Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Park Yourself

A hair cut. Cam gets Oscar to text Joss with some riddle so she'll talk to him. 

Joss and Sonny have a talk. Sonny's the best when he's being a Dad and Son. Joss then talks to Michael. THEN she talks to Nelle! Nelle asks her if she misses Drew more than she is mad at him.  Nelle gives her good advice. Dang it, Nelle is just getting good as a soap victim. 

Alexis gets Ava, Olivia, Molly, Kim and Jordan together to support Kiki in her lawsuit. They all tell her when they were sexually harassed. They "face her" but really talk right into the camera. All tell powerful stories! Too bad Kiki's lawsuit is going to be the "shocker" in all of this. 

Michael -OMG Sam and Jason are acting like he's 16 years old OMG!! COME ON!!  Michael leaves and Sam and Jason talk about Danny, her being with Patrick (for about 2 seconds) and John Doe. 

OH!!  Chloe cries so well!!!! She wants Chase to kill Michael. Which means no real twist yet in this whole story. I did see the car accident in previews-- soooooooo.
Chase taped Chloe on the phone. So, why can't you use that against her??! I don't get why Michael has to "die"?? 

Ok, so Chase should really have been in love with her, set this all up but really kill Michael. 
Some kind of twist-- OR Michael's PLAN should hurt Joss or Avery like Sonny/Carly's always hurt him!
End: Nells has some cramping. 


  1. Lexington Ainsworth is coming back at end of summer as Kristina.

    1. She's not bringing Parker with her is she. Kristina needs to find someone her own age to be with. I heard that Valerie is coming back in September i like them together.

  2. Good, I love Valerie.

    I haven't finished watching yet, but have to say that I am thrilled with the Alexis/Kiki/women stuff, VERY powerful! I met NLG, and I know she feels really passionately about this cause, as I'm sure they all do, and WE all do! When I think it was Alexis asked for a show of hands about who had been sexually harassed, I raised mine, and I'm sure a lot of you raised yours.

  3. Anne Long said...
    She's not bringing Parker with her is she. Kristina needs to find someone her own age to be with. I heard that Valerie is coming back in September i like them together.

    ***But Valerie's not gay.

  4. She is not gay, but there was a time when Valerie pretended to be with Kristina to make Parker jealous, and they had amazing chem!

  5. I liked them as friends. And Kristina was able play something other than beligerent when they hung out.

  6. Yes, I liked them as friends also. As I said in an earlier post, they should focus more on women's friendships.

  7. The pier:

    Chase and Nelly: Oh!! The plan is working!!!!! Yeah I agree she CAN cry very well! :)

    Alexis's home: WOW! Great scene! I love it!!! When I was in school, and I think I was 15, a couple of boys cornered me at school and one boy pulled down my pants.. They then walked away.. I was scared and didn't tell anybody. I really should have.

    Carson home:

    Joss and Sonny: Oh sure Joss. Just ignore Oscar's phone call!!! Oscar didn't do anything wrong!!!! YOU DID!!!!


    Michael and Jason: Oh shut up Sonny!!! I mean Jason!!! Or I should just call you Sonny from now on!

    Michael and Sam: Oh Sam shut up!!!!!

    Jasam and Cheeto: Awwwww! :) Great scene.. Love that little boy's blonde curly hair!

    The park:

    Cameron and Oscar: At first I was thinking who is that boy? Oh wait it's Cameron! He got a haircut. :) I want to know the answer to that riddle!!!!!

    Joss and Nelly: Oh Joss shut up! Stop lying! You know why you got into a fight!!! You pressured Oscar to have sex, and when he said no, you had a melt down!

  8. I always look forward to your views, which are close to mine



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