Tuesday, July 3, 2018


NEW CAMERON!! :) YEAH!! He's A TEEN!!  Liz introduces Franco to Terry. Franco is like "She was your first kiss"? Terry says: "I went by HE then, but yes, and I'm damn proud of it".  They talk about the semantics of gender reassignment and it's nice, not too heavy. Terry will be working at GH. Going to the wedding.

Nelle visits Carly. Tells her she forgives her.  Carly and she snark about Michael. Carly finds out they are going to get married. Sonny walks in.

Joss apologizes to Oscar in the park. Cameron comes over later right as they kiss. Oh I hope this kid is TOTAL TROUBLE!!  Cameron says that Joss and he got "married" in preschool. Oscar looks all jelly. Joss and Cam are both working at Lila's Camp this summer. Oscar is not. 

Sam is going to be Baby Brucas' God mama. Julian tries to talk to his kids (I totally forget they are bro and sis) -- and they are like: SCRAM! 

I'm so tired...sorry, it's hot and ....I'm really trying to stay awake here! 

Danny, Jason and Sam on the bridge watching the fireworks. 

GH is a repeat tomorrow


  1. So apparently HUGE surprise guest on Friday's show -
    if it IS Colonel Sanders/George Hamilton next door to Carly, (since they have partnered)
    THAT will be hysterical and at least not Morgan or Kevin.....
    Olivia doesn't even talk to Lulu that Dante left???????????

  2. Cam's a cutie....somebody's jelly. Terry when not speaking looks a bit like Demi Moore. Loved how Carly played it cool and didn't lose her sheeze.

  3. OK, so WHY is Michael marrying Nelle? He NEVER really answers the question. For years, everyone told him to stay away, he never listened, and now has a Mother locked away and a baby with her? DOES HE NEVER LEARN?? He needs to listen to everyone, WHY does he think he knows better after being wrong again and again? So now he will have sex with her? She is SUCH a skank, yuck!!

  4. He has a plan, he is done being an idiot to her. I'm sure he won't have sex with her. Good grief he can barely stand to kiss her! LOL!!!

  5. I really want it to be Blackie Parrish banging on the wall. John Stamos would qualify as a huge surprise.

  6. Won't Nelle be suspicious if Michael won't sleep with her now that they are engaged? He is supposed to be in love with her.

    1. Guess we'll have to wait and see....she's already taped her final show so we've got like 3 or 4 wk wait. I can hang in....

  7. yes, it is blackie parrish. and it will be revealed that he is really nelle's first husband. now that he is really alive, she cant marry michael and this is how she exists the show.

    i'm guessing.

    karen.... how can you fall asleep during such compelling drama?

  8. Crazy town:

    Carson: Sonny still acts like he doesn't give a crap! ROFL!

    Nelle and Carly: Nelle all smug! Hahahaha I love it! Man I am going to miss her! I don't want the actress to leave! :( It was so funny that Carly touched the preggers belly, but Nelle shewed her hand away! ROFL! Nelle wins the line of the day!

    Nelle: I took her to buy some lingerie the other day.

    ROFL! No you didn't!!!! Hahahahahaha!

    Q home:

    Sonny, Michael, and Jason: Michael has to do what he has to do! I can't wait to see this play out! :)

    Friz home:

    Friz and rewrite best friend: Hmmm. I like the scenes today, it was good, but the scenes went on a bit too long, that it got boring.

    Cameron and Friz: HEY CAMERON! Wow!!! He looks so much like his bio father!!!! I miss Zander. :(

    The park:

    JossCar and Cameron: Oscar is all jelly over Cameron and Joss!! Cameron likes her!! :) Sounds like the actor playing Oscar has a cold.


    Jason, Sam, and young Cheeto: Awwwww. :) Sweet scene of them watching the fireworks. :)

    Metrocourt restaurant:

    Brucus and Sam: I am so not happy with Brucas right now!!!! Julian should be part of your child's life damnnit!!!! This is wrong!!! And shut the hell up Sam!!! Don't tell them what to do about Julian! UGH! Get off your damn high horse Sam!

    CarlyKim and "Charlie" CarlyKim looks good in that hot dress. :) Poor "Charlie" I know he is hurting and would really love to be part of the baby's life!!!! :(


    Sonny and Milo: WHY IS MY MILO CRYING?!!?!?!?!?!? WHAT HAPPENED?!?!!?!? :(

  9. "Michelle Latta said...Terry when not speaking looks a bit like Demi Moore."

    Wow you are right she does! She also sounds like her too.

  10. I am also wondering why Milo is crying.

  11. Seems weird to me that Terry showed up to Liz’s house and never tried to get in touch with her before AND that Liz said she loves her.

    1. Because it's GH...Because it's a soap....new storyline. 3 writers...so many reasons haha!!

  12. Remember when they SORA'd Maxie, all of a sudden she was giant Maxie and Felicia had a rebellious teenage daughter. Everyone loved the original Maxie, and I guess they made a stink, soon enough she was back!

    CarlyKim has the most GIANT cheeck bones I ever saw! I used to wish I had large boobs, then I wanted a large behind, but now I am jealous of those cheekbones!!

  13. "KT4GH said...Seems weird to me that Terry showed up to Liz’s house and never tried to get in touch with her before AND that Liz said she loves her."

    Yes!!! This Terry person just showed up outta thin air!! I don't really care about the friend much. They should have had Liz talk to her for a week, so that we could get used to the idea.. But instead, they had it be mysterious.. So stupid. They introduced Dr. Finchy the right way!

    "Michelle Latta said...Because it's GH...Because it's a soap....new storyline. 3 writers...so many reasons haha!!"


    "AntJoan said... Oh, Happy July 4, everyone!!"

    Happy 4th of July to you too!!! :)

  14. Happy 4th to all! I have been half watching since all of the storylines are so “intriguing”, but I thought Michael was pretending he was going to marry Nelle to further try to win her confidence & entrap her. In all the years I have watched GH I have never been so disinterested.

  15. Yes, it would make more sense if Michael was doing that, but--no--he wants to marry her RIGHT AWAY!! MAKES NO SENSE!!

    1. Probably so he can expose her quickly and get out quick. I'm sure he isn't wanting to stay married any longer than he has to. What better way to expose someone, a SOAP wedding. It's soap MO, exposing someone, then she goes away. She's already taped her last scenes, it's coming.

  16. I can't think of her name (too Hot) but Terry reminds me of Simone on AMC

  17. Michelle, LOL!! What are u offering? :)


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