Sunday, April 29, 2012


I had to share this for people that don't have twitter. Bradford Anderson just tweeted this photo. It's hysterical! Follow him on @BfordAnderson--twitter, you gotta LOVE IT! Brad is now on tour with "Port Chuck" the GH Band--check to see when it's in your area on

Sunday Surgery: Wolfbane

wolfbane - poisonous Eurasian perennial herb with broad rounded leaves and yellow or purple flowers and fibrous rootstock

Or as I like to say WolfMcBain! ahaha, get it?? Well, I mention that because of the fun Luke and McBain scene this week that referenced vampires and garlic.  Ah, be still my funnybone.  Between that and the Tracy, Luke and AZ scene GH was a giddy ride this week. Tracy in Alice's apron was priceless. And to have our LUKE BACK as a thinking, non-alcoholic happy guy again? Well, I could kiss the whole writing/production team. 

Friday, April 27, 2012

Friday Fiesta!

Anthony, Luke and TRACY!! yeah!! Tracy is in a MAID'S UNIFORM! heh... Luke knows she's trying to poison him! hee hee OMG!! Anthony suggests a 3-way with Anna, he and Tracy. Heh.
Luke is BACK! He's not some sad-ass'd drunk anymore. Yes!! I love he told Dante about Ronnie.

Ronnie..."Smarmie Marmie" He's a good actor, don't know if I appreciate this turn of events. Of course  it's a DIRTY COP in Port Charles!

Anna and Mac!! So good... JJY is stellar. What a waste not to have him on MORE THESE PAST DAMN 10 years!!
"It still shocks me how Felicia could leave her children to go after Frisco," says Anna. YEAH, I'd like to punch GUZA for getting rid of all mothers on GH. 

Alexis pulls out a letter from ROBIN!! Maxie won't listen of course. LOVED JEN LILLEY'S HAIR today!! WOW....

Patrick was a mess!! I loved him and Matt. wow... Jason Thompson even LOOKS physically ill.

 GO READ TV Watercooler's Soap memes!! News, Fun and Spoilers too.... there's a whole page of these fun photos! 

OH FELICIA Jen  Lilley looks like her too!
Matt's remembering!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

OUT of OFFICE Today!

Sorry but I'm outta here for today-- Let me know what happens!! I think I had my fill of ConKate anyway. Maybe it's good to take a day off... heh.
Thanks for your support and have a WUBBY day !

JaSam: Being Backwards

 Yep... I've figured it out. The aftermath of the JaSam story is being written backwards. Confused? Well you won't be! 
Since they decided to go with "the rape" -- (or they seem to be right now) it should have been played the opposite of what it was. JASON should have been the one to have found out Sam was  indeed, raped and was carrying Franco's baby. That would have set up a conflict in HIM whether or not to tell Sam. Spinelli could have figured out the Heather Webber connection had Jason go confront her and then have the story unfold. 
It would have been about SAM-- not Jason.  Jason's reaction to all this is just sad. Makes me furious. How's Jason coping? Did Sam lie "too much"? If Jason knew first, you know he would have kept it from her as long as possible. Think of the advice he could have sought from Monica. How did she cope with raising HIM when he wasn't her own baby? He could have talked to Liz-- How did SHE cope with her rape? Maybe he could have eventually gone to Alexis and they could figure out how to tell Sam.
It would have been just as 'juicy' as far as the 'keeping the truth' from someone but with the tables turned, it turns into the woman's story, not the man's. 
Jason would be struggling with the whole "twin" thing-- and then struggling with breaking the news to Sam about the DNA. 

*sigh* Most soap Who's the Baby Daddy is told from the woman's point of view, it would have been great to have seen it turned on it's head in this one. 

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

 GET OVER TO GET GLUE for some FAB  GH Stickers!

Sonny throws the picture!! You knew he had it in him!! Then he drinks a giant scotch. :) heh. What did he put in the fire? Plans? What?
When ConKate came out to "Kate"  I laughed SO DAMN HARD! LMAO...that was so bad. wow.
Carly--please. Go away--far. I know you're upset but it's not like you haven't screwed around on NUMEROUS people! And of course the first thing you do is try to "revenge" with Sonny. UGH

Liason on the roof. I can hear you fans screaming -- even from across the country LOL I love Steve in blue. ENOUGH with the black! At least LIZ is trying to talk some sense into him.

McBam-- Sam's not learning. whoops.

HELL Olivia hit Heather. Whoops. Dang. Olivia ! DON'T HIT THE CRAZY LADY! I don't care about the Memphis shit either.

The Avengers thing was weird but I liked it because of CAM. He's adorable. Bring on Sam from OLTL too. Oh I miss that kid!

GEDSTERN sent me a bunch of new spoilers, check the WUBS page in a bit!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Avenger's Movie and GH!


The Avengers is getting a little promotion amongst the soap opera audience this week. Marvel has announced that Wednesday's episode of the ABC soap opera General Hospital will see a screening of The Avengers figuring into the plot.

The official plot description is as follows: "Spinelli (Bradford Anderson) attends a movie screening, along with Matt (Jason Cook) and Cameron (Braeden Walkes) while contemplating his theory who killed Dr. Lisa Nikes."

Fox did a similar tactic promoting Avatar via an episode of Bones in 2009. Joel David Moore starred in both Avatar and on Bones. General Hospital airs weekdays at 3 PM EST/2 PM PST on ABC.

Worst Birthday EVER!

Who's the random peeps at Sonny's Bday party-- Coffee Bean Buyers? 

McBain has a search warrant! Max...ut oh... McBain also brought him a gift: A framed newspaper article about his sister.
Meanwhile, at Johnny's Sonny gets an eyeful! 

WHOOPS. I'm so sorry but Sonny wouldn't have said a WORD he would have taken his gun out  and shot him!! RIGHT THERE!! Brandon Barash was PRICELESS during that scene!! WOW!! He was just gloating. "I touched your girlfriend...over and over"!
Sonny FINALLY pulls out his gun...a BIT TOO LATE. Geesh, he stood there long enough "thinking'!

I HATE CARLY it's Official. I am driving the DRIVE the Kill CARLY TRAIN! 

Michael sees the cake and goes "Holy Crap' ahahhaha. Carly thinks Sonny's just fighting with Kate. Whoops.
CARLY FINDS Johnny and Kate!! Oh wow... just like.Bobbie finding her and TONY!. Aw, Carly how does it feel? 

Alexis should have lied to Jason's face about McBain! Geeeeesh, You're a Cassadine, just LIE LIKE A RUG! Jason is still being an ass. He left Sam there to go save Sonny.  Oy.

And LIASON explosion at the end. Liz tells on Sam...and then cut to Sam talking to the Fronkey in her belly and a JaSam flashback. And Sam says: "I don't want to lose him, send me a sign" 
and...she turns and says "Jason"...

DESTINY calling!! woot!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Sam, why would you tell ANYONE about Franco? Who cares....just leave him dead. 

Carly is charging her Uncle Luke for stuff? Oh, Luke's not going to like that!! Watch OUT Caroline!! It may come back to bite you! "I was hoping it was a girlish infatuation" not that YOU WERE IN LOVE WITH HIM!! LOL Then Luke says "get your head out of your shapely butt" and reminds Carly they are FAMILY.

Alberta was on set the day the ConKate Johnny scenes were filmed! 

 Sonny's party is still rollin' along. LOL.. ConKate has to have been gone for awhile now, she's at Johnny's all ready to go! What was Johnny kicking on the floor?? geesh. See that photo up there? Yep, my lobster was on SET THE DAY THIS WAS FILMED!! See Connie's pink shirt?! Yep! ConJon have sex--oooooooo.

Notice at the party what a douche Jason was being. GOD..he's such a baby. Alexis tells them Molly wants to name the baby "Apollo" !! hee hee. Jason walks off, sulking. Sulk, Sulk.  Alexis "this is more than just a deficit in his social skills" heh..yep, he's a SULKER! Sonny's party was so boring, Johnny should have sent over Strippers from Vaughn's to liven the place up!!

Ronnie and Lulu how obvious. Lulu's going to be in trouble! Seems stupid she'd be working when Dante is at the party. I'm assuming this is night time? Not a lot to file after 5pm. LOL She finds out Ronnie was off duty when every stripper was attacked.

Looks like Steve's dragged into the Organ Stealing ring! Steve's getting talked to by the Memphis police  showed up. (Heather called Olivia)

AND SONNY WALKS IN ON CONJON in bed--and Alexis tells  Jason Sam confided in  McBain. Whoops!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Brandon Barash Rumor

Brandon Tweeted this today!

A huge Brandon Barash is leaving rumor swept Twitter earlier today and seems to have started gaining speed. Brandon Barash tweeted as  far as he knew he was staying... Then Raven got in on it on Facebook and said he's going. THEN Daytime Confidential got this up: Brandon Barash saying he's STAYING!
My sources say there are no plans for him leaving anytime soon. That's all I've got. I'll keep you posted!

John Ingle Back to Work!

Woo hoo! Eddie Q is coming back to work next week!! YEP! Look for some great Q  scenes!

Sunday Surgery: Conjoined Twins

Now, let's see. What would be something over the top, dramatic and just plain kookie on soaps?! CONJOINED TWINS! Hey, a girl came dream, right?!
The theme is TWINS: Jason and Franco (paternal) and Connie and Kate (mental). Also my TWIN headache with this show lately. Sit back, relax and join Chang and Eng for this week's Sunday Surgery. (don't forget to scrub up!) 

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Happy Birthday Dom!

Alberta had the pleasure of meeting Dom Z at least 3x--lucky him!! LOL....We wish him a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! If you ever get the chance to attend an event he's at or giving, go!! I saw him in Toronto with Ronnie and Lisa LoCicero and they were so fun.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Luke's all dressed for the Cabana! Geesh! Love him in white but weird to see this time of year. Loved Lulu's outfit. Lulu's got it all figured out, except how to keep her suspicions from Ronnie! whoops.

Sam QUIT BEGGING Jason!! There's so much wrong with this dialog. It's really hard to watch. It's flipped on it's head.It's was painful to watch.

Fastest Party ever!! Alexis was pretty early. KRISTINA mention...wonder why... lol The only good part was stupid Connie telling Alexis to go change!

Connie should have teased her hair and been in '80's she's trapped there!

OMG..the Cake "Murder" Scene!! ahaahhaahaa. First of all, that cake was SO UGLY... Second, Connie should have "had" Johnny on it..not murdered it. Connie does goes to change-- and then GOES TO Johnny!!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Anna and John had the same outfits on! lol.."What about Natalie and Liam"?? Yeah...what about them!?

Jason needs to STFU when it comes to this. Sam thinks she was raped...he should be consoling her NOT YELLING at her!!

Starr gets Sonny's FULL history from Johnny!! Hey, Johnny could play the piano and Starr could sing!! Johnny knows Rick Powers the porn guy!! It so figures...
Natalie WHO?
 Anna tells John to go home--but he can't because of the gothic pull from the moors! heh! She says he has 8 weeks to tie his investigation up.  John is going home to tell Nat he's staying in PC for awhile. 
I saw a rumor that has Nat and Liam go into hiding because of an AZ threat.

LOVED Epiphany on Paddy's couch. She gives him one last night to "fall apart" AWWW

Spin and Matt on that damn boat.  Ugh. Hate that story still. I know they have to save Maxie but it's stupid. 

YOU HAVE TO READ TV Watercooler's Soap Memes--ahahhaha. GO to the bottom of the page (skip over NuKrissy's boobalations) you won't be sorry!!

MONTAGE today ! I like the Song Starr sang, sue me. Sam had to BEG JASON to hold her? WTH was that!?

Feast Your Face on A FRANCO FEST!

OH yes, the newest Quartermaine is having a Birthday today! You know WUBS couldn't do without a HUGE FRANCO-Mania Post!

Franco signing ALBERTA  Lobster AT MOCA after his big shoot! 

Thrill of a lifetime for Alberta...sadly as usual, I wasn't there, just sent her along!! I know people are sick of him but dang, sorry, the whole "Francophrenia" thing is just too fun to pass up. The movie, based on his time at GH Is running at the Tribeca Film Fest! ANYTHING that PRs GH is good in my book. 

 Of course, there's that famous MONKEY (Fronkey) he used on set. Evoking James Dean and promoting his movie, Planet of the Apes.  Brillant-hahaha. And who doesn't like a clapping monkey?
I would like to point out that everytime his name is mentioned lately "General Hospital" appears somewhere in the interview or description. At the very least, I'm taking that as great press. 

There are some great TUMBLR Blogs dedicated to Mr. F if you are so inclined. This gif is from weeniefranco (love the name!!) They do gifs all day of him.

So, let's just sit back and celebrate the fact that an Oscar-nominated actor was on GH, brought some goofy stuff with him and left us with...a possible baby. You can't fault the man for trying to do art for art's sake, right?

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Lexi and Nancy Talk about Krissy Recast

 in SOD: 

After yesterday's announcement that GH will welcome daytime newbie Lindsey Morgan the week of May 21 as its new Kristina, Lexi Ainsworth (ex-Kristina) and Nancy Lee Grahn (Alexis) spoke out on Twitter. "Thank you guys for all your support but I won't be reprising the role of Kristina. I loved her but I've also loved being free to do film," wrote Ainsworth, who elaborated, "I enjoyed meeting Frank & I know you will love the new Kristina that he has found. I learned so much from my GH home & want to grow further." Commented Grahn, "Lexi's already got offers 4 many primetime projects. She didn't want 2 sign contract. & Kristina contract role. IMO she made right decision."

I am hoping beyond HOPE this is the case and she was asked back. Having Kristina grow up on screen was really important to me as a viewer. I think she and KA (Starr) would have played really well off each other. I know NLG loves Lexi and supports whatever she does. She will be missed.
We'll follow her career wherever she goes!! Just ask people like Amber Tamblyn or even JJ when he was off the show for a bit. We stalk ya'll all over the industry!!

Oh, Jason, It's Gonna Be a VERY Bad Day!

NOOOOOOOO Fronkey is not my TWIN!! 

There's Sam, all ready to tell Jason! Jason looks like a deer in headlights: I had a twin? Oh, honey, not JUST ANY sir. A Fronkey twin!

Steven LARS is like 3 feet shorter than Ewan  LOL... 

Oh Poor ConKate, third in line to Sonny after Olivia and Canolis!! hee hee.. How fun. I so wish Olivia would have decked her. There's The MIRROR TRICK--- Connie talking to Kate. ugh This accent is just so bad her faces? UGH!! And she digs in that damn handbag again. I counted.  In the past 2 days she's dug in there 66 times. 
I was really trying not to lose it when Kate was int he mirror talking to "Connie"!!

Starr and Michael..sorry I like them. I miss OLTL so much. 

Heather was great throwing Maggie up against the nurses' station, I thought she was going to crack it in half! WOW!! 

RIP DICK CLARK....what a part of my life.. I don't remember a time when he wasn't on TV

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

New Kristina To Come To GH

Although I am not happy about this, I do welcome the new actress to the show:

Read all about Lindsey Morgan on SID . I wish Lexi Ainsworth all the best in her career, I really enjoyed her as Kristina.
I can't STAND SKATE!! I can't stand her! UGH and usually I love DID stories but this is so painful and they are on EVERY DAMN DAY!! 

Oh, Sam and McBain are my "Miss You" Blink 182 song... ahhhhhhhh!! They yapped on the bench too long! They'd better not be siblings either. I want a full blown other-wordly sabbat-ridden WUB story here. Sam says the baby is Franco's--some have the question if Heather could have changed that paternity test. Hmmmm, not sure.
McBam  HUG1!

VERDICT IS IN! Like Sonny would ever go to jail! LOL Right. Whatever. Hey, Carly did see Starr finally. OMG did you see Carly sit next to Johnny and not Jason? YEPPER!
 WOW, Sonny's free! Not Guilty. Who would have thought it?!! Starr in her PitBull mode.  She often does that for non-watchers of OLTL.

Heather is the best part of this show. Steve's shirt looks just like PJs!! She brought up that Steven Lars and Jason were cousins--finally!

Mulva's hubby Eddie came on. Crap and I kinda liked Dolores today!! She was pretty good when he was saying he wasn't guilty! Geesh, Ronnie just admit you did

Hello there the angel from my nightmare
The shadow in the background of the morgue
The unsuspecting victim of darkness in the valley
We can live like Jack and Sally if we want
Where you can always find me
And we'll have Halloween on Christmas
And in the night we'll wish this never ends
We'll wish this never ends

(I miss you I miss you)

(I miss you I miss you)

Monday, April 16, 2012

Geary and Benard Dish GH!


"For the last year or two we've been living on death row hoping for a reprieve, so this feels great," says GH icon Anthony Geary (Luke). "We're all breathing a sigh of relief, although we don't really know what this all means."

"For all we know, we've only bought ourselves six months," notes GH star Maurice Benard (Sonny). But that's not stopping the celebration on the set. "It's a beautiful day in Port Charles!" Benard says. "Everyone's excited and we're determined to work hard and keep this thing going. Our goal now is to boost our ratings and be the No. 1 soap. Then they can't cancel us!"
Both Geary and Benard applaud the behind-the-scenes shakeup at the soap, which is now headed by exec producer, Frank Valentini, and head writer, Ron Carlivati, from ABC's recently cancelled One Life to Live. "Frank is a force of nature who is bringing great energy to the set," says Geary. "He loves this show and is fully prepared to go down with the ship, standing on the bow screaming at the top of his lungs. I can only admire that. It has made me and most of us want to work harder. Some people don't like it because they got complacent, and I'm not just talking about actors but people throughout the production. Those who don't want to work harder will not stay."

Read it all on TV! Pretty Good stuff. 

I Carry These Around Everywhere!

Who's this..? It's HEATHER with he crazy papers!! Are you setting me up on a date? LOL!! 

The docks--wow. McBain and Starr on MY PC DOCKS! :thud" such a dream come true..and with Ron writing? Heaven. Sorry..heaven! Michael had a 2012 calendar with a "date with Abbey" on it and she died LAST YEAR. doh!

Alexis and Sam--just TALK to her Sammy!! Who saw that giant carrot cake behind Sam?! Heh..and Heather is just priceless with her.

ConKate made me laugh today 'JUST SHUT UP AND LEAVE ME AALLLLONE""  She was sooo like that guy that did LEAVE BRITNEY ALOOOOOOOOOOONE!! YouTube!! ahaha

 Wow she walks into Ewan's office when Olivia is there!! Annnnd,  Olivia doesn't MAKE THE CONNECTION. Dang. 

From Jason Thompson on Twitter via Instagram!

 I think the stupidest person on the show is: Steven Lars. There

Oh, and come on... we know it's not going to be Dolores' hubby--tooooo obvious. 

AHAHA LOVED that Heather chased Jason out and called him "cousin"!! hee hee. His face was so fun.

Franco Book Signing at MOCA

 I know some of you loathe the Franco-- but sorry, gotta get this one up as it mentions our fine show!! LA TIMES: 

James Franco is as meta as it gets, the ultimate in creative cross-pollination. He’s an actor-turned-artist-turned-author-turned-actor-playing-an-artist-named-Franco in the soap opera “General Hospital." His new self-referential filmic offshoot, “Francophrenia” documents that experience. He’s also been cast in the upcoming Seth Rogen movie, in which he plays -- who else -- the actor-artist-author James Franco.
Drawing on all those areas of interest, Franco appeared at MOCA on Saturday in conversation with art theorist and Rhode Island School of Design digital culture lecturer Francisco Ricardo. The sold-out event –- which drew an appropriately young, hip-looking crowd of roughly 200 -- marked the release of Franco’s new book, “The Dangerous Book Four Boys.” The book is a companion to the 2010 New York exhibition of the same name and collects interviews, photographs and multimedia artworks around the themes of childhood and media, among other things.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Lexi Ainsworth In Bella Petite!

Who knew there was a mag out there for us shorter people!!? Well, Bella Petite is a great site and interviewed our own Lexi Ainsworth. Hit the link for the full article..PS. Lexi is 5' 1".

Lexi is also featured on a podcast:

Podcast Now Playing: Tune in to a fabulous guest celebrity “Entertainment Edition” on the Bella Petite Hour with host Ann Lauren featuring handsome actor Jeff L. Williams, along with a petite celebrity profile with the pretty General Hospital Soap Star and big screen actress Lexi Ainsworth.

Excerpt from pre-interview:

 BELLA PETITE: Do you have any upcoming red carpet appearances and or awards that you are nominated for later this year for us to follow?
LEXI: I am nominated for another Young Artist Award for “Best Performance In A Daytime Series”. The red carpet event takes place on Sunday, May 6, 2012. May 4th is the official announcement of the Daytime Emmy nominees for which I am currently pre-nominated for another “Outstanding Younger Actress In A Drama Series”!

Bella Petite is also on Facebook! 

Sunday Surgery: Intracardiac injection

 And...BOOM! Just like UMA in Pulp Fiction, GH is up and ready to keep going! This in a 9th hour reprieve that is great news, but doesn't mean we're out of the woods. I think ABC made the right move and if they had stuck with the REV after it's disaster ratings, they would have had a lot of 'splainin to do. As it is, they look like asses for pulling OLTL in favor of that tripe. 

There will be more time for the Cartini vision to happen as well. I know some are nervous GH is turning into OLTL in more ways than one. When FL comes on, get ready for some powerful acting. She commands the room. Roger Howarth will be back, and I can't help but think TSJ will follow (and the announcement really soon) because of the story that's hanging on his "death". It's hard for me to imagine NOT being happy about this because OLTL was my fave show. I see a meld as a great thing. Hell, I wouldn't mind if some AMCers came on over. But that's me. 

ON to the week! Of course, Heather made every scene FUN FUN FUN to watch!! It was awesome---especially the milkshake all over Anna. heh... nice. Her obsession with Luke is great. I love his reactions to her. A bit horrified. We haven't seen TG have fun in a loooooooong time. Spoilers  say he gives Heather a job at Kelly's! woot! 

SCENE OF THE WEEK: I have to go with McSon and their bitch fest. Michael Easton and Maurice just tore it up.  WOW. Max and Milo didn't even know what to do! No one has made any kind of threats to Sonny that we've 'believed'..well, McBain nailed it.  Powerful scene and I loved it. I want more to come out about his sister!!

RUNNER UP: Heather and Sam in the hallway of GH. Oh, Sam, Sam have NO idea what you are playing with here.  Heather's all "wow, you're kid could grow up to be an artist"!! LOL.

FUN of the WEEK: Spinelli falling on his face while listening to Matt and Maxie. Heh.. it was an unexpected thing. I still love the MatSpin Bromance...
RUNNERS UP:  Anything Heather, Anna and Luke!! WOOOT! 

NOT the SCENE OF THE WEEK: Maggie...who cares. She came out and I was like WTH? She's still here? And Steven Lars goes into his hyperventilation mode while talking to her. UGH

I give the "trial" a C- ..if you could even call it a trial! It was rushed and weird and not done well, imo. I did like the new DA guy which some people told me was on the old 90210. The BEST part of the trial is watching Jason watch ConKate "Morphing" heh-- he's like WTH!! 

I had the week off to watch (on vacation Mon/Tues) and now it's back to work. I should be back now and again to tune in. Now that GH is saved for awhile we can all breath a sigh of relief. Now is the time to UNITE and put the fan wars to rest. I know it's part of being a soap fan, but we need to just get it done.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

New Spoilers are UP!

Does LULU wanna be a copper too? NEW Spoilers are up.. and it looks like my first spoiler about Ronnie was correct! Hit a sponsor for the good of WUBS.  Thanks. BTW, Flo Lozano is in the house and filming next week. Soon, RH will be back as well.

Ratings Continue to Slide...

GO to SON for full details!

Total Viewers
1. Y&R 3,960,000 (-164,000/-603,000) <—– new low *
2. B&B 2,811,000 (-174,000/-16,000)
3. GH 2,244,000 (-11,000/-361,000)
4. DAYS 2,162,000 (-137,000/-201,000) <—– new low **

Monday: 1.8/2,360,000
Tuesday: 1.6/2,226,000
Wednesday: 1.8/2,361,000
Thursday: 1.6/2,216,000
Friday: 1.5/2,056,000

This doesn't help the cause at all...especially for DOOL-- which is hanging on by a thread. BOO 

Friday, April 13, 2012

The Heart Wants What the Heart Wants*

Oh Crazy ConKate  is on the stand..and I don't get the DA asking if it's KATE'S gun...doesn't he want it to be Sonny's? Or am I missing something!? 

Jason looked smashing in his black suit!! and I loved Spin and Jason's little ultrasound exchange. heh
 HAHAHA, Look what NLG tweeted me about Jason's tshirt lol:

he's wearing it under his suit. It's super glued to his skin so it goes everywhere he goes

Sam and Heather! Sam, uh, she's crazy watch the hell out. Heather grabs the DNA test!! WOOT! Sam is trying to double blackmail her! And yes, Heather WAS married to Edward for a nano-second.

AZ shows up to testify! And he lies like a dog...woof! BUT Alexis goes after him!! He says he can see well because he "eats a lot of carrots"! She goes after him with his eye sight. That trial was pretty lame -- where's crazy ConKate?! Hurry up!

Of course, Anna, Tracy and Luke were awesome today. SIGH..loved them!! SO GLAD Luke knows Tracy's truth!!

Josslyn was on with her POOH in her mouth!  OMG she's so cute...  Johnny reads her a nice story. Awwww. Josslyn has been MIA so long I hardly recognized her. 

The only part of M&M I liked was Spinelli fell through the door. Maxie needs to wear Erin Walton's sack cloth dress. (from the fire, remember!?)  

BRAD AND ANGELINA are engaged!! Just passing that along! Not that I care but it IS NEWS!

* that's a Woody Allen quote and Luke used it today

Thursday, April 12, 2012

A BLT At Kelly's!

Oh Heather mentions Dr. Jeff and his fave BLT sammaches!! Oh loved Heathe's line "He prefers blondes"!! Heh...RUBY MENTION, Rose Mention..and Heather WACKS the milkshake all over Anna.  OMG!! TOO FUNNY!

Olivia goes in for Heather but Ewan thinks she's talking about ConKate! LOL

OH Johnny looked all suave--shaved, suited up! Me likey.

Michael is groping Starr in front of Sonny...

The Trial: Tracy saying "Not that I wouldn't have minded" (Sonny killing AZ) heh. Starr on the stand was interesting. Now, her testimony about Anthony saying Sonny shot out his tires is total hearsay isn't it?? Half the questions asked couldn't be asked in real life LOL.

Dr. Kelly was too fun..she knew Sam was up to something! Stupid Jason didn't though. And BTW, the whole "Sam is lying"?? Well, THAT'S WHAT SOAP CHARACTERS DO...they LIE! LIE LIE! Ultrasounds are so much more graphic now.  

CAN'T WAIT FOR Crazy to come out on the stand!! WOOT! 


 Sorry, just really happy for the cast, crew and all involved with GH--and THE FANS!! Every one of us helped keep the show on-- No matter what we are a soapy family :sniff:  I can't wait to see what Cartini will do with a whole year! Keep watching and talking about the show--woot!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012


YES!! GH is staying!! The Revolution is getting CANNED and GH is saved! Deadline reports:

EXCLUSIVE: Soap fans can rejoice — I’ve learned that ABC will keep its only remaining daytime drama General Hospital on the air while canceling freshman talk show The Revolution. The news ends months of speculation about what will happen to the venerable soap whose long-time 3 PM slot will be taken over by Katie Couric’s new syndicated talk show in the fall. With Katie joining ABC’s daytime lineup, General Hospital and new lifestyle series The Chew and The Revolution, which replaced canceled soaps All My Children and One Life To Live, have been competing for two slots, with Disney-ABC TV Group president Anne Sweeney stating early on that the two stronger performers will make the cut

I Saw Max!!

Yes I did!! 
OMG Sam's stomach is HUGE...I was gone Mon/Tuesday and It's grown about 4 months. LOL I am so falling for McBam. My last 'couple' lust was Jolivia and that seems forever ago. I haven't had a super-couple type love in a LONG time. These two just..eek. *sigh* It's the zexy voices! The looks!! I hope they do a gothic story where they were past lovers in old lives or whatever. OH Liz saw Sam/McBain talking!! hmmmmmmmm.

Maggie was ON THE SCREEN! Dead Character walking!!! I hope she goes really gruesome!

Max and Milo..did they read my blog?? LOL..McBain offers Max a mint! Sonny and McBain. EYECANDY for me!! GREAT SCENE with those two today!!

I really like it that Kristen (Starr) is on GH because she makes me like Michael. I like the bad-dads angle they use and he's not such a douche with her. I like their chem-- and he seems like a real "youth" with her unlike he was with Abby.

Jason and Spinelli were just filler--I wish they'd speed that Maxie sheeze along.  Is she getting Crimson out from behind bars? 

ConKate--I think Connie went and spray tanned Kate LOL she looked yellow/orange today.


Hey, I love you & I've got nothing but love for . Thanks for your support. Jobs come & go, we keep on. That's !

Sam's Baby: Good Story or Just Plain Mean?

 Should have taken that shot!

I asked the question on twitter about this you think that the STORY will be better if the baby is Franco's?? (not that you hate the idea or whatever--- but BETTER STORY). Here we go with some tweets...thoughtful and interesting and surprisingly not a lot of bashing!!

: Do you think it's more interesting if the baby is Franco's as far as STORY goes for JaSam? Or no? ” NO!! It has to be Jason's!

 Sandra @SandyPaws
It being Franco's baby IS more interesting but I have NO BONE in this story.Prefer Liason but not invested.But am bitter about Jake

Yes it's much more soapy..imo RT : Do u think it's mor interestng if the baby is Franco's as far as STORY goes for JaSam? Or no?

I think it would be more interesting. It would actually give Sam a good story, and maybe help someone watching

no! I am so mad that they are doing this! I was so excited for and new beginning of GREAT soap but with this news I'm done!

Oh I think its very soapy. I thinks it a better story. Because Sam didn't want the baby if it was Franco. Now she has to face that.

 Destinyvc @vickis_secrets
I want baby to be Jason's & I think it'll be in the end, but I think RC is doing what GW should've done in beginning, address rape

Not interesting, no. JaSam were interesting because they were a unique couple. This latest turn of events makes them cliche

 And this echos how I'm feeling:
 @pookisama I've lost all interest in the baby ;P 

This story was changed, imo. it was never played that Franco raped Sam.  He was playing a mind game with JaSam but didn't go through with it. I personally wish it would have been dropped, especially since "Franco" is supposedly dead, chopped up and fed to the hogs by Jason.  I'm so over WTD stories. Plus the fact that who knows if the DNA 'markers' will be changed again. Whatever.  I guess I'll wait to see how shakes out!

WHAT SAYS YOU!!? Are you intrigued by this change of events? Do you want to see Franco again? (not saying he's coming on, but who knows)-- let me know!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Real Housewife ALEXIS from OC comes to GH

OMG and I LOTHE her-- more than any other housewife beeatch out there-- good god. Why Why Why. 
One of THE REAL HOUSEWIVES OF ORANGE COUNTY, Alexis Bellino, will be appearing on GENERAL HOSPITAL. She tweeted today, "I just arrived on set of General Hospital for my 1st cameo appearance! EXCITING! I can't tell details yet but I will soon!"

cameo..she's playing herself? oh..lord.

What Happened While I was Away?!

Soooooooo what's the skivvy? Someone on FB said Today's GH was really fun. I got home too late to watch. I have to get back into the game tomorrow big time!! 


Monday, April 9, 2012

Tea Makes Her Way To Port Charles!

Florencia Lozano is coming to GH! She played Tea on OLTL-- Ted King was her "brother" Tomas. She'll do doubt be back when Roger Howarth reprises his Todd Manning role. Her hubby on the show was Victor, his twin brother. Confusing I know. You might not be happy more OLTLers are coming but believe me, FL is an awesome actress.
I think Trevor St. John may be coming next.
 I am in Toronto at the moment, typing from the Royal York Hotel lobby. My Florida News connection txt'd me when I was on the Peace Bridge LOL.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Sunday Surgery: Gowanda

Gowanda. We all have ours. Well, we did-- back in the day when state run mental institutions were in use... Regan era shut a lot down but some still exist I think. Anyway, OUR mental hospital was Gowanda. You'd get threats you'd get sent there "Stop actin' a fool or you'll go to Gowanda"!.  I think MidState was Marcy. Here locally, it's R Wing. Why would I bring this up? Well, looking at Heather at Ferncliff made me think about the way they had that place set up. Like a jail! LOL And she had some kind of scrubs on. Weird. It looked just like Anthony Z's "visiting room" in the pokey. So, you'd think Steven LARS would know his Mama isn't exactly at a place where she's "rehabilitated"-- wouldn't she be in a halfway house? 

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Happy Easter And Wubs!

Just a fun photo I found...hope you ae having a great weekend so far! There will e a Sunday Surgery tomorrow so don't forget to look!
PS I ate about 44 jelly beans today..all nice and hard. YUM!

Friday, April 6, 2012

Ratings: It Is What It Is

Numbers are based on Live+Same Day ratings
(Compared to Last Week/Compared to Last Year)
Total Viewers
1. Y&R 4,124,000 (+59,000/-618,000)
2. B&B 2,985,000 (+36,000/+76,000)
3. DAYS 2,299,000 (+47,000/+11,000)
4. GH 2,255,000 (+8,000/-465,000)

Monday: 1.9/2,561,000
Tuesday: 1.6/2,087,000
Wednesday: 1.8/2,360,000
Thursday: 1.8/2,252,000
Friday: 1.5/2,014,000

I put Day to Day up because they are significant in that 1.6 and 1.5 are not good--and we didn't hit a 2.0. 

SOMEONE has to redo that AWFUL Metro Court decor. Please..I'm beggin' here. Connie? You hear me? You drive me insane but do this for me and I'll love you. 

Maxie in Jail clothes!! Alexis is being such a good lawyer to her.  OMG I don't CARE WHO killed Lisa Niles..and I don't care about the strippahs either!!

I would love a TV show with Matt, Spin and David Vickers (dog AND man) it would be hilarious. 

Connie is having foot sex with Ewan and Liz walks in hee hee. OMG him screaming at ConKate in the middle of the Metro was hysterical. This is just the weirdest story ever. She's flipped four times since having that outfit on alone. LMAO

Sam and John...they could be siblings, maybe she's the sister he thought was dead.  LOL Anyway, she almost said that Jason killed Franco. Whoops. 
Finally Alexis and McBain talk.

Not sure when Sunday Surgery will be out, I'll try to have it up Sunday Mornin' ... Keep an eye out! 
Sorry guys, no plans to return to GH. But I'm happy to hear positive things about the show. That's great.

Finola Hughes On Contract

Finola Hughes signed with GH and will remain with the show..well...until there is no show! Congrats. You know I love her and think she adds a huge amount to Port Charles.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Max and Milo: MIA?

Knowing how much Cartini loves their quirky extras, I'm surprised ol' Max and Milo haven't been around more!! Hmmmm. Where they be? Von's??

Today is Thursday which means you're on your own! Play nice-- let me know if GH is worth the watch. 
And keep calling STEVE...STEVEN LARS because that's the way we do it! 

Florida Wubbers: Film Fest Features Springfield!

That's right!! Florida-- you Film FEST will feature Yellow Rick Road Productions "An Affair of the Heart"! Get all the details on their Facebook Page. Check out their Nashville screenings as well-- set for April 23rd.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

ConKate Reads OLTL BOOK!

That's right! ConKate opened the show reading a book on Niki/Viki from OLTL! hahahaaa. Great shot. 
 Sean was back today with the giant manish stripper. (someone on twitter told me I can't say  tranny anymore :sobbing:)
Sonny gets a restraining order against JOHN McBAIN! LOL Oh! Sam goes to the lakehouse to see Alexis. Alexis had to leave..awww. Poor Sam. McBAIN shows up and oh no!! LOL.. She's going to give in to the McBAM  and tell him?? Really?
Heather is  A BEAUTY to behold heh...she's just ruthless. That's how the baddies were in the old days. No whitewashing, no flip flopping, no "Character" development. Just crazy as hell. LOL No apologies! LOVED Her talking to Steven Lars.  hee hee.

Anna and Olivia meet!  I love it...and Olivia totally outs Connie in a blink of an eye. heh

Lulu gives Spin a folder without even THINKING about it... she's such a Spencer. NOW she wants to pose as a stripper. PLEASE!!

Damn it... Heather has to call Steven Lars "Steve" now. He's STEVEN LARS FOREVER!!

NEW Spoilers UP!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

"It Just Isn't Jason"...IT's a FRANK!

Heh... you KNEW IT! Fronkey Frenetic Twins!! ahahahaa. Gotta love it.  Called it when he got shot. What else could explain his Jase LOVE ?? Heather: She was in labor again!! The NURSE took the baby- Franco's "Mama"?! Yep...Betsy Frank!! hee hee... Sam realizes the baby could still be Franco's ...

Carly gave Luke a bill because Anna's staying with him heh. Luke realizes Carly's with Johnny! Aw, Johnny wants to go public with Carly !! I love that they are having Luke and Caroline interact more. Nice. Now get Bobbie on here!

Stupid Steve and Johnny in the HALLWAY talking...DUH great place for that

Oh, Kate...did you shop at Target? God she comes out more than...well (insert joke)

OLIVIA PUT A hit out on Johnny basically..what? Come on. lol. That doesn't ring true at all does it? Oh wait..not exactly that..just shut him up. Oh, ok.  When Johnny and Carly walked in it was priceless. Johnny was having the time of his life!!

Oh Luke and McBain...eeeeeeeeeeeeeee! I love the crossovers!! Sorry. But I do!! You're aware that I saved the world!" says Luke to McBain, who mentions Frank Smith as well.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Ya Matha?

 They got the area code right. Of course, it changed to 585 but that was way
after St. Jasus was born!
Oh I can't stand Steve--just sayin' not sure why.... but hes driving me insane.  Speaking of INSANE-- there's Heather. Robin Mattson looks great.
At least with Steve we get Olivia, I do like my Lisa LoCiccero!

Steve told the story about his sale--and almost abortion. THEN he told about the LSD insanity stuff.  heehee. Such a twisted storyline! 
Heather likes Franco's work!! ahhha....she would! And she calls Steven STEVEN LARS-- which is his real name.

Hey, MICHAEL cops are the GOOD GUYS.  Well, in most universes--yes, there are a few dirty cops but MOBSTERS are not the "good" ones. Hey, who saw Mob Wives last night??! Man, talk about witnessing a breakdown!! wow... sad, sad sad. That's real life mob fallout. Karen was a true friend to go to Renee after she had given her sheeze about her dad flipping. 
"It's a mob hamlet"John says.  lol... Anna was like "but Robin was close to Sonny".... yada yada. Oh Anna, Robert hates Sonny--you should too.

McBain and Anna have a connection with the FBI ..nice. I bet they knew Mulder and Scully too! LOL FINOLA is just perfection no matter who she's with. She's just making me swoon lol. I have a girl crush!! I have a girl crush!!

Spinelli wore baby blue today! Nice contrast to the black. 

Jen Lilley was so good with Patrick today-- her eyeballs were swimming with tears! Patrick was so nice to Maxie today. I am sick of her "PLEASE HATE ME" Lines, they need to move on from that quick.

TWO BIG REVEALS TODAY: Spoiler for West Coasters...Sonny killed McBain's sister (or thought he did) and Heather said "That baby isn't Jason"!!


  Felicia and Mac are making out on Maxie's couch. Everyone is out and Bailey Lu is sleeping. He talks about seeing Frisco!! That's ...