Saturday, July 14, 2018

Vinessa Antoine to leave GH

So, that's why there was a casting call out for someone who sounded JUST like Jordan! Vinessa Antoine has gotten a prime time gig on the show Diggstown, to be seen on CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Co) in the fall and winter. She's the first Black Canadian actress to be featured on a prime time show on legacy broadcasting. 

Antoine is a native of Toronto, and is currently dating costar Anthony Montgomery (Curtis). She explains that she will be leaving GH and is not sure how it will affect the wedding of Jordan and her beau.  *Note: the article erroneously states theirs would be the first black couple nuptuals on GH--Brian and Claudia were the first. 

The article appears in the Toronto  Star  and is a really nice one about she and her family. Congrats! 


  1. Guess the actors are getting tired of sitting in the studio all day to only tape a scene with one or two lines in it. Can't blame them. I wish her well.

  2. I thought IRL she was dating the actor who plays Andre Maddox?

  3. What a surprise. A really good actress who had no storyline, no role, no lines and no scenes decides to go to primetime. Shocking!

    I wish her well. I liked her as a performer.

  4. I wish her well, but I will miss her TERRIBLY, she does have a lot of connections on the canvas, so maybe they will recast her? Funny, I just wrote that my late friend's daughter just ran into her on the beach in CA, she was with the actor who plays Andre, she is dating him.

  5. Wow. Big shake up on the show. Guess they will hire more out of work OLTL actors now.

  6. lindie said...
    Wow. Big shake up on the show. Guess they will hire more out of work OLTL actors now.

    *** And they'll bring her in as a new character so that they get credit for another new character.

    I would like to see Anna come back as police chief so that we get to see her on canvas a little more often.

    I'm happy for Vinessa though. She deserves a parts more than a few hours a month. She's a good actress.

  7. I too like Vinessa. Hope she gets what she wants elsewhere. I liked when Anna was police chief. She should have that position again. Obvious choice

  8. I’m sorry to see her go - she and the Curtis actor make a gorgeous couple, and she is a good actress.Good for her!

  9. Whatever happened to the Brian and Claudia characters? I can't remember them ever officially leaving GH? Did they just fade away?

  10. Bryan and Claudia left Port Charles with their twins in 1986 - 32 years ago! Maybe they are in a care home together by now!!

  11. Wow! Congrats to her! :) I don’t want her to go tho.:(



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