Sunday, April 1, 2012

Sunday Surgery: Malpractice

Yes...I'm being sued. BY YOU! lol... oy--this week was a mess work and health wise. I had just too much on the old' wubba plate. I did manage some GH so here goes nothin!

Aw, look at Kelly Sullivan and Alberta!! Look at Alberta's face/eyes-- OMG-- she's like "IS THIS CONNIE OR KATE"?!! lol...( Her lipstick is totally Alberta Red.)

Speaking of... OMG, just end the DID story NOW before it makes me giggle even more. I 'get' the concept and it's an interesting idea for a 'split'...but the execution? Nope. Not seeing it. And Sonny not noticing? Plus the fact in DID cases the person rarely if EVER switches back and forth between persona's that fast and often. It's like watching a ping pong ball.
Well, I guess now that we have that fugly dress to riff on I can laugh about it! 

SCENES OF THE WEEK: The best scenes this week were the lighter ones-- and I'm giving a tie to  these: 
The wonderfully fun Spin-A-Matt fight!! Really great comic timing--funny dialog, you name it. Alexis and Mac added to the beauty of this scene. 

Three's company!
Oh please.. let the THREE of them move in together! Loved Finola's eyes when Tracy was all up in her face. LOL. I bet that just like the scene above, the actors had a lot of leeway in their scripts!! I think the actors are also happy that the lights are on bright enough for them to recognize each other. Heh.

So, what's next? Carly and Johnny-- and Sonny's trial. Maxie's mayhem and weird stories. Starr and Michael. McBain strollin' around town flaring those nostrils. Oh, btw, I also really liked the scene with he and KeMo at the airport. When "John" gave her gum and she smiled and tossed off her line it was the most natural and happy I've seen her in AGES. 

We have the Dolores story moving forward and I guess she's getting a hunky hubby--  Christian Monzon. Mr. Abo-litious Model about Town. Ron and Frank love their abs!! You know he'll be shirtless as much as the Ford Brothers were!

That's all I've got for you. New Spoilers are up.  

BTW, I did hear Bob Guza might be coming back-- 

april fools! hee hee


  1. I heard that Ewan might actually be the one who killed Lisa. Not sure what his motive would of been but it seems like a good way to wrap up this storyline and write Ewan's exit at the same time.

    I hope the Heather return is big on flashbacks and light on Franco references, though I fear it will be the other way around.

  2. Frisco, that would be awesome!! :)

  3. Happy 49th Birthday General Hospital!!! Here's hoping we can make it to 4/1/13 and be wishing it a happy 50th!!!!!

  4. Guza coming back? They really don't want me to watch anymore, do they...
    Is Ewan leaving? why have a storyline with him and Liz then? And does this mean she isn't going to get a real love life? I hear Lucky maybe coming back, but honestly, I am over her and Lucky and her and Jason. She needs a start fresh. I've always wanted her and Matt (and a secret her and Johnny pairing) but it looks like Matt and Maxie are never going to end.

  5. Oh hold on Karen. Was the Guza coming back an April Fools Joke? Please, PLEASE say yes!

  6. Frisco...your back. Werent you never coming back because of me?

    Since nobody else Karen mentioned the "April fools' joke, let me say, that was a good one. Thing is, Guza never left the building!

    Never was a fan of the DID storylines on OLTL. However, I think Kate/Connie is wonderful in the role.

    Tracey, Luke & Anna. Doesn't get much better than them.
    Through in Emma. LOVE that child.

    Scene of the week for me goes to Robin being shown alive. Though I knew she wasn't dead, I was shocked to see her back this soon.

    Jen Lily is awesome as Maxie. The tears, the mental breakdown, I may be in the minority here, but she played out well this week.
    I just wish she would change her red dress and shower.

    NOT reading spoilers anywhere. More fun to be surprised.

    If its true, and Ewan killed Lisa, I agree, good way to wrap up that story. I know Liz is excited about meeting a new man, but I don't think he is the one.. Creepy.

    I HATE HATE to say this, but I see Sam & Jawn getting together.
    I also see Liz & Jason reuniting. Thing is, in all the years I have watched GH, I never saw Jason love like he did douche'bag Sam.

    Good articles this week Karen as usual, hope your feeling better.

  7. Lot of typo errors...sorry spelling police. Sometimes I get so excited to post, I forget to preview.

  8. The other day when Johnny and gramps were standing by the window there was SUNLIGHT! Something we hadn't seen in years. The actors was feel as though they're on a different show.
    Does anyone else think that unlike the characters they are trying to redeem through the writing (e.g. Luke), they're writing Sonny as an even worse person? The way he used Robin's death to manipulate Kate was disgusting even for Sonny. Usually when characters becomes this twisted they get written off the show. Is it just me or is Sonny being written even darker?

  9. I hate to say it but I think the new regime has picked up the MB worship and want so badly to keep him that we will see more Sonny than ever. And Carly. Not minding seeing more Johnny, though. Not a bad week, but not as good as the previous week. I still haven't been ffwding. muchat all, because I don't want to miss anything, which is a big change for me. Little Emma is the most adorable and professional child on TV hands down.

  10. I'm with you Karen, I really enjoyed seeing Kelly Monaco finally getting to portray Sam as HAPPY. That was such a nice flirty, fun scene w/McBain in the airport. Their chemistry is undeniable. I really have missed KeMo having a good time. I used to love how she acted with Greg Vaughn's Lucky.

    Hi Friscogh!! Glad to see you back! I agree with you about Heather's return and flashbacks. She's such an awesome crazy character! Looking forward to what's coming!

  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. I just watched Friday's GH and I have a question. How does Sam know that Heather Webber is Stevens mom? It's not like she was around when Heather was, or that she has anything to do with Steven. It's odd she knew this right away...

  13. Karen, ITA, Matt/Spin fight scene was HILARIOUS!! I ACTUALLY LOL'd, which I rarely do. I should have saved it for whenever I need a good laugh.

  14. My2cents...I agree, Jen Lilley is great.

    PS...don't go stirring up the water here. It's all nice and calm. So great that Karen reinstated the comments, let's just all get along and move forward
    Sound good? ;-)

  15. Karen! Spin a Matt hahaha! Love that name too. :)

    Karen says BTW, I did hear Bob Guza might be coming back--

    april fools! hee hee
    *shakes my fist at Karen* Damn you! ROFL!

    AntJoan says Karen, ITA, Matt/Spin fight scene was HILARIOUS!! I ACTUALLY LOL'd, which I rarely do. I should have saved it for whenever I need a good laugh.
    AntJoan you can watch it on youtube and save it! :)

  16. Love4dogs! Sounds good. (wink)

    I will play nice!! lol

  17. This comment has been removed by the author.

  18. Love4dogs said...So great that Karen reinstated the comments,
    SHE DID?!!?! Where and when did she say that?!!?! Why wasn't I informed? I missed a memo!!! KAREN!!!!

  19. Please God, NO GUZA. WTH would they bring him back? He was a creative failure on every level!

  20. I thought posters were allowed only 2 comments per posts?

  21. Sonya...she reinstated the ability to comment. Sorry...should have been more clear.

  22. Love4dogs said...Sonya...she reinstated the ability to comment. Sorry...should have been more clear.
    Oh!! That was awhile ago! :)

  23. My2Cents2, I have to agree with you about Ewan. I find him really creepy. I hope he turns out to be the killer.

    And I still think that taking Maxie out of the red dress and putting her in prison overalls might help snap her out of her martyr's stance. She wouldn't last 20 minutes in those, let alone 20 years. lol


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