Friday, December 2, 2022

Chess Game


Willow passes out. Nina wants to call 911. Carly says no! Let's ask WILLOW?? WHAT? Willow is on the floor and Carly gets her legs up. Nina brings a washcloth. She again says she'll call 911. Willow sits up; NO!! Carly takes Nina outside and is actually civil to her. Says she knows she didn't come to the house to make Willow upset and faint. Nina's like "um...ok, thanks" and leaves. Carly then goes in to see Willow and tells her she really should go to see her OBGYN. 

Dex and Joss...bandage foreplay. Flirt..yada yada... and he tells her they can't see each other anymore. He flashes back to Michael telling him to stop seeing Joss. Joss says no way, they've been through too much together. 

Sonny and Dante..Dante knows he held Dex and beat him. He didn't charge Sonny because Dex didn't say anything. He thinks Sonny is committing another felony right now. Dante says the lines are being blurred between his cop job and the mobular life. He knows that Sonny was behind the Dex stuff and he wants to know about Anna's escape.  Dante then says that he's gotten close to Sonny and hopes he never has to arrest him. Sonny says if that happens, he'll still love Dante. They hug. 

Michael and Drew talk in Carly's kitchen over the Moss about Drew and Carly maybe facing charges. Drew says he can't be in a relationship with Carly and he's just bummed. Michael says that Carly has been happy since Florida. 

Sasha and Sam doing decorations in the Square. Sasha is sad about her dead baby and husband. Sam tells her about Lila who died. They talk about helping others to help themselves feel better. 

Victor and Nikolas go and visit Spencer. Spencer doesn't want to see them. Victor says he'd better talk to them. They are CASSADINES. Spencer tells his Dad to leave. Nikolas does. Victor sits down and yells at Spencer. Spencer says that he might control the outside but INSIDE he has competition: AND CYRUS WALKS IN!! He says that Spencer is family. Victor finds out Cyrus is Laura and Martin's brother. 


Drew tells Carly he has a lead on Willow's birth parents

Joss and Dex make out and Sonny knocks on his door

Michael thinks they should tell everyone Willow has cancer


  1. I loved the fact that Cyrus told Nicholas that Victor tried to kill Laura and Martin. No one else has had the guts to stand up to that man. I think we could get some interesting developments between these two now, especially since Spencer has told Victor to go away. muyhaha

    Loved how Carly spoke sense to Nina today and Nina reacted sensibly too. (Probably won't stop that haters from coming in and snarling and spitting but it made for a nice sensible scene.) I don't think Willow will take Michael's advice and tell people about her chemo.

    Loved the talk between Michael and Drew too, and loved the news at the end about finding a lead on Willow's family.

    I think Dante and Sonny may be at odds soon with this new company coming on so today's talk will have cleared the way for that.

    Joss and Dex was predictable but fun. Can't wait to see what happens Monday. Will Joss be hanging out of Dex's window, or will Dex. hahahaha

    1. oops....That should be Cyrus told Spencer that Victor tried to kill Laura and Martin.

  2. I agree about the Carly and Nina interaction. Sometimes you get what you give when your approach is rational. Even though they're both annoying lol

    I loved Sam today. Overall they have made her character so much more tolerable. She has looked so pretty the past 6 months and has a glow.

    1. I will echo those comments on Sam. I have never particularly cared for the character before, but Kelly seems to be stepping up her game recently and the pairing with Dante is growing on me.

    2. Kelly obviously likes the pairing with Dante and looks more alive than she has in years. Joss still looks like too much of a kid next to Dex. Spencer was looking a lot better. I like the Cyrus connection.

  3. A lot of funny one liners today!

    Mildew's home:

    Willow, Carly, and Nina: Carly wins the line of the day.

    Nina: I'll call 911!

    Carly: No wait. Let's ask Willow first.


    Carly and Nina: Wow! Carly is so nice to Nina. Well of course she is! She knows the truth!!!

    Mildew and Carly: Yes I think it's a good idea for Michael to take Willow to the hospital.

    Mildew: Yes yes! Michael is making sense! Tell people the truth!!!

    Carly's home/kitchen:

    Drew, Michael, and The Tribbles: Awww really Drew? You think it's not a good time for you and Carly to be together? Well now the Tribbles are sad. Yeah listen to Michael!

    Drew: There are too many potential eavesdroppers at the Quartermaines and probably at Aurora too.

    BAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHA! Ain't that the truth! :)

    Drew and Carly: Whoa! I would love it if I come home and a guy rushes up to me and kisses me like that!!! It even melted the Tribbles.

    Drew: Good news. We got a lead on Willow's birth parents.

    *Carly pees on herself*

    Rice Plaza:

    Sasha and Sam: Sam thinks about baby Lila everyday? I didn't know that. Sam doesn't talk about baby Lila.

    Sante: I love the way he was teasing her hehehe. So adorable! :D

    Sasha and Nina:

    Nina: Sometimes I'm afraid that I'm really awful as Willow thinks I am.

    Oh Nina! Come on you are not a victim, and neither is Willow. You two give as good as you get!


    Nik, Victor, and Spencer: Great scene!!!!

    Victor, Spencer, and Cyrus: Victor vs Cyrus.. Deliciousness! :)

    Spencer and Cyrus: Awwwwww! Spencer don't want to play with Cyrus.. Too bad.

    Sonny's office:

    Dante and Sonny: Dante whining that they are getting closer! ROFL!

    Badger Bob: Dante don't just stand there. Arrest Sonny! You can do something instead of just standing there not doing anything.


    Dex's home: When they showed the preview yesterday, I thought Dex was daydreaming Joss being there.. :) Oh they be a flirtin!!!

    Joss: There is always next time.

    OH MY!!! JOSS!!!! :D Hey Joss don't want to leave Dex, and you don't want her to leave either! Ooooo another kiss!!! HAWT HAWT HAWT! Come on Joss you gotta break up with Cam! Like right now!!! Especially when you two are flirin and talking dirty to each other. :) Oh oh Sonny! Watcha going to do now Joss? Hide?

    Sidenote: When is the poison in Victor going to start working? In a month or 2?

    Flashback Friday: *Jumps into my time machine to go to 2000* Everyone finds out Lucky is alive!!! I had to skip over the Felicia and Luke scenes. Still makes me mad. Felicia you don't belong there!!! Leave it to Luke and Laura! He IS their son! Just because you think you are in love with Luke doesn't mean you have to help him find his son!!! GAH! Sorry. Sorry. I'm okay. :)

    1. "*Carly pees on herself* hahahaha

      I was a little floored by the "No, let's not call 911" stance. Let's see if she comes too first....or dies. lol

      I was wondering if I'd missed an episode when Victor walked in. Did Ms Wu make a mistake and add sugar instead of a drug?

    2. "Di says, "*Carly pees on herself* hahahaha"


      "I was a little floored by the "No, let's not call 911" stance. Let's see if she comes too first....or dies. lol"

      Is that what she said? Hahaha. That is funny too! Yeah or dies! :)

      "I was wondering if I'd missed an episode when Victor walked in. Did Ms Wu make a mistake and add sugar instead of a drug?"

      Great question!!! Must have been sugar!

  4. She didn't say the 2nd part that's not in quotes. lol
    That was my reply to her. lol

  5. Cujo still being a mess and injected into every damn storyline.

    1. Oh for heavens sakes. She wasn't in every storyline and she wasn't a mess. If you don't like her don't watch her scenes. And maybe try telling us what you LIKED about the show for a change. I get that everyone has an opinion and we can disagree with each other but if you can't even find one thing you liked about the show today why do you even watch, except to troll.

    2. Di, come on!! Ginny's been posting here forever and an certainly say what she wants to.. please don't do this. Everyone can have an opinion and comment whatever as long as it's not filthy or mean LOL.

    3. Thank you SO MUCH Karen for this.....

  6. Victor the one who sees everything and knows everything doesn't know Cyrus is Laura's brother. Ya right.

  7. I loved the scene between Victor and Cyrus. I hope Spencer learns to play them off each other. Also, I can only assume that the liquid Holly gave to Ms. Wu is some sort of slow-acting poison or illness? Maybe Holly will dangle a cure later to free Ethan?

  8. What's with the nastiness lately? If u notice only the same two or three people are posting daily because the rest of us don't need to be lectured for having our opinions

    1. Check above. Karen has addressed this. She beat me to the punch but it's her deal.

  9. Even though there was lots of conversation, yesterday's show was a good one. It moved along nicely.
    I loved the prison visitation scenes. Any day with Spence and Cyrus is a good one. Shouldn't Spencer be getting out soon? And hopefully something ridiculous should happen to free Cyrus. Port Charles needs a "man of God". LOL

  10. I've never been a fan of Jeff Kober's acting style; I personally didn't think he was a very good actor, but I have to say he is growing on me now. Just like Britt's character grew on me. I always felt she was just a Britch and never liked her. They definitely gave her "layers" to her character when she came back and I really have grown to like her A LOT as a character for the show; sad she is leaving.


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