Monday, December 5, 2022

Party is Coming

 Drew tells Carly he has a lead on Willow's bio parents. It's a firefighter that knew the commune and she's flying in tonight!! "Denise" Is going to go see her himself. 

Willow STILL doesn't want to tell anyone about her cancer. WILEY might find out :eyeroll: She wants him to end his feud with Sonny. 

Britt is throwing a birthday party. Invites Austin. Cody asks if he can come. Britt tells him no and to go away. He means nothing to her. He says he doesn't believe it. She doesn't care.  She and Austin are going to plan a giant party. She wants to dance while she can.  Austin wants to make sure that she's not going to take herself out. She says no but she is going to go away. 

Laura, Mac and Flea are at the Metro restaurant. They talk about Holly... Valentin comes in and asks about her. Mac blasts him "it's your fault! Your family is always involved with the Ice Princess"!! Mac says he's going to get Victor. Val says don't assume he knows where his loyalty lies. 
Laura is starting to smell something fishy with the Holly story..Felicia tells her to go talk to Robert. She leaves. Valentin figures out that Victor must have Ethan. 

Mac and Cody talk, Mac tells him the necklace was destroyed in the fire. Cody realizes that he told Mac he wasn't his dad for the necklace and now NO NECKLACE AND NO DAD! 

Sonny knocks on Dex's door. Joss and He panic. She hides in his bedroom. Sonny wants to talk business. Dex is like, Um..can we talk at your office. Sonny wonders why they can't talk there. Sonny asks where we was held up after getting shot. Dex won't tell. Nope. Sonny gets mad. Joss comes out "IT WAS ME"!  Joss tells him it was her and then Dex tells her to leave. Sonny asks Dex why JOSS? He said he was going to the boathouse and collapsed and she found him. Sonny yells BIG MISTAKE!! Tells him to stay away from Joss. Sonny then tells him the plan about using his warehouses and Dex will be in charge of it. 

Michael then comes over. Pays off Dex for a job well done. Asks him to pack and leave. 

Olivia and Robert are in his office. She says that he shouldn't mourn over a woman that double crossed him. She thinks there's more to the story and reason why Holly did it.  She leaves. Laura comes in and says "Felicia said to talk to you"!! He says YEP and shows her the necklace!!!!!!BLOOP!! I'm so happy!! She IS the Ice Princess Story!  She's not thrilled she didn't know about the plan and Holly took her by gunpoint but she gets it. 


Valentin figures out Lucy is alive and has to get to Anna..NOW! Felicia gives Val a name to contact and his eyes get huge. He rips it up.. 

Carly phones Olivia to tell her exactly when Denise checks in. 

RORY is back tomorrow 


  1. Mildew home:

    Mildew: Oh Willow is such an idiot.. I'm sick of this secret! Get on with the truth that Nina is Willow's mama!

    Dex's home:

    Jex: Dex wins the line of the day.

    Dex: Let's pretend nobody is home.

    BAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHA! Sonny isn't stupid Dex. :) Oh I knew Joss was going to hide!!!

    Dex and Sonny: Oh Dex don't be stupid! Sonny is a very smart man! ROFL! I'm glad Joss came out and showed herself, and glad she said it was her that helped Dex. Bye bye Joss. Oh oh Sonny is angry! Oh Sonny! Michael told Dex to stay away from Joss and he didn't listen, so he isn't going to listen to you! :D

    Dex and Michael: Something bad this way comes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The hospital:

    Britch, Pawtucket Holtster, and Cowboy Cody: Partay time!!! Sorry Cowboy Cody. You are not invited. Hey where is Mason Jar? I miss him. :) I hope Mason Jar is invited to the party.

    Britch and Pawtucket Holtster: What a great scene! They need to be a couple! If she leaves, she needs to find out the truth that she doesn't have Huntington's and then they need to be a couple. :)

    Metrocourt restaurant:

    MacLecia, Laura, and V.C.: Mac needs to be told the truth about Holly, and he needs to be told NOW!!!!

    Laura, Felicia, and V.C.: Laura looks very suspiciously at Felicia! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

    Felicia and V.C.: Oooo who's name is on that paper? My first thought is Marty. Hey you just never know! ROFL!

    Cowboy Cody and Mac: Cowboy Cody almost told Mac the truth that I am your son, but of course Felicia had to walk up to them, so he changed his mind. Rats.

    Carly's home:

    Crew: I thought Denise was Cameron Mattheson's wife who was on GH a couple of times.

    Carly on the phone with Olivia:

    Olivia: I was just thinking about you.

    Awwwwwwwwwwwwwww! :) Wuv. :) Oh and of course Carly wants to talk to Denise.. Just to keep the secret. If only Carly knew that Willow needs her bio mama. If only Carly can help with that. Oh wait.

    Robert's office:

    Robert and Olivia: Great scene! :) And I love Olivia's winter coat. She looks great in it.

    Robert and Laura: I am so glad Robert told Laura the truth and showed the necklace!!!!! Now it's Mac's turn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. "Oh Willow is such an idiot" You got that right!

    2. "zazu says, "Oh Willow is such an idiot" You got that right!"

      Hahaha. It's her favorite thing to do. Keep secrets and lie! Enough is enough. Time to spill the hot hot tea! :)

    3. Yes, whose name could be on that napkin Felicia passed Valentin? Trying to think who would help Anna that we know and would surprise Valentin.

    4. I can only think of Frisco.

    5. Frisco would definitely help Anna but the actor won't come back.

    6. The way they showed Sonny and Valentin react to each other as they met at the elevator made me thing that it was Sonny's name on the napkin. That would fit with Val's surprise at the name, I think.

  2. I sure do love the vets! Love seeing moreover Robert, Mac and Felicia. Love it Love it.

  3. They really missed the boat by not pairing Austin with Britt. Love seeing those vets!

  4. Pat.......Sun, I bet you are right about Sonny's name being on the napkin. Makes sense because Sonny would do anything for Anna since she's Robin's mother. Sonny and Robin are very close because of Stone. Makes a lot of sense


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