Wednesday, April 25, 2012

 GET OVER TO GET GLUE for some FAB  GH Stickers!

Sonny throws the picture!! You knew he had it in him!! Then he drinks a giant scotch. :) heh. What did he put in the fire? Plans? What?
When ConKate came out to "Kate"  I laughed SO DAMN HARD! LMAO...that was so bad. wow.
Carly--please. Go away--far. I know you're upset but it's not like you haven't screwed around on NUMEROUS people! And of course the first thing you do is try to "revenge" with Sonny. UGH

Liason on the roof. I can hear you fans screaming -- even from across the country LOL I love Steve in blue. ENOUGH with the black! At least LIZ is trying to talk some sense into him.

McBam-- Sam's not learning. whoops.

HELL Olivia hit Heather. Whoops. Dang. Olivia ! DON'T HIT THE CRAZY LADY! I don't care about the Memphis shit either.

The Avengers thing was weird but I liked it because of CAM. He's adorable. Bring on Sam from OLTL too. Oh I miss that kid!

GEDSTERN sent me a bunch of new spoilers, check the WUBS page in a bit!


  1. Johnny's home: Carly is pissed! Connie is being a bitch! ROFL! This is fun! Altho poor Carly. :( Come on Carly and Connie let's have a physical fight!! :) Carly left, and Kate is back! ROFL! She is so freaked out! ROFL!

    Sonny's home: Sonny is throwing everything that Kate gave him in the fire. Carly shows up and says that Kate threw herself at Johnny! What do you expect Johnny to do? He's a man! ROFL ROFL! Carly wants revenge so she kisses Sonny! ROFL!

    Jason and Liz: Jason tells Liz what Franco did to Sam. Liz says she didn't take a shower did she? The look on Liz's face, I think Liz was remembering her own rape. :( I liked their scene today. Altho Jason acted like Sam slept with McBain ROFL!

    Metrocourt: McBam talk!!! :) McBain says their connection will be broken when it's time for him to leave to go home. :) I don't think so!!! :)

    The movie theater: Woah!!!! Port Chuckles has a movie theater?!!?! :) I can't believe they showed it! Actually they showed outside of one. :) Spinny, Matt, Cameron and THE AVENGERS!!! :)

    Steve's home: Woah this was odd!!! Heather is so upset about her son being arrested, which was fine cus she is a mother so of course she would be freaked out and worried. But Olivia wants her to calm down and then slaps her!?!?! HUH?!!?!! My jaw dropped! Come on Olivia! You are a mother!!!! You wouldn't be so calm if something happened to your boy!!!! And then Olivia says to Heather to go to her room to rest?! HUH?!?!!?!?!?!?! I'm glad Heather overheard Dante and Olivia talking!

  2. Spinelli and Matt just decide to go to the movies while they are trying to get Maxie out of jail? Haven't watched the show yet, but this sounds ridiculous! Good to hear that Cam is on though!

    Thanks for the new scoops Karen. Again, I see nothing about Liz. Didn't Becky say she signed on because Liz is about to get a good storyline. When is this going to happen???
    Sorry, my last rant about Liz and her lack of storylines for awhile. Promise!!

  3. Karen i thought about you while ROTFL at the Connie to Kate tranformation. that was HORRIBLE!! OMG i was like WTF is this mess?!! I love my Carly and i refused to apologize to anyone for that kiss. i want to kill Connie though and i will not be shocked if Heather plans on killing johnny to save Steven Lars from the blackmail. right about now i want to kill him myself.

  4. Sonny burned the plans for the restaurant he was opening with Kate

  5. Ohhh the DID story is never ending is it? LOL! What a mess with the over acting. I really expected Carly to go after ConKate, surprising she didn't. Love they way BB played his character with the facial expressions and the realization of exactly what he did. Although it didn't make sense in the end when he basically blamed Connie for everything. Umm, what? Johnny, you essentially RAPED a mentally unstable woman. C'mon.

    Sonny and Carly with the revenge sex. Been there done that too many times.

    Olivia slapping Heather! I couldn't stop laughing. Fabulous soapy goodness. Things are going to get good now!

    Jason/Liz scenes were written very well for the character of Liz. It's about time! It's nice to see Ron respecting Liason/Liz. Hoping to see more :)

  6. Why does everyone HATE on Carly?
    Because she fell for a guy, who even I thought better of. Then she walked in on him in the bed with another women? That wouldn't hurt any human? Carly does what Carly does when she is hurting, she sex's with Sonny.
    That is who she is.

    Wrong Karen, I wasn't screaming across the country watchin gossipy Liz finding out something as personal as Sam being raped. I was appalled. Jason you DUMMY, wtf have you done telling a women, who has been chasing you for years, even got herself 'knocked up' hoping you would want her, and your telling her the same things Sam is telling McNostrils?? How are you any better? A friend in Ohio & CA said they wanted to vomit when they saw phony Lizzie playing 'her role'.
    Liz, move on with your life. Aren't you tired of chasing Jason?
    Aren't you tired of him pushing you away, even when you gave him a son? MEMO to writers: Write this poor girl a story. Puhlez! One where she isn't in anyone else's business and is moving along with her sons and life.

    Why would Olivia slap Heather, her boyfriend's mother?? I am lost on the nerve of that douche. I thought she was suppose to die from an illness??

    Spinelli, Matt, Sam & McNostrils,Olivia...waste of air time.

    Connie/Kate...Ohh how I am having fun with your character!!
    Play nice TROLLS, we are all entitled to our opinions!!

  7. My main two observations with GH this week so far are...

    1. Though I thought we'd get more surprises than returning vets to make things interesting, Ron and Frank are making things far too predictable. Before it happened, was anyone else thinking that Carly and Sonny would seal their revenge deal with a boink? Yup...saw that coming!

    2. When you hear the dialog lately, at the risk of sounding like a feminist, you know this stuff just has to be written by a man! We have Jason referring to Jasam's future child as "Sam's baby" all of a sudden. is a matter of semantics, but he could be saying "the baby." We have Johnny pretty much raping a mentally unstable woman (he may not know she has DID, but he knows SOMETHING is wrong with her.) Yeah...I guess no man can resist a woman's offer to bed her! (Sounds like something a guy would say!)

    The writers could certainly use Heather Webber to do some housecleaning in PC! She could get rid of Maggie, off Olivia for slapping her (the woman has a lot of guts, but then Livvy doesn't know who she's dealing with here), off Johnny for framing her son, knock off Sam for forgetting to give Steven Lars that letter...she could create a real big bloodbath in PC! I doubt that will happen, and besides, if there is something this show doesn't need, it's more doom and gloom. I miss the light moments (I guess the scenes with Spin, Matt and Cameron were supposed to be the break in all the doom today with The Avengers plug. Actually, avenging is something that fits GH...someone is always avenging someone on this show.) and the family moments. How are Patrick and Emma getting on? Robin dies and they just drop them like a bad habit!

    Other than Felicia coming back, none of the new spoilers were that earth shattering. Sam and Lulu will need saving...gee, didn't they both get strapped to bombs with Franco? Suppose that Ron and Frank are recycling ideas? I hope not! I just keep praying we see Lisa Niles' murder, Kate's DID, the Vaughan's stripper caper and what happened in Memphis put to bed and soon!

    With characters, people like who they like and loathe who they loathe and that's that. Every soap town has the good girl, the town tramp, the vixen, good guys and bad. With GH, lately it is not just the characters, it's that they keep knocking us over the head with the same things about them. I know Sam lies. I know Carly lies, schemes and takes a literal whiz over Jason like a dog marks its territory. I know Johnny wouldn't know faithfulness if it bit him where the sun doesn't shine...he was fake dating Maxie when he was with Lulu and let's face it, anyone connected to the mob or a soap has a problem with fidelity! I think when we're shown the same thing with characters over and over, that's when people lose their patience with it...or at least I do!

  8. Still loving anything with Heather, but other than that I am treading water until Felicia returns. It'll be the first scenes with her and Anna since the early 90's. Long overdue considering how good friends the Scorpio/Jones families were back then.

  9. Yeah, the writing is definitely written by a man. I want Sam to stand up to Jason and say she loves her baby because it is a part of her. If he can't love and be a father to the baby, then she needs to leave. Jason's resentment of the baby will only grow. I'm a Jasam fan, but even I an see the writing on the wall that Liason is coming. Maybe Sam can catch them in the act and go into premature labor. I want the baby to live though and Sam be strong enough to raise the baby on her own. If Jasam are meant to be, then let Jason fight for Sam instead of her always coming back to him.

  10. Yeah, the writing is definitely written by a man. I want Sam to stand up to Jason and say she loves her baby because it is a part of her. If he can't love and be a father to the baby, then she needs to leave. Jason's resentment of the baby will only grow. I'm a Jasam fan, but even I an see the writing on the wall that Liason is coming. Maybe Sam can catch them in the act and go into premature labor. I want the baby to live though and Sam be strong enough to raise the baby on her own. If Jasam are meant to be, then let Jason fight for Sam instead of her always coming back to him.

  11. Glad Liz did try to talk sense into Jason.She told him the right thing, that he can still love the baby. I am glad she told him to go and talk to Sam. Love Liz! I think this regime is like the old one and they will keep jasam together ( fake angst story ).If they have the courage to break up this boring couple, then I could see liz/jason. Liz will have nothing to do with breaking them up as their doing a fine job with their boring selves. Rumors are that McBain and Sam are related and that's why thye feel they know eachother ( brother and sister )and its not the play on the fact that htey were a couple on a different soap.
    Carly has never changed. Luke said Johnny was a sub for Jax but I think he was a Jason sub as well ( young mobster with a good heart that she can't have ). I find it laughable that she would be surprised by what johnny chose to do. She came off pathetic especially running to Sonny for sex. She should have gone home with her dignity intact but instead she chose to throw herself at Sonny, a man who doesn't want her and drove her to the brink of insanity.

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  13. God I hope McBAin & Sam arent' siblings 'cause they have way too much sexual chemistry. That would just be creepy.

  14. The only thing new about today was that the Sonny - Carly sex wasn't in a car.

  15. I'm puzzled. All that was necessary was for Sonny to walk in on Johnny and Connie in bed, so all they needed to do was set it up--in other words, sex wasn't necessary, so why did they go thru with it? He says he didn't want it and Connie did, but he could resist. Of course, not doing it would be hard for Carly to believe, impossible for Sonny.

    I was almost beginning to like Carly a little, but her advance on Sonny cured me...AGAIN.

    I want to see more of Luke and Anna, of Alexis and Mac. I want less violence, more warm, fuzzy stuff, and good stories for Liz and Lulu. I also want to see a LOT less of Sonny--I mean MAJOR cutback on his air time. Really sick of him. And they need to get Connie into Loony Village and soon. Who the heck is putting out the magazine? Maxie is in jail and Kate is never Kate and there does not seem to be other employees. A magazine does not put itself together! Isn't Jax the other owner? This show really needs our good-guy Jax. (But never to go back to Carly.)

    I'd like the new team's work better if it didn't resemble Guza's downbeat, violent, amoral nastiness. I was cheering a couple week's ago, but lately, not so much.

  16. It was so nice to finally see someone do something to really win one over on Sonny. Finally.

  17. I think Melody that what we are seeing is true soapyness on the show. NOT reality TV. The difference is kinda nice imo.

    Am I the only one who sees the end of Jason & Sam?? Jason blabbing like he did yesterday, is so unlike him. And Sam, almost seems happier when McNostrils is around her. Either way, a brief vacation from them would be nice.

    I don't know about you, but I wouldn't want to go up against Heather. Careful Olivia, even though you are asking for it. I still don't get that 'slap' yesterday. I hope you aren't expecting an Emmy for that??

    Waiting on Felicia, Mac, Patty, Emma, Anna. Maxie, Matt. . The Q's.
    Burndt out on Carly, John,Sonny, Jason, Sam & McNostrils.

    Still, I think the show is a major improvement and I look forward to watching it daily.

  18. Personally.. I like some of the surprises but they really REALLY need to get some new stories going. This DID thing is sooooo bad, imo.

  19. I agree about the awfulness of the DID scenes and the overacting from KS - I hope she is on her way out. It made perfect sense to me for Jason to open up to Liz, who is an old friend/lover than to have Sam discuss her very personal business with McBain,a "shtranger" as Kemo says it. Her enunciation of words beginning with "st" is terrible. Felt a little bad for Carly since she really was falling for Johnny, but she was the one who was responsible for hurting Johnny by having Luke uncover the Claudia and Grandpa secret, and numerous other hateful things. It would have been nice to see Steven Lars get arrested - hate when they do things offscreen. Cam is so darn cute, as is Matt. Where are Patrick and Anna?



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