Tuesday, May 26, 2015


"Shawn you ARE his father".... says Jordan. JUST when Shawn is LEAVING THE SHOW!! 
Molly is on with TJ. 

"There's only one way this can go"  (a black man shooting a white woman) --was in the script today. 

Ava... Flava..ugh..UGHHHHHH-and she's a hairdresser/nail tech. Oh HOW FUNNY..I'M ROLLIN' 
GOOD LORD. She's basically Cawnie Falconeri and Roxy all in one. Oh her name? Denise DeMoochio. Or something... 
OMG so her story is she came to Port Charles after "Gina" from the "salon" showed her the post about Ava. She thinks maybe she was stealing her identity. 
Sloane arrests her when he comes into Julian's place. This is where her DNA isn't going to match AVAs. 

This is insulting to ALL of us... sigh. NLG and Kelly Monaco rolled their eyes. I think in real life too lol ..so bad. 

Carly and Jake. Oh so much big BFFs.  Sloane comes in. Tells him that Carlos killed Duke, he's off the hook. Carly yelled at him. That was the best part of that. 

Sonny somehow shows up at Nina's while looking for Ric and Ric tells him they are married. Sonny's not happy.  

Franco stole the Egg Salad painting from Dr. O. They are an interesting couple. Dr. O said she married her for the money.  


  1. I watched live today, which I rarely do. I kept picking up the remote and trying to fast forward.

  2. Good grief! Even Sloane figured out that it was Ava.

  3. OMG, I haven't finished watching yet, but Dr. O--SHE IS HILARIOUS!! Her dancing to David Hasselhoff was PRICELESS--didn't anyone else think so?

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  5. Dr O's office: Dr O!!!! Hahahahaha. Dancing to the Hoff's music! :) I love Dr O and BobTodd scenes today! They haven't been in scenes a whole lot in awhile. More more!!!! :)

    Dr O wins the line of the day.

    Dr O: AHHHHHH! Security! Security there has been a break in. My egg salad is gone. Not my lunch my painting you dummkopf


    Shaun's jail cell: He has tears streaming down his face!!! Damn why does the actor have to leave?!!?! :(

    Shaun: Then how do I know you aren't lying now?

    Maury: Shaun.. You ARE the father!


    Scotty and Robot Sloan: Woah Robot Sloan is smiling!!! Can robots smile?!

    TJ and Molly: Oh Molly! Is the meltdown over with? Oh Molly isn't angry when she sees her father! Did she forgive him?! Did they hug and did she say I forgive you dad? So many questions.

    TJ, Molly, and Robot Sloan: Huh? Robot Sloan is being nice. Can robots be nice?!!?! And he even did a bump to him like hey you will be okay slugger!

    Liz's home:

    Carly: Oh Jake!!!! My ta ta's and I miss you!!! And we want to hug you!!!!

    Carly's ta ta's: We wuv you Jakie poo!!!

    Where is Liz?! Is she still sleeping?! Is she taking a shower?!! Is she at work?!

    Julian's home: Oh look it's "Denise" And her whole explanation on why she is there, is so stupid! She is so rude except for Kiwi! "Denise" has a wig!!! Or maybe she dyed her hair. :)

    Morgan: Duhh what is going on here?! I'm so confused.

    Me: Don't worry Morgan. Just go home with Kiwi and have sex. Did you know, that when you have sex, you get more brain cells that way? Here is proof!



    "Denise": Have you ever considered a career in cosmetology?

    Me: There you go Kiwi!!!! You can do that!

    Kiwi: Ummmmm.

    Oh oh her brain isn't working! Hurry go home with Morgan and have sex again!

    Robot Sloan: Ava Jerome! You are under arrest!

    And the actress who plays Kiwi, tried not to laugh! Did you see that? :)She was trying not to smile too!

    Nina and Ric's home: I'm still so lost. What are you up to Ric?!!?! Nina is a flower child today! :)

    Hippie Nina: Ric? Why did you marry me?

    Ric: To sing kumbaya with you and smoke weed.

  6. Dr. O was hilarious! I couldn't bear to watch Ava-so embarrassingly bad. Love seeing Ric even if this storyline is ridiculous. MW looks great with dark hair and new makeup. TJ still thinks the bad guys are the good guys.

  7. Also enjoyed Dr. O calling Nina a Philistine aka Phyllis.

  8. TV Line says Brandon Barash is back for the season opener of Major Crimes.

  9. Ooooh, I LOVE Major Crimes, when is the first eppie of the new season, anyone know? Glad that BB is in it.

  10. Major Crimes returns Monday, June 8, according to a promo I saw.
    As to our soap, even I had to laugh at Dr. O. dancing, and listening to David Hasselhoff. That WAS a hoot, AntJoan. But this isn't the first time we have agreed. LOL
    Missed about half the show due to fast forward, and not paying attention. LOL Maura just didn't pull off the Flava character. What a waste of talent.

  11. I think Grayson McCouch(Sloane) is handsome and a much nicer Sloane than the first men who played the part as a sleazy character plotting to take down Anna. Give him a chance to develop his character and make him more "human."

  12. Sallie, I think Sloan is OK, too. He's an experienced soap actor and I remember him as being likable and good on Another World.

    The character was difficult to begin with. The other actor played him curt and mean and Grayson had to go from there to a nicer character--a bridge. I did not care for the other actor at all and felt he was rude and too serious-faced--and of course, he was trying to take Anna down and behaving badly toward her. I did not sense any attraction on his part. When they had to dance together I cringed and felt she should just cut him down to size.

    The writing now has to take the Sloan character to strong-but-softer so we can start feeling for him and his yearning for Anna. Not an easy assignment. Grayson will be OK once they give him the scenes.

    I'm disappointed about Ava--but realize if they were to keep the actress they had to do something about the corner they painted her into. But I'm with Karen--I don't care to see this plot and this new character at all.

    I'm just waiting anxiously for Genie...

  13. Yes, Laura, please come to GH soon!! I agree that Sloan is an OK actor, certainly not terrible as many people expressed here, let's give him time. Much better than Kiki, anyway (but almost anyone is).

  14. Genie is back June 5th I believe..Tony shortly after. He's on for 10 weeks.
    The Scoops are updated a bit up there, hit the page. Dillion Q is recast too. trying to get intel on who will play him.

  15. Love Major Crimes!!! Sloan is ok but why should an experienced actor be having a learning experience? I think he will work out, though. Kiki will not.

  16. Love Major Crimes!!! Sloan is ok but why should an experienced actor be having a learning experience? I think he will work out, though. Kiki will not.

  17. whatever happened to Janice from Friends?? I loved her lol


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