Thursday, May 6, 2021

What happens next? (Thursday)

 Fan Fiction.

Nina leaves Nixon Falls and accidentally leaves behind a folder with some contracts and other paperwork and her business card. Sonny decides on an impulse to go to Port Charles to return the folder to Nina (It's a soap) He gets there, and while walking towards the Crimson offices gets a lot of strange looks from passerbys. He enters Nina's office and she is visibly shocked and says "What are you doing here? You have to leave you cant be here". He tells her about the folder and she is genuinely grateful, but still insists that he leaves. She starts to sort of push him out the door when Maxie arrives in the lobby. Maxie whispers "Oh my God..." Standing behind Sonny, Nina is waving her arms in the international "no" symbol and says "Maxie, this is Mike. He's my friend from Nixon Falls. He does not live here. (And then annunciates) He is vis-i-ting." Maxie catches on and says "Oh, hello... Mike. It is very nice to meet you. For the first time, I mean..."

Suddenly, the elevator opens. 

What happens next?

Wednesday, May 5, 2021

NOT on the Guest List


I watched the end of Tuesday's episode and we didn't see Cam actually shoot the gun. Jason gets shot, and Cam was aiming but it could have been anyone hiding in the parking lot. Just saying. 

Carly brings her "guys" into the meeting. Says she's sitting in for Sonny. Ms. Wu asks if she's taking over her late husband's territory.  Great scenes. Come to find out, Carly had a shipment of Cyrus' destroyed in the harbor. He says "Act of War" . Other mob bosses are impressed. They all accept Carly into the fold. Cy is pissed. Oh Carly is gonna be MobHead!! 

Jason wants to get dressed and get to Carly. Britt tries to talk him out of it. He can't go, too weak. They wait for the blood to come. 

Cam, Scotty and Liz at the interrogation room at the PCPD. Cam swears he didn't do it. He goes to get booked. Liz kinda yells at Jordan. Jordan is like: Um, it's my job. She reviews the footage and sees the bullet comes from behind Cameron, he didn't shoot him. He's free to go. 

OH! Dante is at the PCPD too! YEAH!! Well, he's "helping out" for now. But he should be on says me. 

Jax and Joss are at Jax's house. zzzzzzzzzz. Dante comes by looking for Carly.  Joss and Jax are wondering what she's up to.

Nina and Sonny. Sonny fixes her a Tan-O Tini LOL ... Elijah wants to take her out to the fanciest place in town.  Nina is going to 'find a place' in Nixon Falls. Welp. 


Dante finds Carly at the meeting place for the 5 families. Asks about Jason she says she knows nothing. 

Eli pays off some shady guy and Sonny sees it. 

Someone is coming in the cabin, Jason gets his gun out

Cameron hears it was Peter August that killed Franco

Tuesday's Show


So I watched. was good! I'm writing it's own little post because I have a few questions for everyone. 

First off, Nixon Falls. WHY didn't they have Sonny and Nina just kiss? It would have been perfect. She could keep flashing back to his dimples and lips while in PC. Where does her heart lie? Also, Maurice Benard tweeted that he knew change was hard but he's played Sonny for 25 years and welcomes the change. Also loves working with Cynthia. So.... I kinda get it. It's not the best story but I get it. Plus, Trina got spaghetti sauce out of it so??!! 

Next up: DID Cam shoot Jason? I thought he did. LOOKS like he did but Cam sure isn't acting like he did. SO...was there someone else in there that shot Jason that was hidden? Like Peter? Or one of the goon-guys? Will they think Cam shot the bad guy and not Jason? Will they have the real footage of the parking garage after Spinelli messed with it?? Oh lordy. Much to unpack. 

The Blood Transfusion: I'm going to write about this in the blog!! You know I am!! "How many times have you two bled for each other" ? Britt asks. Loved the operation scene actually. Looked pretty real. Notice how her hand shook AFTER the whole thing? That's real life. Her adrenaline finally wore off. Also, I didn't mind Brick being there. Who AM I?? 

Finally, Carly was perfect in her Mobular Seat. ALL in white... sitting with the Five Families and leaving Cyrus gobsmacked. THIS is the Carly I want. Right there. 

See ya at 3 after GH today! 

Tuesday, May 4, 2021

Buy A CLUE for Peter


From all the posts that I have read over the past few months, it seems like there is an agreement that everyone wants Peter dead. Far be it from me to debate a common opinion. 

Another thing I have seen is that a lot of you want a murder mystery. I admit that would be awesome. Not only a murder, but of course we would have to a suspect and, most importantly, (and this is Soap Opera 101) a wrongly convicted suspect. Someone to sit in jail for a few days and to claim innocence while the true murderer evades incompetent cops.

So, it’s your job in the comments to supply the following:

Murderer ____________

Wrongly Convicted Suspect _____________

Also, if you are really adventurous, how about filling out the following with current cast members. (Karen and I did this one)

Mr. Boddy --PETER 

Mrs. White --Maxie 

Mrs. Peacock --Laura 

Ms. Scarlet --Anna 

Mr. Green --Scotty 

Col.. Mustard --Cyrus 

Prof. Plum-- Finn 

I'm adding 2 more: 

Ms Crimson-- Dr. O 

Sir Azure-- Valentin 


With a pipe on the docks

With a dagger in the Metro 

With a revolver in the park 

With a candlestick at the PC Grille 

With a garrote at Crimson 

With a wrench in the parking garage 

Karen Chooses:  Valentin with a wrench in the parking garage and the wrongful suspect being Maxie. 

Monday, May 3, 2021

"I won't set his pony tail on fire"

 I DID NOT GET  A BREAK TODAY!! PHEW!! It was a wild show!! 



Carly and Spin are watching as Jason escapes. Spinelli looped the security footage so they can't see the garage now, but they see what's happening 2 days ago. Brick is waiting for him. OH NO! Jordan comes up! Spinelli and Carly freak out LOL...Brick tells her he's waiting for his sister. She seems suspicious but she leaves. THEN She goes into Jason's room where they are taking him "For tests".... (really to escape)! Won't let him leave!! LOL!! 

Cam is also skulking in the hallways of GH. Booooo. 

Nina calls Sonny and tells him to stay in his room DON'T LEAVE!! Then she runs into the Tan-O where Phyllis gave Trina some pasta. Nina's like YOU HAVE TO LEAVE NOW, Trina! Oh man, when Sonny finally comes out, Trina is gone! Damn it!!! 

Jax has to wait for his antibiotics to come and asks Joss about her leg.  yada yada, they talk about Volleyball..he makes her call Carly. 

Ava and Nikolas get ready for Cyrus to come to dinner. YOU HAVE TO WATCH IT! Fantastic stuff. Laura's faces; Kevin is there. It's really good. THEN Cyrus gets a call from his man in GH. Britt had seen him and thought he was the crew that was part of the break out for Jason!! She totally gave it away. Cyrus is like: KEEP an eye on Morgan and get rid of Westborne, make it look like an OD!! They get Done with dinner. Cyrus tells Nikloas he's been keeping an eye on Spencer. Nikolas loses it. Laura tells him he's NOT FAMILY!! 

Finn asks Britt for some overtime to be signed off for the lab. She's like: OK...he thinks she's being too nice. LOL He says "you usually leave around's only 8...  what's up"? She flashes back to Jason asking her to leave.  Britt goes to leave and 2 guys come in and try to put a syringe into her !! 

THEN JASON IS RUNNING OUT but realizes that something is wrong and Brick didn't see Britt leave...he RUNS BACK IN!! gah!! he saves BRITT! They run!! Carly's having a FIT...and wants to go to GH to find Jason. Spinelli is like: Um, no. Then Joss calls and Carly realizes she went to get Jax in Nixon Falls. 

Meanwhile, Jordan asks the nurse who ordered tests for Jason and figures out it was Britt. In Jason's room, Cam finds the guard knocked out. Then Jordan finds him (Cam isn't there). 


JASON AND Britt run down. Bad guy runs after them with a gun, fires. Then Brick fires back... Cam runs behind the dumpster. Brick shoots the bad guy...bad guy falls down in front of Cam. The gun falls to the floor next to Cam's foot. Jordan runs down the stairs and orders the hospital locked down. 
Spinelli can't see anything anymore. Then Jason and Britt run to the car but CAM PICKS up the gun and shoots. Jason is hit but they make it into the car. Then Jordan holds a gun on Cam! 

ALSO HAPPENING: Finn ends up telling Liz everything about Peter and Franco! 


Sunday, May 2, 2021

Sunday Surgery: Under a Microscope


Oh it was a week that was in and out for me, mostly watching on Hulu. My Dad is doing great and modern surgery on carpal tunnel is amazing. So if you need it, DO IT! The hospital was SO much not like the hospital at GH it was funny. They just don't build them that way anymore. (see how I segway'd into that??) 

The show was pretty good for the most part. Again, I do think Hulu helps when watching. When I'm live, the commercials are so many and so intrusive, I get antsy. Friday was a goodie and ending on an up note makes me happy!! 

Friday, April 30, 2021

Angry Boy


So, Jax is getting out from the hospital... Nina is going to drive him back. Sonny gives her a thermos to take LOL!! Elijah comes in. Sonny and he banter as usual. She leaves, tells them to Play Nice. 

Alexis is in the Shawshank Library. Sees Shawn. They talk about when they were together. Remember that? Now they are inlaws! TJ and Molly! 

Jason wants to talk to Cameron. Cameron's angry. Says Franco was an art therapist and Jason's a killer. (forgetting Franco is a SERIAL KILLER! AHHAHA) He says he hopes Jason rots in jail. Britt kicks him out. They talk and the janitor reports to Cyrus that they are together.  Jason sees her hand shaking badly again. 

Liz is suspicious of the new guys on the floor. She thinks that they are there to kill Jason. Britt tells Liz she came back from the death of Franco too soon and she's going to have to take a leave of absence. Oh, it's to get her out so Jason can escape. Derp. 

Girlies are stuck on the road, overheated. They called the autoclub. Trina talks to Joss about Cam. How Dev used her journal...and Joss wonders why she didn't tell her before. Oh, the Auto Club guy comes along and he's gorgeous. Calls Trina 'Dr. Robinson" LOL.  (see more below) 

Ava is telling Carly and Laura about Avery and the threat From Cyrus. First I thought they'd work together, but... now they are yelling at each other. FINALLY they decide to work together. Carly wants Ava to invite Cyrus to dinner tonight. Ava's like WHA???? So she calls him and tells him Martin and LAURA are coming! ahahha and Laura didn't even know. Pffffffffft. 


JOSS makes it to THE HOSPITAL! Nina is all @@ what the!!?? lol!! TRINA stopped to grab something to eat at a "cute little place" called THE TAN-O!! OMG TRINA GOES IN! Phyllis and Sonny are in the back!!!!! 

Jason is going to break outta GH and escape (maybe) 

Thursday, April 29, 2021

Casey the Alien (Thursday)


Ray Walston and Bill Bixby
Robin Williams and Pam Dawber
Bradley Lockerman and Kimberly McCullough

You all know what these names have in common. Again, this could have been a great Vlog that Karen and I could have collaborated on. But the time just isnt there. Not now anyway. For many, this is the worst storyline in soap history. And they might be right. How about you? What are your recollections of this storyline. Is it the worst one of all time. If not, what was.  

Food for thought: Casey visited Robin when she was a child. Robin's children are getting older and can easily be SORAS'd. What if Casey paid a return visit to one of them? 

NOTE: I'm popping in here to say that Casey The Alien was done right around the time of Starman, which was hugely popular. Jeff Bridges, Karen Allen. Look it up! 

You all know what to do. Chime in on Thursday's show. Let us know what is happening and what you think. 

Wednesday, April 28, 2021



Phew! Today was a never can take health stuff as timely LOL. My Dad is fine and resting. 

 I'm here to give you a space to write in.
I DID watch Monday's episode and-- um... I'm glad Brook Lynn is going to get on board with the Maxie-ruse. No Comment on Jax. Or Chase... or or.. I hope this week got a bit better. I'm wondering if Sonny saw Jax at the hospital or if he got distracted. I can't imagine they will "out" Sonny yet if Elijah is still taking over the town. 

Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Beecher's Corners (Tuesday)


For a long time now, I have thought about doing a Vlog about Beecher's Corners. But right now I am just way too busy. (and so is Karen since she took today off) How about mentioning your favorite memory of the scenic wonderland when you comment on today's show.

Oh, and most importantly, remember to mention the black wig!

Monday, April 26, 2021

Monday: What's Up?


Oldie from the Archives! 

What will happen on GH today? Last we saw, Jax was seeing a cowboy Sonny and being led off to the hospital. Finn was yelling at Anna and hoping to find the antidote. TJ and Molly were having a discussion about the justice system and Brook made a deal with Valentin. You think I'll miss much this week? I'm thinking not a whole lot. I will try to catch the eps on Hulu tho so I can wrap up next Sunday.

Look for great posts from Dave during the week! 

Sunday, April 25, 2021

Sunday Surgery: Flesh Wounds


I See Dead People....

It's going to be an interesting blog again. Quite a bit  actually happened on the show to a lot of different characters. Whether you liked it or not is another matter. I'm on my first week of being out Tues/Thursdays. Watching Hulu is great because there are a hell of a lot of commercials during regular time!! 

Let's give it a go. I'm watching hubs Rugby so I guess I'll have a Guinness. Don't judge me. 

Saturday, April 24, 2021

First Scene Saturday: Tony Geary



LUKE, with the straight, thin hair! 

I admit, when I saw this scene, I was more struck by Jackie than Tony. Not that it wasn't amazing seeing Tony in his first scene, but I truly forgot that Barbara Jean started out as a little vixen. They turned her into a loving mother and grandmother, but there was a time when she went for what she wanted at no cost. Case in point, asking Luke to kill Laura so that she can be with Scotty. 

Still, Tony was a legend, we all know the history. I am sure a lot of people think that Tony is only known for GH. And for many they would be right. But if you look through his IMDB page, he has 54 credits in his background besides GH.  I very much remember his performance on All in the Family. He was groundbreaking in it.

NOTE FROM WUBS:  Luke's first few scenes on GH weren't that note-worthy and really didn't give a clue to the powerhouse he'd become, imo. Add the Disco, an old fashioned "bodice ripper" which was HEAVILY criticized in the coming years and--well, a legend was born. Note to all soap writers: Never paint a character into a corner. You never know when they'll become popular.  U don't think they've learned this yet. 

I was a Luke and Laura lover and although I understood in my head the rape scene was horrible (so was the aftermath) somehow it "worked" to make them a couple. I know now that's terrible and normalizing this was just the way it was done back in the day. Interesting that Scotty ended up being the villain in all this when he was trying to save Laura from the trauma of her rape. Oh boy things have sure changed over the years. Yes, there were a few people that were more progressive than I but as you know, the popularity of L&L lasted for decades. 

Do you have a fave L&L moment? Mine is definitely when Luke saw Laura at the Mayor's mansion. 

Friday, April 23, 2021

Friday Footloose

 Well, I watched yesterday's show and the only thing good that happened was that Anna finally told Finn about Peter's poison.  

Oh The SUN is out again today! After 2 days of snow, it's finally warmer. Geesh, our weather is just nutty around here. 

Oh boy... not much to say about THIS situation only that the whole Barn-Dance is such.. I mean.. ugh. EVERYONE has on western gear? Nina found a damn denim dress and jacket AND turquois earrings? Phyllis has a giant Western-style turquoise necklace hanging around too? Sometimes the props/wardrobe department just disappoints me. NOT often-- but sometimes. I'm sure I'll bitch about it during Sunday Surgery. 


Britt gets a lab test showing a 17 year old died from Cyrus' street drugs. 

Britt sees Jason being brought into the hospital. She tends to him (he has stitches) and he sees her hand shaking. He holds it and tells her everything will be ok. THEN FKING CARLY BARGES IN, sees it and says "What's going on here" ?? LIKE SHE OWNS HIM? God I hate her. Britt tells her to leave because she has to talk to Jason privately. OMG it goes on and on. Carly flips out when Jason says he could work the business from the island "NO YOU CAN'T LEAVE ME"!! UGH Britt asks if he wants a sedative when she leaves because "he's gonna need it' LOL !! 

The raffle table gets held up by a bandito. (pffffffffffft) Sonny tells him to knock it off. THEN Jax and Nina get held up by ANOTHER BANDIT. AHAHAHAHaaaaaaaaaAAAAAA. I'm dead. So, Jax struggles with the gun, it goes off, then Sonny distracts the other guy and grabs HIS gun. (this is happening in different areas so they don't see each other yet). Oh my god. You have to watch this stupidity. I can't do it justice. The upshot is that Jax is shot in the shoulder and passes out. EMTs come and tend to Jax-- Jax is being taken away and sees a hazy Sonny and says "What the hell" before passing out again. 

Laura goes to talk to Martin, wants to make up. They talk about Cyrus and the mother and that Cy probably wants Laura to do something for him. Marin leaves. Laura talks to Curtis. He tells her about his divorce. 

Jordan sees Shawn in jail. He yells at her about TJ and not telling him he was kidnapped. She doesn't react much. He says he's in jail and not guilty but she says he pled guilty and it's his own fault. Oh, TJ is visiting Shawn. They go on and on about stuff. She syas she doesn't regret not telling him about TJ being his son because he had two fathers that loved him.  Jordan won't charge Shawn. 

Michael is home and Brook asks him about Willow. Valentin and Martin are coming over to discuss "term's of the baby's life. Brook says shes' going to Bensonhurst to have the baby and Valentin says he has the right to know where his baby is being born. She says no. Then Michael gets her to agree to it. Brook then says Val has to give up all his ELQ shares to have a part in the baby's life. He's like NO WAY, he'll go to court. LOL Martin is all for it because he will make a ton of money. They finally decide on a deal but Val won't sign until the baby is born. Brook says it's a deal. Wonders later where she'll get a baby. 

Molly tells TJ that Robert Scorpio is offering a Jr. ADA position when her internship is over. She wants to be a DA now. TJ is upset because he thought she was going to be a justice "warrior" and the system is messed up. She says she can work it from the inside. He says her mother got good treatment because she's white and Shawn is in jail for life. TJ finally says it's ok. Hugs her. 

LORD. A TON happened. It was tough to keep up

Thursday, April 22, 2021

Thursday Thirst Trap


Photo thx to: @BillingsOctavia 

SHAWN BUTLER is back, baby!! Thank Goodness Sean Blakemore wanted some work! Yeah!! We've been waiting. He's in jail for a crime he didn't even commit. But yeah!! I'm glad Carly sent him. Did you remember he's TJ's Dad? 

What did you think of all the Webber mentions yesterday? I'm thinking Steven Lars will be back. Neither Cam M or RoHo are old enough to be Jeff, that's for sure. 

And... that's that for today. See you tomorrow! 

Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Jeff Webber Mention! 2x!


OMG The Fireman's Dance. Jesus help me not make too much fun of it...Ok, I am going to. It's COWBOY THEMED. Good Gravy. Sonny almost kissed Nina... but Elijah interrupted. 

Cam and Joss still saying "Will you be my friend" or NOT??  :eyeroll:  He leaves. Jax consoles Josslyn.  He leaves to go fly his plane. 

Scott goes over to Liz' house..Cam is late to babysit the boys. He mentions Sarah or Jeff WEBBER coming to help with the boys!! WHATTTT!! He mentions Jeff again! Says he's a good guy. Hmmmmm Then Cam comes home, Liz leaves and he and Scott talk 

Finn yells at Portia that the labs aren't back yet and he can't treat Chase without the baseline data. Anna just stands there and watches.  Peter says stupid stuff to Anna about Chase and walks away. Why is he still alive? 

Portia says that Finn is acting more like Chases' father than his brother and shouldn't be his doctor. He disagrees.

Michael sees Willow sitting next to Chases' bedside. Michael mentions a sponge bath? Um.. okayyyyyyy Willow leaves and Chase and Michael talk about Willow. 

Carly goes to jail to yell at Jason, tell him they are going to do things HER WAY now.  I think Sean Blakemore will get him out? Or help him? 


Josslyn and Cam make up on the phone. 

Scotty called Lesil to say good night

SHAWN is Jason's cellmate (remember him? TJ's Daddy?)

Jax flew to Nixon Falls to find Nina LOL 

Anna tells Finn she knows what's wrong with Chase 

Monday, April 19, 2021

Trials and Tribulations


WELL..NO GH today due to the trial. This was a bummer to me because I won't be here on Tues or Thursdays live anymore. 

So, let's use this for Tuesday's show as well. I saw the new promo for GH and people--GET READY. Why? WE ARE SEEING THE FIREHOUSE DANCE!! (insert Wubsy LAUGHING HER ASS OFF). OMG. 

OH MY GOD. Sonny is wearing a cowboy hat. Alert: Cowboy hat. Now, see I get the whole "what if Sonny was a different guy" but... but.. pffffffffffft. COME ON. Pennsylvania Line Dancin'!! 

GH can be so damn good and so damn frustrating!! I'll catch ya'll Wed. --

Sunday, April 18, 2021

Sunday Surgery: Hope Is a Good Thing


This will be a difficult week to write about as a lot of things happening are just boring me to tears. I've had a good run but I think I'm a different breed when it comes to my soaps. The nice, quiet relationships are just not drama enough.  Combine that with the apparent Hallmark story going on over at the Tan-O and well... Wubsy just wanted to nap. 

Pull up a chair and get some coffee because I'm not sure how this will go. 

Friday, April 16, 2021

Take Me to the Dance.

 It's Friday! What a week. Having anything done that requires stiches is not fun. BUT I've been relaxing so that's good. 

This week on the show was not a great one for me. Just slogged around. 

Sasha and Brando. don't care O. They talk about the last night. blah blah..drink coffee. Gladys comes over. Mad that Sasha is there. 

Alexis is in the prison yard. Orange is the New Black style. Big Blonde pushes her.  Her cellmate gets the bigger lady to lay off for now. 

Anna and Val are STILL NOT TELLING FINN about the poison!! WTF!! Carly tells them it's HER THAT'S KEEPING CYRUS IN LINE because SHE TOOK HIS MOTHER!! Don't you FORGET IT! She says she won't give up Florence and wants them to tell her what's going on. They won't. 

Laura and Marty at The PC Grille. She's still being pissy with her. Marty tries to make up with her. Then Cy sits down. They argue about his mother. Laura leaves. 

Then Anna introduces herself to Cyrus. I guess they haven't met. 

Ava and Nik talk about the Hummingbird Cake (again) and kiss. COVID Style. Ava and Nik have Zex. Then Nik finds out where Florence is through the bakery. 


Sonny asks Nina to the FIREHOUSE DANCE---she is going to the LIBRARY TO RESEARCH Nixon Falls. Where the hell am I? Wellsville in 1943?? What the hell? LOL!! This is just... Now Nina's acting like she's "helping Sonny" Be happy. :eyeroll: 

TODAY WAS I should have napped. 

Thursday, April 15, 2021

Sweaty Palm Hand

Michael and Dante at the Gate house, having a brewski. I forgot all about Dante. Michael says he loves Willow so much he can't see straight. 

Willow an Chase at GH. Finn gets the lab result doesn't look happy ...they can't figure out what's happened to him. Then Finn leaves. Willow is going to tell Chase and his hands and feet go numb. Finn tries to get him to respond. Nothing. 

Carly dreams she sees Sonny. Then Joss interrupts her. Joss says she got into PCU. Carly is thrilled. I think Joss wants to go to Coastal. Then Jax comes over. Jax hears about PCU and outs the fact that Joss is waitlisted to Coastal. 

At the Tan-O with Nina talking to Jax. Elijah and Sonny. Nina is pressured by Jax to see him and Phyllis gets on the phone and tells him to leave Nina alone. She feels guilty. She wants Nina to stay in Nixon Falls. 

Sonny calls Elijah's old employer. Finds out he embezzled money. Arrested but not convicted. 

Nina is going to tour Nixon Falls with Elijah. They sit on a bench, drink about her article. He says someone is bound to recognize MikeSon.  It's just dumb. 

Brando and Sasha. She figures out Cyrus is blackmailing him over Dev. Boring Boring BORING. He tells her the whole Dev backstory. Sasha and Brando kiss. They have sex in the truck. 

NOTE It's unforgivable that Anna isn't telling Finn about the poison. Chase is suffering needlessly. They could be TESTING FOR A TOXIN. 

Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Have a Nice Day


Karen can't make it today so she sent Ziggy in her place 
to wish all of you a great day. Feel free to comment below
on today's episode and anything else you want to share.

Tuesday, April 13, 2021

It's TIME to .....Nap?

Aw,  Finn drops a defibrillator to Club Savoy for Curtis!! GOOD THING to have.  Curtis tells Finn he and Jordan are done. Later, Anna shows up to check on Finn. He says he's fine. 

Brook goes to visit Chase and bring him coffee and he's not doing well. Brook wanted to get away from Olivia and visit. He talks about his love for Willow.
Later: Willow comes over. 

Maxie, Britt and Lesil at GH. Lesil tells her to get back in bed. She wants to know why she wasn't told about Maxie. "I'm OMA"! She says and wants to move in with Maxie and help. Maxie says no. 

Michael tells Willow he wubs her. She wubs him.  He's going to move into the Gatehouse. 

Peter is telling Anna that someone she loves will die if he doesn't get away. Anna and Valentin call a bunch of people to check on them. Brook has a body guard btw-- YURI. She says she's ok. Peter just keeps riling up Valentin. 

Portia and Jordan chat in the halls of GH. Jordy tells her that she's divorcing Curt. 

END: Chase is down 

BORING DAY--BUT!! Carly wasn't on so yeah!! 

Monday, April 12, 2021

Baby Fever

 Monday! Rainy here. Which I guess we need but after being spoiled last week it's tough to take.


Val and Anna have Peter. Oh, Anna tazed him!!  She says he's turning into his father.  Finn comes over. Valentin has to put him in the basement. Finn gets Violet's stuffed pig and goes to leave but finds Valentin's wallet. He probably thinks they slept together. 

Maxie and Britt talk about her plan after she gives birth. Maxie says Spinelli. Britt says Peter will figure it out in 2 seconds flat. No to Robin either. NO ONE YOU KNOW!  Maxie has been pregnant since LAST MAY. Lordy.  Does no one count at GH? LOL Anyway, Britt says that she will take the baby and place it and Maxie can't know where. 

Chases' apartment: Chase doesn't feel, clammy... thinks he has food poisoning ..Guess I was wrong thinking it was Greg! He tells Finn he needs sleep and Finn gives him water and leaves. Chase has a fever dream where Willow wants to move back in. Then he wakes up and is worse. 

Michael and Willow move a mattress :eyeroll: ...they talk about their relationship. Michael tells her that he has feelings for her and Sasha and he broke up. Oh! Willow has feelings too. Lord these two are insufferable. They kiss; A REAL KISS! Tongues and all..damn. I haven't seen that in a year!!  They have ZEX. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. 

NuTaggert is in with Portia at GH. I guess Real tested positive for Covid? Or something? I don't know. Taggert says he knows that Portia cheated on him with Curtis. He says it's his fault because he was a bad husband. They say they hope Jordan and Curtis get back together. 

Curtis is at the club and Jordan walks in. "The Savoy" is the name of the new club. She tries to get it on with him an he's not having it LOL . He wants a divorce. 

Chase calls in sick

Peter tells Anna unless they let him go, someone will die. 

Sunday, April 11, 2021

Sunday Surgery: Time After Time



Great week mostly because of the Alexis-Centric episode on Thursday. What a show!! Kudos to all involved. The concept, the dialog, the acting--everything. Perfection. There was also a good semi-cliff hanger on Friday.  There was also more fake body parts on the show than we've seen since all the masks!  


Friday, April 9, 2021


 Scotty tells Laura that Peter, not Jason killed Franco. He tells her about the whole backstory. He also tells her about Lesil. She's like WHY LESIL? WHY DO YOU TRUST HER? 

Liz tells Finn she's not so sure that Jason killed Franco. He's not sure he wants to get back with the family but will try for Violet. 

The Family Chase meet for dinner at a really old-timey Italian restaurant. JJones on Twitter said "PC Olive Garden" LOL Finn finally shows up. They all toast Violet. They talk about the past and growing up. Chase isn't sure he can forget everything. 

Ava and Nikolas talk about "the hand"...he's waiting for Martin to come to the PC Grille. He wants to get Florence for Cyrus. And Then when Marty comes, Ava leaves. Nik tries to get the location of Marty's mother out of him so he'll know if she's moved. 

Carly goes to Jail to bug Jason about NEEDING HIM AND GETTING OUT AND WAAAAAYYYYHH. Sonny's dead so he can't help Jason in jail. wahhh..she finally gets a text and leaves. 

Peter goes to see Anna. Valentin is there too. He tries to make them feel guilty about when he was a kid. Boring. He threatens them and leaves. 

Josslyn sprained her ankle trying harder at to get into Coastal U for Volleball. Jax can't believe that she's on the waitlist. He wants to call the dean. He says no. Jax texts Carly. 

Laura texted Ava to talk about the HAND.  Then tells her Nikolas is making a huge mistake getting involved with the Cyrus situation. 


DAMN! Peter gives the waiter at the Italian place poison to put in Finn's food!! oh, Gregory made a huge speech about how good his life has been and I BET HE GETS the poison!!! Oh no. Yes, they spin the Lazy Susan like they used to as kids. Coffee cups are mixed up. Has to be Greg. 

Nikolas finds a bakery in Vermont that specializes in Hummingbird cake...Florences fave,

Laura gets Flowers from Spencer and he hopes she can go to his graduation

Valentin holds a gun on Peterface.

Thursday, April 8, 2021

Alexis Davis

 Finally saw Tuesday's show... Great stuff from Jeff, Genie and Marcus.  Liked the prison consultant lady. 

You know Spencer got that fake hand LOL 

TODAY IS ALEXIS DAY!! 25 years of Nancy on GH !!  I love the character of Alexis-Natasha!! She's just a good addition to the show and now is a vet for sure. 

Alexis talks to Sam about her mother. Then says she needs to go talk to someone. Kevin sees her and asks "Who is Alexis Davis" ... 

Fighter, Idealist, Advocate is how she describes herself. 

Flashback to little Alexis watching her mother and father dance. 

YOU SHOULD WATCH THIS!! Good stuff, too much to write really. She sees Jax, Finn, Valentin, Ned. Goes to the Qs and Olivia tells her she doesn't hate her but wants the old Alexis back. 

Alexis is seeing her mother and father fight. He kept beating her one Christmas when Alexis was 5 or 6. He gave her the watch but when she wanted him to stay over, she threatned to tell Helena all about them. 

GREAT SHOW... comes full circle and Molly "graduates" so Alexis can see her in her gown. Alexis goes to prison and ends up helping her cellmate for her upcoming parole hearing. 


Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Oh Baby Baby


Maxie in the hospital... with baby...Brook Lynn in GH without baby. What could HAPPENN!!!!??? She calls Peter. They tell him the "crisis has passed" and everything is ok. Britt tells Peter (outside the room) that Maxie had a close call and she needs complete bed rest. 

Maxie DRAGS Anna about Peter. She won't accept help from her or hear her plan. Oh great scene!! 

Brook Lynn is in the next bay. She tells Britt she has on SHAPEWEAR?? LOL!! what?? Britt believes her?? Anyway, Brook listens into the convo that Maxie, Peter and Britt are having Then, goes in to see Maxie. She steals one of her ultrasound photos!! She then tells Britt she already had her ultrasound. Britt's like: No you didn't. Brook: YES I DID... Britt: Wait one damn minute. 

Now I feel badly for Valentin! Geeesssssssh. He talks to Anna about the baby. She says Charlotte will like her eventually. (I hope not lol) 

PC Grille: Brando and Cyrus. Why not have Curtis just buy that place?? it's new?? I mean, we have The PCG and Cyrus new place and the Tan-O BAR!! Lordy!! Cyrus tells Nikolas he'll help Alexis be "comfortable in jail"... IF he finds his mother. Nikolas agrees to Cy's terms. He leaves. Cyrus calls Peter and tells him to find out why Valentin is so enamored with Gladys. 

Molly, Krisy and Alexis. Talk about the trial. OH!! Alexis tells them to move into the house! I HOPE they do! I love that idea!! Molly and Krissy bicker. Alexis gets sad and will miss them. Molly is excited to move into the house. Nikolas comes over. 

Cyrus and Peter figure out that Valentin and Anna are working together to free Jason

Britt is figuring out that Brook Lynn is up to something

Greg agrees to a 'family dinner"

TOMORROW: OH, Alexis goes to talk with Kevin and there's flashbacks to when she was a kid!! It's Alexis centric day for NLG's 25years at GH!! 

Tuesday, April 6, 2021

Sunscreen NOW!


Since I told you all about my visit to the dermatologist, I am letting you know that both areas on my leg and nose are Basal Cell and I need to get surgery. JUST on my nose of course because it CAN'T BE MY LEG WHERE NO ONE WOULD SEE IT!!  I go in next Wednesday for outpatient but have a consult today. No GH for me. This is all really common and so many people have things removed that I'm not even worried (other than the needles, ugh). 

Just remember to wear that sunscreen.  I'll see you all tomorrow! 

Monday, April 5, 2021

Cameron Mathison JOINS GH


YEP!! No word on who he's going to play but word on the Tweet is that he's a Drew recast?? 

Kevin and Laura . They talk about Cyrus and how he outted Martin about the whole Julian thing. Kevin leaves. Cyrus comes by later.  He tells her that with Jason in jail if she doesn't help with his mother, any war will be on her hands. Nikolas comes up and slams him against the door. 

Carly and Valentin talk about Jason and Peter. She also tells him he has to get closer to Gladys. NOW. 

Gladys and Brando are going to eat lunch at the Metro. He's talking to Sasha first. He tells her that Dev wasn't his son and why. She wonders if Michael knew.

Valentin is at the bar. Gladys saunters up and is like "'member me"?? 

Ava at the Gallery. Nikolas is looking concerned. Spencer isn't answering his phone calls. "He's almost graduated" says Nik. WELP! They going to age him? Martin walks in. "You're my nephew"! Nikolas tells Martin he knows what he did to help Julian. Ava wants to know. 

Olivia tells Brook she can't have sushi. Brook Lynn gets mad...they end up fighting a bit and the sushi falls to the ground. Ned walks in. 

Willow talking to Chase at the Qs. He wants to work things out with his family. She matches the drapes LOL. Then Michael and Willow talk. -- about...WILEY. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. 

Mostly boring show today

What we learned: 

Willow and Michael might like each other :eyeroll:

Gladys likes Valentin

Sasha finds out Dev wasn't Brando's son

Laura yells at Cyrus

Martin warns Nikolas that Cyrus is trying to get closer to Laura 

Nikolas slams Cyrus into the door when Cy threatens Laura 


Willow and Michael almost kiss and Sasha walks in

Ava opens a package up and it's a FAKE RUBBER HAND. I'm callling it and saying it's Spencer is doing it. 

Sunday, April 4, 2021

Sunday Surgery: PRIME Time Edition



Another week of wrapping up The Peter Story (or so I hope)?? Please be setting this up for his death. PLEASE!! Everyone is talking "Justice" for Peter. Let's hope it's at the end of a long spear.  I did watch the end of Friday's show finally so I'm all caught up. 

Good cast movement and dialog made this week stand out a bit more than the others. Join me in a nice ice coffee on this Easter Sunday. I have brunch to get ready! 

Friday, April 2, 2021

Press Conference


LATE today!! 2:45--sorry, I totally forgot it was Friday because my Hubs took off and we went to lunch and DAMN LOL It's FRIDAY!! 

Sonny/Nina chem test. 

Robert waives bail for Jason ... Peter is not happy. 

Dr. O and Scotty! 

AND........NEWS Interruption because of the Capitol POLICE incident. 

So, that's it. 

GH Fantasy Events


I'm just here to plug a great organization that gives you the chance to see the GH actors in person (when there's no pandemic going on!) and also has a cute gift shop for fans. GH Fantasy Events lets you see the stars in unique combinations or solo. I saw Roger Howarth at one of their events in Syracuse a couple of years ago and it was a lot of fun. 

Now with the distancing, they are having Zoom events which seem a really great way to reach people all over the country. Many people can't attend because of geography and now the wonders of the internet bring them to YOU! 

Upcoming events include: Cooking with Kathleen Gati (Lesil Obrect),  Tristan Rogers (Robert Scorpio) and John York (Mac Scorpio), Kim Delaney and Michael E Knight (Tad, Jenny or Martin, Jackie)!!  There are a lot to choose from. They also have in person events coming up!  Tickets range from $30 on up depending on your level of interaction. 

Check them out ! 

Thursday, April 1, 2021

Beer and JD and Happy 58!


HAPPY 58 YEARS OF GH! It launched on April 1st!

Jason and Scotty... he's yelling at him for killing Franco. Dr. O comes in and tells Scott it was Peter. She tells Jason she is going to help get him free. "Frankly, you're lucky I am on your side" LOL!! 

JAKE! Wants to go see Jason. He says Jason wouldn't have killed Franco. Cam is like, you're stupid LOL "HE DID"!!! Jake asks Liz if she thinks Jason did it. She says people in this country are innocent until proven guilty. 

Joss tells Cam he was a jerk to hurt Jake that way. Cam apologizes but Jake won't take it if Cam won't say he doesn't think Jason did it. Jake leaves. Cameron is now mad at Josslyn because she doesn't think Jason killed Franco either. 

Britt and Maxie still talking about how to bamboozle Peter. Later Peter knocks on the door. Damn it. He gives her his childhood stuffed bear he's had since living with Faison. (barf) Maybe it has a camera in it? Britt tells Maxie Peter lied about the stuffed bear and his adoptive parents didn't give it to him, Faison did. Maxie drops it. (Peter left)

Nina asks Sonny why he hasn't tried harder to find out who he is. He says no one seems to be looking. Thinks his former life was complex, he likes it simple now.  Elijah Crow is at the bar too...Sonny introduces him to Nina. Nina says she knows Phyllis but just met Sonny.  Elijah wonders why she wants a story on Nixon Falls and will give her the insiders tour of the town. 

Carly's yapping at Jax about her life. Cyrus, Sonny's business...blah blah. She tells Jax Peter killed Franco. 

Lesil and Scott go out for drinks. She thanks him for putting her up when she was in hiding. She also says she's sorry but it's her fault Franco is dead. He says it's not and asks if he can walk her to her room. SQUEE!! yes!! She invites him in and Scott says YES! 

Jake goes to see Jason and gives him a big mural of the baseball team they saw together. 

Wednesday, March 31, 2021

One Black Shirt

 Yesterday's Thoughts: 

I don't like the plastic chairs at Curtis' Club.. but I DO like Laura and Curtis talking.

Evil Peter unleashed is way more watchable. 

Michael IN BLACK....DEAD!! ahahahahaa. OMG. HE WANTS TO TAKE OVER FOR SONNY? On what freaking Planet?? AHAHAHAA. WELP, he had to go buy some black wardrobe to even think about talking to Jason about it. 

I can deal with Taggs and Jordy. 

Love that Finn and Valentin were there for Alexis.

Carly and Anna. Anna's so calm and British and Carly's such a big mouth. Oh, Val is going to help too? Interesting. 


Britt goes to Maxie's house. Maxie says this baby "needs to disappear". She says Peter has to believe her baby is still born. Maxie says Britt has to help her with that.  Britt says it won't work. Maxie says they'll tell Peter the baby is dead and Maxie will have someone care for her outside of PC. Then, after a couple of months, she'll say she's too sad and move, start a new life. Britt says that's just dumb (it is)

Robert shows up at Anna's and wonders why Carly is there.  (me too). Carly leaves. Anna and he talk about Peter being guilty. Robert thinks her plan is dumb LOL. He also tells her Maxie has her own plan. BUT! Maxie won't tell him what it is. Anna thinks they need to tell Maxie the plan before she does something 'drastic'. 

Valentin is at the Metro to meet Peter. Tells him to turn himself in. Peter goes to make a call. Carly comes in and yells at Gladys and tells her she's going to get her lawyers involved because Gladys is lying. She says it loud enough for Peter to overhear. Valentin steps in to "save" Gladys. He takes her away and asks her out for a drink. They go to the PC Grille where she drinks up and he lets her just blab away. 

Carly confronts Peter next. They talk about his newspaper and she'll pull all ads from there and get a ton of people to do the same. Plus, his lease is up. 

Alexis at court.  Molly and TJ go to the court house. Alexis pleads guilty. Dante testifies that he doesn't think Alexis mean to harm him. She needs treatment not jail. Alexis says she's sorry and ready to make amends. The judge dismissed attempted murder charges since Franco wasn't hurt. She gets 3 years for assaulting Dante. 

Curtis comes to see Jordan and he finds out Taggert is staying there. They talk about being a policeperson and lies/cover ups. 

Tuesday, March 30, 2021



Today is my Eye Appointment day! I should be home for the show, but in case I'm not, you have this little area to post in. I loved yesterday's show. Not sure why but damn fine acting, great dialog and just good stuff. I mean, nothing giant happened, it was just good.

Do you know anyone that calls glasses cheaters? My Dad does LOL 

                                                        Sabrina, before the "glow up" 

Do you notice how few soap characters wear glasses? I always have. Since I wore them as a little kid, it was like: Um, only old people wear these or... girls waiting for a make over?? Now on GH some of the 50 year set do (NLG, Kin...etc) but no youngins. Maybe now with Lasix people don't even wear them that much, right? 

Do you miss Sabrina? I like her a hella lot better than Willow. Willow, even after all this time is just a sad-sack no personality character to me .She's supposedly in nursing school now? Why? Leave her be the tutor at GH. Gives her way more flex in the schedule.  I hope they continue to have Felix on more with Lucas. 

OK! That's it!! Hopefully I'll be back! 

Monday, March 29, 2021

Ankle Monitor

 MONDAY Again! Some areas might have the trial on, but not for me! 

Trial of Taggert.  Trina pleads with him that he change is plea to not guilty.  He does change his plea. 

Peter and Elizabeth. He tells her he "takes responsibility for Franco's death"...because of setting things in motion. He wants her to do an article about it for the newspaper and they can dump on Jason. She tells him to shut up. He says everyone is lying about him and then she goes lunging for him. Finn stops her. Damn it. 

Carly and Jason. Carly's mouthing off about Cyrus' offer. Jason says they aren't taking it. She tells him Gladys is the witness. He says Gladys MUST have seen the real killer dump the gun. 

Anna found Bella for Violet (stuffed pig). She's going to drop it off at the Metro. Dr. O shows up at her door. Anna tells her about Dante. Dr. O is all "Oh, they must have released him early." Anna lets her know she knows about Dr. Kirk.  The go round and around. Anna tries to get the tie with Lesil and Dante. Lesil basically tells Anna Dr. Kirk sexually assaulted her by touching her and kissing her.... and now he's dead. Anna "Ummm, yes, he is".  Anna says she doesn't care he's dead, she's glad he won't control Dante anymore. Anna then tells Dr. O she thinks Peter killed Franco! Dr. O has a realization that she knew Franco had Drew's memories and she didn't warn him. She's double mad at Peter and wants to kill him. Anna's like "Let's bring him to justice". No way.. Dr. O leaves. 

At the Metro, Cyrus, Martin and Laura. They squabble. Marty says he knows their mother is fine. Cyrus is all "HOW do you know that"??  Martin tells him he saw her a month ago. Cyrus is pissed WHERE IS SHE? Martin says she was moved. OMG THESE THREE ARE SO GOOD. I absolutely LOVE their scenes. Cyrus tells on Martin for helping Julian after the bombing. Laura is aghast. Martin says he didn't know that Julian did the whole bomb. But Julian was blackmailing him about Cyrus being his brother. THEN He says that Marty called him to eliminate Julian before he could tell Sonny they were siblings! WHOA...Laura is all what??!! 

Curtis' Club: He's getting the floor plans going. TJ is helping him. Cam walks in. Cam wants to run the social media accounts for the club as a thank you for helping him with the whole Franco thing.  Then Cam runs off to the courthouse to be with the girls at Taggert's hearing.  Curtis asks if they are going to get a divorce. Curtis is like: not sure. 


Taggert is out on bail, wearing an ankle monitor

Dr. O and Peter spar--A MUST SEE!! oh it was so good!! She tells him Justice is coming!!

Carly and Anna are teaming up against Cyrus. 

Sunday, March 28, 2021

Sunday Surgery: Behind Bars


Unremarkable week marked by unremarkable story movement but... let's get going!! I hope YOU had a fantastic one. We had wild weather; great then basically a monsoon! Guess it's spring in Rochester. 

Although I chose the Jason photo up there, he's not the only one "behind bars"!! Who else but Michael Sonny Corinthos, washing and cleaning in Pennsylvania. Curtis is also opening a new bar. BARS EVERYWHERE! 

I'm feeling like a donut today. What's your fave? I love old fashioned blueberry cakes that have just a slight glaze on them. 

Friday, March 26, 2021

Happy Birthday


Well, I heard there WASN'T A NEW GH yesterday due to THE POTUS presser! Biden is ON MY SIDE! I didn't miss an eppy this week!!

Sam took Dante to talk to Kevin. I actually thought I missed something but people are saying no. Anna's in talking to him now?? 
Olivia is outside the room saying the rosary? WEIRD 

Jason is in jail...across the way from Taggert. Taggert is led off to be sentenced. Then Britt comes to "do a check up on Jason" and then she asks him what's up. He says that Peter killed Franco. 

Michael and Sasha are in Kelly's. Gladys and Brando come in. Brando tells Michael it was his mom that says Jason threw the gun. 

Nina stayed at Phyllis' house and is back to the bar to talk to Sonny. Sonny says he's happy there. (ahahaha). Phyllis tells her about the break ins and how the town is dying. They want her to write a story about Nixon Falls to help it out. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. GEESH that's this story? WHAT. Nina is going to stay and write the story. 

Laura and Martin meet. It was his birthday last week. He says he has no other family or kids or a significant other.  He's been married and divorced 3x. 

Carly and Cyrus.  There was a meeting planned by Jason for the Five Families and now Cy is wondering if Carly is going to go. Michael calls her and tells her about Gladys. She figures out that Cyrus put her up to it. Cyrus says if Carly does what she wants then Gladys might recant. 


Sam and Britt team up to get Peter and help Maxie. 

Thursday, March 25, 2021

Getting My Beauty Mode On


So today really IS the day I'm going to get my hair done!! So enjoy and have some fun. Think of ways to either kill Carly or make her vocal cords rupture lol. 

Celebrate Agnes Nixon!!


March 31st, 3pm EST you can watch a live stream of a parade of stars from OLTL and AMC pay tribute to Agnes Nixon. I believe this is probably a run up to the prime time reboot of All My Children that's happening. Kelly Ripa and hubby Mark Consuelos look to revive the show which will center on the Kane and Santos family. It will be titled "Pine Valley" !! Read about it on Soap Opera Network. 

Go to Michael Fairman's site and there's a link to the live stream you can enjoy! 

Wednesday, March 24, 2021



Real Andrews is back. Jordan visits him in jail. She tells him about Cyrus' offer to get his mother back and not tell on Taggert. His sentencing is tomorrow and Jordan says not to plead guilty. Trina comes to visit. 

Curtis and Portia in Da Nu Club ...talking about Taggert and such. Then they talk about Jordan. 

Nina calls Carly. Carly is a mouthy banshee. Won't let Nina talk. Tells her she'll not see Wiley and yada yada. Nina keeps trying to tell her about Carly doesn't let her. Carly just keeps bitching until Nina says "I have nothing to tell you, you made your bed; lie in it alone"...ohhhh! She's going to just run with this Sonny is alive thing!! NICE. She sits and tells Sonny the story of Nelle (no names) and he says it's terrible. 

Lucas stops by to see Felix. Fe is taking over the Lamaz class for Epiphany. Oh, Lucas asks him out for  drink after! Interesting! 

Brook runs into Maxie at GH. Maxie sees she's PG...Maxie asks her about the father. They talk about Lulu. Maxie says she could have Britt as her doctor. Brook Lynn is like: NO THANK YOU. Then she sees Lucas and Maxie thinks Lucas should be her coach. Takes her into the room. Peter than busts in and says "Sorry I'm late; traffic is murder" . They throw Peter out of the class. 

Val is at the Metro with Charlotte who is GROWED UP! Geesh! Val tells Anna that Brook is pregnant.  Charlotte wants to come over and see Violet.  When Valentin tells Charlotte she has a fit and tells him she doesn't want to share any of her stuff with anyone LOL!! 

Tuesday, March 23, 2021



Well, my hair got moved to Thursday!! SO here I am!!  I'll be out Thursday so reset!! 

Laura and Cam and Liz. Laura is going to take Cam to find "justice" ...and goes to Curtis' Club? Umm..okayyyy 

Finn shows up at Elizabeth's house. He says he's sorry about Franco and wants to be there for her. "Family" because of Violet. He talks about he and Anna not marrying. 

Nina and Sonny. He says "I know you". He tells Nina he dreamed about her and recognizes her. Knows her voice from when she called. Phyllis calls him Mike and Nina is all ..HUH?  Phyllis tells Nina the story of Mike and how he came to the Tan-O. 

The New Club: Portia brings Trina there. Curtis is waiting for the inspectors. She apologizes to Curtis about blaming him for Taggert 'not dying'.  Then Laura and Cam show up (see above).  Laura wants Curtis to help come up with a plan so Jason gets convicted and Cameron won't think about hiring a hit man. Anyway, long story short. Trina finds an old guitar at the club and convinces Cam to play to say goodbye to Franco. He sings. 

Carly, Jax and Ava at the Metro talking about Nina. Carly's being a pain in the ass, Ava tells them she left to get away for a bit but doesn't know where she is. Jax goes to call the state department. Ava and Carly ask Martin about grandparent's rights. He says in NYS they sure can sue for visitation. Ava's like HA HA told ya so. 

Ned thinks Brook will use her baby to get ELQ back from Valentin. He's right. BUT he tells her not to do that. They talk about the Q family and past sins. 

Valentin is talking to Martin about the baby and he wants to be a part of it's life in "every way". Marin tells Val to try being nice to the mother and not involve the lawyers. Then he goes to the Q house. 

END: Valentin goes to the Q house and tries to play nice with everyone. William Lipton is very talented. 

Nina gets on the phone to tell Carly about Sonny. Carly answers but she's already mad that Ava told her grandparents have rights LOL SO you KNOW she's going to mess this up!! 

What happens next? (Thursday)

  Fan Fiction. Nina leaves Nixon Falls and accidentally leaves behind a folder with some contracts and other paperwork and her business card...