Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Head Injury

Franco finds Dr O losing it on the docks... he says "I'm here for you". Franco says he knows that she has Peter. He finally convinces her to leave town and then he'll call the PCPD and they can find Peter. She agrees, says thank you, then hits him over the head with a bottle. 

Nina tells Peter the best place for him is behind bars, and then her Aunt can't get to him.  Peter finally agrees. 

Valentin recognizes the bartender/actor guy that Maxie knew from yesterday. He thinks he knows him. oh! HE's the guy Nina hired to be the West Nile guy at the pier!!  Valentin finds out that Nina hired him. He goes to Spoon Island to find her. 

Sonny and Jason talk about ......CARRRRRRRLY. Yada yada 

Michael is going ahead with his plan..would that be WISE after what Carly did just to stop the wedding? I mean, if she thinks he's dead... ummm. Micahel tells Nelle he's going to see Alexis to change his will. Chase goes in and plays her paranoia like a fiddle. 

Michael tells Sonny his plan--Sonny tells him all that could go wrong. Michael is like: Trust me. 

Julian comes over to give Sonny the photo of Mike and Charlie. Sonny says he wanted to buy the bar because Mike felt 'comfortable' there. He then uses Mike's disease to make Julian feel bad. LOL. Oh Sonny. 

Sonny calls over Chase to "talk" to him about the PLAN. Sonny says he better not screw it up. 

At the hospital, Michael goes in and he and Jason talk, making Nelle think he's going to divorce her and get full custody of the baby once it's born. 

Dr. O comes in the stables with a Molotov cocktail and threatens Nina and Peter. 


  1. thanks Karen. sounds like another day with no real progression on any storyline.

  2. roger is a fantastic actor, why have him be franco.could'nt be another character. loved him and dr o. together.

  3. Agreed re: Roger. They should have made him the son of Tony Cassadine and Alexandria Quartermaine and made him morally would have given opportunities to interact with plenty of the other characters and he would have absolutely killed that role. If they can't do that, then bring him back as Todd Manning since ABC owns the character again...He always was brilliant as Todd and it would blow Carly's mind to see him back.

  4. Jason just casually agreed to kill Julian for Sonny. All he asked was whether Julian had been a threat in the past. Sonny says "ya" and Jason goes "sure." Disgusting character.

    1. I wonder if Jason knows that Danny would be dead if Julian hadn't donated bone marrow.

  5. Watching, I agree that Jason has become a despicable character. Notice how both Franco and Drew stepped aside so Jason could bond with Jake at the game and all Jason could do was glare? I'm so over him, wish he never came back

  6. Yes, I also was upset how Sonny and Jason casually spoke of "taking out" Julian. Horrible!! So they are going to try to cover up the 30-year-old body by creating another body? Gee, nothing suspicious there . . . Haven't finished watching yet, but had to come here to say how upset I was. Also, anyone else hear them plugging the Espys?

  7. OMG, now Sonny also is speaking about taking out Nelle . . . He feels OK asking his friend Jason to kill 2 people that everyone knows? Mob-related killing is one thing, mobsters kill each other, it's like war, but this is disgusting . . .

  8. speaking of jason and his problem of killing people, this is the man sam wants to raise her children with

  9. Yes, Sam wants to raise her children with the man who has no problem killing her father. Sonny never is shown having anything to do with the mob anymore, he just has a coffee business and a million family issues. I guess he still is supposed to be an active crime lord, but, other than everyone saying that he is, you never would know it from watching the show.

    Anyway, Nelle is a civilian, and Julian now is a civilian, I really don't think people in organized crime go around killing people who cause them problems who are not in the mob (but, what do I know?).

  10. I totally agree with everyone about Jason. He and Sonny are past their prime, and morally bankrupt. I'd be fine never seeing either character again on my screen. Gonna really miss Doctor O. The writers are digging her a hole she'll never get out of, but the Peter debacle must end. Wonder what happened to the signature on the wedding certificate. Did it disappear yet? Lol!

  11. The docks:

    BobTodd and Dr. O: Awww Dr. O!!!! You didn't have to hurt him!!! :( He was just trying to help you! :(

    The hospital:

    Janey's room:

    Michael, CarlyKim, and Janey: Indigestion!!!!! Just little old heartburn!! The bowling ball baby is going to be okay!!! :)

    Chase and Janey: Mmmmm more foreplay! :)

    Outside Janey's room:

    Jason and Michael: OHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! More of the plan! HAHAHAHA! Yes Janey! D I V O R C E! DUN DUN DUNNNNNNNNNNNNN! Thinking about killing Michael yet?

    Metrocourt restaurant:

    V.C. and Bartender guy: Ohhhh!!!! The bartender guy is that actor who put up the west nile virus sign!!! I didn't even recognize him!!

    Charlie's restaurant and pub:

    KimLian: Oh yes Charlie! Don't go back to your old mob ways or you will lose CarlyKim!! I wouldn't blame her! Don't do it because I like you two together!!!

    Carson's home:

    Michael and Sonny: Great plan!!! Love it!!! But Michael it might just blow up in your face. Be careful!

    Chase and Sonny: Sonny worrying that the plan might backfire, will mean it will!!!!


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