Sunday, April 8, 2012

Sunday Surgery: Gowanda

Gowanda. We all have ours. Well, we did-- back in the day when state run mental institutions were in use... Regan era shut a lot down but some still exist I think. Anyway, OUR mental hospital was Gowanda. You'd get threats you'd get sent there "Stop actin' a fool or you'll go to Gowanda"!.  I think MidState was Marcy. Here locally, it's R Wing. Why would I bring this up? Well, looking at Heather at Ferncliff made me think about the way they had that place set up. Like a jail! LOL And she had some kind of scrubs on. Weird. It looked just like Anthony Z's "visiting room" in the pokey. So, you'd think Steven LARS would know his Mama isn't exactly at a place where she's "rehabilitated"-- wouldn't she be in a halfway house? 

Ah, that's neither here nor there. Heather is cray cray as the day is long and it's a joy to watch. If I didn't know better, I'd say SHE was Franco's Mama.
Heather was a great part of this week's program.

On to the OTHER side of crazy; ConKate and the ever changing face show. What the hell. You'd think you could turn DID off like a spigot. There's idiot DOC Ewwwwwwan who's learned nothing from the Cassandra case about letting loonie patients run all over town. Then again, if he admitted ConKate to the hospital we wouldn't have gotten foot sex in the Metro Court. OR him screaming at Kate to "come out" in the middle of people's dinner.  That was one of my top bizarre scenes ever on a soap (the top still being the rubber hose blood transfusion at the Black and White Ball between Sonny and Rick heh). I am trying to view the whole thing as really bad camp because anything other than that and I'd just turn it off. 
It certainly isn't Niki/Viki or Tess/Bess by any stretch of the imagination. And the fact Sonny is still oblivious? Hello, half the town doesn't notice she's walking around like a truck driver? Can't wait to see this issue of "Crimson" with Maxie in the pokey and Connie on the loose-- it will probably be the "Chain-Gang Girls Bare All" issue. 

McBain and Anna...McBain and Alexis...McBain and Sam-- surely he sees that Elizabeth is the only one that has that translucent glow about her of the undead. Oh, wait--different show. :giggle: 

The Spin-Max comedy continued this week. They are a hoot, only they are talking about something I don't care about: Lisa Niles' death. Between that and the stupid stripper case the PCPD is boring as all hell.  Dolores' hubby better be worth the wait. Felicia better hurry up too because OMG Maxie's "I'm evil, I'm bad..hate me" sheeze is wearing me out.  If someone confesses with no evidence and they are distraught don't you get them a psyche eval? Then again, if the evaluator is Ewan, forget it. 

I'm not getting into the DNA of twins...they have similar DNA and genetic markers. John was correct. Sam shouldn't be so upset.  Dr. Kelly said that the baby had "the same genetic markers as Jason".  I totally remember thinking at the time--that's not a confirmation and they didn't test Franco. We all know the baby will be Jason's and the big thing now will be Sam's keeping stuff from him and confiding in McBain. *sigh*Liar Liar leather pants on fire.

SCENE OF THE WEEK: Heather saying to Sam: "I didn't GIVE the baby away"... because DUH Sam..she got money for it!!

NOT THE SCENE OF THE WEEK: Olivia basically telling Sonny to "shut Johnny up".  Olivia wouldn't do that-- and besides I still have hope for JoLivia.  

This week was pretty uneven for me.  I did like the Heather stuff but other than that? Eh... Alexis had great dialog with Maxie. It's the premise of a lot of these stories I just don't care about. That's not a good thing. I still see GH improving pace wise and with cast integration so ramp up them stories boys! New breakdown writers were hired so there's that. Here's hoping.

Finola's on contract -- Great move--she's just golden. 

HAVE a great Sunday. I'll be in Toronto on Monday-- 


  1. I want Heather to be on more. She has a crazier look than AZ does. What a great villain! I didn't watch the show when Heather was first on, so this is me learing about her now.

    I agree about Liz having the only glow of the undead. McBain and Sam were both VERY tan this week, unless it was just my TV showing it that way. I don't know who else had the major tans because I fast forwarded quite a bit of the show this week. (lots of Connie).

  2. Too funny, Karen. At least a dozen laughs in today's post.

    You know I've said I'm enjoying the ConKate stuff but, yeah, that restaurant scene had me going "WTF?". I don't think I've ever seen a woman grab a man's package to "check out the goods" on a soap before. I would have loved to have been an extra in that restaurant scene. Would've earned my paycheck that day!

  3. what movie had Danny DeVito buttering a woman's toes? Was that War of the Roses?? IT totally reminded me of that!

  4. In NYC, people go to Bellevue. I don't understand, was Heather supposed to have been at Ferncliff all of this time? It's certainly not the country club version where Laura, Liz, et al. were sent.

  5. Karen, thanks for finally picking up on my "Ewwwwwwen" idea, I thought it was funny, but no one else seemed to care. Also, I also was wondering WHY Alexis didn't ask for a psych eval for Maxie, I think that totally would've happened.

  6. Ferncliff was where Sarah Brown's Carly went after she shot Tony Jones in open court.

  7. Like so many other people here I am sick of the Connie story. I wonder if Megan Ward has watched this and thought, "Thank God they fired me."

    The rest of the show is so good right now that the Connie story feels like one of those which thing is not like the others moments.

    Hope it ends soon.

  8. For us Buffalonians it's either the Buffalo Psyche Center aka 'Forest Ave.' or the 9th floor (Psyche ward) of ECMC!

    My only knowledge of DID comes from reading a couple of famous books, but I think popping in and out is a bit more believable than being Nicki for 6 months. I keep thinking there's a male personality in there too. 'Ronnie' a lieutenant on the fashion police force, who walks like a truck driver (but not to be confused with Monica whose been walking like that for years.)

  9. I want more of Dante and Lulu. Two days of Dante and Lulu is not enough. I watch General Hospital every day no matter what happins.

  10. Karen says Then again, if he admitted ConKate to the hospital we wouldn't have gotten foot sex in the Metro Court. OR him screaming at Kate to "come out" in the middle of people's dinner.
    Hahaha OR Connie touching Ewen's package!! ROFL!

  11. OK, sorry for the third post, please consider the first 2 as one post, as I actually wanted to finish my thoughts. I'll try never to do it again, but I just HAVE TO ASK: Does anyone know if TIIC originally had Franco planned as Jason's brother?

    Also, Gig, as a former Buffalonian, I didn't remember the name of the psych hospital there.

    I also seem to have confused Shadybook and Ferncliff, Shadybrook is the nice one, I guess.

  12. FWIW, many state psych hospitals in NY -- including RPC -- has a forensic psychiatric ward or section, which is basically where they keep patients with mental illness who have involvement with the criminal justice system. I'm guessing that Heather was being kept in a place like that, but yeah getting released from an institution like that wouldn't be as easy as getting a relative to sign them out.


  14. I am very excited about Florencia Lozano's "Tea Delgado" coming to GH! Love her character! I've heard it's only temporary but you never know!

  15. Karen,
    Since you are here in Toronto today, just thought you should know that we used to refer to our locally famous mental institution as 99 Queen St. - cause that was the location. To this day I have no idea what the real name was. Of course it's closed now.

  16. Life if brutal when your computer is in the hospital! This is my first take on Sunday funnies with Karen.

    I agree, Heather was GOOD this week. Liking that she is back.

    Tea is coming to GH?? WHEN?? LOVE her!! See all the scoops I am missing!!

    Like the DID story or not, I am blown away by Kate's performance.
    Ward imo couldn't of pulled it off. There has been worse storylines on this show, this isn't the worst I have seen.

    And is there a Jax in the 'air'?? Loved that twist!!

    AntJoan..great ?? one I have been wondering as well. I am going to 'assume' that when Franco came, there was no fraternal brother thingy happening. jmo Wonderful twist!

    The only thing I am ffing thru is Starr and Sam & John McNostrils.

    Hi Sonya!!!!!

  17. Any word on Blair?? When is Tea coming??

  18. Florida's bin for loonies...CHATTAHOOCHIE...yup, that's the name,lol.

    Not fond of Heather either the first or second time so far. Since when do we let the inmates run the asylum? Why wouldn't Steve turn her back in? She was dangerous before, and is still dangerous. He's acting like a 9 year old still wanting mama's approval. Run Olivia, Run!

    Sam is lying to Jason again? who is the one with the brain damage? She never learns.

    Con/Kate just stinks in so many ways. You know Connie's coming out at Sonny's trial and that can't be good. She can leave any time now.

    Let's get on with it, and bring back the action!


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