Thursday, April 5, 2012

Max and Milo: MIA?

Knowing how much Cartini loves their quirky extras, I'm surprised ol' Max and Milo haven't been around more!! Hmmmm. Where they be? Von's??

Today is Thursday which means you're on your own! Play nice-- let me know if GH is worth the watch. 
And keep calling STEVE...STEVEN LARS because that's the way we do it! 


  1. I was wondering that yesterday as well. Remember the days when a guard sood outside of Jason's door?

    Maybe with all the new additions, they are negotiating for better pay? Either way, they are missed.

  2. Did anyone else catch Rick Springfield on Hot in Cleveland? It's a really funny show, in case anyone is interested. Maybe that's why he only stayed w/Patrick for one day--He had to go to Cleveland!

  3. Max and Milo will seen soon on screen. They showed photos of them on set.

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  5. Liz and Ewen: They are on a lunch date. Zzzzzzzzzz. Ewen knows about the Jax family! The way he brings up Lady Jane, hmmm Jerry Jax is that you? Oh Ewen played the harmonica!!! :) Oh shoot the scene was switched so fast and then when they were shown again, the harmonica playing was over. We didn't get to see people applaud. Rats. Liz leaves to talk to Epiphy on the phone about having dessert, when Connie shows up!!! :)

    Sam and McBain: She spilled her guts to him! About Franco and Jason being twins, and the night of her honeymoon!!! Oh they hug!!! :)A MCBAM HUG! :)

    Sonny and Connie: Connie who pretends to be Kate, and says that Jason yelled at her!! And that HE is the one who got into her face ROFL! Sonny wants to talk to Jason about it, but she won't let him. :) Anyway her facial expressions were funny! And when he kisses her, she don't touch him hahahaha!

    Sonny and Jason: Sonny talks to Jason anyway about what is going on with him hahahahaha!

    Matt and Patrick: Oh great scene!! Patrick is at work and Matt told him he isn't ready yet. Patrick wants to work. They talk about Maxie's guilty plea and that Matt still loves her and wants her in his life! A patient shows up and wants to see Robin, Matt says she has rounds today.

    Matt and Spinny: Awww! :) Sweet scene. Spinny wants to team up for Maxie! :)

    Dante and Lulu: Lulu wants to be a stripper at Vaun's to catch the stripper beater. Dante says no!!! :)

    Hey Karen, STEVEN LARS!!!!!! :)

    Oh and MatchboxGinny, Glad you like my name for McBain and Anna! McAnna!!! :)

  6. The show was good today..It made me cry during the Sam and McBain scenes and when Patrick was talked to by his former patient who asked about Robin.

  7. Oops!! I mean Matt says to the patient that Robin isn't on rotation today.

  8. I actually got a little creeped out when Ewan started talking about Jax.And then he mentioned lady Jane. It made me wonder if Jerry had survived, had plastic surgery and come back as Ewan. We've always suspected that they left the door open for his return. At least, if they did, this guy has an Aussie

    I definitely didn't get weeping when Sam was talking to McBain. Why would she spill her guts like that to a total stranger? And one who considers Jason an enemy too. I get that maybe they needed to fill in the background for any OLTL fans who've recently come over, but it just wasn't the way to do it. And although Sam was a mess, I got no sense of any emotion at all from McBain. His eyes just seemed dead. Not filled with deep emotion, just unaffected and dead.

    The scene with Patrick and the patient, however, was filled with concealed emotion. Great acting once again.

    And Lulu really does like playing strippers, doesn't she?

    I hope that Jason gets involved with Maxie's case. Something has to give there soon. And there'll be no trial to drag it out.

  9. I swear Sam's mouth was running like a faucet today! She tells John all of Jason business concerning his birth something she hasn't even told Jason. Then she tells him about the rape something she hasn't even told her own mother. I tell you if she was a real mob wife she would have been whacked and buried in a shallow grave!

  10. I agree there seems to be a Ewan - Jax family connection. I can;t see how he could be Jerry however, the age difference is way to big. Can you imagine Ewan dating Bobby as Jerry did? Perhap's he is Jerry's son?

  11. Let's not forget that Jax's dad was a run around so could be a half brother.....

  12. I'm so suspicious of Ewen's Jax comments. Please please please let there be a cool connection!
    And I LOVE Sam and McBain...spill away, sistah!!

  13. There was a rumour that Ewan is the one who killed Lisa. I could not figure out a "soapy" motive to connect those two. But now, with the idea of Ewan being connected to the Jax family I wonder...
    What is Ewan is Jerry's son. Jerry was wanting to kidnap Robin, sent his son Ewan aboard the boat to do it. Ewan ran into Lisa, struggle esnues and she ends up dead. Ewan escapes the boat before getting to Robin, rescues Liz. Ewan and his daddy Jerry then team up to go after Robin again - Jerry is the one now holding her.
    Far fetched I know but it would actually make Ewan interesting to me.
    With talk of an Alcazar return it would be neat to revisit the Alcazar - James Craig/Jerry history as well.

  14. The three cases that are open for the PCPD will be solved by the PCPD. And Dante and Lulu will have a hand in solving them. They are stripper beater and Lisa Niles and Sonnys case

  15. JASPER JAX!! I was never soo happy to hear that name today. This guy Ewan could be Jerry's son. Easily. Will that open the door for my Jax to come back?? CarJax??

    Not Delore's hubby. I predict the dirty cop. Or someone else. I watched Delores yesterday and her facial expression's she does not suspect her hubby.

    Ahhh. do know while your 'snooping' in everyones business, Gnat isn't sitting home alone. LMAO

    Still think Delores & Johnny would be HOTT together!

    Who can't LOVE Connie?? LMAO!

  16. I don't undeerstand why Kate has to be on everyday. I'm so tired of her storyline and just want it revealed to all that she is suffering from DID. I love Liz but Liz and Ewan's date was boring. Where is the romance? Lunch date? They aren't even trying to write some romance for her.
    Sam admitting that she was foolish not to get examined at the hospital was good. I'm tired of watching her because she chooses to suffer on her own instead of confiding in her mom. Everything would have waited ( work etc..)if she had told her mom right away. Instead she spits it out to John, ridiculous.
    Lulu wanting to jump into a dangerous situation as a stripper undercover is classic lulu and is stupid. It will be particularly silly if the police allowed it.
    The show today was dull. I hope it picks up.

  17. You realize that Sam also admitted that she had been given the information of jason being Franco's brother from Betsy frank a while back.Sam actually showed McBain the hospital bracelet and told him that "a while back", Jason had tracked down Betsy and she went to see her, and Betsy told her everything including why Franco was obssessed with jason!!! Sam has been lying to Jason for a while. She has known of the possibility of Franco being Jason's brother for some time.. I read Kelly Monaco's assessment of the stroyline on GHH and she says that Sam knew some things but didn't want to tell Jason until she could get info and put it all together. Serves Jason right for trusting her . Imagine that she's been sitting on this information for that long pretending that they had nothing to worry about after the paternity test when she knew they could be brothers.

  18. you think deliberately, consiously she was aware of what she knew? I don't.
    However, this fantastic show is taking us to such awesome places.
    I love this show. I didn't even FF thru Liz or Ewan. Once the word JAX was let out of the bag, it had my attention.
    Nice writting these past few weeks for Liz as well. So what if Ewan is Jerry's son? Liz loves 'excitement'. Lucky was too boring for her.

    Sam will be dumping Jason for McNostrils. The baby daddy is Franco!!!!!!!!!

  19. I understood Sam's story about Franco's mom to be that she had gone to see her (offscreen) after she left Heather at the institution and confronted her with the info she got from Heather. Franco's mom then confirmed the info and gave Sam the ID bracelet.

  20. And that she knew where to find Betsy Frank because Jason had tracked her down earlier on in the Franco saga.

  21. We will see, but according to kelly Monaco, Sam knew Franco could be Jason's brother as she was told this by Betsy Frank ( woman who looked after franco. She had this information confirmed by Heather. Sam knew important pieces of information about Jason's birth but chose not to reveal it , thinking again , that he can't handle it. Kelly Monaco says it may blow up in Sam's face, though I doubt it. I think they will continue Jasam, sadly.
    Hope Jax does come back. It is evident that Ewan knows Lady Jane and Jerry personally , just by the way he said both names. Perhaps he is Jerry's son. Ewan definitely knows the jax family or is part of it. Almost wonder if he was part of the metro court disaster, knows Alcazar, and was in on it. He has secrets, as he admitted. That would be interesting.

  22. Just finished watching Thursday's epi and wow...Ewan has me intrigued with the Jax family connection. Definitely more to the story there. I don't know about him being Jerry Jax's son, but I could believe a half brother for sure. Maybe a half brother with an ax to grind for being left out of the family?? I don't know, but it sure has me questioning Ewan's intentions now.

    Poor Sam. Glad she finally got to tell SOMEONE about her rape.

    Awwww, Patrick.

    Connie manipulating Sonny about Jason - pure gold! Love it!!

  23. Matchbox....Connie manipulating Sonny about Jason.....thank goodness Sonny didnt go over there with his temper. I would have turned GH off forever!!

    JAX family is hiding out in Pt Chuckles and I am loving it. Isn't it fun NOT to know what is going to happen? (I stopped reading spoilers)

    Karen...have the numbers this week been released for GH? I don't care about the Revolution.

  24. 1) Sonny does NOT drive. Illogical that Anthony Z could see Sonny leaning out of a speeding car to shoot out the tires. AT NIGHT?
    2) Heather lies -- ALL OF THE TIME. Franco is more likely to be Heather's secret son than Jason's twin.
    3) Would love to see a Ewan Jax. The doc could very well be Jerry's son. Will be interesting to see where this one is going since the Sonny story (including the Kate/Connie DID plot, slutty Carly and Johnny, Michael and Starr) is boring beyond redemption.
    4) Kelly Monaco can cry on demand, hence she is given airtime to review ad nauseum current story lines.
    5) Jasam is as exciting as watching paint dry. Please, let's move forward and show some changes in Jason.
    6) Somebody has to have the sense to realize that Anthony Z is more dangerous than Corinthos ever could be. He has a history of murder. Why weren't there cameras and sound equipment in the unisex holding cells where Maxie was suborned once again by Anthony?
    7) At some point these morally bankrupt bad guys have to get theirs. Carly has to get knocked to the curb and held down with a foot on her neck. Anthony Z and his soon-to-e irredeemable son have to be closed down and nailed to the wall. Sonny has to lose it all.
    8) John McBain is another one who makes up his mind and refuses to change it, just like Todd Manning and Sonny. Once they get a thought in their tiny pea brains they can't see any alternatives.
    9) Is there any hope the current stories can be concluded soon? GH has always suffered from an over-abundance story development to the point where viewers burn out and quickly/eventually don't
    care anymore.

  25. Loving McBam! If Sonny was respondible for McBain's sister's demise - was that before Jason's tenure as hitman?

  26. I am the only person who doesn't like McBain!!! I think Sonny did McNostrils sister before Jason entered the picture. jmo

  27. Marydot...Great observation about Sonny not driving.


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