Friday, March 18, 2011

General Hospital: Blood Pressure Pills

Geesh. Good Lord..this morning was a whirlwind!! WOWZa!! It was crazy-- Guza OUT! Guza IN! We were so happy he might be out. LMAO.... #Guza was trending.

So, for now, we still have the same head writer. I think that maybe ABC could use a heads up that we fans were dancing in the twitter aisles!! 

Yesterday:  Cam.."I want Pizza"!! and there's poor Jake's almost last scene...wahhhhhhh. Poor kid. Poor us. Dang. I think it will be a great story but I wish it wasn't him. I wish there would be a transplant story with a kid we don't know, it still could have been powerful.

Well... today was sad, eh? Everyone all over the road..Jake's motorcycle laying there on it's side. If this plays out and the person that hit Jake never knew it-- come on. How did they not even get a 'thud' on the car? LOL..really. Please. 

Sonny and Brenda are going to Positano Italy (See above, I googled it!) ...if that dang baby is there, I'll die. LOL. 

Siobhan Mary Frances McKenna..that's her FULL NAME--and the judge couldn't say "Siobhan"!! Liked that touch.

I wish Liz would have called Lucky then Jason... it seems like she should have. Everyone was all tearing up!! SNIFF...JJ and Becky and Steve!! Eeeeeeeeee! Chad and Steve look so much alike! Wow. Did Robin know Jake was Jasons?? Why wouldn't Steve let Jason see Liz? Weird. That's not nice to Liason fans, and I usually don't say stuff like that. 

WHY DID LUKE LEAVE?? Tracy and Luke--there were rumors that they had an epic story coming. Yep. Anyway, Tracy finds out Jake is a Q! About time. Call Monica. Damn it. I wish they would have shown Tracy more. They'd better have a Tracy/Jason scene.

Joss story--Carly was being remarkably calm/cool. Why did Michael say he was just 'driving by' the hospital?? Why not tell Carly about Jake? I would have. 

Ending Montage was a Disney song..sounded like the Mama song from Dumbo, I swear.

OLTL today was so LOVED it. David walks in on Cutter/Dorian, Bo arrests Clint.... eeeeeeeee Todd's in a coma...Tess rambling all around town.

Danielle Tweeted this today, it's her last show pic from her dressing room.

Do you love "The Dish"?? It's on the Style Net and it's totally fun--just like "The Soup"!! Anyway, Style Net is canning it! How stupid is that? Costs nothing to produce-- and plus Danielle Fishel is just great. Anyway, if you are on Facebook and love the show, check out Save The Dish page. Heck, we brought Becky back, we know the force of Daytime fans!!

NOTE: Tonight is the biggest full moon in 18 years. Get the dancing ready!


  1. Karen, I agree with you that Elizabeth should have been the one to tell Jason.

    And, really does Robin know Jason is Jake's father? Out of left field. That is another convo that should have happened between Robin and Jason.
    But I did notice Robin having a bit of surprised look when Jason asked if Jake needed blood.

    I have a feeling that the first scene that Elizabeth and Jason will share is when Jason ask's on Carly's behalf for Jake's kidneys to be donated to Josslyn.
    Chalk it up to another slap in the face of Liason fans.

  2. lol the never-ending kick to the face for Liason fans. Sheesh, why don't Frons or whoever just put them out of their misery and make a statement saying, "Fuck you all, we hate you Liason fan bastards, they're never getting back together. DEAL." hahaha

  3. Liz and Lucky are definitely going back together.

  4. Reasons why this story will not be as powerful as Maxie/BJ

    1) We saw Maxie and BJ on our screens more than 1 every six months (ie we cared about them).

    2) Maxie was sick for a while before. She did not get sick/diagnosed/deathly ill the SAME day as the bus accident.

    3) Layers of people were involved...Lucy, Alan, Monica, Amy, Frisco, Miguel, Mac, Robin, Felicia, etc. Everyone had a stake in those two girls. I bet we don't even see Monica during this...or Laura.

    4) As evidenced by the last scene...this story will be made about JASON while although its sad for him, Lucky is the child's father in "every way that counts".

    5) Kristina Wagner was not "let go" as a publicity stunt a month before this story just to generate buzz.

  5. The song Baby Mine is from the cartoon Dumbo. Bette Midler also sang it in Beaches.

  6. I think Michael didn't say anything about Jake for shock effect later. Like when Fle tells Bobbi they got a heart for Maxie and realizes it was BJ's. Still gives me chills.

    Mrs Goose

  7. Guza must hate parents because he makes all of them look bad. Apparently Carly and Jax don't watch their daughter very closely.Kidney cancer has many symptoms besides fever. Blood in the urine,persistant pain in the lower back and a possible lump or mass. Stage five is close to fatal but the only symptom Guza comes up with is a fever. They need a better medical consultant on this show.

  8. i think Robin always guessed it but never said it out loud..
    Emily knew Jake is Jason's w.out being told and Carly just looked 1 time&knew that he is Jason's..

    So Robin that knows Jason even more than Carly will not know???

    She maybe didn't want to get in the things after what happened w/Michael...

    I think that Robin did shown some shock when Jason approached her but she knew in her heart..

    Too many plot holes but the performances were great Laura Ingo John ,Becky and Steve had me teary already and its just the start...

  9. Poor Jake. poor Liz. poor Lucky. Poor Cam. Not poor Jason.

  10. I can't even describe how much I hate this story of killing Jake. Its so sloppily put together and so obviously done to give Jason a kid by Sam and sever the one tie Jason still had to Elizabeth eventhough he never saw her or the kid. Can't have Jason have a kid by his beer wench if he still has one he doesn't see. Any liason fan thinking this is going to open up story for them is kidding themselves. Baby reboot my a$$. They'll have a couple scenes tops and then it will be all about starting Jasams brat

  11. You have to be kidding. Your're telling me there's no liason scene today?

  12. I couldn't care less how many kids Jason had by Sam, they didn't have to kill Jake off to do it. Sonny has how many kids by how many different women? Even Luke has kids by two different women. There was absolutely no reason to kill Jake off to give JaSam a kid of their own. Hell, Sam can go Octo-Mom by Jason for all I care a long as Jake didn't have to die. Let JaSam marry, have ten kids of their own and live happily ever after, just don't kill Jake.

  13. Oh, I get it, Jake was soooo cute with Jason, all the fans were excited imagining the possibilities, including all the interactions of the newest generation, so Guza said, let's kill him!

    Guza is sick, and made us all miserable, we want to see happiness and joy, there is more than enough suffering in the world, anyone who's ever lost a loved one in a car accident will find this difficult to watch.

  14. Not that GH is going to be around long enough to see it, but a Josslyn/Jake/Emma triangle writes itself for crying out loud. Carly and Robin's daughters and Jason's son? come on! Not to mention being raised a Spencer with Q blood and a biological father who's a hitman. No teen angst there. Oh well, Jake is an adorable little Liason reminder. Can't have that. Off with his head!

  15. I just watched the last two days on You Tube. Did I miss the part where Robin found the syringe at the haunted star? Did they show her finding it, Lisa showing up at the Haunted Star, etc.? Seemed like really terrible editting.

    Also, the last montage with the music, scenes of Liz, Jason, Carly, Jax, Lucky, etc. WHY did they have to show SONNY AND BRENDA? PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let their plane crash and them never be seen again.

  16. JJ and Becky had me today. They were amazing in their scenes. I felt it. When they ran to eachother and hugged and Elizabeth was saying "I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry" over and over again. They were killing me. So sad when Elizabeth was folding Jake's clothes and Lucky was holding her. This a parents worst nightmare. It's so sad. Poor Jake :/ I thought it was strange that Jason was banned from seeing Elizabeth too. I was annoyed with all the Balky/S&B stuff. It felt so out of place. I just wanted them to get back to LL2/Jason & CarJax scenes. They should have been the focus here. Though I enjoyed his scenes with Tracy, I didn't like that Luke left the hospital... I was like wth? not cool. The epi felt really choppy but I enjoyed the emotional scenes. I hope for the best for Monday! Can there at the very least be a one sided phone call with Audrey/ Laura? I know there will be no Bobbie there... boo hiss.

    Oh Cam is such a cutie isn't he? and a little trouble maker, ha. So adorable with his Pizza! Pizza!. I swear I hope they never recast him. Love seeing him grow up on screen.

  17. Nice attention to detail, GH. The judge referred to Lucky as "Lucas Lorenzo Spencer the Third". Luke's father's name was Tim.

  18. Jessica, another reason why it doesn't work is that it was feasible that BJ could donate a heart to Maxie, because they were cousins. There is no blood relation between Josslyn and Jake, so we are supposed to believe that by some miracle they are a match?

    Anonymous, I think Bobbie's son Lucas is considered the "2nd".

    I think Michael did not tell Carly about Jake because now Carly can throw a hissy fit because Jason is not answering her calls and is not at Josslyn's bedside holding Carly's hand. God forbid Jason put anything or anybody before Carly and HER kids...

    And to the other anonymous- medical consultants cost money!

    David- too funny!

    How bad a person am I that I sat here wishing that Josslyn would die instead of Jake?

  19. I agree with everyone. Wouldn't want little joss to die just cause of Jax (unless brender was hiding their son after all). I too enjoyed the Liz & Lucky scenes. Even though I like Kemo and I can actually stand Jasam together, it isn't appropriate to show her consoling Jason over his & Liz's son. It just seems wrong to me. This is heartwrenching material but at least we see some of our favs together.

  20. The 32nd Young Artist Awards were handed out last night in Studio City, CA, and the pint-sized stars of ABC Daytime scored big! GENERAL HOSPITAL's Lexi Ainsworth (Kristina) was named for Best Performance In A Daytime TV Series by a Young Actress, while her on-screen sister, Haley Pullos (Molly) won in the 12 And Under category. (source: Soaps In Depth)

  21. This was a complete slap in the face of liason fans. Pathetic. Liz and jake were hardly shown. She is a mother about to lose her son but she wasn't even allowed a quick moment to see him before surgery. If they were afraid for her because of how bad he looks then that is sloppy writing. She saw her son in the worst possible way on the street after being hit by a car, not moving and battered. She is also a scrub nurse and has seen people battered and on life support. She should have been allowed a seen with jason ,1 of her closest friends through the years and true love.
    Joss' illness is contrived and not written well. Writers should have done research.
    This story is shaping up to be a prop for Carly , Jasam, Sonny and brenda. This could have been an opportunity to do a real story on a parent losing a child and the grieving process of Liz and cameron. How does her child cope with the loss of his brother.This is a story not to be told and done in a week.

  22. Im not a liason fan or a jasam fan but they shouldn't kill a kid to power up other couple. Hope the actors like their pay cut cause thats whats gonna happen. GH sucks and has many many stupid storylines and reused storylines.

  23. I agree with Watchintele that the first scene with Jason and Liz will be jason asking Liz to donate his kidney. That is aweful and disrespectful. After all that Liz and Jason have shared ( years of love and friendship ) don't you think he should ignore Steve and try to talk to Liz. Liz will always have love for Jason and would be o.k. with talking to him during this devastating time. I also think Lucky would have respected this given the gravity of the situation. It's a time for those three to come together and support eachother.

  24. FYI people-TPTB at ABC want to combine AMC and OLTL. They feel GH is the best soap they have going.

  25. It's clear to me that Luke hit Jake. Guilt is eating at him and he is drinking heavier than usual. This is Luke's good bye as he will leave GH. Lucky won't forgive this. SAD writing. They wil try to make it look like other people did it.Clearly out to destroy Liz and the spencers while clearing a path for jasam baby and sonny's clan.

  26. I just read all I can handle on Sopa opera source: Only Sam can comfort Jason.

    This is such Crap people. CRAP. Make it Brenda. Make it Carly, Make it Sonny. Make it Spin. Just not Sam due to her past with terrozing Jake, Cam & Liz. Like someone else above said, Give them Jasam. Give them a baby. Give them 6. But don't kill Jake. This is all liason fans have. We don't even get a scene when their son is ran down.

  27. One more thing: Why the hell did everyone have to pass Liz's house? I could see if the accident took place somewhere more known & central. And no one said outloud, OMG, I passed by that area (Luke at the very least) STUPID.

  28. there is no LIASON scene because their chemistry is so explosive. the writers do not want fans to be reminded of it. obviously this so called warped storyline is about promoting jaspam.(barf)

  29. Piper, I agree. When Robin and Patrick bought their house near Liz it was supposed to be a big deal because it it supposed to be in a quiet area, outside of town. Yet apparently everyone and their brother had to drive past it to get to wherever they were going that night. It is ridiculous. The whole thing is ridiculous. I know it is a soap and we were supposed to suspend belief at times, but these writers think we are morons who will buy into anything...

    And by the way, since OLTL was brought up- when they did the Shane cancer story, he was put on a the donor registry- his parents were afraid they would not find a match, a match came through from Australia, I think, but fell through- all completely plausible. GH really needs to borrow some of those OLTL writers for a while.

    As for them combining OLTL an AMC, they have been mentioning "Pine Valley" a lot on OLTL laterly. As long as they keep the OLTL writers, I might be able to deal with it. As long as OLTL does not get canceled. If something has to be canceled, let it be AMC...

  30. Jonathan and Becky KILLED those scenes! Becky folding Jake's shirt had me in tears. She was just gripping it so hard the entire episode.
    These actors are doing such a good job that it is hard to talk about the faults of the show and the crappy writing.

    I think Liz SHOULD have seen Jake before he went into surgery. I mean, what if he dies on the table? She would never get that extra time back.

    I'm glad they had Liz call Lucky and then Lucky call Jason.

    I think it was also very bad form that Jason and Liz didn't even glance at one another. Just to have Jason see Liz walking, clutching Jake's shirt. I know their moment will come (though it will probably be too short)

    I'm glad they had Jason call Sam. Too often the writers leave out that stuff....

    Finally, I think it was good Michael didn't say anything about Jason and Jake. Those scenes, at least right now, belong to Josselyn, Carly, Jax and their family.

  31. Jason and Michael lived through brain trauma. Why not Jake?
    It would be great to see scenes where Jason AND Michael invest in Jake and his recovery and help him with it. It would be a great storyline for Michael.

  32. I respect the fact that everyone is upset over this storyline for different reasons. And I think that it is good for people to voice their opinions.

    For me, I am upset because this is sacrilidge. Without an original idea, they have to re-hash what has come to be known as the best storyline ever on daytime tv.

    What's next? Franco out to freeze the world with the Ice Monkey and Jason and Sam to save Port Charles?

    I recently read that they are remaking the Wizard of Oz. And the same word came to mind with that.


  33. i AM NOT a Jasam Or Liason fan but i can tell you all that it is STUPID for Liason fans to say stupid things like TIIC are killing off Jake so that Jasam can have a baby.That is stupid and it makes you all sound like idiots.Just like it sounded STUPID when Liason fans attacked Kelly Monaco and blamed her for RH getting fired. I believe that did the Jake s/l because that was RH's exit s/l.Liz was suppose to go crazy after he died and end up at ShadyBrook.I could be wrong but i think they were filming the death scenes when they found out RH was rehired. Anyhow this s/l sucks but NOT because Jake ( the Liason golden child) is dying.It sucks because is looks like it was slapped together without any real thought about the details put into it.I agree with everything Jessica said.

  34. I thought this episode was powerful, I cried the whole time. I really hate this Jake story mostly because I have a kid his age that oddly looks a lot like him, and it hits far too close to home.

  35. Wow Anon, that was harsh. i am very surprised to hear you're not a Jasam fan, could have fooled me. no one on this blog blamed kemo for RH's firing. Maybe elsewhere, but never here. Kemo actually tweeted in support of Becky & we all know that. I am a diehard LIason fan but like Kemo. I agree with the others who said they don't care if Jasam are togetehr at this point, just leave Jake to live. Too many good stories in the future.

  36. Anon, STFU. You're a clear Jasam fan, point blank period. I hate when ppl come on here and make declarations like that just so no one can call them out on being biased. Your whole post read Jasam fan w/ the sarcastic "liason golden child" mention, complete denial and disregard for the possibility that TPTB just may indeed have an agenda, and the fact that you as a fan of neither fanbase would solely insult Liason fans as if we're these insane culprits attacking the poor Jasam fanbase.

    IDK how blatant it can get. Call me biased as a Liason fan, but killing off Jake serves as the final blow and end to Liason. Jasam are endgame. If Liz's story HAD to absolutely be about a killing of her child, then IDIOT she has THREE. Why specifically Jake.. the baby by Jason? It doesn't take a rocket scientist figure out blatant agenda and foul play. While I love all of Liz's children EQUALLY, this story could have easily been Cam instead of Jake. We've seen Cam the most on screen as far as her kids, and he has never been SORASed. So if they needed a child we were the most emotionally connected to, wouldn't you think it'd be Cam? They barely show Jake. Plus, it'd be the same amount of emotion shown regardless, just minus Jason. It's still Liz and Lucky's son, and the Spencer's are still involved. The only person taken out of the equation would be Jason, which I would think they'd want because they're already doing all that they can to to keep Jason and Liz apart.

    But let me guess, Liason fans are these deranged, ungrateful weirdos w/ wild conspiracy theories...


  38. On a completely different note, have any of you noticed the little red haired, freckle faced boy in the ad on the wub tub page? How much does that kid look like Dylan Cash when he was younger?

  39. Well said, Tab. Love ya

  40. I guess I would ask Jasam fans to put themselves in our place and ask how they would feel. Just try. Liason never received the airtime Jasam did. Never. Even when they were together we got one scene per week. It was hard.


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