21 yet!! Hahaha! Oh no the moveable camera again for no reason! UGH!! Well, anyway Nik wins the line of the day.

    Nik: I cant keep pricey whiskey or darjeeling tea in stock since your Uncle Victor moved in.

    BAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Next time you buy them, hide it! Lock it away with a key! :) Love the text Trina sent Spencer, and that he isn't going to give up hope! YAY!

    The hospital:

    Finchy and Liz: I KNEW SHE WAS GOING TO LIE ABOUT BEING PREGGERS! HA! And let's see what is going to happen. Liz and Nik will fall in wuv! :) Oh oh Finchy is shaking!!! Throwing things. Is he going to turn into Caleb the vampire?! :D

    Metrocourt restaurant:

    Drew and Denise the firefighter lady: Hmmm that firefighter lady looks familiar. Well, same ol same ol. Nothing new there.

    Willow and Carly: Willow looks like death warmed over and now both of them are lying to each other. OY! Come on! How long are they going to play chicken? Until February sweeps? Enough is enough.

    Willow and Drew: Didn't Willow already know that her bio mother "died"?

    Carly and Denise the firefighter lady: Oooooooo! Nice soapy twisty goodness! DUN DUN DUNNNNNNNNNNNNNN! I didn't even see that one coming. Nicely done writers. :)

    1. HAHAHAH! I loved your line of the day!
      Personally I'm thrilled that Liz lied. She gets a story line and gets rid of Finn all at the same time, lol!
      Dimitri is a cutie pie, but I agree with Di, he's not long for this world. A strand of lights? Really? :)
      Firefighter lady looked like the paramedic who messed with Violet last season on Chicago Fire. She just showed up this season for 1 episode a week or so ago. I don't think it's the same actress, but very close in looks!

  3. sonya says:" Repunzel and Dimitri: Oh my! Dimitri likes her!!!! :) He is so sweet!!! Esmitri!!!"

    *** I think DIES is a much better name as I think that poor guy is not long for this world. LOL

    1. "Di says I think DIES is a much better name as I think that poor guy is not long for this world. LOL"

      Hahahahaha yeah probably not! Hey you are back!!!! :)

  4. Everyone will be pretty mad at Carly.. Michael, Willow, Drew, obviously Nina. I am guessing Sonny will soothe her somehow just in time for a reconciliation.

  5. Heather and Ryan. What should their smoosh name be? What a couple? I like their evilness already. Lol

  6. I think that Heather and Ryan should be Heathan.

  7. I am not defending Carly 100% but stupid Willow not telling her MOTHER-IN-LAW she has cancer is ridiculous...
    it is stupid but I LOVE Liz lying about the baby and now Nik, Ava, Terri, Victor, and the boys will find out.....but I think Esme will escape soon.....
    Phyllis is back next week and the week after - supposedly for the reveal.....
    Maybe Ephinany passed her MCATS and is already a doctor at Mercer......LOL

  8. I agree it's stupid that Willow is keeping it a secret to Carly. Then again, she may think Carly is a blabber mouth. They just want to be able to redeem Carly later by saying she had no idea Willow was sick which is why she paid off the woman to lie.

  9. one more thing - I don't understand why Ryan wouldn't be angry and threaten Heather??? This 'we are our team to protect our daughter' seems SO unlike him???? Anyone?
    either Esme is lying about the baby daddy or she will lose the baby......not sure how Nik having a child will survive a long term story....

  10. I found Ryan and Heather rather mesmerizing to watch! Speaking of mesmerizing, Nicholas Chavez has been just outstanding and unfortunately the better he acts the worse MC looks. I hate this Liz pregnancy storyline - so many unnecessary repercussions but if it breaks her up with Finn ok. Heather is a bit too old to have a young daughter. IRL she is 71 but looks great for her age.

  11. I agree. Nicholas Chavez is an excellent young actor. I have a feeling he's going places one of these days. He does outshine many others on screen.


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