Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Genie's Back!

Totally forgot to post this! Yep...she'll be back taping for a fall story--could it be the Ryan/Kevin one I think is unfolding?? 

Here's hoping she gets some good airtime. Wonder if she'll end up on contract or be ok with just coming/going. (not even recurring, just coming on for short bursts?) 

I hope Tristan is still around when she comes back.  

Do you think she married Kevin or Ryan if that's the direction they are going? I'm saying Kevin. I'm thinking the switch happened around the time of Faison's brain getting sawed out of his skull.  


Finn finds out Anna's been missing a month. He and Robert talk. Pretty lame when they were texting all the time with Emma/Robin but..you know.

Curtis and Drew in the bar, just talking. 

Margot reads the flash drive about the memory stuff. She goes to Jake's and finds Curtis and Drew. She tells Drew she knows the story and believes him about his memory.  She doesn't TELL him about the memory stick. I think she'll use it to prosecute Jason Morgan and Sonny. 

Jason and Carly RETELL THE ENTIRE "Michael Plan" Good lord.  OMG Carly realizes she gave up Michael to Jason!! "Monica must hate me, I get it now"!!  I think she said they have to stay underground for three months?? LOL  Sonny comes and fills them in on the accident. 

Sonny's rescuing Michael..they escape the blowing up of the car. 

Lucas finds out with Julian..great acting on their part. They even look alike. Awww..he calls Brad and Brad is in the car, over by the side of the road crying. Nelle stumbles out of the woods. OMG-- HERE IT COMES.SWITCHEROONIE.  Brad's like "What is up"? She said "I had a baby"!!! It's a boy! He tells her about Wiley.  He then says they have to go to the hospital to get her checked out. She won't go. She wants Brad to raise the baby because if she doesn't run, she'll have to give her baby up and go to jail.  

Later: (we didn't see the switch itself) Lucas goes back home and Brad's there with their "Baby"... Nelle wanders down the road in a daze...clutching "her" dead baby. 

In the hospital, Michael jumps up when Nelle's brought in. He says: Is that our baby? She says: "a beautiful baby boy"-- and he picks it up and it's dead!! She let him see it without telling him first! First rate psycho right there!! 

Lucas coos over "Wiley"... Brad doesn't say anything. 

Monday, July 30, 2018

Wandering the Woods

OMG Guess who Nelle and Michael hit? OBRECT and her police escorts!!!!!!! she escapes! No one guessed that. NO ONE.  How perfect!! She runs into the woods with a giant gun and she will be off grid until the next time!! 
Nelle and Michael fight, he tells her they were framing her. She gets mad--"you'd do that to me"?? Then she gets angry enough she gets out of the car-- Michael is stuck tho. He can't get out !! AHAHAA. WHOOPS.  Nelle says "Hmm, I smell gas--oh there it is, pouring out of the car" She tells Michael if she smoked, she'd chuck a cig right on it...but now she'll leave it to fate and she walks into the woods. 

Jason gets Carly out--- Franco's waiting. He ties up the doctor and nurse. Carly's hair? FLAWLESS. Franco decides he's going to leave in the car but can't find the keys "That blue eyed-bastard took them" . Carly and Jason go through the back lot on set-- and there's music playing and it's slo-mo and hair is flying in the wind. They make it to the car. Jason makes Franco get in the back seat. LOL. Franco's like? HUH? Back seat!!  They pull up to GH and Jason tells him to get out. Franco says "Nothing says friendship like helping someone break out of the looney bin" ..pfffffffffffffft!!! 

Jason takes her to a safe house I think.  She asks how he did it. He said...Um Franco. :) heh

Kim and Liz try to figure out where Nelle and Franco are-- I liked their scenes. Cute --nice to have them interact. Julian shows them the baby photo. They awwwww all over it. 

So, Sonny and Chase were watching the whole thing on the computer when it went blank. Sonny goes to find Michael. Jordan and Chase just sit and blab blab (never sending out cops lol)--and they find out Dr. O's prison van got hit too. They run out.  They go to a safe house. 

Sonny finds Michael and cuts him out with the Bowie knife --OF COURSE he did! 

Dr. O and Nelle are both wandering the woods. Nelle is like: HELP! Dr. O says : Nina said you're a sneak. then Nelle says she's in labor...Dr. O is all ...oh DAMN IT!!  She tells Nelle "Spread those scrawny legs and PUSH"!!! 

OMG!! THE END OF THE SHOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Looks like Wiley dies from crib death--tomorrow Brad is giving him CPR. OH NO. That's what will happen with the switch. 

Sunday, July 29, 2018

Sunday Surgery: Scenes of the Week

ANY scene with Roger was hysterical and so worth the watch!!! 

I asked some readers on Twitter their fave scenes this week and got a good response. MY fave scene was one for my weird-record books (Wubulous Weirdness).  Yes, I enjoyed this week (again) so don't faint. I will get my snark on first thing though, because the day ends in a "Y"! 

The GH Fan Club weekend has been going since Friday--and quite a few photos are going up on IG and Twitter. I'll try to get a few up once I get permission from fans. (you'd think GH would put some out of their own for PR, but-- :eyeroll:) 

Breakfast today is limited to leftover Chinese food and some iced Coffee! 

Friday, July 27, 2018

Fast Friday

I came in at 2:36 sorry! I was out and about. 

Ok, so I saw Robert. Finn is being a jerk about Peter being "his patient" -- ugh, whatever.  Robert finds out from Robin Anna isn't in CA. 

Nelle confesses she killed Zach to Michael but Michael isn't pulling over, she grabs the wheel.  Sonny and Chase are watching on his computer..OH! DASH CAMS!! nice!!  They end up crashing and computer screen goes blank. 

Dr. O and Maxie. God they are so good. I really wish Maxie, Dr. O and Nina all lived in Wyndemere  !! It would be really good. Dr. O could be the new Dorian-- She goes off to jail and doesn't say Nina helped her. 

END: Franco is being adorable, talking to himself in the hall... Carly's getting strapped in and Jason Bursts in with this GUN.
PS. Wubby Hubby was walking through, saw Carly and then Jason came in with the gun and he laughed and laughed. 

Thursday, July 26, 2018

Things are Movin' people!

Franco is in Kevin's office, talking to the camera--and Kevin's not there!! LOL, he's practicing. !!! AHAHAHAH Liz walks in and and says: You can practice, but he's back. Oh that was funny.  Franco leaves for an appointment.

Ok, so..nurse Mary Pat is putting lotion on Carly's hands and IT'S SO CREEPY GOOD! ewwwww!!  Mary Pat says that she is going to see a new Dr. --Lazarus..."Like the Bible" . Then Carly has halluncinations of Nelle in her face.  Mary Pat opens the door and tells the new person to make themselves at home. I think it's Dr. Laz but OMG IT'S FRANCO! that surprised me...lol. He has a grant to do art therapy. He sees Carly and is like: HUH? She thinks she's hallucinating him too. "Carly a good way to express your feelings is through art"!! LOL. She says "Franco get me out of here...tell Jason and Sonny they are going to hurt me".
I love Laura and Roger together as actors so--this was great. 

Mary Pat tells Franco to stay way from Carly. 

Sonny is talking to Kevin, actually--at Sonny's house with Jason standing Guard. Sonny's being weird. Asking about Spencer and Laura. Kevin says Laura wants to come home. Sonny says HE misses Carly so GET HER BACK. Kevin said Carly was an idiot to dupe him and escape and he's not sure he can get her back.

Brucas Baby is born! It's a boy---

OMG OMG!! Wait, so Nelle will get a car accident, she'll die and her baby live but Brucas' baby will get sick, die and Brad will switch them I BET....BOOKMARK THIS! Those babies will be switched one way or another.  Heather Webber isn't there to kidnap them so, something has to go wrong. 
Lucas is in surgery for hours. They bring the baby in and Julian and Brad gush over it. (I think Lucas is not there so the baby can be switched with Nelle's soon)... 

They were going to name the baby Cher after Cheryl if it was a girl-- But since it's a boy it's WILEY. :) Because it took AWHILE!! :) AWWW. 

WOW--- Ok, so Carly's being taken in for electro shock treatments and she SAW SOMEONE THAT LOOKED LIKE KEVIN in a straight jacket in the hall!! THAT IS TOTALLY KEVIN and "Kevin" is Ryan. I mean, Kevin sat there and told Jason about Carly's electro shock treatments. Casual like. He'd never let that happen as a professional, he knows she's sane!!  

Nelle: Chase is going to tamper with the car-- and the reason they are doing this is to get a confession from her that she framed Carly. Which makes sense now. 

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Park Yourself

A hair cut. Cam gets Oscar to text Joss with some riddle so she'll talk to him. 

Joss and Sonny have a talk. Sonny's the best when he's being a Dad and Son. Joss then talks to Michael. THEN she talks to Nelle! Nelle asks her if she misses Drew more than she is mad at him.  Nelle gives her good advice. Dang it, Nelle is just getting good as a soap victim. 

Alexis gets Ava, Olivia, Molly, Kim and Jordan together to support Kiki in her lawsuit. They all tell her when they were sexually harassed. They "face her" but really talk right into the camera. All tell powerful stories! Too bad Kiki's lawsuit is going to be the "shocker" in all of this. 

Michael -OMG Sam and Jason are acting like he's 16 years old OMG!! COME ON!!  Michael leaves and Sam and Jason talk about Danny, her being with Patrick (for about 2 seconds) and John Doe. 

OH!!  Chloe cries so well!!!! She wants Chase to kill Michael. Which means no real twist yet in this whole story. I did see the car accident in previews-- soooooooo.
Chase taped Chloe on the phone. So, why can't you use that against her??! I don't get why Michael has to "die"?? 

Ok, so Chase should really have been in love with her, set this all up but really kill Michael. 
Some kind of twist-- OR Michael's PLAN should hurt Joss or Avery like Sonny/Carly's always hurt him!
End: Nells has some cramping. 

Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Maintaining the WUBS

Oh today is EYEBALL and TEETH day for me!! SO.... please leave your responses/review and recaps in the COMMENTS!!

We finally got rain here, btw--thank goodness--but now it's humid. Oy. One thing or the other!!

Monday, July 23, 2018

Smoke on the Water

UGH Finn rescues PETER and Maxie is all "Peter, wake up, don't die"!!! Lulu and Nina both look at her like she's got 2 heads LOL!!!
Everyone goes to GH... Alexis sees Finn standing there. 

Alexis tells Lucas his baby is coming this week. I love Brucas. I hope they make them really front/center because there's a lot of material there... Lucas is really nervous about the birth mother wanting her baby back. He goes to tend to the fire victims. 

Julian moves into the Metro...drops hints to Kim move in together. She's like SLOW DOWN!! She wants to make sure that it's ok with Oscar too. 

DA talking to Drew and gives him a baseball hat because she squirted mustard on him. He opens a HS reunion invite. He tells her that he can't remember anything prior to 2014. Yada, yada, she leaves. 

Joss wants Sex, Oscar doesn't ..she's like REALLY??? REALLY?? You're the only guy our age that doesn't. He said he wants their first  time to be perfect. Oh you know CAM WEBBER gonna be up for sex. Really good stuff--Eden is Emmy worthy. She's really upset he doesn't want her and gets hysterical.  He says "You're crazy"
UT OH! You don't say that to someone who's mama is in Ferncliff!! 

Joss stomps upstairs. Oscar is just standing there like: What just happened? LOL

Back at GH with the smoke trauma patients... Val asks Alexis to represent Nina. Alexis says no because Peter/Faison and her grandkids yada yada... Valentine says that Nina FOUND Peter, she didn't help Obrect. 

Maxie talks to Peter. He says Nina tried to help him. Maxie said that she read his book and really terrible things happened to him but that doesn't excuse his behavior.  She says "Do Better" and leaves.  When Jordan asks, Peter says that Nina helped him an Dr. O acted alone. 

Later, the DA Margot finds an envelope behind her couch at the Metro. It's addressed to Drew Cain. I SWEAR that's Connie's handwriting...in Helena. I really think it is her handwriting. NOPE--people are saying this on twitter (I must have missed it) 

Liesl kidnapped Peter he wrote a letter to Drew telling him about the flash drive containing his memories,I believe he apologized in letter he put said envelope on the table and was about to do the same with flash drive when Liesl showed up

Sunday, July 22, 2018

Sunday Surgery: Flaming Shots, Anyone?

Vu says you vant a COCKTAIL? I has a COCKTAIL for vu! 

Well, this week was certainly a departure from the boring, slow mess the show has been.  This is where I say CVE was in charge of the writing because things are PICKING UP THE PACE!! I actually have some great things to talk about !! 

This won't be my usual bitchy blog so.. Not sure if I should warn you for good--or evil? Guess it depends on how you felt about the show this week!! 

Friday, July 20, 2018

Burning Bodies

Obrect runs out of the burning stable... Nina's trying to get Peter up but he CAN'T MOVE lol Okay...
Maxie and Lulu are trying to get to the island. Hopefully to save Nina, not Peter.
So, the cabin is burning and Peter can't stand to get out. WTF doesn't he crawl then? Or Nina drag him? That's just stupid.
Nina goes to the burning door and yells for help.
Next scene, Dr. O has come back for Nina, yells for her--freaks out. Valentin shows up and yells at her and goes in to rescue Nina. Lulu and Maxi show up, call 911
Valentin saves Nina.  Mouth to Mouth.  She doesn't wake up until Finn gets there. Finn then goes into the burning stable to find Peter. 

Dr O goes to the docks...Curtis and Finn find her there and trap her. They call Jordan. She's arrested. She says to Jorday "Tell Anna, ve are even".  

Diane goes to see a drugged carly in a padded cell. CH looks great--I do miss her. She should have been the DA.  Carly still wants Michael not to marry Nelle. She doesn't know they are already. Diane leaves and Nurse gives her more pills. Kevin is away for visiting Laura  and Dr. Lazurus is there and Nurse Mary Pat says he's got a "special surprise for her".  When he's done with you, you will be "forever changed".  Oh I hope Lazurus is Mitch Lawrence!! Sorry OLTL haters!! 

Nelle is home.. Michael wants her to have her own room. While Michael goes upstairs to call Jordan and Chase, Nelle asks Drew how Jason got away with murder. (I guess because he WAS Jason for awhile?).  She and Michael go to bed--after a very weird edit. She 'falls asleep", Micheal goes down stairs and Nelle calls Chase to help her. 

Sonny's struggling with Mike's care-- in a home or keep him close. Very real life.  Jason says "You're the one that's going to remember all this, not Mike"... "Choose carefully because you'll have to live with this". VERY Good scenes about anger  and the past as well. 

Tomorrow:  Joss wants to go 'upstairs' with Oscar. 

Thursday, July 19, 2018

Hair Emergency!

Oh it's HAIR DAY folks..sorry! The only time Michelle had was 2:00 ..so blame her! 

Can I dare hope that Dr. O really torches Peter to oblivion today? *sigh*  Please!!? 

Oh !! Anyone watching Dietland? What a show! It's on AMC on Monday nights. Not what I thought it was going to be--it's very ..um, different. I'm also binging Case Histories on Prime (I think it's on Netflix too). It's a great British crime show that is very, very fun, interesting and just plain good TV. 

It's been nice here weather wise --hot but NO humidity. Hell, I even PAINTED the deck today. Ok! Everyone have a good one! 

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Head Injury

Franco finds Dr O losing it on the docks... he says "I'm here for you". Franco says he knows that she has Peter. He finally convinces her to leave town and then he'll call the PCPD and they can find Peter. She agrees, says thank you, then hits him over the head with a bottle. 

Nina tells Peter the best place for him is behind bars, and then her Aunt can't get to him.  Peter finally agrees. 

Valentin recognizes the bartender/actor guy that Maxie knew from yesterday. He thinks he knows him. oh! HE's the guy Nina hired to be the West Nile guy at the pier!!  Valentin finds out that Nina hired him. He goes to Spoon Island to find her. 

Sonny and Jason talk about ......CARRRRRRRLY. Yada yada 

Michael is going ahead with his plan..would that be WISE after what Carly did just to stop the wedding? I mean, if she thinks he's dead... ummm. Micahel tells Nelle he's going to see Alexis to change his will. Chase goes in and plays her paranoia like a fiddle. 

Michael tells Sonny his plan--Sonny tells him all that could go wrong. Michael is like: Trust me. 

Julian comes over to give Sonny the photo of Mike and Charlie. Sonny says he wanted to buy the bar because Mike felt 'comfortable' there. He then uses Mike's disease to make Julian feel bad. LOL. Oh Sonny. 

Sonny calls over Chase to "talk" to him about the PLAN. Sonny says he better not screw it up. 

At the hospital, Michael goes in and he and Jason talk, making Nelle think he's going to divorce her and get full custody of the baby once it's born. 

Dr. O comes in the stables with a Molotov cocktail and threatens Nina and Peter. 

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

I WISH a Virus would come...

Maxie saves Nina when Nina screams at the copy editor. Maxie wonders what is wrong! 

Peter is in the horse place, blabbin' it up with Dr. O. He blames her for Nathan's death. She's all hysterical. She runs out. 

Drew and Curtis having a meal-- Curtis brings up Sam. Asks Drew how it went seeing her. Curtis thinks Drew needs a new woman.Then they cut RIGHT TO the new DA talking to Jordan LOL!!

Jake invited FRANCO to go to the ballgame with he and Jason!! WAY TO GO KID!! Franco tells Jake he has to work, and to go with Jason by himself. He sees him all the time at home and he needs to 'share". Awww.. Jake goes by himself with Jason. The game was cancelled due to electrical grid failing. Oh! Guess what? Jake invited Drew to come instead of Franco! ahahahaa.  Jake asks Jason how it feels to come back after so long when so much has changed. Jason said it was hard. Jake said it was hard for him too. Now he and his brothers are like a team! He's so glad he has 2 Dads-- because they are all family, after all. :eyeroll: from Drew and Jason. 

Valentin goes to see Finn. He wants to be tested for West Nile Virus. So--who's going to get it--Peter or Dr. O?? OH! Nina told him that to get him off Spoon Island!! DERP

Curtis and Sam take that stupid video tape to the PCPD for enhancement--which they should have done like a WEEK AGO? Finn comes in and says he has something to say about the case. 

Meanwhile, Franco is telling Liz he thinks Dr. O took Peter.  Then they cut between the 2 telling the same story to Liz and PCPD.  Jordan sends people to the cabin. 
You know PCPD too little too late

SO, Drew leaves the "ballpark" and while he's walking, feels mustard squirt on his back--WELL IT'S THAT NEW DA, Margot (and I'm not spelling it the other way, takes too long) -- AND THEY MEET. 
OMG. Written for 12 year olds.

Ok, so 45 came on to interrupt GH.
I have no words.
I refuse to watch. 

see ya

Monday, July 16, 2018

Marriage with Bedpans

So as we know, Carly stomps in to stop the wedding. Ava gets right on her phone LOL Is she calling 911?
Jason is all "UM..DON'T DO THIS"!! Sonny is all "WHAT YOU DOIN"??? She begs Michael not to marry Nelle. Yep. Ava called the police. Chase says he has to take her in. Sonny's like: Don't involve the police. DERP, SONNY...HE IS THE POLICE!! Chase said someone already called it in (everyone looks at Ava). Carly says she'll leave and Sonny goes with her. Before going. Carly yells "Nelle didn' do this alone, she had help" (everyone looks at Ava).

At the police station Jason and Sonny beg Jordan to let Carly go. "She didn't hurt anybody"--then Jordan tells them she injected Mary Pat --whoops!!! 
Jordan later says Carly has to go back to Ferncliff. Um..would they send her to a place where she assaulted the nurse?? 

Nelle goes to GH, she's ok--- she wants to get married in the hospital bed. Michael says OK! Let's do it. Josslyn is at GH and Jason is going over. Ned makes it there too.  Chase shows up in the doorway. He leaves after Nelle says she wants Michael and only wants Michael. They get married.  
They exchange rings and get married. Ned signs the marriage cert in the invisible ink pen??!! 

Nelle overhears Joss tell Micahel that she saw Chase kiss Nelle. Michael says "no big deal, I have everything under control" 

Brad gets a call about he and Lucas' baby. The baby and mama are fine and they'll have a healthy baby soon. 

Drew and Sam take Mike home. Mike makes them drinks and asks: So, how did you two meet? AHHAA. Drew said they used to be married. awkward. 

Sunday, July 15, 2018

Sunday Surgery : What's That Smell?

Yes, I Should be a SORA'd Aiden but no one thought of that in time...
Well, we got moved from the "remote cabin" to the Wyndemere stable. Gross. Maybe it was because Peter smelled like a horse? 

Ok, it's Sunday-- and it's hot so... I'm going to have a watermelon slushie. How good does that sound? 

Saturday, July 14, 2018

Vinessa Antoine to leave GH

So, that's why there was a casting call out for someone who sounded JUST like Jordan! Vinessa Antoine has gotten a prime time gig on the show Diggstown, to be seen on CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Co) in the fall and winter. She's the first Black Canadian actress to be featured on a prime time show on legacy broadcasting. 

Antoine is a native of Toronto, and is currently dating costar Anthony Montgomery (Curtis). She explains that she will be leaving GH and is not sure how it will affect the wedding of Jordan and her beau.  *Note: the article erroneously states theirs would be the first black couple nuptuals on GH--Brian and Claudia were the first. 

The article appears in the Toronto  Star  and is a really nice one about she and her family. Congrats! 

Friday, July 13, 2018

Here Comes the Bride.

So Nelle's prepping for the fastest wedding in the west. Joss brings her a hair comb Carly gave her that was Bobbie's lol. Okayyyyyyy. It's JUST to borrow tho. Nelle has to take a pic to send to Carly. 

Sam and Drew chat ...Sam wants Oscar to see Scout. Oscar is taking photos for the wedding. 

Lulu snarks...Ned says he's ok with it because he wants Michael happy. Bobbie shows up in head to toe black. 
Brucas is there--- Brad give Nelle a necklace and she says he's the only friend she has. 

Carly is going nuts in Ferncliff... and the nurse calls Kevin to say she needs to be sedated. He says no, he'll be right there.  She goes off the rails. Kevin says she should have something to calm her down. Mary Pat gets a needle. Kevin leaves. Oh, Carly was faking it--and grabs the needle from Mary Pat. 

Ava smells Oscar. Says, that's the cologne. Griffin says "yeah, that's funny--Carly smelled it by Morgan's grave too". 

Chase comes to try to get Nelle away before the wedding. He says he loves her.  The ONLY way this could have even have been 1/2 way interesting is if WE DIDN'T KNOW THIS WAS A SET UP. Kind of like "The Sting". Would it have been anything but DULL if we knew what was happening? NOPE. 

Joss sees Chase kiss Nelle. Nelle acts like he's attacking her. 

Jason asks Drew to keep an eye on Michael.

Joss comes down the aisle.  Kevin sees a body in Carly's bed--covered in a blanket. You know that's Mary Pat.  Carly interrupts the wedding and says Hell no..she will NOT be marrying my son!  

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

The Interrupt by the WORLD CUP!

NLG in France... 

Oh, Wub Hub has to catch ENGLAND this afternoon and it starts at 2. I can't watch on the laptop and blog at the same time so I'm watching later. After yesterday, I might need a break for awhile anyway. Did you know that GH is "dark" for 3 weeks? The set is closed. I saw a ton of actors photos on Instagram on vacation and a lightbulb went off. I think they've been off a week and 1/2 now. 

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Root Cellar

Carly is playing cards with Kevin. She feels like her 'old self again'.  She just blabbers on and on and onnnnnnnnnn. The thing she FINALLY realizes is that she was vulnerable to Nelle's wiley wavs due to Morgan's Death. Morgan death talk goes on for--evvvvv--errrrr. 

Jason and Sonny try to tell Michael not to marry Nelle.  Jason is against...then Sonny says Michael can do it--he has faith in him. A bunch of weird stuff about AJ? (no idea why). Jason is SO upset that Michael is doing this. 

Todd and McBain going to save Peter.  They get to the cabin--in 2 mins and find Dr. O. They break down the door...Peter's gone. Must be Nina let him go.  There are restraints on the bed so they want to know where Peter is.  Dr O says she was having Kinky Sex lol!!!  They leave (Franco kinda bought it??) Nina comes out and says: Are they gone? She said Peter's in the root cellar and they have to carry him out.  They get him up out of the root cellar... and it was so weird. Then, they decide to move them. Not sure where. 

Finn left a message for Anna. 

Nelle and Chase in Metro... Chase is trying to convince her not to marry Michael.  Chase says he wants Nelle to leave Michael for him. (part of the plan). He says he loves her.  Then, Michael walks back in. Nelle says "I'm so glad you're here'!! Chase leaves. Michael wants her to sign a pre-nup. 

Sonny goes to Ferncliff after Kevin leaves and tells Carly that Michael is getting married "tomorrow".  They TALK ABOUT MORGAN.  Aaaaaaaahaaaaaaaahahahah

Sam and Curtis sat there the entire time looking at Video footage to figure out the person is wearing heels. 

Monday, July 9, 2018

Sox Game

Chase and Finn 'bond' over lunch at the Metro..... Finn gave Chase Red Sox tickets but Chase thinks it's because 'his parents" are coming to Port Charles and Finn wants to avoid them. Finn's like, NO I was trying to be nice for your birthday. They are mad at each other again. 

Sonny and Jason try to figure out how to get the body out before it's dug up by Jules. Sonny tries to buy the bar..Julian says no. Jason calls "the permit guy" about stalling the paperwork. 

When they get home, Felix says Mike is very agitated and he wonders why he might be upset. Sonny said they talked about the old days. Felix said he's almost 'fearful' and doesn't want to let Sonny down. Sonny tells Jason they have to find that body now because Mike's losing it. 

Maxie brings home baby James. Nina and Dr. O come with her. They are very supportive.  Maxie watches a Yankees game with the baby when they are alone. 

Ava and Scotty-- Scotty didn't tell her that they slept together because Ava kept talking over him and she said it was just a photo of them hugging.  She leaves and goes to GH 

Kiki says the doctor she wants to shadow dropped her because Bensch warned him about her. She's upset and wants to drop the lawsuit but Ava convinces her not to. 

Wyatt goes to tell Franco about Peter being tied up. (I have no clue how he knows Franco?) He tells him a lady with an accent has him and she's wearing THESE SHOES (he draws them) 

In the cabin, Lesil finds the bugle. Nina says it's hers.. and tries to play it to prove it. Can't play it. But Lesil buys the story and leaves. She goes to GH to get medical attention for a "cut"-- the she did herself.  Dr. Bensch gives her a Rx for an antibiotic.
Wyatt sees her in the hall and tells Franco "it's her"! Finn overhears him and says "what's wrong" ..? Dr. O runs away.  Wyatt says it's her shoes, she has a man in a cabin!!  TODD, SAM AND MCBAIN...and OLTLers DREAM!! 

Michael and Nelle are getting married tomorrow at the Metro. Get all dressed up. 

Jules finds a picture of Charlie and Mike Corbin in an old box in the bar. Dated 1983

Today's show was so choppy and SO all over the place. MORE than usual. Geessssssh. 

Sunday, July 8, 2018

Sunday Surgery: Possible Melanoma Alert

Look Lulu! He matches all my Target accessories!! 

SO Many fried chicken jokes......so many. I mean, twitter was just awash in them! Let's just take a moment to say, the show needs money and PR-- so-- ?? It didn't hurt to have George Hamilton on, reading off cue cards and Maxie and Lulu chowing some KFC. Did it? Nah, didn't a bit. Someone did suggest that TIDE Sponsor Peter when he gets untied because you KNOW that mess is stinky!! 

Ok, you realize we are all eating leftover KFC, correct?  Sorry but I did finish the gravy. 

Friday, July 6, 2018

Stay Crispy and Stay Humble....

SaSon talks about Croton and 'THE BODY"....they go to the bar to 'check the foundation".  :eyeroll: They find nothing. 

Ava and Jules talks about the trail and Scotty walks in.  Nelle wants to have brunch with Ava. Shows her the ring...they talk about Ava having the blanket. Nelle thinks Michael really loves her so she's not going to kill him..supposedly. Ava says marry him asap! 

Alexis asks Griffin about the hugging photo. Griffin wants to tell Alexis about sleeping together---Ava's like NOPE! NOPE!  they don't tell her. You know it will come out in court. 

The UNDERCOVER Nelle Operation is in full force. This is just HILARIOUS. Jordan and Chase act like she's some serial killer. She made a BOATING ACCIDENT-- she didn't poison him LOL. And for Jordan to OK this when Nelle was found innocent--and she's done nothing so far to warrant this? It's just stupid. 
They want Michael to DIE and NOT TELL HIS FAMILY he's not really DEAD!! I mean WTF!! Not even Sonny or Jason? Nelle is 9 months pregnant!!!! Oh My GOD.  What could possibly go wrong?? 

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BUT....IT'S ALL ABOUT THE COLONEL!! I see George Hamilton and his tan from a mile away. See, Maxie KNOWS the Colonel-- because KFC's mainframe was being hacked. I guess.  He's afraid someone is going to steal the recipe so he has Maxie HIDE IT in a 'Safe Place"--which is a fake BOOK Spinelli made her. It's in an ENVELOPE. 
I am not making this up.
Ok, George was cute.  Glad they made some money.  

END: Wyatt starts to untie Peter (peter looks hella pervy at Wyatt, I swear to god) 

Jason and Sonny find out Julian is going to expand. 

Thursday, July 5, 2018

Bodies in the Walls

Franco is going to tell Scotty about his abuse. They chat in the Park.

I hate Drew's Office. Too pastel...

Speaking of OFFICES...Alexis sure needs one.

Drew's being a dick because his Mom told Drew he wanted them back together?!

Divorce papers were delivered to Sam today. Sam said she's devastated that her marriage is over but she made the right choice.

Mike can't remember where DA BODY IS! BUT get this!! Julian is going to expand the PUB and Mike buried the BODY THERE!! ahahah. Jules is gonna dig it up!! Bahahahaa.

Kiki goes to tell Griffin that Bensch has a photo of her and him hugging and they meet in the park. CAN YOU GUESS WHO HEARD THEM??
Oh yeah, Scotty.
I bet he gets Griffin in the stand and Priestly Priest CAN'T LIE!!!1

Tuesday, July 3, 2018


NEW CAMERON!! :) YEAH!! He's A TEEN!!  Liz introduces Franco to Terry. Franco is like "She was your first kiss"? Terry says: "I went by HE then, but yes, and I'm damn proud of it".  They talk about the semantics of gender reassignment and it's nice, not too heavy. Terry will be working at GH. Going to the wedding.

Nelle visits Carly. Tells her she forgives her.  Carly and she snark about Michael. Carly finds out they are going to get married. Sonny walks in.

Joss apologizes to Oscar in the park. Cameron comes over later right as they kiss. Oh I hope this kid is TOTAL TROUBLE!!  Cameron says that Joss and he got "married" in preschool. Oscar looks all jelly. Joss and Cam are both working at Lila's Camp this summer. Oscar is not. 

Sam is going to be Baby Brucas' God mama. Julian tries to talk to his kids (I totally forget they are bro and sis) -- and they are like: SCRAM! 

I'm so tired...sorry, it's hot and ....I'm really trying to stay awake here! 

Danny, Jason and Sam on the bridge watching the fireworks. 

GH is a repeat tomorrow

Monday, July 2, 2018

Shower Power

So, Michael gives Nelle a giant pear shaped engagement ring. (I bet it's fake)--she's all "Oh, I couldn't accept that".
Please, bitch, yes you can!! Of course she finally takes it. Michael tells Jason, Sonny, Olivia, Ned...Bobbie, Josslyn and Lulu they are getting married.  No one's happy but Sonny and Jason are in on the ruse so they are all "ok, whatever".  She asked Joss to be her Maid of Honor. She says yes. 

Carly's doing crunches in her room and that person nextdoor is messaging her again.  They say "I'm being held here against my will". DERP. Ugh whatever.  Kevin comes in later--who I think is Ryan. He gives her something to 'talk about during the next session' but I don't know what it is. 

Chase goes to Jordan with a set up for Nelle and she agrees. 

Spinelli restored the message on the chinese menu thing-- Jason and Sonny can see it now. 

In the Cabin... Sam (From OLTL) comes in --he's a Boyscout out in the woods. He finds Peter-- and tells him his name is Wyatt. Which is PETER'S name when he was on CHARMED AHAHHAA. Brahahahahhaa. Later, Nina and Dr. O come back, give him a shot and some cake.  Wyatt left his bugle there and Peter's hoping they don't see it. 

Maxie's shower. Boring. Maxie, Sam and Curtis talking about Peter? Couldn't BE more boring. zzzzzzzzzz. 

Nelle goes to visit Carly to tell her she's getting married. 

OOOFFFF..today was such a bore

Sunday, July 1, 2018

Sunday Nurses Notes

Hello! If you're looking for Sunday Surgery, please refer to the post below this one. I did an early surgery because I was not here Friday and Saturday. There's been some big stuff brewing since then so I'd thought I'd give you the heads up: 

YES, THAT'S GEORGE HAMILTON! KFC and ABC/GH have teamed up to recognize KFC with product placement and a visit from the Colonel and his Pickle Fried Chicken. Don't laugh-- we may just need this to save the soap and make some money. Ok, laugh. But remember: neither the actors in the scenes nor the writers asked for this!! (Let's hope they got paid in KFC gift certificates for the extra work).  July 6th is National Fried Chicken Day!  Go to DAYTIME CONFIDENTIAL for more information. 

THERE'S A JASAM BINGE-JAM OUT!  Well, ABC is going guns to promote super-couple JaSam this summer! How? Full episodes from their past, highlighting "the best of...."  TV SOURCE MAGAZINE has the schedule.  You can watch them on Hulu or ABC.com. And yes, in case you're wondering, there are already giant Twitter fights about JaSam getting a collection and not any other "super-couple". Um, that's because they are PROMOTING them for the summer. You know, to hopefully get those ratings up.

MONICA'S BACK! Over on Michael Fairman's site, it's announced that Leslie Charleson is returning as Monica in mid-August. Hooray!  

CASTING:  Another Ford Brother Look alike! Soap Opera News is reporting that Owen Saxon booked a role on GH.  "Booked a role" isn't "put on contract" but..he certainly fits the GH "type".  Not sure what this is about yet.  Dante recast?  Just rando doctor guy?  There's no GH IMDB listing for him yet either. We'll just have to wait and see.  Soap Opera News is the source for this one. 

HAPPY CANADA DAY!  Did you know that Dom Z is from Canada as is Jason Thompson and William DeVry?  

Finally: Tracey

  Portia and Elizabeth at GH. Portia heard about Gregory.  Liz says the family is taking it hard. Portia asks what is wrong but Liz says she...