Friday, December 23, 2022

O Holy Night


Scotty is playing snowball fights with Jake and Aidan. Cam and Liz talk about her break up with Finn. 

Quartermaine House: Austin is there. Cody shows up and says there's trouble to Olivia. No one can get in or out of their road. Cody will stay at the Qs too. Olivia has to whip up lasagna. TJ and Molly show up too! The road is blocked. They were caroling and can't go anywhere. They are also invited to dinner! Oh! Next up pregnant lady that was doing a living nativity scene comes in. They all eat lasagna and then lady goes into Labor!! And it's breech. 

Laura says the weather is so bad she had to walk to the PCPD. Jordan is there too. It's Laura's birthday, not sure anyone remembered. 

Maxie, Britt, Dr. O and Nina are celebrating. Britt is doing the Polar Plunge later, soup kitchen and seeing Brad in PC's men's choir. She leaves. Maxie is going to Portland to visit Georgie. BUT! Her flight is cancelled. 

Ellie and Spin are in Portland celebrating. She's happy he took Georgie to see her. Ellie looks so good! (same actress). Georgie is a little pill and mad her mom isn't coming. 

Back in PC, Dr O tells Maxie they WILL get her to Portland!! There are planes in Toronto, Maxie just has to get there so she calls Brook for a private plane. Brook can get one but only out of Toronto. Too hard to get across the border so Austin calls for a boat to take her. It IS faster that way but.. ACROSS THE LAKE?? lol IN A STORM? um, ok. 

Sasha is at Brando's garage. Sonny walks in. Sasha tripped the alarm. She's trying to finish Brando's motorcycle like he wanted to before 2023. They garage is being sold. Sonny pitches in to help her. Britt comes in because her car spun out. 


AUSTIN calls Britt to talk him through the baby delivery. She drives in with Sasha on the motorcycle to the Qs!! Baby gets born. Named: Britta Noel. Awwwwwwwwww. Everyone is dancing. Britt is kinda sad. 

Laura makes it to Liz' house..she sees Scotty.  Liz says she's grateful for them. Later, Dr O comes in with mistletoe.

Maxie makes it to Alberta but cant' get any farther. AND then Spin and Georgie get into the airport as well. They all have pizza. 

Ellie gets a call from her new beau, Griffin Monroe! Who lives in Portland now

Sonny gets to Nina's house. 


  1. What a weird but highly entertaining show! Unlike any other GH Christmas shows but it worked and was fun!!!!! People together who usually wouldn't be - I can get past Laura not mentioning Kevin and Charlotte among other missing people--
    ......sad that Sasha watched a baby being born but I guess naming the baby after Britt made her realize her life isn't over?
    ----Brook Lynn and Austin testing pairing???
    -----Griffin and Ellie - love it - so Austin and Maxie ARE really over - yeah!!
    -----Dr. O is so pretty------
    I'm gonna watch this episode again! Just too fun....

  2. I do think Maxie and Spinelli should get back together. Very cute.

  3. Highly entertaining is right! I really enjoyed that. I was thinking they were going to have Maxie and Spin miss each other and was so glad when they went the route they took. As Mufasa said, people together you wouldn't expect together and in places where you thought they'd go for comedy or silliness they gave us a twist.

    I'm going to watch the episode again too. This is not one you just want to read.

  4. When Christmas started on Wednesday I assumed that they would try to fit in as many characters as they could in just a few days. They did a great job. It was entertaining.
    It's Christmas Eve eve and I want to wish each and every one of you a very Merry Christmas, Happy Chanukah and/or whatever way you celebrate. Be safe, be healthy and be kind.

    1. I love how they managed to fit so many people in too. And have a Merry Christmas too, Zazu and everyone else who celebrates.

  5. You too zazu and Happy Holidays to all the rest of you. It was a different episode, but not bad. I noticed Laura kept looking at Scott; thought there was going to be trouble, but just the opposite happened. Was sweet as they are like Liz's surrogate parents really. That was very nice. Nice to see Cam too. Miss the other boys and the other kids. Hope Georgie doesn't stay a "brat" forever. Griffin and Ellie; what a coincidence. lol

  6. What a great show today! Bravo! Thank you writers! A lot of funny one liners too! Oh and happy Festivus everyone!!! :)


    Ellie, Spinny, and Georgie: ELLIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D Ellie and Georgie are dressed alike hahaha adorable. Spinny is right. Ellie IS the 3rd parent. She helped raise her. Kids can't have too many people that wuv them!!!! :) Awww Maxie's plane is cancelled. Georgie is understandably disappointed and so is Spinny! :)

    Ellie and Spinny: Yes Ellie you are right! Spinny is in wuv with Maxie! :D Wait Ellie you are dating someone?!!?!?! Who used to live in Port Chuckles?!?!!?! WHO?!!?!?! Karen thinks it's Griffin.

    Ellie: Christmas is a time for magic and miracles.

    Hmmm I'm thinking is Georgie and Spinny going to go to Port Chuckles, while Maxie goes to Portland? Hmmmm.

    Ellie and her new boyfriend: WOW! Karen was right. It's Griffin. How did they meet? I'll call then Ellfin!!! :) How long have they been seeing each other?

    Port Chuckles:

    The garage:

    Sasha and Sonny: I'm thinking "does Sasha know how to fix a motorcycle?" Oh nope she doesn't hahahaha. Yes Sonny you can help her! :)

    Nina's home:

    Nina, Britch, Dr. O, and Maxie: Yeah Dr. O is right! You are just giving up Maxie? I love Dr. O's dress! Wow Britch has a full day!! I'm glad Pawtucket Holtster helped Maxie along with his cousin Mason Jar! :)

    Britch and Dr. O: Dr. O is right. She has a very good point about that's it not good to pack everything in like it's your last. Listen to mudder!!!

    Nison: Awwwwwwwwwwww! :)

    Police station/Jordan's office:

    Laura and Jordan: Yes time to do some snow plowing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That's amazing that the weather is bad there, and so is all of our weather! :)

    Liz's home: Liz is looking at pictures! Time to throw out the Fiz picture Liz!!! Awww Scotty playing a snowball fight with the boys. Too bad we couldn't see the boys.

    Liz and Cam: So Joss can't come over because her car is still busted from last night? LAME!!!! She could get a ride share! Now that it's Christmas, she can't break up with Cam now!!! Will she break up with him after new years?!

    Liz, Cam, and Scotty:

    Scotty: I don't want to start the new year in traction.


    Liz and Scotty:

    Scotty: Even though Franco's gone, you're still a Baldwin.

    Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! So sweet!!! Great scene!!! At first I thought Scotty said Frank. Listening to it again. He says Franco. :)

    Liz and Laura: HI LAURA! Where is Doc? Why did Laura look at Scotty so strangely?

    Liz, Laura, and Scotty: Awwwwwwwwww! Their scene made me cry!!!! Awww! Family! :) Oh and happy birthday Laura! I am not sure why nobody is wishing you a happy birthday!

    1. Strange. It said comment was too long.. Okay well here is the 2nd part.

      Q home: Okay hilarious scenes at the Q home today! I was just dying! Poor Ned is insecure about how many people there are and the food. Hey Ned! Olivia is Italian the more the merrier! Worried about food? Bah! Not to worry. :) It will all work out. See? She can make lasagna! Wait Pawtucket Holtster is there and slept over? He is family now? Since when? Oh hi Tolly! Hi Cowboy Cody! Oh hi pregnant lady. Too bad Monica is still sick. She is missing this!!! Where is Mildew and Wiley? They are missing this too!

      Olivia: We are going to need a bigger lasagna.


      Ned: Who is the incredibly pregnant young lady?


      Ned: Olivia this is getting ridiculous.

      BAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Oh oh! The hot spice made the pregnant lady go into labor BAHAHAHAHAHAHA! No Olivia it isn't an old wives tale! Baby is breach? TJ never did this before? Double oh oh.

      Cowboy Cody calling Britch: Cowboy Cody wins the line of the day.

      Cowboy Cody: The virgin Mary is giving birth today. Like right now.

      BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! That made me laugh so hard.

      Britch: How much egg nog have you had to drink?

      BAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Pawtucket Holtster had take over to talk to Britch! ROFL! The Q scenes were great! I was dying!!!! Oh oh motorcycle crash! BAHAHAHAHAHA! Wait what is Sasha doing there? Come on writers don't do this to her!!! Why does she have to watch a woman having a baby?!!?! Oh the pregnant lady had a girl awwww. :) I was watching a pregnant lady on Y&R today and she had a girl. Too bad it was just a dream. Anyway this pregnant lady, Britta Noel. Awwwwwwwww! :) Oh finally Ned is calm and is okay with all this hahaha.

      Pawtucket Holtster on the phone with Mason Jar: I miss Mason Jar! Where is he? Why didn't they show him talking to Pawtucket Holtster!?!

      Canada: Oh oh Maxie is grounded. Damn. Wait, will Georgie and Spinny be there too?

      Spinny, Maxie, and Georgie: YES THEY ARE! IT'S A FESTIVUS MIRACLE! Oh wait it's Christmas over there so it's a CHRISTMAS MIRACLE!!!! :D Awwww great scene! Made me cry! Awwww Family! :)

      Flashback Friday: *Jumps into my time machine to go to 1963* Steve Hardy and his grateful patients.

    2. Your comments are never too long as far as we are concerned! Happy Holidays to all! Very enjoyable today! Great to see Ellie after so many years. Loved Scott and Laura with Liz, who seemed almost normal and looked beautiful.

  7. Loved the show!!! All the Hallmark Movie cliches in one episode. The only criticism I have is Laura walking around in a storm with no hat, gloves, or scarf and her coat completely unbuttoned! lol. GH did a great Christmas week of shows this year. (We are in the midst of a historical blizzard this weekend in WNY, so the storm in Port Charles was very timely.)

  8. Merry Christmas 🎅 🎄 ❤️


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