Wednesday, February 24, 2021


 Ok, new day, new show!! I really thought the wedding was coming up this week but-- you know. #GH 

I hope I am more into this show than I have been the last few. GH is choppy again and I'm sure a lot of it has to do with the interruptions but it's so jarring.  Dr. O and Britt are a saving grace. I am loving Kelly playing Britta. She's so natural. Makes every scene sparkle. 

Robert and Olivia. Robert is being SO Robert. They talk about how much he hates Peter lol. She hates him too because he fired Dante LOL :) Robert gets the door. It's Alexis!!  She wants to talk to Olivia. Robert leaves. Alexis tries to apologize.

Maxie and Britt are out. Peter is late. Britt doesn't want her to go home because her Mom is there, looking for information. Dr. O finally sees the envelope from Budapest. She opens it. There's a zip drive in it with a video from Alex to Peter.  After she's done "I've hit the motherload"!! 

Jarly are at that coffee corner...talking about the FBI and Nelle dismissal.  Carly is so obsessed with Nina/Nelle LOL UGH She thinks Nina is "too unstable" to be Wiley's grandmother. 

Willow and Michael take Wiley to see Nina. Michael reminds Nina that Willow is his mother. :eyeroll:  Cute scenes. OH!! Carly comes in and sees everyone being cozy and she's going to lose it LOL 

Peter and Anna have a talk, and I tell you what.... this had BETTER be good because if not, I may be taking a vacation again. Anna is going to give Peter a chance to tell her the 'truth" . Oh I'm too angry to type this up. WTF. 
THIS IS ..unacceptable. EVEN WITH THE TRUTH we are going to play it this way? That Anna is so spellbound by stupid PETER she's not going to do the right thing? Giving him time to backtrack? WHAT THE HELL. OMG It's just a mess. She shows him the papers tying him to the bank statements and he convinces her to burn them. I really REALLY HOPE she has a plan. Because if not this is STUPID. She'd better tell Maxie asap too. 

Carly tells NIna to get her shit together or she 'won't be in Wiley's life"

Olivia almost forgives Alexis

Anna calls Valentin: You were right, we have to stop Peter. 

UGH I hate how this Peter story is going.

Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Confusion for Wubsy

The reason I'm excited to watch today is because Ingo and Nancy are sharing a scene. It's been a hot minute and those two DO NOT like each other. Twitter wars. heh. ANYWAY, both are professional and I'm sure it will be fine but--when you know back stage stuff you just have to be a fly on DA WALL!! All I'm going to say is that the are POLAR Political OPPOSITES. 

Carly and Diane in the PCPD conference room. Fed is there to take her statement. She and Diane gab about the whole Nelle thing. Then FBI comes in. Questions Carly. Then Jax comes.

Maxie is talking to Nina at Crimson. Nina tells her about the cemetery blow up. Maxie says it WAS Sonny's funeral. Nina says she doesn't care. 

Alexis and Jax at the coffee shop!  Talking about Sonny's Will. So far both alive. He wants to ask her advice about talking to the feds. It's very strange. He might want to change his statement to "help Nina"??

Willow and Michael talking about Nelle and Nina being mama and daughter. Willow thinks Nina was good during the trial and with Wiley afterward. She should get to know her grandson. 

Finn and Anna are off to find Dr. O ..Chase is going to watch Violet. Valentin comes in "I spoke to Peter, its' as bad as we thought. Well, it's worse".  He tells her everything. 

Finn for some reason goes to try on his tux...and Peter tries his on too? What? I'm so confused. That was the most bizarre thing. ?? What is UP with editing?? Then he goes to talk to Alexis at the coffee shop. He and Anna had their suitcases packed? huh.... 

Britt and Dr. O having dinner at the PC Grille. Dr. O has a hat on LOL..okay. They talk about getting Peter exposed. 


Willow and Michael take Wiley to see Nina at her office. 

Case remains closed on Nelle's case. FBI guy says it's over. 

Anna calls Peter to talk to him. 

Monday, February 22, 2021

Valentine's Shave

 Molly and Krissy are waiting for TJ, who comes. Now they can get committed. Jordan is there too. I'm not happy. It's just..not enough of anything.  They sign a paper. It's done. Wow. whoop. VERY Bizarre. They got a license...then signed a paper. :shrug: 

Portia and Curtis are hanging at the new Club even tho the person he's following left. 

Michael has to go see to Wiley who's crying too hard and Sasha is going with him. They settle him down. zzzzzzzzz

Jason is helping Britt pass out Valentine's bags to the kiddies.  He thinks she's visiting kids because they are lonely on Valentine's Day and so is she. Some cute kid comes up to Jason for a Valentine. 

Ava got another gift..this time the right one. Nik is wondering who sent the roach. He gives her a bracelet engraved with the day they met in 2016. Then she gets a note about "their love being like cockroaches, surviving everything" ..has to be from Ryan. 

Cam is too sad to sing. He runs upstairs and talks to himself in the mirror about being strong. The girls try to get him to come out.  He lets them in. He wants to shave his head. (for Franco) AND...JOSS does it! Really does it!! It's shaved. wow. Goes to show Liz and Franco. 

A bunch of stuff with Willow and Chase about wine. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. They go back to the Q house just when Sasha and Willow are kissing. 

Brad calls Lucas and leaves a message. 


Curtis might want to buy the new club

Sunday, February 21, 2021

Sunday Surgery: The Undead


WARNING:  I'm going to be crabby in this blog. If you don't want the crab--just keep scrollin'. GH was NOT my jam this week. Nope. 
Speaking of Jam, I'm going to have a nice scone and some raspberry. 

Friday, February 19, 2021

Valentine's Day

 So I Guess TJ and Molly are all of a sudden getting "Committed" today...WHY in a law office for godsakes? Why no where fun? I feel like I missed a bunch of episodes or something. She's there with Krissy waiting for TJ. NO ONE Else is invited!! Because they want it 'simple' and just them?? WE WAITED HOW MANY YEARS? FOR WHAT? TJ is running late and the lady at the office says he has to hurry up because she's closing. 

Brando is shot in the leg. We know who did this. Jordan wants to know too but he won't talk.  Jason shot him to put him out of commission for a bit so Cyrus won't...?? I don't even know. 

Franco and Liz are at The PC Grille..Franco feels sick. His hair is falling out! They leave. 

Ava and Nick support Liz about Franco. Maybe Ava and Liz will be friendly? Ava gets a box from Nik. It's a Roach! LOL..he has no idea how it got in there. Spencer? 

Britt goes to visit BRAD IN THE HOSPITAL!! was too cute. They are doing bags for the sick kids for Valentine's day. Britt got him out of jail by saying he needed a follow up appointment.  He takes her had and wonders why it's shaking. 

Felix and Lucas are on. No where to go. Felix wants to know if Lucas wants to go for a drink.  JUST AS FRIENDS.

SO..Willow and Chase are going out for Valentine's Day--and so are Michael and Sasha and get this--TO THE SAME PLACE. :eyeroll: Anyway, Michael switches his reservations to The Metro from the PC Grille. 

Curtis and Portia go to the 'new club' for his undercover detective gig. They are getting along well. 

Joss and Trina go to visit Cam. He's home watching the kids. They do Valentine's stuff.  Joss finds an acceptance letter from Stanford in Cam's backpack. 

Thursday, February 18, 2021

PC Grille

 OH!! NEW SET!! Port Charles Grille!! Seriously! WOW Nice, I like it. Way better than the Metro. Val meets Marty and Jackie there. She tells them Bobbie is being a private nurse to someone in Vermont. She thinks it's his mama. She's going there to see her. Martin wants to come. Cute banter with all 3. 

Nina tells Jordan that Carly was with Nelle when she fell.  Jordan is like: Um, that's been closed for months.  Jordan thinks Nina is just upset because Nelle is her daughter and is mad they didn't tell her. 

Jax and Carly tell Joss what's going on with the Nelle/Nina thing. Joss is like, meh, so what. Then Jordan comes over to ask Carly if she pushed Nelle off the cliff. 

Jason and Britt. ALL of Britt's data on the computer about the medicine is gone. Erased. She's upset. He says to wait it out. "Time is something I don't have" says Britt--clutching her hand. 

Curtis and Portia..talking.  He tells her he and Jordan are separated. Yada yada. 

Sonny took that drunk guy to his motel and the bar got trashed. Lenny is mad. The cop is mad. Yada yada. They yell at the cop for trying to ID Sonny. I guess Sonny had told the cop NOT to run his prints? WHAT UGHHHH I HATE THIS STORY. Anyway, Phyllis kicks him out. Sonny stays (sound familiar?)


Jason shoots Brando. I guess to show Cyrus that Brando is "loyal" enough to get shot by him? They show Brando in the hospital tomorrow so it can't be that bad. 


Late One Night: A GH Fan Fic Idea

 For your consideration:  Changing of the Guards

Setting: Sonny's office at the restaurant, Badger Bob looking on. Jason seated at the desk. 

Dante (comes in, stands)

Jason:  What? 

Dante: I'm here to talk with you regarding (sweeps arm) this. 

Jason:  What about it. 

Dante:  I've been thinking ... May I? (motions to chair) ..(sits) You and I both know Sonny left a hell of a hole here. 

Jason: Stare 

Dante:  I've had an interesting life, did you know that? See...I've been a cop, a detective...tortured in a Turkish prison and lately, been made to do an assignment for the WSB. 

Jason:  Your point?

Dante:  I'm ready for the next chapter. That includes revenge for Lulu laying in a coma. 

Jason: Stare 

Dante: (leans forward) See... I look at it this way.  I'm the first born. All of this, belongs to me. 

Jason: Blink 

Dante: ALL of it, Jason. Michael is too weak and Morgan is dead. And you? Well, you're not a Corinthos are you? 

Jason: Stare 

Dante: Now..see, after all those mind games I had done to me, I have no desire to just go back to law enforcement. None. (Stands....walks over to the photo of Sonny on the wall)... I'm going to run this empire the way it should be and with my contacts, it's going to be epic.  Cyrus Renault won't know what hit him. 

Jason:  I don't think so. 

Dante: Oh, but see Jason (leans on desk) you have no choice.  Were you mentioned in Sonny's Will other than monetary compensation? No. Did he mention Michael running the business? No, he left the Import business to me. And we all know that that means. 

Jason: I don't think you do. 

Dante: Well, it's not pushing beans around in the warehouse. 

Jason: You talk to Carly about this?

Dante: (laughs) Carly?! Why would I do that. No I haven't talked to Carly. But guess who I did talk to? The Five Families. Just last night...they are ready to back me.

Jason: Stands up. Stare. 

Dante: Now, if you'll get out from behind the desk, I'm going to try it on for size... maybe I'll keep you on for some backup but right now, it's a one man show until I assemble my people. 

Camera lingers on Jason...slowly boiling... 

Wednesday, February 17, 2021

River Rot

 I'm hoping for Fireworks today with Nina!! She says to Carly and Jax: I know WHAT YOU DID TO MY DAUGHTER!! HA Diane and Jason are like: GULP. She yells and says Carly knew Nelle was rotting in the river and said nothing. They go around and around. Nina says Carly has the whole town enable her. Carly says Nina cut Avery out of Ava's womb. yada yada.  Best line is Nina to Jax "You're a liar just do it with a TAN and a SMILE" lolahahahaha! 

Diane goes back to Sonny's with Carly, Jax and Jason. She's pissed she doesn't know the whole story. 

Cyrus and Britt. He is having board meeting about a new pain management drug he's developing. Wants FDA approval asap. The board is ready to say yes when Lesley walks in and objects! 

SONNY...and Phyllis is home. He tells her about his dream. Snooze. Why did she even GO to Port Charles? I mean, she didn't even see the Sonny funeral stuff. ugh. There's a customer drinking whiskey and Sonny says he can't drive. Guy hands him his car keys.

Jordan (old Jordan is back) and Curtis. Curtis doesn't want to work on the marriage. OMG cut him LOOSE! They talk, and He wants to separate for awhile. Jordan cries. 

Q house... Monica wants Olivia to stay but Olivia isn't sure. 

Sam and Dante talk.  She says she free of Jason's life.

Britt calls Jason about the drug thing Cyrus is doing. 

Lesley goes to see Monica for help dealing with Cyrus at the hospital. 

Nina goes to Jordan about evidence in the Nelle death. 

The Tan-O Bar is all smashed up and everything is broken. :eyeroll: whatever. 

We all know Nina will find Sonny and he'll think she's the one in his dream...yada yada. 

Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Sauce and Guns

 DAY TWO of Sonny's funeral. 
Just dull. Dull Dull Dull. Bunch of people. Diane and Spin show up too. 

Dante, Michael and Krissy say words. yada, yada..go to the grave, put on white roses... Jason is just so sad. SO SO SAD.

Alexis cops to drinking and gives Molly one of her hidden stash airline mini-bottles. The girls are happy she can be honest. Molly stays home with Alexis. Sam and her GIANT RED LIPS and Krissy go to the funeral. 

Sonny's still washing the tables at the TAN-O . BORING BORING bonding crap with Lenny. Lenny leaves. Sonny puts Sinatra on or "Sinatra Light" and is wiping down barware (don't throw it!!) and he "sees" Carly at the door beckoning him. Then, they go out into a FAKE FAKE garden..ahahahaaha and its' just...bad. 

Nina hears Carly tell Jax she didn't save Nelle right away. She's pissed and goes to Nelle's grave in heels..and bare legs..and kneels at the stone. Um, okaaaaaaaaay. 

Laura and Cyrus rehashing stuff and not letting Brando go to the funeral. Cyrus says he's going and Brando is going too. Laura says NO! Anyway, Cyrus says he won't go to the funeral if Laura has coffee with him. She agrees, he sends Brando.  He talks about not really meaning to kill his father and how that's like she didn't really mean to kill David Hamilton and she might have turned out bad if she hadn't had her mother do what she did. 


Nina walks into Sonny's funeral at the graveyard. She says she has to talk to Jax. he says not now. She says NOW! BECAUSE I KNOW WHAT YOU DID!! (yells it)

Leslie is on again. 

Monday, February 15, 2021

Putting the FUN in Funeral?

 Well WE ARE BACK, PEOPLE!! How nice...maybe no politics on either end for awhile? Just ....some calm?? PLEASE?? We are due for our snow tonight--a foot but for us, meh, not bad. Sorry for those of you in warmer places dealing with it all. 

SONNY's funeral. Loses all luster or ..meaning because WE KNOW HE'S NOT FKING DEAD. I mean, how many times do we have to go through this dumb stuff. 

Sonny is at the TAN-O and Phyllis calls to check on them. She's meeting with Nina. They talk about Nelle. Phyllis confirms that Frank Benson was the guy that took the baby. 

Everyone gets ready. The Davis girls try to talk mama into going. As she's getting ready they talk about her charges and drinking. Later, Alexis sneaks a mini-bottle of vodka. Drinks it. Molly walks in. 

Willow is moving into the Gatehouse at the Q house. 

OK, today's episode was some weird stuff. Sonny isn't dead--and the mouring going on? Especially with Jason and Carly? WHO cares? It's just not making sense. I really had no interest.

Nina heard Carly talk about the nigh Nelle died and figures out it was no accident. Or thinks that

Sunday, February 14, 2021

Sunday Surgery: Rescheduled


Welp, NO WEEK this WEEK!!! There was DRAMA all over Capitol Hill, not in Port Charles!! Last we left the show, people were getting ready for Sonny's "Funeral" and Phyllis agreed to go to see Nina. You know she'll find out about Sonny. I mean she has to right? This can't go on forever. 
Can it? 

NEWS: Chad Brannon, one of Wubsie's fave actors ever on GH is making a return to the show. He did play Zander Smith back in the day and was last seen on a plane with Emily's look alike. Who will he be this time?? I'm thinking if he stays, he has to be a brother because Zander was shot and it was just too much realness to change. Maybe he's a ghost in a Cameron thing? He is Cam's bio Daddy.  I would like him to stay and be a recast for Brando or something. Yes, he's older but I don't even care! I recently saw him on Bosch (where you can see a heck of a lot of GH actors)  and thought: COME BACK!! 

So, Kristina is back for Sonny's funeral after a glaring absence. I understand work schedules and the Pandemic and all--but not even a peep of a mention of her during all of this. She could have been off to bartending school or in Paris or something. She's also out of a job. I do have a GREAT solution tho: JULIAN LEFT THE BAR TO HER. Hey, why not? It would stick it a bit to Sonny and Krissy could be a great bar manager. Getting into the mob 'biz' bit by bit. I could write a whole thing (call me). 

I'm still puzzled to the whole Nelle thing and unless Chloe is coming back, not sure where it can go. Sure, we can fight over Wiley (Carly can bitch about two kids now) but...meh. IF Nelle does come back she can always say that Carly pushed her and who could say different? Carly was already done in by the stair push, right? Not sure where this story is going. 

Another idea: Brick is Phyllis' step-brother. He walks into the Tan-O and is like "WTF"!!! hahahaa. 

Still like my idea of giant house with Alexis, Sam, Krissy, Molly and TJ. All the kids. Diane's condo is sold to a developer and she needs a temp place to live too. Then, their neighbors are Dr. O, Britt and Maxie once she finds out Peter is evil. 

Peter gets murdered and after a lengthy investigation, Brando is convicted and sent off to Pentonville. Twist is: He was framed by----SPINELLI who gets off Scott-Free and he and Maxie rekindle their relationship. 

SCHEDULE: Looks like with the hearing over, GH will return Monday! That means we will have last Tuesday's show air on Monday.  If you need a recap, check the last blog post: RADIATION . The biggest thing there was a hand holding an envelope with Alex's Last Will.  The return postage was from a D Merick which we all think is Dimitri Merick (I spelled it Merrick) from AMC. He and Alex were married when they were on that show. 

HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!!! This is from GH's Twitter account in 2014: 

Look at the couples! LOL Can you name them?? I'm not sure I can!

Friday, February 12, 2021

Broadway Cares Show


Great show last night with casts from AMC, OLTL and GH doing what they do best--entertaining!! You can still catch the show on Broadway Cares until Feb 15th at midnight. Remember to donate to the HIV/AIDS charity as well. Broadway Cares was a staple back the in the day and a live event in NYC. SO glad they brought Daytime back into the fold.  Tony Geary (who always participated in the past) makes a fun appearance as well. 

Wednesday, February 10, 2021

Peaches For Sale


Welp, gang.. not sure when GH will be on again... I think ABC will show the trial until the end? They've already pushed back yesterday's show so we will see.  I'll keep an eye out. 

NOTE: DAnderson on twitter reminded me of something: Did you realize that both Kiki and Nelle HAD THE SAME FATHER? Nina and Ava didn't discuss it, but yep. Silas was both their daddy!!! 

Monday, February 8, 2021



Anna: Where's Your Mother?

Britt: IN prison where you can't shoot her...giggle.  Britt denies knowing where Lesil is. She taunts Anna and says why didn't the WSB just tell you? Don't they trust you anymore?? 

Franco finds out the side effects from radiation from Terry.  They run into Finn they tell him they aren't coming to the funeral because of Peter. Franco says he knows who gave him access to his files. Liz goes to confront Britt. Britt says it was not her --but she was indirectly involved. Apologizes.

Valentin is playing with Peter: "Your life is about to unravel" He gets Peter to admit that he framed Lesil Obrect. AND he admits to having Drew Kane killed. And... that stupid Val is going to keep his secret to protect Anna and Maxie's hearts. Oy vey!! 

Sonny answers the phone. Nina is like "Who? What name"? What's your last name?? He asks her if she wants delivery. She wants to talk to Phyllis. Tells Phyllis she found her daughter. She wants Phil to look at the photos. Phyllis can't come tho. She hangs up, sad. Ava comes in...Nina tells her about Nelle being her daughter. Ava said she was smart and such but Nelle was really evil and violent. Nina says that if Nelle had a mama then it would be ok. Nina says she's going to be with Wiley as much as possible.  Then Phyllis calls her back. 

Joss and Carly visit Mike and Morgan. Tell them tomorrow is Sonny's funeral.  Joss is mad Nelle is buried in the same graveyard  as their family. Carly tells Joss that Nina was Nelle's mama. Joss is like: oh, grosssss LOL .

Anna says that she's going to go find Obrect. Finn says he's coming with. 

Someone is looking at "Alexandria Merrick's Last Will and Testament"...and there's a flashdrive the hands put in an envelope-- with a card that says "Peter"....they have a wedding ring on and it's coming from Budapest Hungary..IS THAT DIMITRI MERRICK? oooooooooo lordy if it is!!! Maybe it's just representing him? 

Sunday, February 7, 2021

Sunday Surgery: Grave Misgivings


Oh, it was a week of Peter Revelations in more ways than one! Always good for the Wubsy Heart!! Maxie on the other hand is being set up for a huge fall. HUGE. AND with a baby. So, here we go...

Grab some cereal because I hardly get to eat it anymore. Captain Crunch please.

Saturday, February 6, 2021

First Scene Saturday: All My Carlys


Introducing Carly, Carly, Carly and Carly


Caroline Benson, coming from Florida to find her birth mama.....
Played by Sarah Joy Brown (1996-2001)


Carly has a plan... and this was a fast switch... next day, same outfit 

Played by Tamara Braun from 2001-2005


So.. looking for Michael and looking at a new Carly 

Played by Jennifer Bransford in 2005 


Jason rescues a whole new Carly 

Played by Laura Wright 2005- present 

And there you have it!! I didn't realize that Jennifer Bransford got the part over---Jamie Lunar?? I mean, that would have been Carly to a "T"... then again, Laura Wright came along and made the part her own and has been with the show a heck of a long time now. Who's your fave?? Mine will always be Sarah Brown' Carly because I still love her acting and the way Carly was crafted. I have gotten used to Laura in the part though and it's hard to see anyone else there. Thx to David for slogging through You Tube to get all the scenes. Wish they were better quality but ah, the age before all digital... 

Friday, February 5, 2021


 Watched yesterday's show..and Boy--Sam...Dante... hmmmm. 

So Nathan died Jan 31st and Maxie said "Where else would I be today" I guess... it's the end of Jan!! 

Oh Chase/Finn DNA! GO Anna....Chases' Dad COULD be his grandpa? LOL Not that it would matter. I mean, the other guy RAISED  I guess it would just be to break Chases' heart. 

Scotty being mean to Jason! YEAH!! 'Sonny lived by the sword so he died--in a New Jersey River" ahahaahaa. 

Laura Templeton mention ! #GH 

AHAHAHA Brit to Maxie "Marry someone else" hahhaa . The Maxie, Nina and Britt friendship is cute. 



Nina and Jax. She hates him and I'm here for it. She says he picked Carly instead of telling her the truth.  She just lays into him. 

Jason and Carly. Jason says whatever they are doing better be enough for Martin. They then tell Michael why they have to have the funeral right now. Carly's just crying. LORD there's no body so.. ugh.

Martin gets a package from Jason's a cell phone to his mama. He calls and talks to her. 

Sonny and Phyllis.. he feels better after taking meds. She thinks they should look at the posters of missing people at the Trooper's station WHAT IS THIS? Maybe he time traveled.  I mean, WTF. Computers??? Anyway he says he'll stay and work for them but he has to be able to make "Da Sauce" ..:eyeroll: 

Finn runs the DNA test. Jackie comes up to him in GH and they go into his office. She says it could ruin Harry's life if he goes through with the testing.  They yack about it. 

Britt and Peter are at Nathan's grave. He says he loves Maxie and yada yada. Oh he overhears Brit say "Mother was right".  Then he is dissing Nathan at his grave. Overacting. Oh! Valentin overhears him! 

Valentin and Anna talking about Peter and Drew and memories. Valentin is trying to find out more. He thinks Peter had mind mapping connections. Anna just stands around and tears up. 

Funeral talk about Sonny. Chase comes over to talk to Michael about it. He's also talking to Willow about how much he misses her. 

END: OH Nina calls the bar looking for Phyllis and GETS SONNY ON THE PHONE AND HE SAYS IT'S MIKE AT THE TAN-O!! AHAHAHHAA OMG 

Thursday, February 4, 2021

Playin' HOOKEY!


Well, it's 40 degrees here and SUNNY so I skipped GH--I got back late from our walk and want to watch the whole eppy on Hulu. Hope you understand!! 

Wednesday, February 3, 2021


 Ok, today is the day that Laura confronts Carly! yeah!! She wants to know where Cyrus' mama is. Carly says she won't say because it's probably to keep someone safe. Laura says to at least let Marty know his mother is safe. Carly is afraid he'll tell Cyrus. Laura gets a call from Jordan and leaves. 

Jackie wants to interview Jason about the Rib explosion. Jason won't talk, (shocker) . Then Martin Gray comes in and Jason leaves.  Martin wants her to stop the story. Valentin comes in. 

Jason gets a call from Brando. He says that Cyrus wants him to find his mother. 

Trina and Portia talk about Taggert.  Trina wonders if it's ok if she's still mad at her Dad. She wants to visit but thought he was a hero and he's not. Trina is going to visit him. 

Cyrus tells Jordan he'll let Taggert off the hook if she gets his mother back. He won't cooperate with the feds. He also says nothing better happen to his mother or ELSE! 

Alexis doesn't want to go to her meeting but Curtis talks her into it. OH! Monica is heading up the meeting! Nice touch, I forgot she had a drinking problem.  Curtis talks about his addiction. Alexis finally stands and talks. OMG NLG is so good. I'm tearing up. gah. Curtis later tells her she's not alone in this. 

Maxie talking to Dante about "forgiving Peter" . Peter listens outside. They talk about Lulu and Nathan and the 4 of them. Dante wonders if she loves Peter because hes' Nathan's 1/2 brother. Maxie says no. Peter comes in and they leave. OH! Peter comes back, closes the door. Asks Dante if he's going to be at the wedding. 

Valentin visits Nathan's grave. He says he promises to watch out for his family. 

Jordan and Laura figure out that Cyrus has to be using the hospital as part of his crime stuff and they'll have to get him through that. They list the people he let go and think he's working with Britt! 

Jason goes to see Carly, he's not sure that telling Martin his mother is ok is the right thing to do. 

Maxie visits Nathan's grave..wonders if she does love Peter because she misses him so much. 

Tuesday, February 2, 2021


 So how did you like Scotty and Dr. O yesterday? Oh they tickled me! woot!  Britt and Franco would be Step Siblings. heehee!! 

Liz tells Anna Franco is alive despite Peter's article.  Anna tries to make excuses. Liz says they aren't going to the wedding because Franco isn't safe.  Anna then goes to see Dante. 

Franco goes to see Dr. O. She realizes they have to get Drew's memories out of his head to trap Peter.  She thinks Kevin should hypnotize him to get the memories out. He goes to see Kevin. 

Maxie isn't happy that Peter published his article. She thinks it started bad things against Franco. Peter says he had to to protect people. Maxie remembers Nathan.

Martin gets Alexis out on bail..she's going to go DRINK! LOL Jordan walks in. Jordan wants to talk to Alexis as a friend. Says she told Molly and TJ. ALexis thinks she might plead guilty. Jordan leaves. Marty says No way will he let her plead guilty because unlike her, he's proud to be  a lawyer. 

Dante wakes up to Sam in the room. Sam tells him what happened.  He's not sure why he saved Franco . Anna asks him too. He flashes back to the clicking pen that Dr. O did. He says he has no idea. Anna apologizes and leaves. Then Sam and Dante have a fun FLIRT SESSION AWW SO CUTE. Alexis barges in and says she wants to make sure they are both ok.  Dante says he knows Alexis is a decent person who just made a mistake. Wants Sam and her to make up. Alexis says it's too late, she's done too much damage..and leaves. Sam catches up with her in the elevator! 

Laura and Cyrus. Cyrus talks to her about Dante. She says they aren't family. He gives her an envelope to look at. It's a photo of him as a kid with his family. He tells her they are all family. He  flesh and blood. He leaves the photo with her and she looks at it again.  Martin comes over to sit with her. He says she has to help him find his mother. 

Franco finds Kevin at GH tells him that Peter's voice is in his head talking about Drew..and he needs help. Anna overhears it all! She's staring and not sure what to make of it. She thinks it's the tumor. Liz says no, we saw a specialist. Anna tells him that Dante saw that doctor and so did Dr. O. Franco is like: Oh, really? Huh..imagine that. Liz pulls him aside and asks if he's seen Lesil. He says YEP. 

Dr. O is in a red wig, goes in to see Dante. She clicks her pen. 

Laura says she'll help get Martin's mama back.

Cyrus tells Jordan that she can tell Jason that he'll let Taggert go free in exchange for his mother. 

Liz thinks they should treat the tumor before getting the memories out. 

people moved all over the canvas today! loved it 

Monday, February 1, 2021

Box Of Nelle

 Kelly's is hopping!

Ava and Trina talking at a table. Taggert, Nikolas..general stuff. 

Scotty and Franco are at the counter. Cam is bussing tables. Aunt Ruby mention! Franco tells them about the article in the paper. Scott says "Sue them"! Franco says someone tried to kill him tonight. Cam and Scott say he needs a body guard. Franco says no. Scotty leaves. Ava comes over to tell Franco she saw the article and she's sorry. They talk about life and he tells her to seize the day with Nikolas.

Dr. O and Britt are in Dr. O's hidey-house. She's mad about Peter publishing Franco's medical stuff. Dr O doesn't want to include Britt in the plan against Peter because he's like 'his father' and she can't lose her like she lost Nathan. Then, OMG Scotty walks in, it's his place. Britt gets all flustered. Awwwww... "So you two"?? They are like Get out! hhahaa. Awww, Lesil wants to hug Scotty but doesn't. I think she likes him but they aren't involved yet. Damn it. 

Jax tells Nina they've known for months about Nelle. Carly tries to back track and says "well, I didn't know if it was Nelle's and maybe she found it and..." Valentin says "Maybe Aliens left it as a tracking device". Jax says he thought Nelle was her daughter and didn't tell her on purpose. They go round and round. Valentin asks how he's any different than Jax. LOL Carly says Nelle was a psycho. Nina tells her to shut up. They talk about Nelle. Valentin even says Nelle was a manipulator..she could have had the necklace just to mess with Nina. Nina runs down to storage, where she put Nelle's things after she buried her. 

Anna and Finn, she wants to visit Dante. They talk about WSB and Dr. Kirk. She's going to try to track down where Dr. O is. She finds out she was transferred to the other clinic. Not happy. 

Laura and Nik talk at GH , she says he looks happy. He says that he asked Ava to marry him. She just wants her kids happy. Asks if he trusts Ava. He says yes. He says he asked her to marry him in the gym and wasn't sure she took him seriously. Laura said Kevin did the same to her and she wanted something special. Nik says he has a Cassadine heirloom to give her for a ring and will do it up. Ava rushes in and says YES! YES I'll marry you. Nikolas says; No that's not how we are doing it. 


Aww, Nikolas proposes to Ava at's SO GOOD!! watch it. She says yes. Gets a GIANT RING! 

Nina finds an old photo of Nelle and she has on the necklace!  Yep, it's her's. 

Sunday, January 31, 2021

Sunday Surgery: Coffee, Tea or Me?


So... it was a good week for me. I was really busy and had to watch some on Hulu but I caught up I think. GH was also good this week!!  BOOOM!! 

Let's have some mini-bar drinks in honor of Alexis, shall we? And if you got the Coffee, Tea or me reference--well, welcome to the older club lol 

Friday, January 29, 2021

Goes together like.......

 Necklace fits like a glove!! Nina wants to ask Avery questions. Michael says Avery told him about the whole thing.  They go on and on. Carly's trying to deflect and shut Michael up. They figure out Nelle was in there. Val says that the nurse said she took the baby to Florida. Michael says "Nelle was from Florida"....He leaves to to to GH. Then it goes on and Carly says "Well I figured out Nelle was your daughter LAST NIGHT and wanted to tell you but talked to Jax first" Pfffffft. ahahhaha. Jax says "nope, that's not true, you deserve the whole truth" ... (show ended there)

Sonny is seeing a doctor at the clinic with Phyllis.  The doctor is telling him they need to look at his bloodwork to see what's up. He says he's fine. They get the bloodwork and they saw he was on they talk him into taking it again. Took awhile :eyeroll: 

Jason is wondering why Dante would save Franco. Franco tells him that he confronted Peter about the news article and Dante is his security, that might be it. Liz lays into him and says he's probably mad Dante stopped Alexis from killing Franco. Sam overhears and figures out Jason was the one Franco asked to kill him off. 

Robert comes to GH wondering about Dante.. Olivia rushes in and cries...Dante starts coding. Robert hugs her and Liz runs into his room. Dante is stabilized.. Olivia demands to know what happened. She asks if a psycho did it.. Sam "That pscyho was my mother' ahahhaa.  Olivia goes to the chapel. Robert finds out Ned and Alexis slept together. Ned walks in. Robert says I'm sorry I thought you'd want him here. She asks him to leave. Olivia vows to get Alexis for being a murderous slut LOL!! She hopes God thinks that's ok! 

Tracey talks to Luke, says she can't come home yet because she needs to make things right with Ned.  Monica is back from her cardio conference. She looks great! Ned has to fill her in on everything that happened while she was gone.  Monica tells Tracey her plan with Alexis was dumb. Ned leaves. Monica kicks out Tracey for her "own good" says she'll get arrested if she doesn't.  At the end of the show, a policeman comes to arrest her and she's gone. Out of the country. 

Mac is yelling at Alexis. Says she's still drunk so he's talking to her in Jordan's office so she doesn't make a scene in the PCPD. She explains that Franco was 'attacking" Sam and she had to save her .He tells her that Dante might die. She says it was an accident. He doesn't care, no justification. It's Alexis' birthday! He says too bad your phone is impounded. She says no one cares or will call her anyway. She finds out that Dante is going to be ok. Mac says she needs to get help but she's being charged with attempted murder. 

NOTES: SHOW WAS CHOPPY because the scenes were so short. Jane and Leslie's make up was so soft and flawless. 

GOOD One to watch today! 

Thursday, January 28, 2021


Rick Springfield was on GMA3 before GH was on. Jesse's Girl is 40 years old!! 40!! His voice still sounds amazing!! 

So Nina sees the necklace on Sasha...she thinks Sasha did it on purpose to mess with her...Carly wants Lucy to stop the interview.

Meanwhile, Jackie is on full attack to Sasha about pretending to be Nina's daughter and a coke ho AHHAHA "SO you got hooked pretty fast"!! 
NINA SEES THE NECKLACE, runs down from the same time VALENTIN SEES IT TOO!! Oh boy oh boy... After the interview, Nina asks Sasha about the necklace. Sasha says wardrobe put it on! Has no idea. Valentin says: "OH I THINK CARLY KNOWS"!! hahhaa. Carly is standing there looking guilty with Avery. Carly says she was trying to stop the interview because she knew it would upset Nina to see it. (liar) Nina says she wants to know if Carly knows where it came from. Avery says it's mine!! I'm sorry if everyone is mad. Nina asks her where she got it "When Mommy took me to the cabin" . Sasha gives Nina the necklace. Carly isnt' sure if it's the fake one she had made or the real one. We won't know until tomorrow! 

Sam is yelling at Franco about his tumor. Liz is telling her to stop it. Alexis is in an exam room chugging vodka and eye-balling a needle. Franco says if he turns "bad" he will be put down.  Franco has a bad headache, starts falling...Alexis thinks he's dangerous and runs out with a giant needle to stop him and DANTE RUSHES IN AND SHE STABS HIM INSTEAD!!!! OMG! 

Portia sees Dante whos' on the floor...she says to get him into the trauma unit. They are going to check out the contents of the syringe. Dante was seizing and his pulse is racing. 
Sam screams at Alexis. 

Chase goes to the floor that Dante is on. Jason overhears it. They go to the floor where Dante is. Jason asks Franco what happened. Franco said Alexis was trying to kill him and got Dante instead. 
Dante has acute poisoning from the syringe. They have to stabilize him. 
Chase asks Sam what happened. Alexis nods to her and Sam tells the truth. Chase Calls Jordan. Jordan is at GH and arrests Alexis. 

Sonny comes back to Lenny and Phyllis' bar with a cop in tow. He wanted a job at the Hardware Store, they said no and he wouldn't leave.  He's leaving Sonny with Lenny and Phyllis to watch him. I think Sonny is crashing right now.  Phyllis says in order to stay with them he has to go see the mental health people because she thinks he has mania. Sonny says not seeing a head-shrinker. She says he can't stay there unless he does. 

TOMORROW: Mac throws the book at Alexis at the PCPD! He has no sympathy! 

Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Holy Smokes: I'm HERE!

 That's right.. I have to leave a bit early but I'll be here for almost the whole show. 

I'm going to be here for almost all the show. I might miss the last 5 min...

Jason and Carly talk. He thinks they need to declare Sonny legally dead so the Five Families know he's taking over. ahhaha. She thinks it's "too soon to have a funeral without a body". Carly agrees if it will keep them safe. 

Maxie and Britt ...doing Maxie's prenatal yoga. Peter's not there, has a juicy story (franco's tumor) to get out. Maxie leaves once she realizes that Peter put the tumor story out. 

Sam is at Alexis' house, Alexis is drinking and celebrating her NOT getting a DWI LOL 

GMA 3 has Jackie and Sasha on to talk about her drug addiction.  She's a bit late but gets ready. 

Dr. O and Franco talk outside.  She realizes it's Peter that did the story. Franco goes to see Peter. Britt is already there asking if he stole Franco's medical records.  Franco gets angry, tries to strangle Peter and stupid DANTE rushes in to save him! ugh

Avery is at GH to get her check up. Nikolas talks to Liz. Liz is upset, he hugs her. Ava sees them. 

Ok, so Ava takes Avery to the Metero to see Carly (who's talking to Jason) and she's going to stay with Michael until Carly is available. Shes' going to give Sasha her half of the necklace for "good Luck" Ooooooooooooh Carly is going to freak out! LOL 

I have to go!! I'll catch the end tonight!! DISCUSS

EVERYONE gets a notice on their phone: Intruder: FRANCO HAS TUMOR ! 

Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Wubsy Is Neglecting GH !!


BUT!! For good reason! With all the COVID stuff, there aren't enough people to cover everything so I'm going to be subbing again for the preschool. This time from 12-4pm which will probably kill me LOL . 

I saw yesterday's show on Hulu. Jackie Z looks fantastic. Glad to see Bobbie. Can you imagine the convo between she and Carly?

"MOM! I need you to help me kidnap an old lady"!

"Sure honey!!

"MOM! You have to take care of her too!

"Sure honey"!! 

"MOM! Can you help me steal a necklace"?

"Sure honey"!! 


Yesterday was also the day that Martin (Tad) and Jackie (Jenny) met!! OMG! OMG! My teenie AMC heart exploded!!  Of course I didn't see it in real time. Figures...

Anyway.. Today watch as Jackie interviews Sasha on "GMA 3" (really the Metro Court turned GMA3 set). 

I will try my hardest to make Wed show. I might have to sub again Thursday. If I can still function after today! 

Monday, January 25, 2021

Didn't See That Coming: Diana Taylor's Death


Heather Webber plotted against Diana Taylor and decided to kill her and frame Anne Logan with the murder by writing Anne's name in blood on the floor. Sounds simple enough, right? Heather does this and frames Anne. Case closed.

Well, not so fast.

Forensic shows that Diana died instantly, so she could not have written Anne's name in blood, so that (somewhat) cleared Anne. Heather then became a suspect and was arrested. After all, we saw her in a nurse’s uniform leaving the scene. There you have it. Case closed.

Well, not so fast.

Apparently, Heather’s mother Alice Grant was in the closet and saw the confrontation between Heather and Diana. Heather went “into a trance” and Diana went into the kitchen to get a gun and Alice picked up Heather’s gun from the floor. Alice killed Diana. And left the room. When Heather woke up, she saw a dead Diana and took it upon herself to grab Diana’s hand and write the name “Anne”. 

Alice confessed to Joe Kelly that she killed Diana.

I didn’t see that coming. Did you?

Note from WubQueen:  I DID NOT...and the fact we all WANTED Heather to have killed her and be sent to jail was just the emotional twist of the knife needed!! Everyone LOVED Anne! This was back in the day when good characters could be thrown under the bus for real!! 

Note Note: I missed today's show because of an appointment! Enjoy this from Dave today-- 

Sunday, January 24, 2021

Sunday Surgery: MEDLESS


Another week, another GH interruption! Here's hoping life calms the hell down and we get smooth sailing for awhile. GH this week was better for me, especially with the whole Q scene-- and Sonny's story might be getting a tad interesting within it's tiny bubble. 

Since Sonny is saving the day for the Bar, let's have a WUBS Signature Cocktail shall we?  Johnny Walker Black on the Rocks. 

Saturday, January 23, 2021

General Hospital: Feel The Bern

 Oh people on Soap Twitter were BUSY!! Even the actors got in on it... take a little gander at the latest memes!! 

  • @SoapJenn      Bern the Q 

@GoToSharon   Bern The Moss 

@JuanaSami1    Classroom Bern 

@JuanaSami1   FannA Bern 

@FanGirl_810   Davis Bern 

@NancyLeeGrahn   Juliexis Bubble Bern 

@FanGirl_810   Mob Bern 

@FanGirl_810   Tumor Bern 

If you've seen any good ones, drop the link in the comments!! 

Friday, January 22, 2021


 I thought I'd list some up and coming reveals we have going: 

Britt's 'diagnosis" (I'm convinced she has Hungtinton's)

Peter...all of his dumb ass stuff

Nina's daughter

Sonny's alive 

Dev stole Joss' journal (she finds out) 

What else? Oh, Dr. O is skulking around 

That's going to take us through February right? 

Eden McCoy texts on a break! (From Twitter) 

TODAY'S SHOW!! It's snowed here a lot! Looks pretty but I haven't had to do my car off in a long time. Wah. 

Sonny at the bar. He's cleaning the tables like a mad-man. Oh, I think he's off his meds!! So he's going to be going a bit manic. Ok, he's REALLY manic. Wants to make a signature cocktail. Is going on and on....Phyllis figures out he probably has a mental illness. Lenny tells Sonny to either go to bed or get out. 

Carly cries to Joss about Sonny.  Joss talks about the Sonny --Oscar's death. Misses Avery. She mentions Ava came by.  Carly doesn't react much about the necklace. Tells Joss it was ok it give it to her. Calls Jax really fast. 

Curtis sees Nina at Kelly's. She tells Curtis about the Phyllis visit. He wants to help. She says she's not searching. He thinks she should search.  Jax leaves when Carly calls. Curtis wonders if Jax always puts Carly first. 

Jax goes to Carly. Wants to tell Nina the truth.... Carly freaks out and says no, she'll get the necklace back and save them both. 

Liason at the gym. "it was your dream come true to  kill Franco wasn't it"? She keeps blabbing, wonders how he'll know if Franco is dangerous enough. Tells him Jake loves Franco and don't take him away from him. She threatens Jason that if anything happens to Franco, he'll be sorry. 

Olivia lays into Alexis. Alexis tries to apologize and she's not having it. You need to watch it all! GOOD SCENES

Ned yells at Tracy. She turns it around and says he's guilty of "criminally poor judgement" LOL Tracy, turning the tables! He thinks she came back to PC to run his life since Luke is galvanting all over the place and she can't control him. 

Then, Ned goes to talk to Olivia and Alexis to Tracy . Tracy tries to tell Alexis that it was for her own good. 

Olivia doesn't want to hear from Ned. He decides to leave for a bit. Olivia sobs. 

Franco wants Scotty to represent him if he dies after coming out as "mean-Franco" . Wants him to get Jason off charges if he's arrested for his death. 

END: Jason cocks his gun LOL Pffffft. He gonna kill Franco now? 

Ok, come join me for Sunday Surgery! 

Thursday, January 21, 2021

Secrets and Lies

 Olivia!! OMG..figuring it out about Alexis and Ned. OH MAN!! She tells Tracy she knows she was in cahoots and if Tracy goes near her kid she'll "knock her out" LOL!!  Ned comes clean. Olivia is pissed. Ned says he didn't tell her because he didn't want to hurt her. Sam yells at him "you drank with my mother the alcoholic"?? 

Alexis asks Finn to come over.  She tells him that Martin Gray will be her lawyer and will try to prove Tracy was driving, not her.  OMG SHE'S GOING TO THE Q HOUSE TO CONFRONT TRACY and the secret is out! Alexis storms in saying that Tracy has to tell the truth. Sam says she has proof Tracy lied. Ned is like "what did you do NOW, mother'?? HAHAHAHA. They lay out the facts against Tracy. She says oh, all right, I did it, I moved ALexis behind the wheel " with great difficulty I might add" ahahha the shade!! She said she did it to get Alexis help. Alexis knows it was so she didn't tell Olivia the truth. Alexis stays to talk to Olivia. Tracy tries to sneak out but Ned goes after her. 

Anna tells Kevin she's worried about Dante's mental health and she thinks the WSB let him go too soon. He looks at the files from Kirk's office, they find out Dr. O was a patient of his. 

Maxie talks to Dante and Peter is there too. Dante has a "complete the mission" in his head moment. They tell Dante that they want to name their girl after LULU. He likes the idea. Peter leaves. They talk about Rocco. He thinks she sees the good in people. Oh, they bond a lot. 

Britt and Jason . She wants him to tell him about how bad Peter is. He tells her all about the memory thing and keeping him in the clinic. How Peter's been pulling strings. How he sets people up to take the fall like he did to her mother.  Peter barges in, gives Jason a pissy look. Jason leaves. Peter asks Britt to use her computer and walk away. She says ok but it's only to find out what he's looking for. She comes back (he's already downloaded a flash drive) and she sees he was looking at Franco's file. 

Liz and Franco "Why did you talk to Jason"?? He tells her in a round about way that he wanted him to kill him if the tumor is bad again. She said it was their decision and he was being selfish . She doesn't want to lose a minute with him. Liz goes to the gym to confront Jason about agreeing to kill Franco. 

Meanwhile, Franco hears "Meet Drew Cain" in his head when he's at home. 

NOTE: Dante and Maxie would be the perfect Soapy 101 choice. Peter is outted, Dante is concerned about Peter, baby is born and Maxie and he fall in love and then...Lulu wakes up. 



Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Not Sure about Today


Old Time Gatekeepers for you! 

I have a meeting today and don't know if I'll make #GH I thought I'd throw this up in case I don't get back. Tomorrow there is no new show due to the inaug-- so keep that in mind. There will be a repeat episode (not sure which one). 

Just wanted to say a quick thank you to those that used the Amazon link to order for Christmas--it helps keep this blog alive!! 

Have a joyful day! 

Monday, January 18, 2021


 It's Monday..MLK day. Hope you are safe and happy and full of some joy. 

Sonny unarms the robber and gets the gun. Of course he does. Mobular instincts. The guy ends up running. 

Carly's crying over Sonny at the Metro. Jax is there. She says NJ said unless a body is found, Sonny won't be declared dead for 3 years. She thinks it's Karma for Nelle dying. She wonders if  they should tell Nina about Nelle. Jax is 

Joss is crying over Sonny in the kitchen. Cam, Trina, Moss are there. Joss talks about her journal. Cam wonders why she threw it out (he saw it in the trash at GH) and she goes to look for it. It's missing!! OH NOOOOO!! 

Olivia asks Robert to help her become a spy so she can figure out if Tracy set up Alexis. 😊

Ned talks to Tracy about Alexis. Not a lot of movement.  Olivia comes home and then Leo is going to be adopted by Ned. There's going to be a celebration.  They flashback to Robert coaching Olivia on how to trap Tracy in a lie. Which she does--about the house alarm.  She catches Tracy in a lie and is all 'ha ha'. 

Willow and Michael go back and forth about their Amish lifestyle and  whether or not they like each other or Chase and Sasha. OMG. THEY HAVE TO BE LIBRAS!!!!  I can't really deal with them at all. There's no sexual tension..there's no romance...? Chem? UGH They go back and forth. "the sex wasn't reality..we wouldn't have had it if it wasn't for what Sasha and Chase did" --then they think they should go back with them. THEN Willow says "UNLESS YOU DON"T WANT TO" omg OH MY GAWD! Both of them can just GO

Nina is putting away her heart necklace in a keepsake box (in her office??) and Ava walks in. What's in there?! Ava wants Nina to talk to Carly about being nice about Avery. I think it was just to get a look at the necklace. They chat about Nina getting closer to Joss. Good friendship chat. I do miss Michelle tho.  Nina decides to keep wearing her necklace. 

Nina wants to give Josslyn her HS sports letter for good luck. 

END: Josslyn gives Ava the necklace for Avery! She found it in her mom's jewelry box!! 

Sunday, January 17, 2021

Sunday Surgery: Welcome To Your Life...


Julian Jerome Plaid circa 2018 

After loving GH for weeks and weeks, it was bound to happen. This was an off week for me. It was another one that had interruptions and just the mood in general was off. Then again, I also think it's because Sonny came back. You can throw all you want at that statement but... it just seemed to dampen the whole momentum. 

Grab something strong. I'm hot holding back. It's a bit harsh but I haven't had a good crab in awhile!! 

Welcome To Your Life (by Tears for Fears) ... Everybody Wants to Rule the World 

Saturday, January 16, 2021

First Scene Saturday: Ned and Monica

I never got how Auntie Monica didn't recognize her Nephew Ned. Didn't Tracy ever share a photo or two over Christmas eggnog? How could Monica not know that the boy-toy she slept with was her nephew? 

It was a storyline that did take some risks and paid off with some really good fallout. Kurt McKinney initiated the role and passed it on to Wally Kurth. During the Dorman trial, Ned had to go on the stand and admit in court to the affair. If you ask me, I can see Kurt's boyish Ned with Monica, but definitely not Wally's. It was kind of uncomfortable to watch the court scene. 

What do you think will happen when and if Olivia finds out? (I am so crossing my fingers that this happens someday. Are you listening writers?) NOTE: A NIV fan on Twitter told me he already told her when they started dating! I don't remember that but it happened! 

NOTE from Karen:  THIS Was the times--LOL. Women had affairs left and right on soaps. Younger men? Who cared? 

Friday, January 15, 2021

Pennsylvania Bar


Sam and Olivia try to figure out if Alexis was back at the house or not the night Tracy said she drove.

Michael and Chase have a beer at the Metro Court. OMG they are so in love LOL 

Sasha and Willow chat at the Q house.  Sasha tells Willow that she knows what happened between she and Michael. Willow says she still has feelings for Chase... Sasha says she has feelings for Michael. 

Tracy talks to Finn at the hospital. She wants to take him to dinner. He says he's busy. They talk about Alexis. Then the wedding. Then Jackie Templeton (she knew her back in the day). He tells Tracy they slept together. Tracy advises that he shouldn't tell anyone about it.

Cyrus wants a truce with Jason and talks to Brick about it too. They are making him more compassionate, did you notice? Jason thinks Cyrus killed all the Novack people at the pier. Cy says no. Oh he DID kill them as a "favor" to Jason. He wants his mother back in payment.

OMG Sonny's story is a TOTAL HALLMARK movie. LOL! The kindly nurse takes Sonny under her wing. Gets him a place to stay at her husband's bar. I mean, seriously. Not diggin' it. This is 2021. Wouldn't work.  Anyway, hubs is cranky, doesn't like Sonny. Phyllis makes him be nice to him.  omg omg OMG!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHH Sonny is going to work in the bar's KITCHEN!! AHAHAAHAHA. OMG I called it. I said bakery or hospital cafeteria but..damn. same. If he falls for the nice waitress I will DIE LAUGHING. 

Some rando guy walks into the bar... he goes to rob them with a giant gun LOL Sonny sits there

OMG What if Nelle works at the bar? IT's the PENNSYLVANIA SIDE of the river after all .


Giant anvil about Finn maybe being Finn's son. 

Thursday, January 14, 2021



This was on Twitter..can you tell who they are?? Answers at the end! 


Sonny is at some hospital. Phyllis Caufield is his nurse! She was the one that knew where Nina's baby ended up, remember? He has on a Julian Jerome plaid shirt LOL The nurse loves to take care of people and she encourages him to eat. She's a good cook she says.  She notices he has a wedding ring on too and his coat was from a store on 5th Ave NYC. Stupid part of all this is she says that "there's no reports of missing people fitting his description". 

Jason and Brick talk about Sonny's death. Blah, blah....catching people blah..They go check out a storage facility. Bunch of dead guys in there from a gun fight. 

Alexis gets home, finds a bag from Ava with something from Julian's effects in there. It's a photo album/scrap book. She can't bear to look at it. She drinks. 

Cyrus talks to Sam, tells her to tell her boyfriend to give back his mother. Sasha overhears it. Cyrus is all upset about his mother and says he only does what he does to take care of her. 

Olivia tells Sam she's concerned about her mother. Sam's concerned too. Olivia thinks Tracy might have lied about driving off the road.  They visit Alexis. I tell you NANCY IS FABULOUS. WOW..Sam is figuring out that maybe Alexis wasn't driving that night. 

Amy checks out Brando's abs? Weird segment there.

Laura tells Cyrus about The Gray Family.  He's stunned. She tells him about her past. Now she has to find 

ANSWER: TJ, Peter and Brando 


 Ok, new day, new show!! I really thought the wedding was coming up this week but-- you know. #GH  I hope I am more into this show than I ha...