Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Duke is "Dead"

Anna's crying..Dr. O comforts her
Sonny's crying
Carly's crying
Olivia's crying..
Dante's crying.
Liz is crying

Ok, some of them AREN'T CRYING but...that's about it for today

yada yada.

Anna thinks Jake did it until Sloane tells her he's his undercover guy.
that's that.
have a scotch in honor.


  1. Pretty dull, huh. And what were they thinking, with Dr. O comforting Anna? Like that could happen.


  2. Sonny's home: Carly was going to tell Sonny, about what happened at the nurses ball, but she didn't get a chance to, cus he was horny. So recapping today! Sonny finds out Duke died, and I'm surprised he didn't throw any barware!!


    Anna and Dead Duke: Wow Anna spent all night with Dead Duke!! Oh don't worry Anna. You will see him again. In oh say 5 or 10 years. He will pop up somewhere. Dr O is comforting Anna?! how strange. Is this bizzaro world GH?!

    Dr O and Liz: Dr O wins the line of the day!

    Dr O: It seems that Jake dispensed la petite mort to you and then he dispensed le grand mort to Duke.

    ROFL! On another board, someone said that it's French for, well, Dr O said Jake Doe got Liz off, (as in orgasm) and got Duke off (as in killing him) I googled it, and they are right!!!! La Petite mort means orgasm! ROFL! Oh Dr O!!!! So brilliant! ROFL!

    Sonny, Shaun, and Julian: They are all staring at each other!

    Sonny: I'm going to stare at you for 5 minutes Julian.

    Shaun: I'm going to stare at your for 5 minutes also Julian.

    Julian: Well I'm going to stare at both of you for 10 minutes!!!

    Olivia and Dante: What?!?! Olivia you WERE drunk when you had sex with Julian! Stop lying!! Yes Dante take your mom and baby teeny tiny 8 pound brother out of town!

    Alexis and Julian: Awww poor Julian. :( Don't worry Alexis and her cleavage will comfort you. Oh oh maybe not! He tells her he is the one who put the hit out on Duke?! I was thinking to myself, why is he lying?! Oh no wait, he did tell Caaaaarlos to do it! I forgot! ROFL! Awww they are over. :(


    *Walks away with Alexis*

    Alexis's back: You can't break my back anymore!!! We are over too!

    Julian: But I love you.

    Alexis's butt: Tough!!!

    Police station interrogation room: Blah blah blah zzzzzzzzzzz. Oh! Anna points a gun at Jake Doe! I'm awake now!!! :)Robot Sloan flies in and stops Anna! And he quickly tells her that Jake doe is INNOCENT!!! I didn't know Robots could fly!

    I forgot to mention yesterday, that Anna touched Sam's boobs. What the hell? ROFL!

    Sam's boob #1 Anna! Don't touch me!!!! How dare you!

    Sam's boob #2: I don't want you to touch me either Anna! You are a perv!

    Alexis's boob #1: Oh I wish that Julian would touch me right now.

    Alexis's boob #2: Me too.. *sigh*

    "Karen says Anna's crying..Dr. O comforts her
    Sonny's crying
    Carly's crying
    Olivia's crying..
    Dante's crying.
    Liz is crying"

    ROFL! Sonny didn't throw barware damn it!!!!!

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  4. All I can say is I hope some of the actors eat the chili from the studio commissary before the live show Friday.

  5. LOL.. It should be interesting (LIVE)

    I hope there's a wardrobe malfunction

  6. "kdmask said...I hope there's a wardrobe malfunction"

    ROFL! With a woman or man? :)

  7. they probably slashed the barware budget


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