Sunday, May 31, 2015

Sunday Surgery: Doublemint Twins

This week was a long, strange trip when it came to GH.  You all know my feelings about yet ANOTHER damn "Look Alike" story. It didn't disappoint me; I was totally frustrated 100% of the time.  

Let me remind you of what we've had in the past few years:

Everyone thought it was Duke but it was Faison in a mask, pretending to be Duke 

Some people thought Anna was Anna until Lesil pulled her face off. 

Everyone thought Luke was Luke but he was really Fluke...who actually WAS Luke...just with a mental disorder thinking he was Fluke 

Kate thought she was Connie after stressing and although people thought they knew Connie from Kate you never could be sure

Everyone thinks Jake is Jake but he's really Jason because of a car accident and amnesia. And although a few people do know he's really Jason they aren't telling. .

Now Everyone thinks Ava is playing Denise but her DNA says she's not Ava...but she really IS Ava because no one knows about her bone marrow transplant.  

20150529 0649(1)

Breakfast today will be Doublemint Gum in homage to the double-Ava/Denise/Flava story which will take up most of this blog.  Because, well, it took up most of the show! 

BTW...Duke's Urn up there should have been in his tartan clan colors. 

Friday, May 29, 2015

Me, Watching GH

Happy Friday Night, Wubbers!

Oh some other things you may want to consider doing:

GO see MAD MAX! if you love gruesome fun...Do IT! 

Start watching Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt! ..She's me, so you can get to know me even better.

Have some pizza, it's joyful and I hear very good for you. 

It's June tomorrow, so say goodbye to May. 

:) I'm working on Sunday's Surgery so, you know I'll be busy! 


NuDillion is Cast

As per SOD:

I don't know anything about him. Zip. Nada. He was in "Frat Musical" ..that's about it! 

Nail FIle

Article on Entertainment Weekly.. READ HERE  I guess there's a light? Maybe? ?? Possibly? 

ROSIE is on and she's doggin' on Sabrina :) LOVE

Franco is in Maxie and Nathan's ... he tells Nate that Nina is married to Ric. And he's after her money. Maxie figures out that since the state is 'holding her money' ..Ric can get it now. 
Franco used Maxie's nail file. He watched them sleep. LOL. He oog'led Nathan's bod!! 

Lulu is at Nik's AGAIN. JUST move in! It would make sense!! Aunt Bobbie calls her...Luke is gone. 

Sloane tells Anna he's fired. Great, now they can sit in her room for ages and just talk. UGH He says he can bring down the Mayor because she rigged the election. Why would Lomax fire him since he knows all that? Why didn't he just say "You fire me and I'll spill"? 
He tells her Nikolas had the ballot box

and...... The DNA test is revealed.  It says it's NOT Ava. But we know it is. Her bone marrow transplant took care of that.
So. there. it is. The tests do say she's a close relative of Ava's.
You think Delia is going to say she had twins to save Ava--and keep up the ruse? YEP. she's in at the end of the show. Just happened to know Flava was there. 

Ric goes to see DONNA MILLS in jail at the end. 

"You can't throw people out because you don't like them...this isn't Indiana, right" LMAO RIC!

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Wanna See My Boob?

Carlos: More airtime dead than alive. Sloane comes in to comfort Anna.
What a bug he is. GO AWAY BUG!! 

Green smoothie for Brad from Lucas. "no tampering with the DNA" he says . Ha. Whatever. They talk about the wedding.  Brad hasn't told his family about Lucas.  He's part of the Wu Clan. Looks like mama and Daddy don't know about his wedding. Or maybe being gay? 

Fake Ava/Kiki flashbacks (KA did those scenes the first time). Kiki thinks it is her mommy. Those slackers are still in bed. They get up (no shower again) and go to the PCPD 

Sonny's visitin' Flava.  Oh, "Denise".  He wants to see her boob to find the bullet scar. She finally says OK... there's a TATTOO OVER THE SCAR!!! ahahhahaaa. BAHAHHA
Lucas comes in with the results.  Guess we have to wait until tomorrow to find out what they are.
They won't match. I know that. 

Mayor visits Nik. Wants to run for Gov. and "Sloane is a liability" because he's such a bad cop. So.. they have some plan going on. Don't care. 
Oh, she's going to fire him. That's it. 

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Wed: Day 2 of Wubs Experiment

SILAS is somewhere DRINKING 

Well, not really an experiment per se.. but more of a "can I last the week" with these stories? 
Yesterday did not go so well. lol 

Ava; Why you arrestin' me, ya big palooka? 
Sloane: Yeah... you's Ava Jerome!
Ava: I AIN'T AVA! 
They take her in to the PCPD..but she HAS NO fingerprints!! Silas must have used acid on them.
Alexi is her attorney because Julian begged her to do it. 

Flava will take the DNA test-- and we all know what happens then. YAWN

Nina put the Egg Salad painting over Franco's head
Franco: "Check me, I"m a self portrait"!

Nina: "Go hang yourself in the gallery" 

Shawn is NOT taking the deal. SHOCKER. WOW, really?? Someone taking the fall for Sonny? WOW! And he's pleading guilty to shooting Ava. 

Valerie was a Admin job at the PCPD..with Dante. She has majored in criminology!! WOW!! Fancy that. 

Lulu and Nikolas talk about a bunch of crap.

OK< see ya! 2:42 and I'm out

Tuesday, May 26, 2015


"Shawn you ARE his father".... says Jordan. JUST when Shawn is LEAVING THE SHOW!! 
Molly is on with TJ. 

"There's only one way this can go"  (a black man shooting a white woman) --was in the script today. 

Ava... Flava..ugh..UGHHHHHH-and she's a hairdresser/nail tech. Oh HOW FUNNY..I'M ROLLIN' 
GOOD LORD. She's basically Cawnie Falconeri and Roxy all in one. Oh her name? Denise DeMoochio. Or something... 
OMG so her story is she came to Port Charles after "Gina" from the "salon" showed her the post about Ava. She thinks maybe she was stealing her identity. 
Sloane arrests her when he comes into Julian's place. This is where her DNA isn't going to match AVAs. 

This is insulting to ALL of us... sigh. NLG and Kelly Monaco rolled their eyes. I think in real life too lol bad. 

Carly and Jake. Oh so much big BFFs.  Sloane comes in. Tells him that Carlos killed Duke, he's off the hook. Carly yelled at him. That was the best part of that. 

Sonny somehow shows up at Nina's while looking for Ric and Ric tells him they are married. Sonny's not happy.  

Franco stole the Egg Salad painting from Dr. O. They are an interesting couple. Dr. O said she married her for the money.  

Monday, May 25, 2015

Memorial Day

Today was a repeat of the BW show with Fluke backstory. Hope you re-enjoyed it. Here's hoping I can deal with GH moving forward. I am giving it 4 days. If I'm still the biggest critic/bitch on the planet about it, I will be taking a break.

When I think about the new Ava/Flava story I just can't. Seriously, just can. not. Don't even care "where it's going" or "how it's going to get there" ... I just hate it. LOL 

So, hope you had a good day. I am on my way to see Mad Max soon... it was sold out yesterday! I so loved the 1981 Road Warrior. I sat in the front row and watched it 2x in a row. (you used to be able to do that, and theater hop in the afternoons if you wanted).

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Sunday Surgery: Beautiful Mess

20150519 0805(38)
Live Dancing!

Kudos to all for a great experience--watching and on Social Media! 

With the hooplah of the Live Shows gone, GH returned to "normal" on Tuesday--plunging me into the depths of remembering why I'm so frustrated by this program. I really did have a great time with the live stuff and it certainly gave us some game-changers but it also set me spinning. These next few months will be meat and potatoes-- there are no more 52nd anniversary shows, no more Nurses Ball-- no Live shows, Just STORIES. 
And boy oh boy-- the stories right now?

With that said, I'm having a Garbage Plate today! What is that? Well, it's a Rochester Fave! Has about everything on it.
Sort of like GH. 

Friday, May 22, 2015


This is an online soap that looks...well, delicious!! You can see the Trailer on on Winterthorne's Home page.  It even has our features our own Kathleen Gati and  Kirsten Storms. The glamour, the pines...the candy! Looks so cool. It's coming August 27th. 

Add caption

Brooklyn at the Door

TJ: Shawn, you so cool. Mom, she's so lame. 
Shawn: Don't talk about your mama like that.

Excuse me, but why is TJ all upset about this? He hated Shawn being in the mob. Then again, he wasn't on for 4 months so maybe we were supposed to forget. 

Jordan talked to Scotty about having Shawn taking a plea to get Sonny. He has to say Sonny told him to shoot Julian. 

Jake and Sloane talked about his quitting or not quitting for the entire show.

Slacker MoKi were in bed.  They did nothing. They are nothing. 

Lucas showed up with balloons to say "congratulations" to Julian. Whoops, Sam told him about the baby but not the death.  He later calls her. She's upset. 

Carlos came back to haunt Anna. He used his "real" voice. No accent. It was creepy!! Great scene but I hate that she's cracking up over this. 
Sabrina comes to the apartment. Anna tells her (while Carlos is standing next to her yelling) that she and Carlos tussled on the pier and he hit her over the head and then he escaped.  Sabrina is all shocked. 

Ok, so..the big thing today? Everyone is at Julian's house helping him to get thru his babies' death. Door Bell. It's Ava. But wait...she's got BLACK HAIR and chewing gum and a fake'ass'd Brooklyn Accent.
YEP. She's going to try to pass herself over as a cousin or something-- LMAO. I didn't think it was true but it is. Ava's going to pass herself off as this other chick, and not even her DNA will match. 

Then, we can spend months with the It's really Ava .who's going to find out when. 

WOW this may push me over the edge. Seriously. OVER THE EDGE.
Wait until Sunday Surgery. 

Just Wait. 

Thursday, May 21, 2015

"I'll Pull Out"

Sorry..Had to. Julian is saying he'll get out of the mob. AGAIN. Do the writers realize HOW MANY TIMES this has been said on the show by Sonny, Jason...Duke..yada yada? Julian himself said it at least 2x.
UGHHHHHHHHHH. COME ON get a new freaking storyline. PLEASE@@@@@!!!!

Anna and Sloane. He touched her hair and I wanted to smack him. Anyway, their convo today was the most maddening ever. She's telling him to cut Jake loose and say the shooter was Carlos. He says if he does that, it will lead to her arrest for killing Carlos.
Not even Sabrina could be sure Anna got to the docks on time. TELL PEOPLE HE ESCAPED AND IS ON THE RUN! What is so hard about that? No sense NONE.
Oh,no..the OTHER Kiki 

Morgan and Kiki went to bed. The two of them are useless. Period.

Sam and Patrick. Patrick told Sam to keep her distance from Jake. Sigh..I bet she doesn't!!

Liz just about hangs on Jake's leg so he won't leave her house. He's going to quit undercover tomorrow.

WOW what a day.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Ian Buchanan Interview !

Really Great Interview!! It's about the show and his new project with Finola called  "Byrd and the Bees" 

Post OP


The Zzzzzzzzzzz of GH..good gravy.
Sam and Jake--SO blah blah blah.. and if Sam can't tell that's Jason by his eyes, teeth, ears, hands, welp. This is just gone on TOO FREAKING LONG. Now Sam's telling him her entire history. So flirty. So stupid.

Olivia tells Dante his brother is "gone"...
Then she can't lie to him and tells him he's really ok,  but she's protecting him from Julian. Dante understands. 

Julian was so upset. HE and Alexis are gold together..really.  That's what chemistry and good acting DO! 

Morgan and Kiki.  STILL ALIVE, damn.
Kiki is all upset at Morgan that his stupid plan failed. LOL.
They'll probably have sex later. 

ahaha, welp, they start kissing NOW! 

Sloane is all "the body is gone, let's clean up the blood"... DUH..Anna just stands there. Liz comes out and says she's sorry about Duke. 
Sloane is SUCH a bad actor, it was painful to watch.

Michael told Sabrina the "mob code" today. The are going to "order in" and wait for news on Carlos.

Patrick says the surgery wasn't a success-- Hayden is in a coma. 

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Bye, Bye Baby

Sean IS leaving you could see SID confirmed it. They totally botched his story from day one, imo. And he and Jordan? Languished in no-man's land. Had lunch with TJ every other month. It was not built on any foundation. SO! Happy Trails to you. 

Olivia and Ned tell Julian the baby is dead. (Oh Epiphany was in there for a bit) And Dr. O says Julian can't see it because the baby was cremated. He goes to look at the ashes. Ned and Olivia freak out. She says it's ok 'taken care of"... 
Olivia and Ned are faking it. Ned gave Dr. O lots of money for the hospital so she went along with it.
Now they'll leave town. 

Sonny finds out Shawn is at the PCPD. Shawn tells Ric to tell Sonny about Jordan. He does and Carly is like a fish she's so shocked!

TJ Is Mad mad MAD at Mama..thinks she's a liar. 

Hayden had a seizure before she could tell Jake. 

Nina told Franco she's married, that's it. No one wanted the Egg Salad Painting!

Monday, May 18, 2015

Sean Blakemore leaving General Hospital?

Thank you all frm my heart 4 all ur immeasurable spprt/luv during my time on GH! It was a great ride!
But the announcement that really took viewers by surprise came from executive producer Frank Valentini, who shared during the behind-the-scenes video broadcast on Periscope that today was also Sean Blakemore's last day as Sonny's pal, Shawn, and presented both actors with a farewell cake. However, because the GH cast has actually taped several weeks ahead of what aired during Friday and today's live episodes, look for Blakemore to continue to air for a bit longer.

Everything came to a head. The lying. The love. last day and all live! It was a lot. I will miss u

Embedded image permalink


WELP Shawn didn't hit Jake (Shocker) he shot Hayden in the head. Jordan had knocked his arm trying to save Jake. Long story short, Shawn finds out Jordan is a cop. He's arrested. Hayden lays there and tells Sam "Someone else knows" (the secret)..she still has a pulse and goes to GH. Liz gets there and freaks out but realizes Hayden didn't tell Jake and Sam.

Oh, Patrick hates Jake just as much as he hated Jason lol 

Nina is going to marry.....RIC!! Franco says how much he loves her and wants to marry her too! BUT She marries RIC!! What is Ric after?? HMmmmmmmm. 

Carly blabs to Sonny to stop the hit..blab blab.... 

Liz is still freaking out- She wants Nik to do whatever it takes to keep Hayden quiet. He's like NO WAY, I am done. She finally leaves because she's late for her shift (shocker)

20150516 1040(12)

Anna shoots Carlos again. AND AGAIN AND AGAIN! She just plugs away! Then, Anna tells Sloane she shot Carlos and to arrest her. He says "I can't" "I've put you through too much these past months" (makes no sense) and he says he's going to clean up the body

OMG WAIT UNTIL you see who really SHOT Greenlee!! OMG! Great twist ending!! WOW. Loved it.

Little Spence and a crew guy danced at the end. Tyler and Billy ran out too! 

Sloane toned it down a million today 

Periscope!! Watch During Commercials



Sunday, May 17, 2015

Periscope App and Site for GH Live Monday

I will POST THE link on Monday. You can't access it until ABC puts it up. If you follow @NathanVarni on twitter, he will also post the link. In the meantime, Friday's are up on YOU TUBE 

They may not make much sense without the show-- but it's kind of cool to see how it goes. Again, look on the blog Monday and I'll get the link up--maybe on FB too if I can. 

Sunday Surgery: ALIVE

20150516 0958(39)
I'm ready for my close up! 
 I did enjoy Friday's live show--way too much! LOL. I don't know if it was the novelty or the GH "Periscope" for behind the scenes or the community on Twitter but it was FUN! I know I have to talk about the rest of the week ..eesh, but I will focus on the live show the most.
One thing was made clear throughout the entire week: Finola is a fearless, awesomely talented and just plain wonderful actress. Period. She owned the entire week. She's simply amazing. 

My breakfast will be fruit-loops in honor of the great pair of Nina-Franco. 

Friday, May 15, 2015


Embedded image permalink


On my show, Kelly Monaco said "Change Order instead of Change Oil"... and Sonny said "Stop smiling to Jules even when he wasn't smiling"

OMG IT WAS so good at the end!! Anna was badass! 

Nina was a hoot and a half! 

I don't want to write too much because I want you to watch it, even if it's on DVR. Some was silly but the end was nuts. Hayden makes it off the island, which I didn't count on either.

AND THE END END??? Surprise guest and OMG... Maurice Benard!! SO FUN!!!

The one bad part? OMG..Sloane was horrific. His acting was terrible. Even Twitter blew up.

BTW, #GHLive did TREND in the US and Canada!! :) 

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Reminder: General Hospital is LIVE Tomorrow!

East Coast only! Both at 2 and 3pm...West Coast gets an "After-Live" ---sorry! Will you be watching? I'm hoping it will be all sorts of crazy fun. People just showing up-- things falling. Pants off--you know. The usual mayhem! 

Amazing Grace

Anna is grieving..

AND SLOANE is there..touching HER. GET OFF...........GET off my ANNA. ugh!! 

Mac and Flea and Lucy make it to the funeral! Yeah!! Lucy tells Anna that Duke really loved her. They hug. Glad they could get Mac and Flea there. Maxie, Lulu, Dante and Nate all come in too. Little Emma says "I'm here for you too, Grandma"! 

Sonny fakes us out. He sees Duke at the door. Duke says I'm alive! Sonny goes to the living room and Carly is there. SHE SEES HIM TOO!
BUT it's a dream. Seemed pretty real.
Sonny says to Carly he's giving Julian a day to "deal with the shooter" or..Julian is dead.

Sonny walks in and Anna gives him a nasty look. She tells him she's going to get Duke's killer. 

Sam stays behind to "look for a purse" and then finds the rings and sits on the couch and mopes looking at them. :eyeroll: Then she cries and puts them away. 

Jake and Julian blabber blabber.

Nik tells Liz Hayden knows Jake is Jason. Liz freaks out. She says she doesn't care about a mob war..she's gonna be with Jason. And then she says she 'wants to take care of Hayden" LMAO 


TONS of Flashbacks of Duke/Anna. least we have that! 

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Women of Wyndemere

20150513 0650(3)
LOOKS like a MASK to ME!! 

SO, Lulu says it's the morning after the nurses' ball. LOL. Okay then! Put that in your time-pocket. Valerie is there and Greens waltzes in!! WOOT! Thank god she's there. She's rubbing the fact she slept over and sleeping with Nik in Lulu's face. yeah!! Nik says he and Hayden knew each other in "Europe a few years ago". 

Jake is out of the PCPD. He talks to Liz. "Did you kill Duke"?? "not that simple" blah blah

Anna talks to Sloane. Who isn't looking like an Orangina right now. Guess the tan faded. Anna figures out Carlos is probably at Sabrina's. AND THEY STAND there and TALK about that fact for like 20 minutes. He's all "You can't go there" She's all "Yes I can"
OMG. Painful. 

Olivia asked Dante to help her leave town. She tells Nedly. She wants to go to Bensonhurst to stay with her friend, Melissa. (she gueststarred awhile ago) 

Sonny talks to Julian. Julian tells him the baby is his. Then he says the baby came a 'month early' AHAHAHAA. For Fsake!! Then they stand in the hall talking about Duke's hit. IN THE HALL at GH! 

I think Sabrina and Carlos slept together.  Anyway, he was supposed to leave before "Sunrise" but he's taking his time..showers, talks and talks. Blah blah..
Felix calls Sabby and tells her Duke's dead. She gets upset, figures out Carlos did it. 

OMG TODAY WAS BORING! I had to leave at 2:40. I can't. I'm going to nap instead. YEP..NAP!!

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Duke is "Dead"

Anna's crying..Dr. O comforts her
Sonny's crying
Carly's crying
Olivia's crying..
Dante's crying.
Liz is crying

Ok, some of them AREN'T CRYING but...that's about it for today

yada yada.

Anna thinks Jake did it until Sloane tells her he's his undercover guy.
that's that.
have a scotch in honor.

Monday, May 11, 2015

Death Be Not Proud

Embedded image permalink

Duke is dying.
Don't care.
Even if he dies. Don't care. They cheapened death WAY too many times.
He appears to "die". 
Whoops, false alarm. He makes it to GH. Patrick works on him. (after working on the baby Jerome). 
Anna sees Julian and goes IN on him. BIG TIME!! Patrick tells her Duke is dead. (See Below)
SO..if you believe in Death in PC, This is as dead as it gets. He flatlines, she's in there and he's dead.

Olivia gets into GH...I hope she names that baby Jerome Jerome hahaha. Jules wants to fight Nedly. 
The baby goes to the neonatal unit. 

Carlos is with Sabrina. "Let me in", I know he kisses better than Mikey! Carlos is all crying. WHY? I mean... he wanted to kill Duke right? And why no kill shot? I mean..ugh duh
He's lying to her to stay there the night. HE says someone saw him shoot Ava. NOT that he shot Duke. 

Tracy is watching TV. Wants to see the "Port Charles Fashion Police" but it's cancelled because 'someone said something offensive" lol..get it?  BAHAHAA. Why Tracy couldn't go to the Ball, I'll never know. Or Monica Or Bobbie or...Michael tells Tracy about Ned giving his stock to Franco. Tracy is concerned. 

Shawn finds out Jordan almost got killed. She tells him it was a "Jerome hit" ..not that Duke ordered it.  She wants to go home with Shawn. 

For some reason Sloane is going to let everyone think Jake did the shooting. 

Anna "I'm not going to wait for due process..I'm coming at you with my own hands...and I'm gonna OWN IT"... Mic Drop

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Sunday Surgery: A Ball, A Bullet and A Baby

20150504 1410(9)

Well, this week was certainly full of VARIETY! We had the conclusion of the Nurses Ball....the Jake/Liz secret, a proposal, much sex, shootings and labor--- you name it!  Here I was basking in the delight of a non-mobular few days and... 

No breakfast today, I'm doing brunch. So, grab that Bloody Mary and sit down!  Happy Mother's Day to all you mamas out there! 

Friday, May 8, 2015

Flashback Friday: When Laura Came Back

That's right...I go, but I come back! 

Dave gave me a great idea to bring clips of the times Genie came back to GH.  She appeared on GH 
first from 1976 to 1982, from 1993 to 2002, and again since 2013 (with brief appearances in 1983, 1984, 2006, and 2008)

Here we go: 

Of course..there's the BEST "Holy Crap" Laura is back moment EVER--we sat in our dorms waiting an waiting..Laruuuuuuuuuuuaraaaaaaa of my faves, happened in 1993-- filmed in?? Rochester NY!  (and Palmyra and Letchworth)

Yes, Laura's dead (again) this time Stavvy has his Greek flashbacks right before she returns 

Laura wakes up from that ungodly whatever she was in: 

Back for the 50th year, found Lulu in the frozen chamber:

 What NOW? 

Killer Jordan

Anna, why are you wasting time taking to SLOANE! He's a nothing...nada... I can't stand him.  This is stupid! She owes him NO explanation! 

Jake: (Looking at a gun/blood) What Happened HERE?
DUHHHHHHHHH. People were doing their nails! yeah, that's it! 

Maxie and Nate come in. Jake picks up the gun. DUH. Nate handcuffs him and lets MAXIE question him! ahahha. 

Sabby and Michael kissed again. She's like" Let's talk"  WELP that was not a great kiss, I'm guessing.  They sit and talk for EVERRRRR. GEESH. You kiss and then sit on an couch for the entire show talking? That's dull kids, way dull. 
Carrrrrrrrrrlos comes into Sabrina's for HELP ahahahaa. 

BadAss Jordan shoots Bruce 2x! BOOM! One and a kill shot. She's the only lady that can get anything done on this show lol.  She ends up calling Anna and told her she killed someone and to call Sloane. Welp, no problem, he's there at her hotel room! They go over. Sloane says the dead guy is Duke's bodyguard. Anna looks stricken.  Sloane badgers her into giving up Duke's location but she runs! Wish she would have shot Sloane first.
Anna goes to find Duke. Duke isn't there.
DUKE comes in last minute and is shot, falls. Anna cradles him. 

Local news interrupts with a verdict here. 


Embedded image permalink

And... Olivia had her baby. It's not well tho. No crying.  This is a hilarious pic NLG tweeted today lol 

Geary is OUT at General Hospital!

One of my Fave Photos of Tony 

The way SID reads, it's a 'shock' to all.
Um...not to US! LOL We all figured he was on his way out. With Emmy 8 under his belt, he can finally step off into the Amsterdam sunset.

I've been a Geary fan since the age of 17, so it's been a good ride.  It's time.  This last story could have been a great one, but I had way huge problems with the story. TG acted the hell out of  it all good. 

Happy Trails! 

Thursday, May 7, 2015

If you want info on the LIVE SHOWS that are coming up, go to where Frank V answeres 5 questions regarding the experience! 

Duke tries to call off the hit. Then, Carlos comes up to him in the garage. With a gun. Here we go again with the gun. 'You gots ta die"--yep. He said that. YEP.  The gun goes off when they struggle. Someone is shot, don't know who. Blood/Gun on the garage floor. 

Anna stands around. Stupid Orange Glow Boy comes in and sees her suitcases. UGH DIE SLOANE DIE!! 

Bruce is skulking Jordan --and is going to shoot her with Shawn there?  It's so stupid. I hate this mobular crap. I HATE IT. They write it so awful! Oh, wait, Bruce calls him and tells him to go to the pier. Why is he skulking with his gun OUT if he's calling Shawn.

Liz has a guilt flash-back in the first 60 seconds. *sigh* They kiss she wants him to stay. They go upstairs and make the love. You know she's like: THAT'S THE PEEN I KNOW AND LOVE!!  Jake says "that felt familiar" ...
Wonder if she'll get pregnant just as the truth comes out.. hahhaa. KIDDING. KIDDING 

Although, this IS a soap! 

Sam and Julian. Olivia goes into Labor. Sam tells Julian he's the baby daddy.  Olivia's water breaks.

Greens and Nikolas are basically exposing the last few weeks incase you missed that at all. SNORE. She basically blackmails him into letting her move in. 

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

I'm watching at 3!!

20150506 0630(5)

My doggie had to go to the vets so I'm watching an hour late. 

Maxie feeling like crap. She and Spin go out to the ballroom and see Ellie and Nate kissing. SO obvious they like the "other" person. Waste of time this was. 

Maxie says she wants Nathan to go home with her. Says goodbye to Spinelli and wants to be the "best co-parents".  Meaning this entire 'story' was for nothing. Why not just have Spin come back with a Georgie and stay for the Nurses' Ball or something.

Bruce and Duke-- blah blah...and then Anna comes out. She wants to talk about their relationship. Duke is like "I saw Sloane in your robe". She's like NO...shower was broken. Although Duke was with Lucy in their robes!!! 
Duke wants Anna to run away with him..tonight. She says yes. 
You know he's leaving the show so... He has "one last thing to take care of"...then he'll meet her. LOL

Alexis tells Ned Molly had a meltdown (off camera)...Sam is sad because she knows Jules is the daddy of the baby. She runs after Olivia to talk to her! 

Hayden is laying in wait for Nikolas.  They do it. Lots of sex banter. 50 Shades of Cassadine. 
She knows that Jake is Jason, btw. 

Liz and Jake leave together.  I want to say: The ONLY way this will work for me is if she straight up OWNS this. NO regrets, no GUILTY looks, no million flashbacks. Be a Beeatch and just own it. I really do not want to see her feeling like crap for months. Seriously. NOPE.
She had about 10 million 'guilt looks' today..and FLASHBACKS!! She had guilt flashbacks. 

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

"The Universe is giving me a sign"

Casper Courtney! Nice scene with she and Spencer. She convinces him to remove his mask. It's not a bad scar at all. 

Liz just stands there saying "It's about Jason".....and then tells the Robin/Jason Nurses Ball story. Then she runs out. Tells Nikolas she's keeping the secret so that Jason won't end up with Carly, Sam and Sonny. She wants him. She thinks the "universe" is giving them a sign to be happy. Nikolas basically tells her she probably can't live with the secret. So why doesn't HE Just tell everyone? This is weird. Liz says a BUNCH of stuff about liars and she wants Jake for herself. Yada yada.
This means Jake will stay Jake awhile. Fall for Liz..truth will come out somehow-- You know HOW IT'S GOING TO GO people. She'll see he and Danny together in some scene, feel guilty. Get reminded all the time of Jason, feel guilty. 

Until...whenever this maddess is finally over. 

GH has been so great without the mobular sheeze these past few days! We all know that's gonna change. ugh Duke put the hit out on Jordan. 

Monday, May 4, 2015

Phantom of the Sandbags

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So, Magic Milo was awesome. LOVED the song! I'm an INXS freak. So glad they bought the original song rights!! 

Jake is just standing there blinking. DUH.. He is finally grateful to Carly. He wants to go get Liz. Carly is like: What if you remember??!! But he's going to fight for her. "Please have my back"..Carly says "I always have your back". 

Liz won't believe Nikolas until he spits out Helena's name, then it makes sense. He tells her about the un-freezing. She says "he knew me when he woke up...and he wasn't remembering his name, he was remembering our son'!! She finds out when Nikolas knew about Jake. She wants to believe he kept the secret because of Helena. Nope he says it was to take over ELQ.
Liz belts him.

Nikolas tells her he's "reclaiming his life" and didn't tell people because they are all better off it "Jason" is dead. He can't be a husband or a father; he loves the mob too much. BUT! He didn't want HER to get attached to "Jake" and then the truth come out and then be devastated. 
At the end of the show, Liz takes the mic and is going to announce about Jake/Jason and Nikolas walks in. Then, Jake and Carly walk in.
I BET YOU She won't spill because she'll realize he'll go to Sam if she tells. 

Emma and Cam tango-- Spencer drops Sandbags from the rafters..and gets on the screen and says "You all think I'm a Monster, now I'm going to act like one"!!! Phantom of the Nurses Ball. 
Lulu and Dante take him home.
COURTNEY comes into the room-- awww...

DUKE and ANNA are tangoing. She looks gorgeous. 

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Sunday Surgery: Luft Balloons

Step right up to the Nurses Ball! This year we had some snazzy looks on that red carpet! Note  the sponsor's: "Corinthos Coffee"..."Floating Rib"--""Kellys" and even the real-life Aveeno!

20150501 2119(66)
ZE Belle of Ze Ball! 

I'm eating some of that Ice Cream Britt and Brad had Friday. What are you having? 
 Ok, here we go!! 

Friday, May 1, 2015

Red Carpet FUN!

GENERAL HOSPITAL - 2015 NURSES BALL GALLERY - 3/23/15 The Nurses Ball begins airing Friday, May 1, 2015 - Tuesday, May 5, 2015 on ABC's "General Hospital". The Emmy-winning daytime drama "General Hospital" airs Monday-Friday (3:00 p.m.-4:00 p.m., ET) on the ABC Television Network. GH15, Gallery (ABC/Rick Rowell) BRYTNI SARPY

Yep... She's my BEST DRESSED!!!  Sorry but that's my fave dress..>Loved Lucy's first one too (White one)  See all the cast on TV Source Magazine! 

Ok, So Brad and Britt WERE THE SHOW TODAY. I should have written for them! They said Sam looked gorgeous and "Glad she left the leather jacket home" AHAHHAAA. They High-Fived when Maxie fell and her "boob" popped out (sadly, not even a blur for us, just an imagined failure) 

Dr. O singing Loft Balloons!! OMG...she's so funny. Everyone hated it but Spencer. HAHAHA. Britt went to see him!! awwwwww

Ric sang and proposed to Liz...gave her a giant ring and there was flashbacks on screen. THEN CARLY SWITCHED THEM OUT with Fake Jake ones! LOL She interrupts Ric's nice song and blows him in! Liz runs out and then smacks Ric--HARD. wow. Story moved way forward there!

Carly tosses Hayden out of the Metro

Brad I think is proposing to Lucas a bit with the song... 
YES! He did propose to him!! yeah!!!!  Where's Bobbie tho? 

Cameron looked SO BORED!! 

OMG@@@ Nikolas tells Liz that Jake is JASON!!!
SHOW Ends. Commercial.

Geesh. BIG DAY 

Finally: Tracey

  Portia and Elizabeth at GH. Portia heard about Gregory.  Liz says the family is taking it hard. Portia asks what is wrong but Liz says she...