Thursday, May 7, 2015

If you want info on the LIVE SHOWS that are coming up, go to where Frank V answeres 5 questions regarding the experience! 

Duke tries to call off the hit. Then, Carlos comes up to him in the garage. With a gun. Here we go again with the gun. 'You gots ta die"--yep. He said that. YEP.  The gun goes off when they struggle. Someone is shot, don't know who. Blood/Gun on the garage floor. 

Anna stands around. Stupid Orange Glow Boy comes in and sees her suitcases. UGH DIE SLOANE DIE!! 

Bruce is skulking Jordan --and is going to shoot her with Shawn there?  It's so stupid. I hate this mobular crap. I HATE IT. They write it so awful! Oh, wait, Bruce calls him and tells him to go to the pier. Why is he skulking with his gun OUT if he's calling Shawn.

Liz has a guilt flash-back in the first 60 seconds. *sigh* They kiss she wants him to stay. They go upstairs and make the love. You know she's like: THAT'S THE PEEN I KNOW AND LOVE!!  Jake says "that felt familiar" ...
Wonder if she'll get pregnant just as the truth comes out.. hahhaa. KIDDING. KIDDING 

Although, this IS a soap! 

Sam and Julian. Olivia goes into Labor. Sam tells Julian he's the baby daddy.  Olivia's water breaks.

Greens and Nikolas are basically exposing the last few weeks incase you missed that at all. SNORE. She basically blackmails him into letting her move in. 


  1. Liz is the most fertile woman on the show.

  2. Started watching at 2:37; finished at 3pm, with a couple of pauses. Thankful for the fast forward feature.
    Liz pregnant? Oh, goodie: another who's the daddy plot.

  3. I was really hoping that Elizabeth would of figured out that Jake was Jason by sleeping with him. I was thinking Jason would of have a birthmark on his manly parts and she be like whoa no wonder I feel so drawn to you. Lord help us if she preggers.

  4. considering that Carly and Alexis have had 3 babies too, I think that Liz isn't the most fertile. She is still just young enough to get another pregnancy story though. I almost don't mind because that losing Jake storyline was BS!

  5. because there havent been enough who's the baby storylines, right?

    liz is acting like jason is the great love of her life. has she totally forgotten about lucky?

    apparently the writers have since he wasnt mentioned once during the entire fluke storyline.

    please please please let carlos be the one who dies (I know, I know) but his acting is just so bad.

    nik has NO BALLS WHATSOEVER. He should tell Sluttina (my nickname for her) to go ahead and tell the entire town that Jake is Jason. Who would believe her, especially after her public outting by Carly at the Nurses Ball? Let her do her worst.

    aggravated by the entire show today.

    And why do I have to keep picking sushi and pasta to prove I am not a robot?

    ps. any REAL spoilers on the live shows? cartini's interview said nothing. absolutely nothing.

  6. Karen I had to giggle at your "peen" comment!! Loved it!
    @Brender I'm with you, I'd love if Liz ended up preggers cause I hated Jake being killed.
    I'm probably the only one but I hope that no one finds out that Jake is Jason cause I love him with Liz.

  7. haha I can't help it... I love how mean Olivia is to Julian. I hope she is always this mean to him, even after the bebe is born.

  8. Michelle--you are not the only one! I just wish Jake knew he was Jason but didn't have any he could stay Jake and choose Liz, instead of remembering Sam and ditching Liz, and instead of this horrible story where he's being manipulated by Liz. I'd love him and Sam having shared custody and the angst that his NOT remembering would cause everyone.

  9. Thank you,thank you a million times thank you declodave!!! Seriously,what about Lucky?? Both with Elizabeth and the Fluke stuff?? But then again look what Elizabeth did to him too when she was sleeping with Nicholas behind his back because she loved him so much. That poor me speech she made at the Nurses ball was pathetic like she's such a victim and pure as the driven snow. She couldn't keep Jason because she always wanted to change him and couldn't accept him for who he was. It's sad that the only way she can have him is when he doesn't know his soul mate and son are right around the corner.

  10. Liz's home: Oh stop talking and go have sex!!! Oh they are having sex! YES!!! I kept wondering if they are using protection. :)I have been meaning to say that I like Liz's dress, just not the bottom half of it. The bottom is way too poofy. Oh Jake says it feels familiar! ROFL! Then he leaves, and Liz is back to the guilt again! UGH! Stop talking to picture Jason!

    "Karen says . They go upstairs and make the love. You know she's like: THAT'S THE PEEN I KNOW AND LOVE!!"


    Shaun and Jordan: They go and make the love too! ROFL! Oh oh Bruce is skulking around. Did he hear them make the love?

    Robot Sloan and Anna: A lot of theories! Zzzzzzzzzzzzz.

    Duke and Caaaaaaaaaarlos: So much talking!!! Oh oh the gun goes off!!! :( If Duke is shot, I hope he doesn't go visit Anna like fake Duke did all those years ago! UGH! Oh I hope Caaaaaaaaaaaarlos isn't shot and is dead!!!! :( Yes Jake. That is a gun and blood. :)

    GreenHayden and Nik: Oh wow! GreenHayden was there listening to Liz and Nik talking?! Funny I didn't see her. Oh she wants to go another go round with naked Nik! He doesn't want to! Show him your nekkid body again GreenHayden!

    Metrocourt: Basically the same conversation! Except, Sam admits that the baby is his, and Olivia's water broke!!!! She is 3 and a half or 4 months preggers and the baby is coming! I bet the baby will be 8 pounds!!!

  11. "Carrie said...Liz is the most fertile woman on the show."

    ROFL! Hell yeah she is! :)

  12. Karen,
    I know you like to know what former soap actors are doing. One of the CW fall series "Cordon" lists Trevor St. John as one of the stars and refers to him as a former One Life to Live cast member. I never watched OLTL so I don't know if he was a "star" or not.

  13. I love me some Trevor St. John, just wish he were in something I want to watch. Not a sci fi kinda girl.

  14. Dave I think you get your wish...:) Sonny has to come help Duke, then is shot at and Jake saves him I think?
    But Duke.

  15. I hate to see Duke being killed off. Of course the quick reunion with Anna was a guarantee that this would happen. As much as I dislike the circumstances, Liz and Jake were pure magic together - very reminiscent of when she and Jason had sex, and I think it was only once. BM and BH have tremendous chemistry and are exceptional actors. Can't understand why she has a pic of her and Jason on display when Lucky was the real love of her life and father of Aidan, the Unseen.

  16. I guess Hayden sees Nikolas as her cash cow because otherwise doesn't she come from SOMEplace where she has a house or apartment, a job, a family? I know this "I have nowhere to go" jazz is just to keep her with Nikolas now that her secret is out, but her saying she has nowhere to go is kind of stupid, like Valerie staying in town when she must have had some sort of job to pay for that apartment she left.

    I'm pretty sure it was Bruce being zipped into the body bag in the previews last week, so Bruce and Duke die, but I heard 3 people die. I hope it's not TJ, I know a lot of people say get rid of him because he's not on the show much, but that won't help cut down the contract players, and I'd hate to see poor Molly go through that. An occasional teen is fine, so I would like them to get rid of Carlos, there are enough mobsters.

    I hope Liz had her tubes tied a long time ago.


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