Friday, May 8, 2015

Geary is OUT at General Hospital!

One of my Fave Photos of Tony 

The way SID reads, it's a 'shock' to all.
Um...not to US! LOL We all figured he was on his way out. With Emmy 8 under his belt, he can finally step off into the Amsterdam sunset.

I've been a Geary fan since the age of 17, so it's been a good ride.  It's time.  This last story could have been a great one, but I had way huge problems with the story. TG acted the hell out of  it all good. 

Happy Trails! 



    After the 4/1 FU to the fans- goodbye and good riddance to an ingrate.

  2. They gave him horrible writing, I like the writing crew, they just sucked with this whole story. He should be enjoying himself now, he gave so many wonderful years to his fans. LUKESON FOREVER! #PCF

  3. He may be going, but he will never be forgotten...

    TG I will miss you very much...
    May life continue to be good ..

  4. I'm not sad to see him go but I'm bummed about Lacey....

  5. I just hope it's not the end for Jane Elliot too. For a long time I really enjoyed him as Luke but I think it's time for Tony to go.

  6. I certainly hope this doesn't mean the end of Tracy too, although considering how much we've seen of her lately, it might be.

    I'm also hoping this opens the door for Genie to come back and have a LONG active role in the show.

  7. That TVInsider interview is pretty telling. First he says both he and Genie agreed the L&L thing had run its course. Then, when asked about the Luke send-off storyline (which we ALL know involves Laura's return), he says he had to finally give up the idea that he has any control over the character Luke and he'll just do his best with what he's given. LOL.

    I think it would be great if Laura moved back to PC, and Luke just couldn't stand to be in the same town with her, so he leaves. He can make a comment about how he was the one who never wanted to settle down, but somehow he had. And now that she was back, she could re-take the place at the head of the table and he could get on with his life.

    I will miss him tho. Grew up with him being part of my life and it'll be sad to lose the sparkly, witty fun stuff he does. He earned those 8 Emmys.

  8. I personally hope..and I can't believe I'm sayigng this, that Laura comes back. Luke's all nutty with Fluke in his head and she sends HIM to the mental hospital like he did her a long time ago.
    Then, she leaves. Because I can't with anymore vets. It doesn't work. I am convinced.

  9. Oh, I disagree, Karen. If given good story, the character Laura can be the matriarch of this show. Genie's got the acting chops if given the right material. How about an Alzheimer's story with Mom Leslie? David Hamilton's previously unknown daughter comes to town to wreak her own havoc on Laura for killing her father; The blonde girl that was supposedly Helena's daughter is actually another child of Laura's, kept away from her all these years;and of course, there's lots of possibilities with Lulu, Nick & Lucky. I'd like her to come back with a sexy French lover on her heels. What do you think?

  10. What happened on April 1? Was AG rude to fans? Please explain. Thanks!

  11. WHEN??

    Tony, I will miss you so much--but not the kind of stories they were giving you since Guza took over.

    I'm older enough to enjoy older romance--why not? And I hated they broke you up with Laura--it would have been so unsoapy if the two of you were to last to old age together, to love to the end. Real people sometimes do, soap couples seldom do. All those years of adventure and devotion...
    oh, well. Changes in writers were bound to ruin it.

    As for Tracy, Jane has been around longer than Tony and in the beginning was older than Luke. She's had a good run.

    I look forward to seeing Laura, and I'd welcome her back full time, but not as a now-and-then like Bobbie and Lucy. It's time for that spa to open, for her to be a strong, caring grandma, For her to become friends with Anna as Luke and Robert were once friends. I see all sorts of possibilities for Laura.

    But little for today's Luke. Never thought I'd say that, but the writers have done him no favors in the last several years. And what a run he has had!!! The best actor in daytime of all time.

    I wonder if we will ever be visiting him in the looney bin later as we visited Laura a couple times. Geeze, what a sad end to what was once the most glorious romance and adventure tale ever!

  12. Sorry to see a legend go, but his work the past year has been self-indulgent, with little regard for his fans or the quality of the storyline. He is a great actor and his part in the history of GH will live on.

  13. 1 Geary is worth 50 people on recurring. Let's bring the cast count up over 100! Let's do eleventy billion half assed storylines. With eleventy billion characters we don't care about.


  14. I HOPE they do it something like this....
    Luke reaches out to Laura as they are ready to release him from the psychiatric hospital. Writers schedule enough time and story to show a real on screen connection between them as people who deeply respect and care about each other. (No Romance). Luke explains that he can not face the people of Port Charles after all he has done. He needs to go redeem himself out in the world. He asks Laura to move to PC to watch out for LuLu and the rest of the family. She does this so that he can go get better. They both know he will never be back.
    Then... Laura has Nikolas, LuLu, grandkids and relatives. She would have plenty of opportunity for storyline.
    i don't REALLY care if she stays, but I would like her involvement to be less of a rekindling of a relationship or a "help Luke heal"...I like a story that respects their history, doesn't have them quickly ride off into the sunset together, but explains his exit in a somewhat human and redeeming way.
    My 2-cents.

    Part Two-- Now matter how frustrating this latest story was, and how annoying his multiple vacations have been, both Luke and Tony Geary were always awesome. They will be missed.

  15. You can moan about how the writers haven't done right by Tony, but I'm sure it's hard to do a great story when every six months he's gone for six months.

  16. I am heartbroken, I love you tony geary/lucas lorenzo spencer. I have watched Luke and Laura since they began, I accepted that it couldn't last forever but I will cherish always the memories. Thanks for the memories and may you enjoy whatever is in your future. Tony is a great soap icon and should be given a great exit story. I believe I too will exit GH with him, I think it's time for me too. I have watched this show from the very first day but times have changed and all the characters I have loved and hated are gone or leaving, it's too sad for me. God bless you tony,be happy. a devoted fan will miss you.


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