Tuesday, April 3, 2012

"It Just Isn't Jason"...IT's a FRANK!

Heh... you KNEW IT! Fronkey Frenetic Twins!! ahahahaa. Gotta love it.  Called it when he got shot. What else could explain his Jase LOVE ?? Heather: She was in labor again!! The NURSE took the baby- Franco's "Mama"?! Yep...Betsy Frank!! hee hee... Sam realizes the baby could still be Franco's ...

Carly gave Luke a bill because Anna's staying with him heh. Luke realizes Carly's with Johnny! Aw, Johnny wants to go public with Carly !! I love that they are having Luke and Caroline interact more. Nice. Now get Bobbie on here!

Stupid Steve and Johnny in the HALLWAY talking...DUH great place for that

Oh, Kate...did you shop at Target? God she comes out more than...well (insert joke)

OLIVIA PUT A hit out on Johnny basically..what? Come on. lol. That doesn't ring true at all does it? Oh wait..not exactly that..just shut him up. Oh, ok.  When Johnny and Carly walked in it was priceless. Johnny was having the time of his life!!

Oh Luke and McBain...eeeeeeeeeeeeeee! I love the crossovers!! Sorry. But I do!! You're aware that I saved the world!" says Luke to McBain, who mentions Frank Smith as well.


  1. Fraternal twins could not get DNA mixed up. Unless the soap world totally disses science, it's silly for Sam to worry.

  2. Sam and Heather: OH! SUSAN HAD TWINS!!!!!!!! Susan kept the better one! Susan didn't know she had twins! The nurse who kept the other baby was Franco's mother! UGH NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! Sam is so upset and freaking out!! UGH! She didn't even take Heather's letter to Steve! How rude!

    Kate/Connie and Ewen: Kate Zzzzzzz. Stop whining! Come on Connie come out!! Connie YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) Connie asks Ewen when was the last time he had sex ROFL!

    Steve and Connie: BAHAHAHHA! She escapes Ewen and hits on Steve!!! Poor Steve is so confused ROFL!

    Olivia and Sonny: Olivia you are so stupid!!! The way you are talking about Sonny doing something to Johnny, you are making Sonny AND ME think you want Johnny dead!!

    Luke and Carly: Hahahaha Carly is giving Luke the bill because he has a roommate!! Luke talks to Carly and Johnny hahahahha! Great scene. :)

    Carly and Johnny: Oh they are playful! :) He puts his hand over her eyes asking what kind of food she gave him ROFL! She said salad with dressing hahahaha! Oh Sonny shows up! :)

    McBain and Anna: Oh they are a team!!!! She is going to help him with getting Sonny! Oh Luke shows up and looks jealous!

    Anna and Luke: He IS jealous!!!

    Michael's home: Starr hides. Jason talks to Michael about staying away from Starr. Blah blah blah. Zzzzzzzzz. Jason sees the breakfast and wonders about it. Michael says it was from yesterday. Can't Jason smell the food is cooked? COME ON! And why can't Jason know when someone is lying anymore!! Sonny shows up and tells Michael to stay away from Starr again zzzzzzzzzzz. Sonny asks Michael if he had seen Starr. Michael says no. Come on Jason and Sonny!!! You should know when he is lying!!!

  3. Fraternal twins do share the same DNA and the percentages of DNA vary per set of twins. It all comes down to genetic markers. Identical twins share greater than 99% certainty meaning all markers match. Fraternals share 99% certainty but two or more markers do not match. Here's a link to Zygosity Testing.


    Loved the Johnny/Carly going public thing, but boy, did she ever drop Johnny's hand FAST when she saw Sonny! lol!!

    Can't believe Steve blabbed to Liv about Kate hitting on him...Dr. Abs clearly told Steve he was TREATING Kate.

    Luke/McBain/Anna - there's going to be some good stuff there :)) YAY!

  4. Does this mean Franco was Alan Quartermain's son?

  5. MyaMcBriar said...
    Does this mean Franco was Alan Quartermain's son?

    Oooooooooh, hadn't thought of that. Yep, I would say ole crazy Franco was a Quartermain.

  6. I am loving McBain! Fun wherever he goes in PC. And I want him in scenes with EVERYone--but especially Luke and also Alexis.

    This show is getting to be so much fun! (Gee, when was the last time we could say that???)

  7. Yes, that would make Franco a Quartermain, until the people in charge change the rules again.

    That is a freakin' awesome hypnotism pic!

  8. For Sonny not to care about who Carly see's he sure is acting jealous and then him asking does Micheal know like Micheal is the parent and Carly is the child. I half expected him to run into Micheals apartment and say "ooooo Micheal guess who Carly is dating!"

    So Olivia doesn't like the mob but she runs to Sonny and ask him to "take care of Johnny"......smh!

    Loved everything with Heather. The look she gave Sam when Sam ask did she just give the baby away. Ummm Sam Heather does nothing for free there's always a cost and cash is preferred! I know I've said this before but I just love the way she says Steven Lars everytime she talks about Steve. LOL....at the fact that Heather was excited about being related to Franco because he's famous!

  9. Franco Quartarmine!! LMAO! Too bad he is dead, Thanksgiving at the Qs!
    I knew he was Jason's fraternal twin for awhile, but I never made the connetion he was a Q! Ohhh grandfather will be so pleased when he finds out!

    The GOOD: Connie coming onto Steve. Great acting, facial expressions from both. LOVED it!!
    Heather & Sam scenes. Looking forward to seeing more Heather!!

    THE BAD: Olivia putting a hit on John thru Sonny???? I am glad I was not the only confused one.
    Luke having a 'boy crush' on Anna. Puhlez!

    The UGLY: Again, 2nd day, Michael & Starr.

  10. Karen, you had a typo in the part where you typed Aw, Johnny wants to go public with Anna, it should be Carly.
    Loved loved loved the Caroline/Luke and Johny scene. And Carly/Luke scenes alone.so much love!
    Loved Loved Loved Carly and Johnny walking in with her arm on his!
    Sonny was so jealous today you could tell....Kate who?!?! LOL!! Coz seriously if he was not jealous he would have walked away from CarJohn.
    Carly and Johnny were beyond cute today.
    Carly: Ok if i win i get a shower for two
    Johnny: stop stalling awwwwww LOL too cute.
    Loved how he covered her eyes and made her guess what was on the plate.
    Sonny thinks he should always use the Michael Card? REally? blech i love him but it's gotten old. That same guy turned your son away from the mob!
    Luke and Anna and John, jealous much Luke? LOL!
    McBain and Kate had a scene but i could not scan the chemistry coz she was running her Bensonhurst trap LOL!
    Sason were always able to tell when one was lying esp Jason and now his instincts are gone.

    Ha! i called it when Franco forst told Carly we are all connected in a way. i knew there was some kind of tie and boy is it huge!
    I bet Sam wishes she has left Hawaii with Carly ,Joss and Shawn!

  11. kerinah said... 'Ha! i called it when Franco forst told Carly we are all connected in a way. i knew there was some kind of tie and boy is it huge!'
    NO I called it FIRST!

    Why do I want McNostrils to leave?

  12. Ok I think they are going to kill off Johnny just my opinion

  13. As we soon learned, identical twins, formed when one fertilized egg splits, are the only people in the world with identical DNA.

    Fraternal twins, on the other hand, are formed when two different eggs are fertilized.

    Genetically speaking, fraternal twins are no closer than normal siblings, sharing only about 50% of their genes.

    Although identical twins have the same genotype, or DNA, they have different phenotypes, meaning that the same DNA is expressed in different ways.

    Traits determined by phenotype, such as fingerprints and physical appearance, are the result of "the interaction of the individual�s genes and the developmental environment in the uterus." Thus, a DNA test can't determine the difference between identical twins, while a simple fingerprint can.

  14. I know I'm in the minority, but I love the Michael & Starr stuff. I like a simple, innocent romance. And I'm a sucker for a tragic love story. Hopefully they will continue to grow closer.

    Crazy Franco makes so much sense now, knowing that he was a Quartermaine.

  15. I have to say the whole Franco-Jason thing really helps the nature side of the nature versus nurture debate, don't you think? I mean, these guys, although sharing the same biological parents, grew up in completely different environments (Jason the golden child of rich doctors and Franco the son of a nurse who had no other way to have children) and yet they both ended up on similar paths. I don't want to offend any Jason fans here, but the dude is a murderer, and while he is in a different class of murderers than Franco, they both ended up killing people as a part of their everyday lives. As you can tell, i absolutely love this new development. =)

  16. Wouldn't it be nice if Franco Quartermaine was alive and as payback had, Alan, A.J., Emily and Jake stashed somewhere? A girl can dream..

  17. Why can't Johnny be paired with someone more his age? While the character, was on the show when I didn't watch the show it, yet, Why don't they bring Serena Baldwin back. Scotty would become angry if he learned that his daughter fell in love with the mob. I do know the actress who played Serena, was on Lizzie Mcguire and she was a good actress. The Luke/Anna and Michael/Starr storyline is to predictable to continue. They fall in love, but trouble arrives when the Robert/Cole will return/shown still be alive.
    Matt and Kate/Connie I could see being cycled out of the show.
    I almost want to see the tables to turn with Sonny, if they had a different love story. Instead of the girl(another girl instead of Kate/Connie), being wined and dined by Sonny, it would be interesting if the girl was the one that "got away".
    I do wonder what will happen to Patrick, since the grief storyline, can be played out to a point.

  18. I'm glad I'm not the only one who knows that fraternal twins don't have the same DNA imprint...fraternal twins are born at the same time but have different DNA like any other sibling...ugh...I don't mind the reveal that they're twins but I do mind poorly researched writing. I learned that in high school biology for cripes sake!

  19. Avalonn said...
    Wouldn't it be nice if Franco Quartermaine was alive and as payback had, Alan, A.J., Emily and Jake stashed somewhere? A girl can dream..

    -- I FREAKING LOVE THAT IDEA!!!!!! That is PERFECT. Im still not over Jake. :(. And he has Robin!!

  20. A woman can give birth to twins having two different fathers.... It is especially possible in the soapy world. ;)

  21. MatchboxGinny said...Can't believe Steve blabbed to Liv about Kate hitting on him...Dr. Abs clearly told Steve he was TREATING Kate.
    So what? :) Steve didn't say anything else except Kate was hitting on him. :) There is nothing wrong with that.

  22. Sonya - My point was that Dr. Abs specifically told Steve he was treating Kate his patient therefore Steve had no business telling Olivia what happened... but then again after Wednesday's episode, we now know Steve is a little dimwitted and GH doesn't follow HIPAA regs anyway. LOL!!


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