Friday, April 6, 2012

SOMEONE has to redo that AWFUL Metro Court decor. Please..I'm beggin' here. Connie? You hear me? You drive me insane but do this for me and I'll love you. 

Maxie in Jail clothes!! Alexis is being such a good lawyer to her.  OMG I don't CARE WHO killed Lisa Niles..and I don't care about the strippahs either!!

I would love a TV show with Matt, Spin and David Vickers (dog AND man) it would be hilarious. 

Connie is having foot sex with Ewan and Liz walks in hee hee. OMG him screaming at ConKate in the middle of the Metro was hysterical. This is just the weirdest story ever. She's flipped four times since having that outfit on alone. LMAO

Sam and John...they could be siblings, maybe she's the sister he thought was dead.  LOL Anyway, she almost said that Jason killed Franco. Whoops. 
Finally Alexis and McBain talk.

Not sure when Sunday Surgery will be out, I'll try to have it up Sunday Mornin' ... Keep an eye out! 
Sorry guys, no plans to return to GH. But I'm happy to hear positive things about the show. That's great.


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  2. Ugh, Sam as John's long lost sister...bite your tongue. McBam are one of the new lights at the end of the dark tunnel that has been GH for years now. Watching Sam and Jason after the breath of fresh air that were the McBam scenes was much like suffering through eating hamburger after having filet mignon.

    On a positive note: So happy that FH is now under contract. GH is getting better all the

  3. Connie interrupting Liz and Ewan's date was hilarious! What a mess this DID storyline is. Any good doctor (is Ewan even really a doctor?? hmmm) would have admitted her to a psych facility for a full eval. Now it's simply turned into a comedy show. Hope they wrap it up soon.

    How pretty did Liz look yesterday and today?

    Sonny vs Jason. Now things are getting interesting!

    Sam. Oh Sam. More lies. Heard the rumors of Sam/McBain possibly being siblings. Really hope the writers don't go down that road and waste the obvious chemistry of Kelly Monaco and Michael Easton. I haven't been this excited about a couple since Bo & Hope in the 80's till now, Liason, or when Kelly was paired with Greg Vaughn, the triangle of Emily/Daniel/Jack on Revenge!! Eeeee!

    Love that my fave soap has me so excited about all the possibilities again! Yay!

    McBain. I really love how they are writing him. Fabulous! Loved when he said to Alexis, "I can sing karaoke on Sonny's front lawn..." LOL!!! TeamMcBain I am.

  4. Matt, Spin and David would be great! There was a post on Soaptown about him coming to GH but I see it's gone now so who knows if it's true or not.

    Ewen shaking Kate and yelling for her to fight and come back in the middle of the MetroCourt was hilarious. I was half expecting him to slap her and then have the waiters line up and take turns slapping her also!

  5. Why doesn't Ewan like to admit his patients? He didn't do it with Cassandra either.

  6. Connie and Ewen: Great scene!!!! This is the scene of the day!!!! :) She doesn't want to call their sessions, sessions. So Ewen asks,

    Ewen: What do you want to call it?

    Connie: Sex!

    ROFL! The way she says sex ROFL! The lines of the day goes to Ewen and Connie!! And then Liz comes back and Connie, OH MY GOD ROFL ROFL! The look on Liz's face! ROFL! And then when Liz leaves, Connie touches Ewen's Johnson ROFL! I was dying!!!!! ROFL! I LOVE Connie!!!! :)

    Jason and Sonny: Thanks to Connie, Sonny is confronting Jason! Poor confused Sonny!!!

    Mcbain and Sam: He wants to help her find out if Franco is the father of her baby! He did bring up fraternal twins and dna. :) He still has friends in high places (FBI) that can give him Franco's dna.

    Matt and Spinny: Oh they are arguing! I thought Spinny was going to jump Matt and hump him again ROFL! He didn't. Matt thinks Maxie is guilty!!! Thanks to Spinny, Matt realized that Maxie is innocent! They both realize they both love Maxie. Matt still calls Maxie his girlfriend. They both talk to Liz about Lisa's murder. Liz then tells them Ewen saved her life. Now SpinMatt want to talk to Ewen.

    Maxie and Alexis: Maxie is acting like a teenager with that attitude!!

  7. Okay.. I don't post much, but today I have to lol. Alexis keeps referring to Mac as Maxie's uncle. He's her stepfather!!!!!! Sorry... I just had to get that out! lol

    So far, I am loving the new writing! So glad Fin is back to saty & they need Robert back!

  8.'d think Ewan would have learned from ol' Cassandra-- lol I thought the same thing...he just treats them, mostly in closets and gurneys and around town!

  9. I had to watch it twice, but Kirsten S. is no longer in the credits. I guess we are stuck with Jen L. Could be worse I guess. It's a shame the real Maxie won't be there when Felicia comes back - just the newbie.

  10. had to watch it twice, but Kirsten S. is no longer in the credits. I guess we are stuck with Jen L. Could be worse I guess. It's a shame the real Maxie won't be there when Felicia comes back - just the newbie.


    Robyn Richards left the building many years ago!

  11. You are SO right about the Metro Court decor--just the drabbest. COLOR! It needs color. The set designers in Guza's day went for neutrals--beige, tan--everywhere, and for the apartments, it was gray and black and cement wall colors. It fit the mood of the show, I guess, but it sure wasn't fun to look at.

    So Frank, do a little magic. Get Luke to open a neat nightspot in the way of Blair's great nitery, and fix up Jake's a bit, and for pete's sake, class up the Metro Court with some real design and elegant COLOR!


  12. Wanda--THANK YOU! Alexis calling Mac Maxie's uncle was killing me! Geez, the writers may be new but shouldn't the actors know the relationships? JL's Maxie has called Mac "Dad" more than once. :eyeroll:

    And you know what, I had zero interest in the Franco/Jason debacle until Thursday when John McBain said to Sam, "So this is about Franco." My ears perked up (well, not just my ears) and I all of a sudden care. Kudos to Michael Easton!


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