Thursday, April 26, 2012

JaSam: Being Backwards

 Yep... I've figured it out. The aftermath of the JaSam story is being written backwards. Confused? Well you won't be! 
Since they decided to go with "the rape" -- (or they seem to be right now) it should have been played the opposite of what it was. JASON should have been the one to have found out Sam was  indeed, raped and was carrying Franco's baby. That would have set up a conflict in HIM whether or not to tell Sam. Spinelli could have figured out the Heather Webber connection had Jason go confront her and then have the story unfold. 
It would have been about SAM-- not Jason.  Jason's reaction to all this is just sad. Makes me furious. How's Jason coping? Did Sam lie "too much"? If Jason knew first, you know he would have kept it from her as long as possible. Think of the advice he could have sought from Monica. How did she cope with raising HIM when he wasn't her own baby? He could have talked to Liz-- How did SHE cope with her rape? Maybe he could have eventually gone to Alexis and they could figure out how to tell Sam.
It would have been just as 'juicy' as far as the 'keeping the truth' from someone but with the tables turned, it turns into the woman's story, not the man's. 
Jason would be struggling with the whole "twin" thing-- and then struggling with breaking the news to Sam about the DNA. 

*sigh* Most soap Who's the Baby Daddy is told from the woman's point of view, it would have been great to have seen it turned on it's head in this one. 


  1. Karen- this story is BY FAR the worst on the show right now. The MPD w ConKate at least has humor. This is poorly acted angst.

    A rape. Twins, Who's the baby. 3 of the most trite plots in one.

    The 4 fantasy Jasons show showed Burton could act. How could he or Benard be satisfied with doing the SAME plots and characters for 15 years?

    Kelly Monaco is great to look at, but has ZERO acting ability. She was tolerable with Jax, but no one else.

    The angle, as it is, is fine, but they need to show Jason and Sam more realistically. Have Sam recall the rape, maybe even thinking it was jason, and feelibng guilt over the confusion. Have Jason act out his evil self- the guy is a remorseless killer, with more bodies than Franco ever killed.

    They have to STOP with Jason and Sonny as heroes. They are THE BAD GUYS and Cartini needs to embrace this esp. with REAL good guys, who are competent, like Anna and McBain around.

    Sonny and Jason need to die, or at least go to jail. Then do some jailhouse stories for a year, then let them out on a technicality, or something, and have them try to reform.

  2. Oh I must disagree with the above poster, Jason can't die!
    I love Jason.
    Now Sonny on the other hand...
    Really wish Maurice would take a six month leave.
    I'm so sick of Sonny being in every single episode.

    I also disagree with the comment that KeMo can't act.
    Don't get me wrong, I can't stand Sam, but that has nothing to do with Kelly's acting ability.
    She does struggle sometime with chemistry.
    Remembering her and Greg! How shocked I was that those two beautiful people had zero chemistry together.
    In fact, I think a lot of the reason why they leave Sam with Jason is because she pretty much only has chemistry with him.
    That was of course until... McBain arrived to town!
    Watch out!!!
    Now there is some smoking hot chemistry!
    Love these two!
    Maybe it is because I loved Caleb and Livvie, who knows?
    But yesterday scenes had me thinking...
    This is how it should be, Jason and Elizabeth, Sam and McBain!
    Now that is awesome pairings. Keeping my fingers crossed.
    Maybe then Becky would actually get the screen time she deserves.

    On a different note...
    I don't care who killed Lisa!
    Can we please end this boring S/L!
    And to be honest, I don't care about Memphis either.


  3. Although the writing is somewhat true to character for Jason, I hate how this is once again, all about Jason and his pain. It's tiring, old, and boring. I'm hoping this will eventually change, but I've been saying, wishing that for years.

    I've been hoping for Jason and Sonny to both comprehend the error of their ways, the choices they've made at the expense of other's feelings due to what they do for a living.

    I would love a storyline where Jason starts getting portions of his memory back of when he was a Quartermaine. I'd like to see the struggle within of him understanding that as Jason Morgan he kills people for a living. Have him also struggle with his feelings for both Liz and Sam, his relationships with Sonny and Monica. To me, that's soapy goodness.

    But this current storyline is garbage. It should only be about Sam's feelings and it's not. I know they're playing the "can this marriage survive" card, but all it's doing for me is making me dislike Jason and want Sam with McBain.

    McBam chemistry is sooo hot. I definitely want to see that explored :))

  4. What bothers me about this story line is that Jason is compelled to tell Elizabeth about his issues with Sam, and at the same time he is angry with Sam for doing the same thing with John. It seems a bit hypocritical to me. It also kind of disgusts me that he isn't more sympathetic to his wife who was raped. He's sort of acting like Sam wanted Franco's baby. Dude, comfort your wife and then maybe she won't be looking for sympathy elsewhere!

  5. I agree. They are making it look more like a romance/affair than a rape.. Jason needs to get over this.."DONT PROTECT ME..I DONT NEED PROTECTING!!!"..CARLY TOO, FOR JASON I MEAN..

  6. That is what I don't like about this soap for the last 1+years. IT is Sonny's and Jason's show. Any storyline that should focus on an actor always goes back to these two characters and neglects all the others.
    Some of us like more than Sonny and Jason, so why can't we see less of them and focus on the other great acting on the show.
    I honestly think that Jason, Sonny and Carly should be paired with each other and go away. How many times do we have to see Sonny betrayed by one of his women? Him and Carly getting together out of spite? Jason brooding? Jason choosing Sonny and Carly over his lady. I don't think anyone but Carly deserves Jason. They can all be in a room together and tell each other how great they are, that they are always right, and they always do what is best for them...
    Sam deserves better, Liz deserves better, Jax deserved better and even hottie Johnny deserves better!

  7. I LOVE Jason. However this storyline by far is the worse one airing now. UGH!
    Besides, the day before GH closes the final curtain, won't it be discovered that Heather changed the DNA around, and in fact. Sam wasnt even raped by Franco!?
    I mean, Jessie turned out to be Clints daughter............

  8. It must be hard being the new writers/regime and still having to kiss MB and SB's butts. Heaven forbid they should actually leave the show. Jason seems to have forgotten that this is also Sam's baby and has her DNA, too. He is really acting like Sam was unfaithful rather than raped. I'm liking McBain more and more.

  9. Linda, I disagree. I don't see where the writers are kissing anyone's azzes. These people are on contract with hefty allowanaces. Its about business as well as entertainment. They have to be utilized.

    In reality, there are alot of people who DO enjoy Sonny & Jason.
    I know I do. I just don't want to see soo much of them.

    Besides, would you leave a job that paid well, had dyno benefits in your contract and ventured out in that industry at their age? They are smart to hang on.
    Its a Win/Win for both sides.

  10. Cosmo..I love KeMo's acting. I really think she's good.I think all the actors on GH are great except maybe 3. (and I'm not naming names! LOL)
    My point of all this wasn't the acting or anything, it was the way they told the story. Backasswards, IMO!
    I liked Jason talking to Liz btw..she was raped and they should be close due to history and Jake, but I still say it should have played out like I outlined.

  11. What is ridiculous is in his conversation with Liz, he showed some sympathy for her being raped and this bringing up those feelings, but he has yet to even acknowledge what his own wife has gone through realizing she was rapes, then pile on top she is carrying the rapist child. Who cares if it is Jason's twin...she, SAM, HIS WIFE, is carrying her RAPIST child. Jason should be falling all over himself to console, support and encourage his wife at this time...not dwell in his own issues.
    I would love to see Sam stand up for herself and instead of crying when Jason confronts her and yells at her...remind him that she was RAPED by a man that was in their life because of him...not her. Take some responbility here Jason! Giving me a headachde!

  12. Karen- the MPD story is silly, but Kelly S. acts th ehell out of it. You know C or K when she raises an eyebrow or not. She's a stage actress w Classical training. Kelly M is a Playboy bunny who looks great with clothes or not. Recall her twin story? Was there a shred of diff between the 2? No. Kelly M always tries to impart emotion while looking constipated. She's decoration.

    That's 90% of soap actors. Then there's Burton- who has some acting chops but is WAY underused. Again, the 4 Jasons show showed he could act. So can MB if they'd let him- rewatch the Joe Scully story online. Then there are actors w chops who get the storylines that highlight them. Anders Hove was a good example- Faison.

    Then there are those actors who can convey emotion with the twitch of a finger. In 33 years watching GH there are 3 contract actors I recall who were like that: Sarah Brown, Jonathan Jackson, and now Roger Howarth. The kid who played Sly, in the 90s, was actually even better than JJ as a child actor. Bring him back!

    Kelly MOnaco- I would not mind watching her strip- check out Playboy's videos for that. But real acting, at that, she makes a good stripper.

    Now why haven't they written to her strengths?

    My2cents: The Jasam story is head and shoulders the worst. ConKate is silly but enjoyable, and Kelly Sullivan is acting the hell out of a shit storyline. Barash is also a terrific actor, and needs to stay and get out of the Mob.

  13. Kelly is a very good actress , she has depth and she knows how to show emotion. Yes she is very pretty. JaSam have chemistry, a lot. The Franco studd need to be wrapped up, no one wants Frnaco anywhere in the s/l.Jason and Sam are rocking the scenes.
    I guess the lesson from the rape/WTBD is; if you are raped/date rape go to the doctors please, if Sam had gone, there would be no WTBD is.
    I like the Connie/Kate stuff also,She is doing a very good job with that. Carly and Sonny together are dangerous. Seems Sonny wants to know why and Carly is out to get revenge.
    Heather, lets move that along some. that is one sick woman, She hates Sam;She dislike Olivia; and Maggie is not going to be long for this world.
    Like to see more of Spinelli and Monica. About Sam and the rape, by now she should be recalling some of what happen.Will we ever get to see at least that? All in all GH is better.

  14. Fluffee: Kelly Monaco looked like she was gonna pas a 3" diameter turd today. That's not acting, that's one too many burrito.

    Kelly Sullivan can act.

    The reason the focus is on th ebaby and not the rape is cuz the writers make THE WHOLE SHOW mere appendages to Jason and Sonny.

    Their bromance will never end.

  15. Does anyone realize they are painting Sam as betraying Jason in order to setup a Liason reunion? This is what they did with the Sam and Rick hookup and Jason seeing them. I would bet money that they will have Jason think Sam is having an affair with McBain, so he will go have a hookup with Liz. I just hope liz doesn't get pregnant again. That's the really frustrating part for me. They have to disparage one character to pimp another couple. I ask why? It could be done in different ways that wouldn't destroy a character and still provide just as much angst and a better storyline.


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