Thursday, March 31, 2011

Oh. My. God. GENIE FRANCIS is going to The Young and The Restless!!

Entertainment Weekly online  is reporting that Genie Francis is going to The Young and The Restless in May!! 
Francis will play the mother of Ethan Cane Ashby (Daniel Goddard).I am speechless... this was the time for her to return to GH and she's going to Y&R to play the character that Tristan Rogers' plays..EX??!! WHAT!! Wow, just wow. 

Congrats to Genie, she so deserves a great part. 
THIS IS NOT AN APRIL FOOL'S JOKE....swear. We Love Soaps has it up as well. 

SO, I hear General Hospital Today was one BIG FAIL??

Holy Crap... I go on twitter and people are BUGGIN' over today's person said it was the worst show in the HISTORY OF GH!! LMAO. Then, a ton of people agreed!!! ahahahaa.

Horrible, Karen. Jason insults and death threats, calling for TPTB collective firing, GH idiocy, all across the board! lol @ComplainnShade

Whoever made the decision at GH not to show Jake's memorial sux. #GH @MizVikke

@WubsNet You only missed the worst show ever. Read the #GH timeline. Ridiculous. Someone said it perfectly- we got the "hi-lights reel"  @matchboxGinny

@WubsNet Today's Memorial was like GH kicked us while we were down. @lavenderewe

SO YOU TELL me what you thought??! I forgot to DVR it, even though I knew I"d be gone. DUH. I'll have to catch it online.

48 Years of General Hospital: 48 Facts/Fun for You!

Congrats on the 48th year GH!! Tomorrow, April 1st marks the big day!! First airing 1963,  the soap was 30 minutes long. Some facts and fun stuff you might not know about your soap:

1. In 1976, General Hospital went from airing 30 minutes to 45. I remember being able to catch the last 15 minutes after school, that's how I got hooked. It went to an hour in 1978. 

2. In 1964, a spin-off was created called "The Young Marrieds"-- It was canceled after 2 years.

3. At first, the soap opera was set in a "General Hospital," there was no name for the city.  Finally, in the '70's they christened the town "Port Charles"

4. In 1963, a young Leonard Nimoy played "Bernie" on the soap 

5. The USC Medical Center's front gates was used for years in the opening sequence of GH

6. The Haunted Star was a wedding present to Luke and Laura

7. Scrubs and Liz Webber live in a suburb of Port Charles called "Queen's Point"

8.  The Q's, Kate Howard and Sonny all live on Harbor View Road.

9. Luke was only mayor of PC for 2 short months

20. A kangaroo with an Aussie flag sat on Robert Scorpio's desk when he was police commissioner of PCPD.

21. Luke arrived to his wedding to Laura in a red 1909 Studebaker.

22.  Jason took his last name from his Grandmother Lila Morgan.

23. Carly once owned  "The Cellar" a restaurant located below Kelly's

24. When Lucy Coe was first introduced, she was a librarian

25.   Because she went joy riding with Stone, Robin was given the punishment of not getting her driver's license until the age of 18.

26. Lila Quartermaine was actually a bigamist, having married Edward without first divorcing her husband Crane Tolliver.

27. "General Hospital" was going to be called "Emergency Hospital"

28. Elizabeth Taylor made $2000 during her stint on GH--she donated it all to charity

29. Michael had an imaginary friend named Jodie, he created after AJ Quartermaine died

30. Lucky and Sly started a worm farm to make money in the '90's

31. Meg Bennett, soap writer and Mrs. Bob Guza played Allegra, the woman who forced Sam to learn how to dance.

32. Luke was originally set to die in Laura's arms when he exited the show after 13 weeks. 

33. Ami Dolenz joined the cast of GH in 1987, she is the daughter of Mickey Dolenz, of the Monkees

34. Jackie Zeman, who plays Bobbie Spencer, was a Playboy bunny at the NY Playboy Club in 1972

35. Stuart Damon was born in...Brooklyn NY

36. Rick Webber was killed by Scott Baldwin with a candlestick.

37. Prospect Studios, where GH is filmed was built as Vitagraph Studios in 1915

38. Laura killed she and her mother's lover, David Hamilton when she pushed him down the stairs. Laura was 16 years old when this happened. 

39. Monica's maiden name is Bard.

40. Emily's mother Paige died of breast cancer, then the Quartermaine's adopted her

41. Shawn Cassidy played Dusty Walker, a singer at The Outback.

42. Genie Francis owns a home decor store in Belfast Maine called "The Cherished Home"

43. 2001 was the last year of the Nurses' Ball 

44.When Anna Devane first appeared on GH, she had a long scar going down her face. This eventually disappeared, much like Mac's Aussie accent did. 

45. The budget was in such trouble during the early years, John Beridino (Steve Hardy) was asked to take a pay cut on his $1,500 weekly salary in order to build sets.  

46. Denise Alexander (Leslie)  was on Days of Our Lives before joining GH 

47. Tony Geary grew up in a town of less than 300 people (Coaltown Utah)

48. The soap "The Doctors" (NBC)  premiered the same day (April1, 1063) as General Hospital (ABC)

7th FLOOR Nurses' Station!!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Today's GH: LOVE me some LukeSon!!

My Ol' LukeSon Lounge sign!! Who remembers!! It was part of the Lazy Lobster Pub. 
Ah, the '90's!! LOL

I loved Sonny telling Luke it was an accident.  Tell me it's wrong, but it came out SO RIGHT!! Thank you for that scene you writers, you. You know that Sonny would be killing Luke if it were one of HIS kids!! 

LOVED Scrubs and the potsticker scene!! Cute little Emma, awwww. She's darling. Stupid Lisa, just kill her already!

Shawn comforting Carly--nice. Get it? Chem test galore!! OMG, now he's all googling over JOSS! Poor Jax. wahhh. 

I love Adrianne Barbeau-- it took forever to get her to this point!! She uses a straight edge!! Good stuff, it just didn't have to take this long. Too bad Bea Arthur couldn't have cameo'd as her mama!! This story just was so convoluted.  

Liz and nice. Although it reminded me of all the wasted years that Becky and Luke weren't on screen together more often. WASTED TIME!! 

Sorry this is late/short today. I had to go to the dentist. Tomorrow I'm out as well...I'll try to get up a post for you to put comments on! I WILL be here Friday!!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011


This week I shall run vintage GH photos to honor the 48 years that will happen on Friday!! There's Holly and Robert looking VERY '80's!!! 

 I think Tracy was carrying a Victoria's Secret bag!! Eeee!! 

 Why the hell isn't Jax around? This is just another slap in the face.  WTH, they can't even use the people they have? What's Shawn doing there? To chem test he and Carly? How stupid. At least wait until Joss' kidney has had a week's rest. This is EXACTLY WHAT IS WRONG WITH GH!! Show Mabby for hours but not let Jax have a scene or two?  If you don't want Ingo on, let him go. This half-baked storytelling sucks. (I don't IR to go at all, I just hate it when they "store" people). Ah, there he is, a nice fresh haircut-- buzzed hair cut. IT still doesn't explain his absence all these days.

Siobhan is doing Lucky's Laundry!! NO comment.

Did they show MABBY ENOUGH? What the hell! I think they did it about 5 times!! God..ugh. The dialog about 'WHAT CAN I BUY YOU' was just painful. 

I do like the Luke and the people that go into the Haunted Star -- good stuff. Loved Jane Elliot today. Her kissing Luke, saying she loves him. ahhh. You know, They'll stage an intervention, just in time for Luke to go on vacation until Sept/October. Sonny sticks up for Luke..nice. Have a LukeSonRita!! 

Brenda trying to talk to Carly! ahahahah AHAHAHAHAHA!

Hey, this is a great read on the Huffington Post, but hell, I think he reads me because I said a lot of it! LOL.  It's a giant bitch about the writing on GH.


Monday, March 28, 2011

Monday Soap Opera: OLTL for Laughs, GH for Tears...

@Tyler2929: About to tape a show that made be proud to be a part of GH. Thank you.

That up there is a tweet from Tyler Christopher (Nikolas) this morning. Geesh, changing his tune a LOT from the past week's interviews where he basically says he's done with GH and isn't taping. Wonder what's up?!! Laura Wright also tweeted  about working with a bunch of people today. Gedstern is MIA today so I don't even have a hint!! I might hazard a guess at an intervention for Ol' Luke??! Speaking of:

As for Luke’s endgame, Geary says there’s only one option in his mind: “I'd like him to kill himself. It seems the only appropriate way for a superman to go.

What's up!!? Ready for the transplant aftermath and all it's JOY!!? Luke getting held at gunpoint by Jason? woo hoo!! Good times, good times. 

A Kardashian is on One Life To Live. Wendy Williams too..heck whatever it takes to keep that amazing show on the air!! The show today was AWESOME!! They just get it right, imo. Porno movies, tabloid shows, murder stuff that makes sense, Tess/Jess/Mess.. David Vickers. heh. Vicky said "Tuc  Watkins" should play David Vickers in the movie of the week. OMG, HYSTERICAL!! The actors they mentioned? "Someone really, really bad to play Clint, maybe Mel Gibson"?? Did you know Tuc played Dr. Dorman who was Monica's boy-toy? He also got Emily hooked on drugs. Dang.
And poor Kourtney K was awful wow..just really bad. She needed some coaching. Or editing. Or not to be on at all! 
Sorry to blog so much on OLTL but it's just priceless.  The stories all merge, the writing is top notch and it's so not afraid to make fun of itself.  *sigh*. Rama on the couch watching TV when Clint comes in-- The "Hold the Pepperoni" Porn stupidness.  Loved Dorian/David getting hitched.  David talking about multiple personalities and then winking at Vicky! Oh too much.
Well, if anyone knows anyone that works on OLTL and wants to be my source, hook me up. It makes GH look even more uneven/boring/sad than it already is. 

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Eh... here we go. I shall try to be nice.  I'm just so over this whole mumbo-jumbo. I was thinking: Edward could visit Brenda, but not be around for the Jake thing. I DO think they could have told both he and Monica, they just didn't want to bother. Also, Monica was around to tell Liz how much Aidan looked like Lucky, but not for the other story. MADDENING! 

Mabby getting it on. Her stipper apartment is gorge, eh? UGH, didn't really dig it. Abner did have to help Michael with the bra straps. Too much for me. oy.

More Lucky/Luke... oh heartbreaking. I love that TG is playing it believing that Luke isn't an alcoholic. That's exactly what "Luke" would want!! Today's scenes between those two were perfection. Luke trying to prove he can take his liquor.. drinking in front of Lucky. Wow.. I love Tracy but I so wish Genie were around for this. I love how it has to be the drinking for Lucky to handle. Jane was amazing as usual.. Luke flips the table over after the FLASHBACKS of little Lucky and Foster! eeeeeeeee! :sobbing: 

"If that's what you need to believe. If that comforts you and gets you through the night, fine. It was my drinking that killed Jake.

"I don't hate you.... I could never hate you Dad...and I know, that you love me-- just like I loved Jake".. says Lucky #GH

Jason goes to the bar, Luke pulls a gun out and says :use it: ... dah dah dah!!

Liz/Lulu: Eh, Don't care.

There's actually a whole article about the transplant story.  
From the LA Times:
If the patient loses all essential brain function, he or she could certainly be a kidney donor, provided that blood pressure is maintained at reasonable levels so the kidneys don't get damaged. However, it's very unlikely that Josslyn, with cancer in both her kidneys, would require or qualify for a transplant. Kidney cancer in a young child is usually a Wilms tumor, says Dr. William Carroll, professor of pediatric oncology and director of the NYU Cancer Institute. It is generally highly curable with a combination of chemotherapy, partial kidney removal and sometimes radiation. Even if a cancer develops in the remaining kidney, a transplant would still not be indicated. "I've never heard of a kidney transplant being needed or used in such a case," Carroll says.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sunday Surgery: HELL Week

 Mad as Hell!! *

That's it. HELL WEEK. Say it. Say it loud!! Cause you know it's true. One child dies, another gets a zip a minute transplant and we find out our fave "louse to love" ran the kid down. No wonder we all wanted to do giant jello shots after the shows. 
What's next!? Where do we go from here? We'll get a bit of S&B with the new kid that Sonny will want a DNA test for (in case it's not Brenda's).  Post-funeral Jake angst... possibly the Aidan reveal at some point. Michael going after Abby's beater, who winds up dead.  Bad boy Johnny getting nastier by the minute. 
Tyler will be gone soon, taking the last of the Cassadines with him.  (Alexis is really "Cassadine light" so doesn't count 100% ) TG will have his vacation, come back, have another vacation. We'll all worry about who might be leaving next--or not. I'll bitch about the problems with editing and continuity. And of course, we'll still watch. That's what we do!! 

Rumors are rampant: Is Jake really dead? Does Franco have him? Is Vanessa leaving again? Did Luke really kill Jake?? 
One rumor that I've seen around a lot is a newbie coming on for Dante-- which sounds a bit like a  Brooke Lyn Redux. I'm so hoping this isn't true. 
Will Maya be recast or just fade away? What about Terrell now that Scrubs is back together? Not much for him to do  is there? 
Will Olivia keep making casserole dishes for grieving people and Dante? 
Why exactly is Shawn going to live in CarJax's gate house? 
What about Abby? Is she legit or working for Franco --or AZ? 
We know not to ask about Bobbie, Monica, Audrey, Leslie or Lady Jane anymore. Listening to Bobbie and then Monica being paged over the intercom during the whole Jake crisis was just so frustrating. Almost like a little stab in the arm. "We know you want them here, but Nah Nah nah nah Nah"...
Oh, on another subject,  I think we can also say if Genie Francis doesn't come back during this Luke/Lucky stuff she never will.

The acting during this story has of course, been stellar. Not much more to say. The actors on GH always bring it.  Emmy reels in the can right there. Taken in tiny doses, GH can be awesome. All together? It's maddening. Just on the idiotic non-use of any medical sense alone, we can agree that at the very least, they don't give a sheeze about being in any way, shape or form "real" on that front. We can only say "it's only a soap" so many times before crying "Foul"!!  

SCENE of the WEEK: Luke realizes that he hit Jake when Lucky comes in with the evidence.  Just the looks between them were worth their weight in emmy gold.

Biggest Let Down: 
Franco's big "Threat" to Carly. Uh, what was that?!  

Take a gander at the upcoming Spoilers... read 'em and weep. Or not..maybe you'll fall asleep. Heh, who knows?

 *For you youngins that don't know who'/what that is up there, it's from the movie Network. He throws a TV out the window and yells "We're mad as hell and we're not going to take it anymore"!!!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Wubs Net Interviews: Dr. Lisa Niles !!

Truth be told, we were hesitant to interview the somewhat "peculiar" mistress of medical healing, but we were pleasantly surprised to find her to be funny, insightful and charming. Ok, maybe charming in the cray-cray sense. Just wish she would have left my napkin holder alone.

 Dr. Niles took the time out from her busy rotation to visit Casa D'WubsNet!

Wubsnet: Welcome!!  How did you get here tonight?

Lisa: I drove...I drove really fast. Behind I mean, I drove here not stalking anyone. Yeah. All alone.

Wubsnet: Interesting... You've been in Port Charles for quite some time now, how do you like the city? 

Lisa: Well, besides the sidewalk outside Patrick's house, it's pretty great. Love Jake's....yeah. Cool place. I really like the gum under the tables. Pretty fresh, you know? Oh..and I like the darts. Cause I can pretend that Robin's face is right there in the middle. BIG AND FAT...right in the middle. Yep. Right there.

Wubsnet: Um, you're pointing at my wall clock. 

Lisa: Wall clock, Robin's ugly gross face...what's the difference?? Hey, that napkin holder looks like her big butt too. HAHAHHAAA! 

Wubsnet: Wow...Hey, you know,  everyone on the internet is dying to know your hair secret. It always looks

Lisa:  Straight? Shiny? Manageable? You know....I do it myself.  Don't tell the make-up department  though, they get really crabby and tell me I should like, shampoo it. Now, how stupid is that? Like I wouldn't clean my hair.  I use a combo-shampoo leave -n conditioner. Saves time when I'm waiting for Patrick to 'accidentally" see me step out of the shower. :giggle:

Wubsnet: So, tell me about Johnny. You two seem really into each other...

Lisa: Who told you that? Did he tell you that? Because, come on...we've only done it on the couch and everyone knows that if you don't do it in a bed, it like doesn't count. Plus the fact I've always kept my bra on. You want to see it? It's really's pink and...

Wubsnet: No, thanks, I watch the show. Let's talk about your future. You've drugged Robin, given her the wrong HIV medication, thrown her in a well, boiled her daughter's bunny...

Lisa: Uh, hello..I did save her from a fire...I'm not totally heartless. 

Wubsnet:  Yes, you did do that. Does this mean you're giving up? I mean now that Patrick and Robin are back together? 

Lisa: What! Who told you that? They are NOT BACK TOGETHER! . Geesh..they are SO NOT!! I imported a hot guy to come on to her but she's such a freekin' ice-bitch it didn't work. Bitch.  Patrick loves ME. You know we used to play beer pong back in college and make out while I wore his NASCAR shirt. 

Wubsnet: Nice visual there...well, unless there's anything else, I'd like to say thank you for coming in and...

Lisa: Hey! Is that a tape recorder? Is it? What in the hell... I never said anything you thought I said. Even if you think you did. So..forget about trying to make me look bad. Give me that tape. Give it to me! I'm going to destroy it. Or...walk around with it for weeks and look at it. STARE AT IT. yeah. Don't think you can trap me, because you can't. OH, and I'm taking this napkin holder that looks like Robin's butt. So there.

Wubsnet: Ok, well..see ya..don't hit my...  oh-- you hit my tree on the way out. Nice. 

Lisa: :screams from car: And I DIDN'T HIT THAT TREE! It moved! Right INTO MY CAR! I'll be suing you!! (plays "Hungry Like The Wolf" really loudly on her car stereo as she peels down the street)

all rights reserved wubsnet 2011

Friday, March 25, 2011

TV Guide's Interview with Tony Geary: Stellar Stuff!

Wow, Michael Logan interviewed Tony Geary and asked so many great questions. I love the conversation because, I, like Geary don't see Luke as an alcoholic. (That's just my TV perception at work!) Tony calls this  story "A big spectacular gift"....


TV Guide Magazine: What about Jake's mother, Elizabeth [Rebecca Herbst]?

Geary: The writers have done a really interesting thing with that. Luke thinks Elizabeth has gone a little crazy, and maybe she has, because she comes to him after the child is buried and apologizes for not having watched her kid closer. She says she's sorry Luke is going to have to carry this burden when it's really all her fault. In a weird way he becomes her protector.

So, there's a little spoiler there. Geary goes on to say Tracy wants Luke in rehab (as do many of the others on the show). There's a nice little insight to Sarah Brown's leaving GH this time (when she was Claudia Z). Great stuff.  Read the entire interview on TV Guide.

Tyler Christopher's General Hospital Tweets...OUCH!

@Tyler2929  Seems to b some misconception that it was my choice to leave gh to go and do the lying game. Not so. I was let go unconditionally
Just want to set the record straight so people can stop congratulating me

"Lying Game" in reference to his new show on ABC Family. Guess that clears THAT up! Goodness. Who's next? Seems GH is just trimming it's ranks left and right. This signals the end of the "traditional" Cassadines. With the exception of Alexis, they are all ka-poot. Can we hope Helena comes to usher her Prince OFF to Russia or Greece? Not likely because looks like TC really isn't going to tape much of anything more. 

Adding Fun to the Tweet-fodder, Stephen Martinez (nee Coltin Scott, Nikolas #2) said: 

thank you. Yes, TPTB at #GH only care about you when they need you. Outside of that, treat you like dirt.
Oh the joys of twitter! Remember you can always follow the @wubsnet for all breaking soap news. Some primetime stuff too. Hey, you know I'm a TV Junkie!!

OLTL: BTW  Ford in the weenie costume just makes my day!! And the porno movie gig?? "Balsam....really great name" says the porno actress!! LOL This show is fun and exciting (Especially since I'm spoiler free)!!

I am trying to remain hopeful that my show will once again intrigue me. 
Steven is moving into Liz' house. Which is good because I'm not even sure he has a place he lives?? 
"Carly's whole existence is a series of accidents".. heh, you tell it Lucky! HE was mad at Carly. whoa. It would mean way more if Lucky and Carly ever had scenes together. LOL.. Notice Luke doesn't say a word while Lucky is there about his name being on the list. We all know it comes out, heck Jason goes with his gun to the Haunted Star.. 
 Luke goes to talk to Michael about Lucky-- TG hasn't had this much airtime with his TV Family in decades!
Jason and Carly just keep yappin' it up.  
Liason was on today!! TWITTER BLEW UP! Liz and Jason both apologized to each other. Looked sad. Dante interrupts them. Great, people already hate him, now this! ahaahaha.
Franco's "message" was lame, imo. 
WOW, how great was that JJ and TG scen when Luke realized he hit Jake??!! "His  DNA was all over your bumper"  

RANT: Josslyn is UP AND SITTING IN A FREEKIN' rocking chair? :yes I am yelling: WHAT IN God's name-- they do think we are morons. How stupid. And where is Jax?! Like he wouldn't be there 24/7. 

Ratings Report for the Week of March 14-18, 2011
(Compared to Last Week/Compared to Last Year)
Total Viewers
1. Y&R 4,734,000 (-91,000/-369,000)
2. B&B 2,948,000 (+137,000/-240,000)
3. GH 2,593,000 (-94,000/+61,000)
4. OLTL 2,427,000 (+72,000/+113,000)
5. AMC 2,376,000 (+58,000/-105,000)
6. DAYS 2,316,00 (-172,000/-522,000)

Bradford Anderson's Pilot Not Picked Up

Bradford's pilot project on TNT,  Allan Loeb's untitled project based on Marshall Karp's novel "The Rabbit Factory" was not picked up by the network. Read more on Deadline. 

Good news for Spinelli fans that were hoping to see him more on General Hospital 

New Scoops Up: Is Jax getting the "Nikolas Treatment"?

New scoops up on the Wubs Net . They deal with the aftermath of Jake's death, Lush wedding plans, Abby and Brandon--and of course, the Franco threat that will be issued today. 

After Carly gets her Video ala'Franco, she freaks out and probably rightfully so. What happens? Well,  Shawn moves to the guest house to protect Mom and kids. Problem is...where's Jax? Last I knew he was pretty rich and could afford just about anyone to guard the house. (Nevermind that Joss, in real life would be in the hospital at least 3 months after her operation). Now, Shawn's in there. THEN, guess who takes over?? Jason...because it gives him something to do while he mourns  Jake.

I am getting a bad feeling on all of this! In addition to tweeting that his airtime is reduced, there have been rampant rumors that Ingo Rademacher is going to recurring. Of course, there's been on official announcement on this yet. My big beef? Why can't there be a story about Liz and Jax  out of this? Why is it ALWAYS Carly or Jason?? Come on, Jax and Liz already buried one child together, and now this would be a great time to bond over the fact Joss has Jake's kidney. I'd also like to see Lady Jane.  Remember her? Heck, she and Bobbie could be around, doting Grams and helping out. 

The character of Jax has changed over the years. Corporate raider no more, he's reduced to propping up what's left of CarJax and arguing with Carly over the same crap for month after month. The "Brenda Drill" with Sonny.  Now, the airtime dwindles. Sounds like a certain Cassadine to me. I do have to say that Ingo brings it every time he's on set though. I don't see boredom and when it's an intense scene (like him yelling at Sonny after the car bomb), he's gold. He tweets a lot of fun stuff as well! @ingorademacher

IF you want to save any of your faves, write a nice snail mail. Give a call. It just might matter. 

General Hosptial @ABC TV
4151 Prospect Ave
Hollywood, CA 90027

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Exclusive: Wubs Net Interviews Jason Morgan!

It's true..!! The Wubqueen finally gets to dish with Stone Cold himself!! Here's the interview where only I dared to ask the most burning questions on everyone's mind. Sit back, grab a glass of wine and feast your eyes on this miracle of print media: 

 Jason Morgan arrives at Casa D'Wubs

Wubqueen: Squeeeeeeeee! Do you mind if I Squeeee? I mean,  you are  JASON MORGAN!! 

Jason:  Uh, no. I get it a lot. 

Wubqueen: Ok, let me just....there. I so wanted to touch your hair. It's magnificent.

Jason: Thanks. I get that a lot too.

Wubqueen: Well, Jason, you've had quite a few days! Phew!! Have you had time to sit down and breathe since little Jake went into the great beyond?  

Jason:  No. What's a beyond? Oh, you mean...died. No.

Wubqueen: Well... what do you think? Who do you think hit him?

Jason: No idea. But I tell you what, Dante's not going to tell me who it was. I won't believe it.

Wubqueen: Um...have you called your BFF Sonny yet?

Jason: No. He's in Italy.  Honeymoon.

Wubqueen: I know, but you is your son and...

Jason: Italy. NO.

Wubqueen: Enough of Jake. I'm here to ask you the REAL question. You know THAT question.

Jason: Shoot.

Wubqueen: Who is it? Liz or Sam???

Jason: Liz or Sam what?

Wubqueen: You know, who do you like better?

Jason: Blink. Well...Liz has the best hair and Sam has you the front area.

Wubqueen: Ok, but who's the BESTEST?  Like..if you were on a desert island, who would you save from a shark? 

Jason: Well, who has on my leather jacket? 

Wubqueen: leather jacket.

Jason: Is my jacket lost? Because that would not be good.

Wubqueen: Look:  Sam or one.  

Jason: Ummm, Karen. I'll pick Karen. We were the only ones on a desert island.

Wubqueen: Oh, this impossible! Let me ask in a different way. Who would you like to grow old with? 

Jason: Oh you mean like Lila and Edward.

Wubqueen: Yes, Lila and Edward.

Jason: And I'm Edward right? 

Wubqueen: Yes! And who's Lila???   :leans forward:

Jason: Who's Lila? blink...she was my grandmother..

Wubqueen: :smacks forehead: Wow.. this is really difficult. Don't you understand there's a fan war going on out there?! People are fighting! Families are divided!! They need to know who do YOU LOVE THE MOST!

Jason: That's easy. Me. I love Me. 

Wubqueen: Between SAM and LIZ--- which one.

Jason: Oh, sorry, I refuse to answer that as per clause #3 in my contract. One and Two are about my secret powers. 

Wubqueen: Nevermind. Hey, can I touch your hair again? :giggle:

Jason: Sure.  Knock yourself out.

allrights reserved 2011. property of wubs

Thursday's SHOW: General Confusion

Here We GO-GO!! Whoops, someone's in big-trouble!!! I see a bottle of Grand Mariner on the bar

Interview with Steve Burton about Jake's death on FanCast, Deep Soap. Interesting stuff.

Today's show: Jason with his motorcycle..sniff. I mean the toy one. Good JaSam stuff.  Liked Spin's book arriving, he should have been around more. 

For those of you that are continuity police (like me) watch the Robin/Lisa scenes...her hair changes. LOL Loved when Robin confronted her, thought for sure she was guilty and Uncle Mac blew that up. Loved it because it SHOULD have been Lisa that hit Jake. Get her OUT OF town.

Olivia gets to pop in with pasta at Liz' house, talk to Steve. She talked to Jax "off camera". Nice. Thanks. I liked  Steve talking to Liz but I'd like Lucky to be there too.

Where's JAX? That's so stupid, he should be glued to Carly. And Carly goes to Jason's. I just couldn't stand her today. I"m a huge LW fan and love my Carly but not today.  They needed to wait on that scene, imo

LAST INSULT? Cam saying Jake went to HEAVEN..meaning he knows he's dead?? ;/

Jake's Death: So Many Questions, So Many Holes...

One HAS to wonder if there's a hole in a certain head-writer's head to have green lighted this mess. You know I' going to talk about it, and after a morning of chatting on twitter, I'm ready!! 

The NY Post had an article that came out on Tuesday titled "4-year old soap death enrages Fans" 
With a crying Burton heading the piece, it goes on to post some messages that were left on the ABC board  about the story. My problem with the article is that it's about Jake's "Death" and not the poorly written story arc itself. Yeah, we're all sad that Jake is gone, but  if it was written in a decent manner, I could deal. This shoddy, rushed half-told story is just so off in so many ways, one has to wonder if they even bothered to plan it out. 

From the article: 
While Jake's death brought life to fellow Port Charles resident Josslyn Jacks -- Carly and Jasper's year-old, cancer-stricken daughter who will get Jake's transplanted kidney -- his shocking death sent the show's passionate fans into a tizzy.

It took WEEKS and WEEKS  to get Brenda back to Port Charles. Guza wanted a "back story" about her charity work, her engagement to a movie star and numerous run-ins with Balkans "hench-men". *sigh* It was torture. Fast forward to this hit and run and transplant. It happened in TWO DAYS! Hell,  Joss was out and in her crib (not even with tubes) after a blink of a soap eye. It was surreal. It made the bus crash look like a full length mini-series!! 

This story has become about WHO hit Jake. Since we know from the spoilers that are out there, this will indeed be a very powerful tale. I don't know how they'll pull it off given the enormity of the situation and the icon of a character. It will be like taking the last of GH's vets and throwing them to the wolves. Nice. Can't wait. :rollseyes: It might be better if Bobbie was around-- or Laura....or Leslie..or anyone else from the past. Not having Mac or Maxie around during the actual transplant pre-scenes was stupid, imo. The gaping hole of GH's invisible history was so evident during this story, it hurt.

There is speculation that Franco has Jake. It would be nice to think that but how could it be? Where would even he have gotten a 4 year old to switch bodies with? (gross as it sounds). No one saw him after the operation-- and assuming that Scrubs didn't know it was him, was he switched before his brain stem became detached? If he was switched after, how did a missing 4 year old have organs to donate? If they pull off such a story it will defy even "soap logic".  They could have maybe pulled it off  if it wasn't for the kidney transplant I guess. 
Eh, I don't know. If Franco does have Jake, it will probably make me more angry than his death. I hate when story manipulations are that transparent and stupid

We all know the missing player list in this story. Why they didn't take the time to have Maxie and maybe Mac in there to talk about transplant success is beyond me. Pay Leslie C to come in for a day to find out Jake was indeed her grandson and hug Jason. Bobbie--ah, Bobbie. :throws up hands:. I was just thinking yesterday that the only characters left from the '80s are  Tracy and Luke. (Mac is close, he came on in 1991).  With Tony's vacations and Jane on less and less when he's gone, GH's canvas just pales in comparison to the other ABC soaps. 

MAYBE Guza's giving us all a giant middle finger on this one. That's what it feels like to me, anyway. I'm sure he was tickled pink that the story made it to the NY Post--good PR or bad.  

And this in no way is an actor bash. They rocked every line. I think you know I respect them all-- certainly not their fault no one even bothered to make this feel "true". 

Hey,  don't fret..they are bringing in yet another kid to ignore--Brenda's boy. Kill off the last tie for Liason fan's and bring in another boy about the same age. Bizarre. 

So, questions of the day: Do you think Jake is really dead? How do you feel about the reveal of the driver? Are you done watching GH? Did you think this story was told well?

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Tony Geary on Elizabeth Taylor's Passing

Anthony Geary on Elizabeth Taylor's death: "The world is a little darker, colder, less beautiful without her".

General Hospital: Just Another Day in the Salt Mines

On SOD --GH's Christopher on Exit 

Tyler Christopher (Nikolas, GH) spoke to Digest about his GH exit. "I haven't even had time to absorb it," he admits. "It was pretty unexpected. I didn't really see it coming." The actor, who played the role from 1996-99 and 2003-present, says he doesn't know his last airdate. "I think I'm done. To be honest, I have no idea. No one's told me anything but for me, I think I need to move on, so this is it." For more, check out an upcoming issue of Digest.
 Interesting. So... "I have no idea"-- what does that mean? He never got word? Wow...if so, that's cold even if he DID want to leave. I can only hope he does a Sheen-Style exit interview with someone! (:callme:) 

Daytime Confidential has confirmed that Adrianne Leon is being written out at GH as well. She never had a contract, btw. I thought she was gone this fall so I'm not surprised. 

On that note, I'd love for the Davis Girls to all move to Wyndemere!! 

GENERAL HOSPITAL: New Emma is dang cute. 

Now, come Joss' operation?? Took 4.5 seconds..and she's not even in any kind of 'medical room'?? This is so weird. JUST WEIRD. She needs to be on all sorts of tubes.

LOVED Liz/Luke THANK YOU FOR THAT!! GH is going to be hard for me to watch in the coming weeks. oy. sniff.

Italy needed the gelato cart. heh. That's where it first popped up. Chloe and Jax!! I loved LOVED Brenda's boots!!

I so wish Tracy would talk to Jason!! Just to say she thinks he's brave and Alan would be proud. Yada yada....I'd love that scene.

Johnny shirtless and Lisa in her trench coat, naked....:) Heh. Nasty. sorry. eeee. 

Loved AB as Suzanne today... she did a good job. I can't wait until Theo is gone though. 

Today, Sam, Robin and Sonny were cleared car-wise, Don't know who? Go to Wubs NET! 
Today's show was really a snoozer. Wow, with all that could have been? Geesh. 

Dame Elizabeth Taylor ...

An icon of GH for her portrayal of Helena Cassadine died  last night of heart failure. She was one great lady with such a big heart, especially for her work with HIV/AIDS. 

Her role on GH was  groundbreaking back in the day as she was one of Hollywood's first "A List" stars to guest on a soap. Of course, Tony Geary finally broke the news this year of his affair with Taylor in the '80's after she was on the show. 

He said"I used to never talk about my relationship with Elizabeth Taylor because I’m a gentleman and don’t kiss and tell, but she did an interview a few years ago for Talk Magazine where she outed us as more than friends."

Here is a great You Tube of her GH "outtakes"... she's hilarious.

Wubs will be making a donation to the Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation in her honor. Her charity has set up a Facebook Page where you can leave a personal message. 

For an awesome look back of her body of work over the ages go to 

One of her last tweets: "Every breath you take today should be with someone else in mind. I love you."

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Brenda's Son On General Hospital: Revealed!

Here is "Luciasn"...Elviz Martinez....Hopefully they won't kill him off too soon. He'll appear April 4th. So much for Marcil's whole "There is no baby for Brenda"....heh. 
Credit SID

Tuesday: I needed a Xanax.

 PHEW! What a day! My car didn't start and I had a blood pressure episode!! LOL. I have not had a car not start since I was like 22 years old and driving clunkers. Or left the lights on. Had to call a tow truck guy who figured it was the battery and jumped it. No idea why. This is the same car that had it's wipers fail 2 weeks ago. ;/ Forester---Subaru. Not making me happy. I had Outbacks for 20 years with not one problem? Just got this last May. Booooooooo. 

Anyway, now that that's over, it's time for NEWS!! Geesh, the All My Children "may be canceled" news is all over the net and twitter. Even the actors are wondering what's up! The magazines are mum. We'll have to wait and see! 

OLTL: I so love David and Dorian! I want them to have a spin-off on TV Land!

GENERAL HOSPITAL: It was another hard day to watch. I am glad for the organ talk--it's so needed in the world. I don't think it should be Joss' kidneys because it came from left field. It could have been any kid down the hall. 

Such great performances today-- all the actors on GH got kudos. I especially loved the touch with Nikolas going to Luke, should have been Bobbie but--eh. Nikolas was a good one too.

They called Monica over the PA system. Idiots. That's such a slap! LOL  She needs to BE THERE, not being called over the PA system... there are so many people missing from this.

Laura Wright and Becky Herbst were great.  It's all moving so fast isn't it?? Really fast.

Why not have Maxie and Mac talk to Liz about donation?? Where are they? Why are Dante and SAM heading this 'investigation'.??!! 

This was a great show acting wise. Story arc is a fail. FAIL, Fail. 

 Wubber David wrote me a long email about visions for GH and I wanted to share this bit with you all:
Oh, one more. Audrey comes back for 2 days. She announces her character retirement and they have a big going away for her (and Rachel) with a big party in the Lobby. They rename a wing the "Steve and Audrey Hardy Wing". Before she leaves she has a box of stuff from her office. In it is a photo of Emily (Nurse Jesse), Steve Bernardino and Rachel. She takes it and walked behind the nurses station and puts it on a shelf. Then as she walked out, she turns around, a montage has the nurses she's worked with over the years, and she waves to her granddaughter Liz behind the desk and walks out.....

FUN STUFF: I think that this Gossary of GH terms from 2007 is a HILARIOUS read. Even after 4 years, it holds up. 

STUPID SHEEZE: There's a rumor out there that there may be a newbie coming from Dante's past. This had better be BS.

TWITTER STUFF: Got a RT today from GEORGE!! Heh, he asked us to make a "Frankenstein"-- 

I said: Cheney's head, Omorosa's body, Justin Bieber's old hair, Glen Beck's brain and 'Elaine's" dance moves

Monday, March 21, 2011

Rumor Patrol: General Hospital..Truth or Dare??

There are SO many rumors out there. My pal David  helped me round them up from various boards!! 

The BIGGEST one this weekend was that Maurice and VM were both going to walk. The rumor people said "it will break on Monday"...well, so far nothing. I'm saying that Maurice at least, will hang on as long as possible. Unless he gets his own gig on HBO or something. 

Lisa LoCicero and Brandon Barash: well this is no shocker if and when it happens. Lisa's had a few guest gigs (Dexter is coming) and Brandon is in an independent movie that's in post production.  "Olivia" and "Steve" may make it as a couple,  that is if they ever show them.
Also in this bunch would be Brianna Brown (Lisa) and that newbie Terrell. We'll have to see. 

Others are saying Sonya Eddy isn't on recurring, she's gone. Not sure the difference other than if she's gone/gone we just won't see her. 

Guza's, he's in...JFP is, she's staying. I see a big shake up at ABC Daytime all together. Maybe Frons is getting tired of the gig. 

Claire Labine (former head writer)  is coming back...hmmmmmmmm, not sure on that one. That means  Guza will leave. I still say he, Fronz, Geary, Burton and Benard are the holy clover. It would take a Frons outing to get this to happen.

We know Adrienne Leon is gone (Brooklyn)...then the Tyler Christopher stuff broke. The next in the chute is Ingo Rademacher who has said his airtime is being cut. People are thinking he's going to recurring?? I'd say if it came to that, he's out. 
By the way, Nancy Lee Grahn tweeted that she was on another one of her "not voluntary vacations" from taping. 

So... those are most of the rumors.  Daytime is going to shape-shift whatever happens. Keep a hold of yourself because it will be a bumpy ride!! For storyline rumors go to and hit rumors page.

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Tracy/Luke, Scrubs operating, CarJax being told Joss has cancer, Liz/Lucky's embrace and Jason. wow, powerful 3 minute opening. 
Becky wore non-waterproof mascara. Uh..someone freekin' call "Gran" and Bobbie! And Edward!! grrrrrrrrrrrrr. Leslie, Laura. I know,  I've said it every dang time but today it was so apparent. Why the hell would Jason and  Sam watch the operation? Is that even allowed? Oh well, it's a soap, right?  I tell you what, people were mad that Sam was there! whoo-wee!! Then some were mad she left the hospital. Can't win if you're Sam today!!

Nikolas arrives. Bye Bye Tyler. He even looked bored in that scene.

Both Joss' kidneys are gone, wow..that was quick. Ingo had better be on more than just today- I don't want Jax flying off trying to find a kidney or something.

Tracy and Luke are foreshadowing! Did you see about the accident? You can find out there!! Tracy doesn't want Edward to know. Probably so that they don't have to pay JI to come in.

What is Lisa still doing there?????? I thought she was fired by Steve? Oh, people on twitter told me he didn't fire her in the end. I must have missed that part. Geesh, I'd like to have that job security! 

FINALLY?? Michael tells Carly about Jake.

The scene where Jake goes brain dead? Well, the brainstem became detached so they couldn't spend time with CPR and stuff. Liked how Robin just nodded "no" to Jason.

Get a load of this promo with Carly and Jason. Good Grief. Talk about choking me up!! The second one with Liason is a killer too. Sniff. 


A funny note on a sad day: Becky and JJ look like they belong on the set of "Trueblood"...especially next to spray-tanned GH cast! 

38th Annual Daytime Awards!!

Will be broadcast on CBS--  Sunday, June 19th from the Las Vegas Hilton !! Get the deets on TV By the Numbers. 

“The best of daytime will be joined by the best of Las Vegas as some of the greatest entertainers in the world will join us for a celebration of all that is great about daytime television,” said Jack Sussman, Executive Vice President, Specials, Music and Live Events, CBS Entertainment.  ”It will be a primetime event for television honoring daytime’s best with non-stop entertainment, guest star surprises and oh, yes, we’ll give out a few awards as well.”

Will All My Children Be Canned?

Geesh..ABC really looks like it's going to be getting out of at least part of the Daytime Drama biz. We all know SoapNet is becoming "Disney Jr." and now one of the biggest blogs "Deadline" is reporting that AMC may be getting the ax. Jamey Giddens of Daytime Confidential had predicted some major shake ups, and boy was he correct. 

Personally, this is good news for me because I'd rather have that one go than OLTL. One Life is consistently amazing and engaging, despite being the "poor child" of the soaps. I am also hoping LaLucci doesn't transfer her "Erica Kane" to Llandview because there's just not enough room for 3 divas over there. (Vicky and Dorian are enough, and who knows how ES and RS would feel about it!). This on the heels of cast trimmings makes everyone wonder where we are headed. Remember when Maurice Benard told Terry Morrow he gave daytime soaps 5 years? Well...could be!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

General Hospital: Tyler Christopher Is OUT !

SOD posted it, SID just said it was confirmed. Tyler Christopher was "let go" from GH on Friday. Not that I think he really wanted to stay...
End of the Cassadine connection?
Looks like it.

Tyler's pilot program will air on "ABC Family" starting August 15th-- "The Lying Game"

General Hosptial-- Sunday Surgery: Synergy

synergy: [noun] a mutually advantageous conjunction of distinct elements. 

Well. This week has certainly been a lesson in synergy.  Or not.  Taking a tiny grain of a story and shooting it off into the television universe.  Throwing things and hoping they stick. Multiple characters driving on the same road, all going too fast; distracted. A healthy child suddenly coming down with a life-threatening illness in a blink of an eye.  A story that was first done so brilliantly years and years ago.  Can you capture lighting in a bottle twice? Especially when 60% of your audience saw it the first time around? 
That's for you to decide.

The actors certainly did their job. They always do. The problem this week lay on the cutting room floor. So many scenes not shown--so many, many MANY questions not answered. Whole chunks of dialog seemingly just not there.  I'd love to go through them one by one, but you've already read them down the blogs below.  I have to say the worst one was the Jason standing there with a gun on Johnny in one scene, and the next has Lisa and Robin walking into his empty apartment. He walks in later, unfazed.

I'm not sure if Brenda really even reacted to the news of Suzanne's being married to Theo. I'm not even sure Sonny or anyone told her about it. Maybe he mentioned it when she was coming out of her Toxic-stupor.  You'd think that just might be a powerful scene right there. You know, the woman Brenda trusted all these years, the one she basically lived with in Paris, Rome,  Africa is married to her enemy. Mother to the guy she murdered.  Wouldn't it have been great for them to have "met" in the Cave? Had it out? Seen Brenda's face when she realized just who Suzy was?? Eh, but why dabble in the details. Off to the honeymoon with you! 

 So many pivotal characters are going to be missing from the Jake story. Having Luke leave the hospital so quickly was just not right--they should have had Tracy go there.  Suppose it was easier to have them alone, sitting on the Haunted Star when filming fitted in the blocks better. Like I said Friday, they'd better show at least one Tracy/Jason scene--if not Tracy/Jason and Edward. I'd hope for Monica but--come on. That might just be hoping for too much. Will Audrey even get a mention? Bobbie? Leslie? Bobbie should be in there especially since Jake AND Joss are both related to her. Would it have been nice to have her giving Scrubs a pep talk or just a "please save my nephew"? 

Synergy.  Two ladies on a wild goose chase for a syringe that really, in the end can prove nothing. A syringe that has driven a story that has gone on far too long. I can't tell you how many ideas there are floating around for Johnny--but having this little game wasn't one of them. It also totally took away from the fact he planted the limo bomb!! They were shoved together so stupidly, you can't even begin to understand what's going on.  No wonder Jason got the hell out of that situation--it time to give the girls the clues!! 

I still say threading a story together takes quite a bit of talent and forethought. Day to day dialog is easy because you just  put great words into great actor's mouths. I so need someone to thread this together for me.  Have it make sense beyond the moment of impact and crying in the emergency room. 

This is all kind of like "Brenda's Return" and the "Bus Crash"...huge to the hype, tiny on the follow through.  I really want more. *sigh*

                                                    Photo by: @JaxFan57 feel free to send in!

Of course, how can I not mention the HUGE RUMOR about Bob Guza leaving GH that was quickly dispelled by the very magazine that put it out there? Heh... oh to be a fly on THAT decision. What the heck happened?? I don't think that sort of thing gets up on a website by accident. Something's up folks. Time will tell.  Maybe we'll get a little of that synergy after all.

*** NOTE: Last night, after about 11pm, SOD reported that Tyler Christopher was let go from GH. Now after the flip-flop on Guza, I'm not saying it's true until an official announcement.  I will say that his pilot got picked up and lord knows, he's looked miserable on the show for a couple of years now. My only sorrow if it's true, probably no more Helena. I will update the blog today if anything else comes in on this. Hopefully, Tyler will tweet himself later.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Guess the General Hospital Tweeter!

A fun Saturday Game!! All of these were tweeted by members of GH. Can you guess who?? 

1. I'm horny, I mean hungry

2. Happy, happy, happy birthday William and Walker Van Zandt! I'm the luckiest mom in the world!

3. Sunset gridlocked. at saddle ranch for lunch.Is it weird if I ride the mechanical bull on the highest setting with no one in the restaurant?

4. Yo, I was the Killians Irish Red girl! Somewhere there are lifesize cardboard cutouts of me in green leather drinking a bottle!
5. You all are the very best and I love you dearly!! Sleep well and have a great night. God bless.

6. Her question was does age effect how long and how many licks to the center of a tootsie pop- the older folks did it faster!

7. Hi. Done with work today. Heavy stuff. All is good. Have a good day. God bless. C u soon

8. If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck.

9. I fought the dog and the dog won.

10. had lucky charms for breakfast in honor of st patty. hope ur day is magically delicious!

See the who's who in the first comment below!! 

Friday, March 18, 2011

General Hospital: Blood Pressure Pills

Geesh. Good Lord..this morning was a whirlwind!! WOWZa!! It was crazy-- Guza OUT! Guza IN! We were so happy he might be out. LMAO.... #Guza was trending.

So, for now, we still have the same head writer. I think that maybe ABC could use a heads up that we fans were dancing in the twitter aisles!! 

Yesterday:  Cam.."I want Pizza"!! and there's poor Jake's almost last scene...wahhhhhhh. Poor kid. Poor us. Dang. I think it will be a great story but I wish it wasn't him. I wish there would be a transplant story with a kid we don't know, it still could have been powerful.

Well... today was sad, eh? Everyone all over the road..Jake's motorcycle laying there on it's side. If this plays out and the person that hit Jake never knew it-- come on. How did they not even get a 'thud' on the car? LOL..really. Please. 

Sonny and Brenda are going to Positano Italy (See above, I googled it!) ...if that dang baby is there, I'll die. LOL. 

Siobhan Mary Frances McKenna..that's her FULL NAME--and the judge couldn't say "Siobhan"!! Liked that touch.

I wish Liz would have called Lucky then Jason... it seems like she should have. Everyone was all tearing up!! SNIFF...JJ and Becky and Steve!! Eeeeeeeeee! Chad and Steve look so much alike! Wow. Did Robin know Jake was Jasons?? Why wouldn't Steve let Jason see Liz? Weird. That's not nice to Liason fans, and I usually don't say stuff like that. 

WHY DID LUKE LEAVE?? Tracy and Luke--there were rumors that they had an epic story coming. Yep. Anyway, Tracy finds out Jake is a Q! About time. Call Monica. Damn it. I wish they would have shown Tracy more. They'd better have a Tracy/Jason scene.

Joss story--Carly was being remarkably calm/cool. Why did Michael say he was just 'driving by' the hospital?? Why not tell Carly about Jake? I would have. 

Ending Montage was a Disney song..sounded like the Mama song from Dumbo, I swear.

OLTL today was so LOVED it. David walks in on Cutter/Dorian, Bo arrests Clint.... eeeeeeeee Todd's in a coma...Tess rambling all around town.

Danielle Tweeted this today, it's her last show pic from her dressing room.

Do you love "The Dish"?? It's on the Style Net and it's totally fun--just like "The Soup"!! Anyway, Style Net is canning it! How stupid is that? Costs nothing to produce-- and plus Danielle Fishel is just great. Anyway, if you are on Facebook and love the show, check out Save The Dish page. Heck, we brought Becky back, we know the force of Daytime fans!!

NOTE: Tonight is the biggest full moon in 18 years. Get the dancing ready!

BOB GUZA Jr. OUT at General Hospital?--update: NO, he's staying!

Lord knows he's been there forever, but SOD is reporting that rumors are rampant the head scribe is OUT of the head writer position at General Hospital. So, how do you feel about this? It's what we've been wanting for awhile--but it's interesting because the male cast LOVE the man.  LOVE. 

 WELL, SOD just updated TWITTER TO SAY GUZA IS not OUT at ABC!!! What teasers. I'm so mad. LOL 

Telebuddy Gets in on Erika Slezak's Surprise Party!

That's right...Terry Morrow, guy about Hollywood and NYC, got into the exclusive surprise party held for Erika Slezak on the set of OLTL! Terry also interviewed Ericka about her role as Vicky Lord.  Read all about it on his TinselTown Tales!

"I am just so very, very, very grateful for all of this," she told the crowd. Taped well wishes came from ABC Daytime President Brian Frons, "General Hospital" star Tony Geary, Regis Philbin, Kelly Ripa, Nathan Fillon and Barbara Walters with the cast of "The View" among others. Of the Walters congratulations, Slezak joked, "You got Barbara Walters? She doesn't even speak to me when she sees me!"

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy Oyrish Day Lads and Lassies!!

Lookie and Oyrish Weddin' today...well, almost. Thought this was fitting. I could use the beer about now!!  Today is a lovely sunny day though.... too nice to be blogging. BUT! Here I am!! 

OLTL: Tuc is back!! David/Dorian and Cutter? Sure! I can so get into that!! WOOT!! 

General Hospital: I do believe the Prez will be  on at 3:30 today to talk about Japan. It's the beginning of the SAD sad STORY!! Many rumors about who really hit Jake but I think it's going to be someone a bit surprising and it will be powerful. VERY Powerful. Think Vet.

Michael in his hoodie.  LOL!! They are making him out to be such an idiot. Geesh.

Diane is surrounded by Brenda's pink stuff from the Penthouse.  Spinelli brought it over for Brenda to enjoy at Sonny's!! :) hahahaa. Nice touch. Sonny sold the house in the woods? Dang, I loved that set. Brenda said she had no family...YEAH, she did... she was JULIA!!

Lisa can just die anytime. I haven't seen that come across my spoiler alert though. Dang it.

A twubber noticed the syringe at the Haunted Star yesterday..I'm trying to see if I can see it.  Luke mentions "tire tracks" to Carly... foreshadowing!

OMG, those boys in the hospital were so cute!!!!!!! I love Cam. "I want Pizza! I want Pizza"!! 

Of course, Obama interrupted. OY Vey! But we did get to see Luke, Carly (illegal on the phone), Robin, Lisa... Sam and Brenda/Sonny driving. Liz screams "JAKE"!!!! fade to black.

LINE OF THE DAY: MILO to BRENDA: "that's a nice outfit" ...LOL!!! 

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Who's the Guy in the Red Hat?

James Franco's photo: Tom and Texan Davy

General Hospital: DANTE got a HAIRCUT Day!!

OLTL is killing me....I am NOT liking this Shane story!! I mean, it's brilliant and timely but I hate bullying and ugh... I just don't like it. I hope he doesn't try to kill himself or shoot up the school. I am spoiler free but man-- PLEASE don't go there!! Eeeeeee!! By the way, all the kids are bad actors except for Shane. They need new ones..stat.


LOVED all the comments yesterday!! Thanks for keeping the chat going. We need it lately, GH is just crazy.

Alexis/Luke/Ethan, highlight of the day. The 'interpol' stuff was stupid. Entertaining but made no sense,  and didn't further the story at all. Note that Josslyn wasn't even in the room, having her 'precancer' fever.

Brenda has some nice long sleeves with her hospital gown!! LOL Only Brenda!!I know VM is cold all the just was fun to see here with sleeves on.

Weren't Johnny and Jason at Johnny's?? Then, they cut to Robin walking in? I'm confused. That was the worst editing ever. 

Robin and Lisa: Looking for that damn syringe. Just pick up a syringe and say you've found it. Who the hell would know the diff? 

Loved LOVED Lulu asking Liz about screwing Nikolas!! hahahaa.

Michael is an idiot. He looked like a dork out there.

This is the "filler" before the "huge stuff" zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Luke to Lucky: "Your adorable cousin Caroline and the spineless Natasha" -Luke Spencer to Lucky

WOW, today's show was just...all over the place.  They aren't even trying.



  Felicia and Mac are making out on Maxie's couch. Everyone is out and Bailey Lu is sleeping. He talks about seeing Frisco!! That's ...