Thursday, May 14, 2015

Reminder: General Hospital is LIVE Tomorrow!

East Coast only! Both at 2 and 3pm...West Coast gets an "After-Live" ---sorry! Will you be watching? I'm hoping it will be all sorts of crazy fun. People just showing up-- things falling. Pants off--you know. The usual mayhem! 

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  1. I was watching on ABC channel 5 in Boston. They cut in at about 12 minutes before the end of GH to announce that the jury was in with a decision in the Boston bomber case. (They still haven't announced what that is. They're just giving lots of background while we're waiting. )

    They could have waited till the end of the LIVE show to start giving their background info.



  Well, after viewing everyone's posts about yesterday, I decided not to watch yet. LOL I can't take another boring day.  HERE'S...