Monday, May 18, 2015


WELP Shawn didn't hit Jake (Shocker) he shot Hayden in the head. Jordan had knocked his arm trying to save Jake. Long story short, Shawn finds out Jordan is a cop. He's arrested. Hayden lays there and tells Sam "Someone else knows" (the secret)..she still has a pulse and goes to GH. Liz gets there and freaks out but realizes Hayden didn't tell Jake and Sam.

Oh, Patrick hates Jake just as much as he hated Jason lol 

Nina is going to marry.....RIC!! Franco says how much he loves her and wants to marry her too! BUT She marries RIC!! What is Ric after?? HMmmmmmmm. 

Carly blabs to Sonny to stop the hit..blab blab.... 

Liz is still freaking out- She wants Nik to do whatever it takes to keep Hayden quiet. He's like NO WAY, I am done. She finally leaves because she's late for her shift (shocker)

20150516 1040(12)

Anna shoots Carlos again. AND AGAIN AND AGAIN! She just plugs away! Then, Anna tells Sloane she shot Carlos and to arrest her. He says "I can't" "I've put you through too much these past months" (makes no sense) and he says he's going to clean up the body

OMG WAIT UNTIL you see who really SHOT Greenlee!! OMG! Great twist ending!! WOW. Loved it.

Little Spence and a crew guy danced at the end. Tyler and Billy ran out too! 

Sloane toned it down a million today 


  1. I loved it!! Just watched at work without the periscope, but I thought it was wonderful. Michelle, Rick and Roger were outstanding, even though it seemed like Roger flubbed a few times. Loved the Jordan reveal and Sloane wanting to help Anna. And the end was really cute!!

  2. It was so nice to see little N. Bechtel being a normal little boy. He was having the time of his life, dancing, and dodging nerf balls. Cute, cute, cute. Best part of the whole show.

  3. The Nina/Rick bit was just too stupid for me.

    And what the heck have they done to Anna's character. She shot Carlos. And then she says "just arrest me" to Sloan. And if that isn't dumb enough he says ,"We've got to get rid of the body."

    Did 10 year olds write this. Probably not, because even a pair of 10 year olds would know that getting rid of the body was ridiculous. Pull his gun out of his waistband and say he was shot in self defence. Sloan can back her up. But getting rid of the body? Too stupid for words.

    It was a great twist with Nicholas at the end. I guess his character is now being rewritten as evil. ( Beats being rewritten as stupid like Anna's.)

    I guess Shawn will end up getting off because his bullet won't match the one they take out of Hayden's head.

  4. Laura Wright on this live show... her performance... just freaking phenomenal!!!!! This is why I love her

  5. I would have enjoyed the show more if Michelle S./Nina wasn't on. Ever. I can't stand the actress or the character! Of course I knew Hayden wouldn't spill the beans. BUT Nik's hit man is as sucky as Shawn. She had MORE than enough time to spill it before she was shot. Laura needs to get home and straighten Nik out ASAP.

  6. I saw the west coast show. At the end it was Spencer with the cards, and then Nik came in and hoisted him over his shoulder, and Anna came in and they were all dancing around. So cute.

    I kept looking for little flubs or inconsistencies but didn't notice much.

    Did the earlier run have that amusing scene with Jake and Shawn? It was outside the garage after Hayden was shot. They kinda grappled, then the were eye-to-eye, literally with their foreheads together, snorting at each other. Awkward!

  7. No, Shawn and Jake weren't eye to eye on the 2pm show. they tossled a bit..

    And Finola didn't dance on my show, only the crew guy, Jake, Nik and Spence

  8. It's weird, there are 2 shows? I am on the east coast (NJ) and at 3pm, m show here had the grapple between jak and was funny. almost adlibbed, I thought billy was going to laugh. and at the end, we had anna come out with spencer and nik hoisted him over his head.

    who was live an who was taped and who got what show?

    i would think live is easier and less expensive to do, I wish they would do it more often.

    i loved the reveals today. there was a few genuine surprises today that I didn't expect. l liked it. ANd some good performances.

    I dont like Nina/Franco but I thought today was comedy relief the way it was done. So it didnt bother me as much.

    I am glad the reveal with Jordan came out, but it wasnt dramatic enough for me. It should have been more surprising.

    And Nik being behind the shooting. Nice twist. Will Hayden survive? Brian damage? Different memory?

    Now Shawn is leaving. They are trimming the cast, but with the wrong people!

  9. The guy who played Carlos had a small part on the Mad Men series finale. I'm no Nina and Franco fan but having Ric there was a great idea. Really surprised Sean is leaving. I hope he wasn't canned.

  10. Boy some of the camera work was dizzy worthy today.

    Pier: Anna shot Caaaaaaaaaaarlos 4 times!!!!! BAH!!!! I get why, but BAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! :( Robot Sloan won't take you to jail Anna, because he wuvs you! UGH!

    The garage:

    The clock: Oh no!!! Hayden got shot in the head!!!! AHHHHHHHHHH! *Clock passes out*

    Oh I see a little bit of GreenHayden's cha cha. Side view. It's so scared that it will be shot too! That split line they were showing was distracting. Oh oh Jordan is busted by Shaun! She isn't a cop! She is an agent!!! An undercover agent! Oh look Jake Doe and Shaun are dancing and hugging. :) Will someone please take care of the clock?!!?!?! Give it something to eat or drink!!!!

    Wyndemere: Liz wants Nik to seduce GreenHayden?! Hahaha. I was waiting for her to say that. :) WOAH! Nik hired a hitman to take out GreenHayden?!?! WHAT!?!?!?!! I did NOT like that!! I hate it!!!! I don't mind Nik being dark, but not a killer!!!!!! NIK IS NOT A KILLER!!! Altho I am impressed over this hit man. He was able to shoot GreenHayden with a small space at the door! WOW! Where did Nik find this guy?!

    The hospital:

    GreenHayden's bullet: Get me out of here! I can't breath! I am suffocating!!!!!

    Nina, BobTodd, and Ric: Ummm. I'm confused. And by the way, Ric's hand was shaking, and BobTodd was cute when he told Nina that he has becomea sap because of her hahahaha. Other than that, the scene was weird. Oh and will someone please help the table?!!?!!

    Table: I'm hurt! My leg is broken! Take me to the hospital!!!

    Sonny's home: What the hell is Carly doing?! She says Jake Doe isn't the person Sonny thinks he is?!!?! HUH?!! Carly do you know that Jake Doe is Jason?!!?!

  11. "Paul773 said... BUT Nik's hit man is as sucky as Shawn. She had MORE than enough time to spill it before she was shot."

    No Nik's hitman didn't suck! And GreenHayden didn't spill the beans! :) Shaun always misses who he is trying to shoot, while Nik's hitman got GreenHayden on the first try, and in the head! :)

  12. I thought Sloane was much much better today.

  13. No one has commented on seeing Carlos on the finale of Mad Men as the 'Ommm' Guru! He looked good, and had no accent. I'd think he should get lots of work after GH.

    I agree with Paul 773--Nina is a pain. Can't stand her and all her little cutsie mannerisms and twitches. And much as I like Roger, I think making him Franco was a major mistake and at this point I wouldn't mind him leaving--taking Nina with him.

    I wonder if having Nik go this black could be a preparation for Laura's return?

    I read that Anna will go missing for awhile and that Finola was taking 3 weeks off. I'm glad they warned us because letting Finola go would just about finish GH for me.

    I was less aware of the LIVE aspect today--until it seemed Sean and Jake would start laughing.

  14. I thought they did fine--just really good.

    The Live aspect of doing TV is scary. Over 40 years ago I did some local TV (a weekly show) and it took me awhile to realize not to try to keep going when I made a bad flub. I guess at first I thought I was being a trooper by continuing ( we taped but I was new to it all). But if I kept going, so did the camera and my flub went public. On the other hand, if I stopped after a bad flub, so would the camera and I got to do it over. Much better for me and the show!

    So I can understand how not being able to stop would be pretty terrifying for an experienced actor.

    After awhile it was easy to forget it was live--except where you felt someone was trying hard to not laugh!


  15. DAVE: They did 2 live shows. One at 2pm/est for the East coast market like me--which is everyone but NYC and NJ and some other parts of the coast (weird I know) Nathan Varny (programming ABC) said they were doing that because the market is MUCH bigger in the east, even though it's split! So the west coast got a taped version. On Friday, I think they edited the 2 together and took the best of both shows.

    I didn't mention MAD MEN because I dind't watch the finale yet--but I did last night It was awesome to see Jeff as the Guru!! :) I will mention it later, but don't want to spoil it for those that haven't seen it yet. It was a crazy weird finale but the ending was so fun/perfect. Love that ad..even the girl in the red ribbons!

  16. The Jordan reveal as an undercover agent fell so flat. Very anti-climactic. If you blinked you missed it. I don't know if there were lines missed due to it being LIVE but what a major fail.

    The Nina/Ric/FrankenTodd stuff was just campy dumb. Ron's favorite.

    Absolutely loving DarkNik! Can't wait to see where this goes!

    And Sloan was such a meek little mouse today. So bizarre! To think, this is who they are replacing Duke with, so to speak. Good grief. Good news is, at least we don't have to see him sniffing around Anna for the next three months as Finola will be off making a movie.

    Overall, the cast seemed much calmer doing the Monday LIVE 2pm show. Didn't really notice anything out of the ordinary.

    Will definitely miss the Periscope aspect. It was great seeing the actors in their element and varying stages of prep while waiting for them to be back on the air.

  17. Two questions about Nina and Rick's wedding. I haven't watched for ahile. Did Silas and Nina officially get divorced? In New York, do you need witnesses to get married? There was only a officiant and Franco and seems unlikely to sign off as a witness.

  18. I'm on the east coast (Mass) and we get the show at 2 and it was Nik and Jakson with Sprencer and the crew guy


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