Monday, May 18, 2015

Sean Blakemore leaving General Hospital?

Thank you all frm my heart 4 all ur immeasurable spprt/luv during my time on GH! It was a great ride!
But the announcement that really took viewers by surprise came from executive producer Frank Valentini, who shared during the behind-the-scenes video broadcast on Periscope that today was also Sean Blakemore's last day as Sonny's pal, Shawn, and presented both actors with a farewell cake. However, because the GH cast has actually taped several weeks ahead of what aired during Friday and today's live episodes, look for Blakemore to continue to air for a bit longer.

Everything came to a head. The lying. The love. last day and all live! It was a lot. I will miss u

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  1. I know we joked about what a lousy shooter Shawn/Sean/Shaun was (LOL)but I'm really gonna miss him. I guess since Jason is sorta kinda back they don't need two inforcers?

  2. He really didn't have much of a role in the show so I won't really miss him.

    There's a rumor here about someone else leaving that really blew my mind though.

  3. I think I will miss him, and he helped keep the show intragrated--something that used to be more common on soaps and in the last few years much less so. He was very handsome and rugged and a good romantic partner for Jordon. I hope she is staying...

  4. They never developed the Shawn/Jordan story right! It was in fits/starts..a lunch at Kelly's with TJ then dropped for months!!

    Isn't Blakemore on another show somewhere?

  5. I liked Shawn when he first came on. He wasn't a "bad" guy then. He came on the show with PTSD and helped Molly through some tough times. But I guess they could find no way to go with the character so made him part of Sonny's entourage. Too bad. He had potential in the beginning but was never developed.. Guess he will be going to Pentonville, and unlike others on the show, will never be seen again.

  6. "kdmask said...

    Isn't Blakemore on another show somewhere?"

    I checked his IMDB page and he keeps pretty busy. I wonder if he got another gig. Anyways I think he's very handsome and will do well for himself post GH.

  7. You're right, Pat..... Sun...., he was a veteran and a really nice guy. Very caring. I loved how he helped Molly. But they turned him into a sociopath and then kept dropping him until they needed another hit. I guess developing a good story for him would have been too much work.


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