Thursday, April 19, 2012

Feast Your Face on A FRANCO FEST!

OH yes, the newest Quartermaine is having a Birthday today! You know WUBS couldn't do without a HUGE FRANCO-Mania Post!

Franco signing ALBERTA  Lobster AT MOCA after his big shoot! 

Thrill of a lifetime for Alberta...sadly as usual, I wasn't there, just sent her along!! I know people are sick of him but dang, sorry, the whole "Francophrenia" thing is just too fun to pass up. The movie, based on his time at GH Is running at the Tribeca Film Fest! ANYTHING that PRs GH is good in my book. 

 Of course, there's that famous MONKEY (Fronkey) he used on set. Evoking James Dean and promoting his movie, Planet of the Apes.  Brillant-hahaha. And who doesn't like a clapping monkey?
I would like to point out that everytime his name is mentioned lately "General Hospital" appears somewhere in the interview or description. At the very least, I'm taking that as great press. 

There are some great TUMBLR Blogs dedicated to Mr. F if you are so inclined. This gif is from weeniefranco (love the name!!) They do gifs all day of him.

So, let's just sit back and celebrate the fact that an Oscar-nominated actor was on GH, brought some goofy stuff with him and left us with...a possible baby. You can't fault the man for trying to do art for art's sake, right?

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