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Here's to a recap of 2022 which saw about the most interruptions a soap could take! Hope you like our Awards but I'm sure you have your own thoughts. With such a large cast, narrowing things down is difficult especially since almost every actor is top-notch.  

                                                                    Deception Launch 

Best Actress:  Rebecca Herbst  (Elizabeth)

Best Actor:    Nicholas Chaves  (Spencer) 

Best Supporting Actress:  Kelly Thiebaud  (Britta) 

Supporting Actor: Charles Schughnessy  (Victor)

Best Younger Actor: Easton Rocket Sweda (Leo) 

Best Story:  Ice Princess Revisited 

Runner Up:  Everything Esme 

Worst Story: Carly in Florida 

Most Anticipated Moment: Peter August's Death 

Best Couple: Laura and Kevin tie with Anna and Valentin 

Worst Couple:  Michael and Willow 

Best Addition: Comet 

Best Visit: Emma Samms (Holly) 

Runner Up Visit: Sean Blakemore  (Sean) 

Best Recast:  Heather Webber (Alley Mills) 

Most Used Recast: Temp Michael (Robert Adamson) 

Best Guest Cameo: Linda Purl  (Peyton Honeycutt) 

Best Guest Regular: Jeff Kober  (Cyrus) 

Most Missed Character: Phyllis  (Joyce Guy)

Most Needed Character that was absent: TIE: Taggert/Monica 

Best "Day Player" Character: N'neka  (Arlondriah Lenyea) 

Worst New Character-Old Character: Drew

Best Dressed Character:  Anna Devane 

Worst Dressed Character: Maxie Jones 

Most Overused word: Wiley 

Fave Family Team:  Wu Clan: Aunt Selina and Brad 

Biggest Surprise: Marcus Coloma out in December 

In Memoriam:  Sonya Eddy, our favorite nurse, singer and would be doctor. 

This year brought a NuJordan and a NuTrina ...many temp recasts, some old faces and places (Ireland).  For the most part I really enjoyed GH this year. Could the scenes as a whole been longer? Yes. Editing and continuity tighter? For sure but all and all pretty damn good. Vets, Ice Princess... and all the rest.  Kristina Wagner is back on contract!! Emma Samms visited! Old School GH is back! :clapping: 

HUGE Thank you to Dave and Sonya who keep this blog going even when I'm down and out. Thank you to all the faithful readers and people who comment!! 

Thank you to the writers, cast, crew and everyone at GH!! Here's to a great 2023 


  1. Thanks so much. Great choices. Love them all.

  2. Thank you for Most Overused Word: Wiley. My thought for years.
    Best Actress is tie for me, Rebecca and Maura.
    Definitely Best blog: GH Wub Tub! You make this a special place. With Sonya and Dave.
    Thank YOU.

  3. Thanks for this it was so fun to read.

  4. Worst couple(s): Carly/Drew, Sonny/Nina

  5. My added categories:
    Best Couple: Brooklynn and Chase
    Worst Couple: Sonny and Nina (anyone else enjoying this trainwreck of a couple?)
    Best On Screen Chemistry: Maura West and Marcus Coloma (Ava and Nikolas)
    Worst On Screen Chemistry: Chad Duell & Katelyn MacMullen (Michael and Willow)
    Most Disgusting Scene: Nikolas and Esme Sex (which somehow "outranked" Sam & Ric's and Dillon & Lulu's sex scenes, as Nikolas and Esme NEARLY made me puke!)
    Most unnecessary addition: Cody
    Most underutilized Actor : Dominic Zamprogna- 2nd year in a row!
    Most underutilized Actress: Kelly Thiebald
    Most overly complicated storyline: Anna investigating Victor
    Best Storyline: Hook Killer
    Worst Storyline: Anything about or involving Cody
    Best Supporting Story Arc: Epiphany becoming a doctor.
    Most Disappointing Storyline: Liz and her memories
    Forgotten GH Character: Sam (anyone else surprised that Kelly Monaco hasn't left the show?)
    Forgotten Storyline of the Year: Trina is Curtis's daughter
    Biggest Eye Roller of the year: Peter's underwhelming "death". Healthy man falls 5 feet and "dies". And Anna goes and checks on him off-screen. Yep, he isn't dead.

    1. perfect list! mw & mc's Nava is fire, brook/chase have tons of charm, Dom's given nothing yet Dom's 100% committed to every screen moment (love him!); Sam missing from Nik & Cassadine stories drives me crazy, and I thought Trina already knew she was Curtis daughter and literally don't give a fig anymore about it

  6. I think GH WAS better this year because of the vets who were finally used! (More Diane please..)
    The annoying and drawn-out storylines like Liz, Willow, Michael, Drew, Carly, etc. are kinda like the soaky cole slaw that comes with an amazing dinner - the dinner is so good, I can accept the coleslaw......
    having said that, though, we gotta move some of these stories along --- SURELY it's not during FEBRUARY sweeps when the audience finds out who is the hook person.....

  7. Agree with almost all of these. I'd swap the Ice Princess story with Everything Esme. The Ice Princess story was told in bits and chunks with no momentum. Avery Kristen Pohl is underrated and her character drove story for the first half of the year. The tower story has been a bit of a miss mostly because it hamstrings the character from doing what she does best and that is mixing it up with everyone else.
    Had to laugh at the most overused word: Wiley. Long time GH viewers will remember "Steven Lars" was uttered practically every 5 minutes in the late 70s.
    I would add most ruined character: Gladys. She was an absolute annoying hoot and pain in the ass when first introduced...and then suddenly she got "glamorized" and she's even on good terms with Sonny, who initially couldn't stomach to be in the same room with her.
    Most missed character: Yes, the sudden loss of Phyllis is kind of maddening...but I would add two others - Molly and Jackie Templeton. The latter won't be a popular choice. Kim Delaney was brought on with such fanfare and then the story went nowhere. There was a missed opportunity for Jackie to cross paths with Holly - there was no love lost between those two.
    Worst returning character and story: Jeff Webber and the whole Reiko story. After all these years longtime viewers have waited to see this character again and wonder why he'd been missing and had no contact with his daughter, Liz...this was the best they could do???
    Most wasted character: Laura. The show did such a great job last year with the story centered around her connection with Cyrus. But she's too much in a supporting role this year and she deserves to be front and center driving a story. I hope the show will rectify this as we head into the 60th anniversary.

  8. Andre Maddox gets best hair award! Given by General Hospital Snark...a funny FB page that some of you would love, some would not.



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