Tuesday, June 30, 2015

The History of Us

When We were Young...

Ok. So. Looks like there was some dust-up today on Twitter after the wreck-mess of a dialog aired today on GH. 
You know, the one...between Laura and Holly? Yeah, that one. The one where it seems now that EMMA and TONY forgot about their history on the show. Emma Samms tweets: 

Big confession re GH. Tony & I couldn't remember the Bill/Holly thing so changed line. NOT fault of or

This was tweeted after Ron screen capped  his script for us to see that it was, indeed "in there" that Holly  had a relationship with Bill "in a fashion". (They had a full on rager of a relationship but hey, that's splitting hairs). 
SO..according to all involved, Emma changed the script because...they couldn't remember what happened. Even though the head writer wrote it.
Ok. welp. Let's accept that explaination. Ok? Let's say..ok-- no problem. Forget the whole Bill and Holly 'thing'. 

Only, guess what. 

Holly and or Emma or whomever ALSO seemed to forget that Holly WAS THERE at the ranch when Luke came and yelled he was going to be a father.
She actually cheered.
Want to watch it? It's at the end, but the whole thing is glorious.

 Some awesome person (@msNonoESQ)  in my timeline found it for me: 

I love this clip--when they talk about baby names. Squee. It's my Luke and Laura!! But...then you know, Guza f'ked things up and made Ethan Luke's son and not Robert's, throwing an wrench into this happy memory.
So... I actually did come to not really 'care' that Luke went to HONG KONG when he was so in love with Laura and slept with Holly. Whatever. I just pushed it away. Like I do a LOT for this show. 

But then, we get the scene...the one between Holly and Laura addressing all of this and what. 
WHAT!! WHAT??????? Holly says she didn't know about Laura--or Lucky. Hello--this was a HUGE deal for all of us. This scene with Laura and their impending baby. The phone call to Ruby.  Awwww.
Oh, and  something else.  Robert actually told Holly that Luke and Laura had a baby boy later on. Named Lucky. But, hey, who's paying attention. Just us oldsters, that's who. 

SO! There's all that. I'm not even going to speculate on what happened to the "I don't know Bill" line. I have my ideas but the point is moot. I am going to weigh in on the huge F'k up of the OTHER part though. So, here it goes:

You all know I've watched GH forever. Most, if not all of my friends "Grew Out" of their phase with Soaps. I actually like the genre though, and have stuck with it, blogged about it and bitched and celebrated with the rest of you all.  We are fans. Probably some of the first 'fandoms' out there. We get bashed, made fun of, you name it. You have no idea the number of rolled-eyes I've lived thru if anyone finds out I actually blog/tweet about GH.
Yet, I endure.  That's what passionate fans do. 

We also remember. 

Like Elephants. Like The Vault. We remember. Sort of like reading your favorite book in the whole world. The one you love to pieces. Someone comes along and writes a sequel and goes "oh, just forget that stuff you knew and really took to heart...it's not important, here's your new reality. Deal with it". 

By the way, when I was watching those scenes real-time I DID NOT HAVE A VCR.  There were no reruns. Our "reruns" were when we were lucky enough to get flashbacks! 
I never saw them again until You Tube. 
WE remembered them!! I remember so much about GH in those years, I can't even tell you. Lucky meeting Ruby for the first time? Yep.  Things like that stick.
Did I forget the Diner didn't blow up? Yes, I do admit to that..thought it did. Things that matter though? Like an entire relationship storyline or a pivotal plot about Luke coming back from his adventure with Holy and Robert?  You bet. And I'm callin' you on it. 

This Luke send off is thin at best. The beginning of the story has been lacking in just about everything. So when you get that much history wrong on top of it all,  people are going to bitch.
Call me crazy. Call me picky..call me whatever. I want a good story. And if you are sending a giant legend off please, for godsake, do your homework. 

That's all. 


IF you watch the show today, Holly basically says she didn't know Bill.

So, RON tweets the SCRIPT saying that the line got "LOST" in today's show where Holly says she doesn't know Bill.

I am just dying laughing. The biggest send off in GH history and THAT gets Fk'd up????? WHAT!


New Spoilers are up. Hit the link at the top of the page! 


Has some saying a little tyke may be alive. Which, for GH is par for the course. I would find it VERY gratuitous but that's me.  Just hope it plays out well an that this "goodbye" turns out to be way better than it's going now.

I will not deal with ANY more "Back from the Dead" .."SHOCKER"!! because it's just DONE TO DEATH. Get it? 

(cue Circus Music)

Geesh, Holly got on enough make up for SLEEPING? Good lord!

BABY doodle dumpling! :) 

TRACY doesn't question Denise's reality? WTF. UGH I take it ppl are just going with the whole ruse.

Gotta go pick up my son.

Monday, June 29, 2015

Hey, Tony... Bite It.

So... Geary keeps it real for his Exit Interview in Entertainment Weekly:

“It was once very difficult for me realize that more than likely my obituary in the paper will read, ‘Luke of Luke and Laura fame died today.’ It was very upsetting when I came to that realization,” Geary, 68, recalls. “It’s not my favorite time of my life and I don’t think it represents me as a person or an actor. It’s kind of like whenever you are introduced they hall out a high school graduation picture. It can be irritating.”

He's so joyless. Thanks for whatever. We get it. And the fact you couldn't even "fake some joy" for your last hour with us? Well, FU. 

HEY! Guess what! Sonny got Avery back! Sabrina even said: THE BIRDS are singing outside.
She did say that.  BAHAHHAHAA. Birds. Singing. :crying:

Avery's like a sack of potatoes or a puppy. Here ya go!

Morgan and Ava "go to the bathroom" at the same time at the Metro during dinner and are gone ages. WTF.

Dante is being played "buzzed" very well by Dom. He looks loaded. He says how much he likes Val...and feels a 'connection" She says he's smart and ..blah blah..she stops him from kissing her. 

Holly says Ethan is missing. Whatever  The Voice on the Phone comes on and says: Wait until tomorrow. 

Yep. Ok I'm done for today

Bryan and Kelly Engaged

Morgan and Britt..on their way to wedded bliss!

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Sunday, June 28, 2015

Sunday Surgery: Around the Mulberry Bush

20150622 1441(24)
WHO ordered the pizza? You know I hate Anchovies!! 
Sunday again? What? And June is almost over? Good Lord, it's probably going to be snowing again before I know it. 
Any-Hoo, hello there. General Hospital? Yeah, that's why I'm here. Something is up, I swear because this show is just NOT doing it.  Is there going to be a regime change soon? Was their budget for editing and level-headedness suddenly slashed in half? There's been some shift--and I can't quite put my finger on when it exactly happened but geesh.
Someone do something. And quick. 

What do we have this Sunday? I did buy a giant watermelon from BJ's yesterday. I love watermelon :) It has rained here so hard--I can't even tell you. My Trombone Shorty fun at the Jazz Fest was ruined last night. BOO.  Hope you are dry and happy. 

Friday, June 26, 2015

"I"m Kissing Donna Mills"

OMG..this is a FRIDAY??????????????????? Seriously!??????

WHY are Dillon and Lulu in the same room? Is it the old "We're full" shit? 
And they find Luke and Laura in 2 seconds, same hotel--and go in to see them. Door's open. LnL pull guns on them and say "freeze"! 

Valerie is there right when Dante throws the phone. WHY wouldn't he confront Lulu? They've been married FOREVER.....?? This is stupid. It's soap from the 1960s when anything was shocking. This is stupid. 

TJ's moving into Sonny's. Get a damn Kevlar vest buddy. 

Sabby and Michael. Boring

I sang a song on Periscope today (video app) called: "I'm kissing Donna Mills" for Ric. LOL.. 
Nina walks into the hotel room when they are in bed. Will she see them? 

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OMG, the Ava and Franco kiss was AWESOME........he got her lipstick on him and her gum in his mouth!! bahahahhaaa.

Charleston interrupts...which is appropriate. Godspeed to all those people. 

And So It Shall Be.

There are a few wonderful, meaningful and joyful things that have happened in my lifetime I can point to and say:  "yes, they got it right" Landing on the Moon, Segregation laws stripped in the '60's, Berlin Wall down, Apartheid gone,  "Irish Troubles' peaceful  RoevsWade,  and now Love Wins.
These are the times in history to savor. To celebrate. My brother can now marry WHERE EVER he wants. Period.
It's about time. 

I'm cryin' a little bit here. Sorry. Just so happy. 

And, I don't know why I put the moon landing in there other than that is the first huge thing I remember as a kid! (and being giddy happy in the middle of the night when Dad woke me up to watch!) 

Why Ratings Are Low

Ah..first day of my summer vay-kay and what do I do? Sit, drink coffee and read the twitter timeline that started yesterday entitled:  #WhyRatingsAreLow  for #GH (I think there is one for #YR too but I don't watch that so..)

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Fan-Generated Art 

Knowing some of you don't tweet, I thought I'd give you some of the high and low-lights of this discussion. There were a LOT of tweets yesterday, into the night and this morning. It's still goin' on! 

We have the objective, retrospective and tweeting to TPTB:

When a spontaneous fan protest erupts w/ over 2,000 tweets in just 4 hrs on a Thurs, plz listen

Because everyone in charge of seems to have completely forgotten the reasons people watch soaps in the first place.

Stories need a beginning, middle, & end, not just the beginning/end minus middle or tons of rewrites that fall apart

MY personal Fave:

Because: Character development + quality storytelling + respect for history = viewership.

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Storyline Pleas:

What happen to Spin & Georgie???? Stories that just STOP.

Taking away Families ie: Quartermaines, Cassadines, Webbers, Scorpios that make the show, & replacing them with nobodies.

Whiplash from changes in characters makes it easier to bail on the show. Who can invest when there is no consistency?

Even when big emotional beats are played, there's no sustained follow-thru or fallout. Stories fade away....

and Some plain old...way too detailed shipper tweets:

so why not tell them what your favs from past writing are? Ex: Liz rape, early liason

because they bring "Jason" back and don't put him with his wife and son.

Because longtime fans are forced to swallow BS that Luke doesn't love Laura & prefers a farce with Tracy.Slap N Face

Characters w/actual fan bases are bein sacrificed 4 RC's rando newbs & pets. (Ric Lansing, Dante, etc)

I'm not watching that crap until Jasam are reunited or Ethan comes back. Someone let me know when that happens.

To the head-scratching (Um, Burton left because JFP went to YR)

Because vet actors like Steve Burton get shown the door just to make room for pets like Michael Easton.

To the poignant:

Wow I am so impressed with this fanbase & their concerns for GH. With so few soaps left, I hope the TPTB listen

SO, you write your own tweet!! 140 Characters-- why are the ratings so low? I also say we are aging-out of the demos. They aren't attracting new viewers because the genre is stagnant and production hasn't evolved. Although, look at BandB-- great stories, tight cast and intrigue. It's only 30 minutes as well. That could help with budget et. al.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Nikolas was IT Today

Nikolas saved the show with his yelling at Rosie. Telling her he should lock her up on Cassadine Island where she could be "his GRANDMOTHER'S BITCH" (and he yelled it).

Oooooooooooooooo awesome part of the show today!

Other than that? UGH

Kiki and Franco don't need scenes together anymore. She's not Starr so no point.

Donna Mills stole almonds and chocolate from Ric's Mini Bar :) 

Michael went and cried like a baby to Sabby. 

Sonny and Morgan argued about 

Ava met Carly and Nina.

That's about it. 

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Rocco's in "Daycare" (LMAO)

Ok, I have to leave at 2:30 so...long/short of it.

Luke and Jen had sex..quite wild by the looks of it. She didn't 'get what she wanted" though and might not tell Luke where Lucky is.
I don't think she even knows. 

Oh they didn't have sex. Luke passed out.

Nik tells Dillon he wants to finance his movie. (Working title? "Pickles in the Rose Garden" lol--ok, made that up).  Dillon says no way. I say use Kickstarter. 

Lulu is on the phone with Laura. Dante over hears--who's that? She says Maxie.
He decides to follow her..she's going to see Dillon. 

Sonny and TJ. TJ wants to know if he knew Duke wanted to kill his mother.  Sonny says, nope. My hands are clean! But your Mom WAS a snitch so... . LOL... 

Jordan tells Valerie all about TJ getting off and her idea that Sonny did it.  Discussing the case with the help? Errrrm...

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Great White Whale

Promo for GH? Barf worthy
Ric and Donna Mills Kiss

Dante and Val go in for one,

Now, Ric and Donna Mills I guess I "get" ...although she's on so spardoically who cares.  It's not like she's a 'real' character.
Dante and Valerie just make me...bleck. It's so contrived, I don't like Val and whatever. 

20150622 1459(7)

I think Billy Miller had a cold or something. He looked all sweaty and smarmy at the bar.  He and Sam get all cutsie together. In walk Patrick and Liz, right on cue!  They have a double date. Sam is dressed like she's going cleaning. 

Nikolas helped himself to Michael's chair!  He did say they'd have to "deal with him".  He says they never accepted Emily into the family (huh??? Where's Monica??)
This is the only good part of the show today.  Tracy and Michael standing together :) 

Ned is missed though.
Monica not being there? Criminal.

Lucy votes with Nikolas however, making things interesting. 

Lucy talking to Dillon about Luke and Laura. 

Maxie talking to Lulu. Over Cupcakes. Rocco is asleep.

Stupid Val tells Dante that Lulu and Dillon have a secret. 

Jennifer says she's "tired of this decades old song and dance between us"... um..ok. You go over there with the crazy-pills and call us in the morning.  She mentions the film "Indecent Proposal" with "Jackie Templeton"... 
Ok, so that's why. For a joke. Got it.  Demi Moore Joke. So funny. NOT

Jennifer says she never got over Luke, her "First Love" and he's her "Great White Whale"-- and she has to "land him, if just for one night". 

Laura points out that this is basically RAPE. There's that word again! Because of course, my LnL memories need to be MORE tarnished.
So. .. welp.

Luke decides to sleep with Jennifer. She tells Laura to make "breakfast in bed". 

Monday, June 22, 2015

The Roseanne GH Connection

Roseanne was on GH as Jennifer Smith..

And..Genie and Tony were on her show...as..Luke and Laura 

So, memory lane for you! 

So.....I Watched GH Today and......

AHAHAAAHAAAAA. I'm crying laughing here. Not sure if it's tears of exhaustion or what the hell is going on.

THE ONLY and I mean ONLY thing worth tuning into today for was Nik and Sam's confrontation. Nicely done. The reasons for Nik becoming an instant prick were stupid, but hey. Small favors. 
I mean, really..Cassadine money has been eaten away? Sooooo, you build it up by raiding your old fiance's company? Um, sell some of your shit like Sam suggested. "Spencer will not be denied the manner in which he's been brought up". What? You go to Lake Como once a year? 
UGH.... the ends do NOT keep justifying the means on this show. 

Sally Struthers as Jennifer Smith

Roseanne as Jennifer Smith

I'm not even going to mention the Luke and Laura fiasco other than to say that I thought that was the original Jennifer Smith but turns out no. She was on OLTL as a young Cassie, I guess that's where I remember her from.
IF they were going for camp they should have gotten Roseanne Barr or Sally Struther's back. 

She says she wants a night with Luke-- in exvhange for Lucky.
Can I dare hope this is like-- not the real reason for anything? Please? And why drag Laura into it if you want Luke? 

Holly is still coming-so there's that.

SO far? LnL story? D+.

Monday Morning

Morning! I know I'm not going to be here until later today. I won't be watching the show, so put it all here. I'll be DVR'ing it as usual. It will be nice to FF and get it done in about 15 min! Hope your father's day was fun. I'm exhausted. Jazz Fest all weekend, then family over. I'm not 25 anymore that's for sure!! 

If you watch Orphan Black then you know what a fab finale it had (NO spoilers!) It's going to be too long until the next season. I am watching that Dr. Norville and Strange show about the magicians as well. Pretty cool. 
Check out "UnReal" on Lifetime (you can see 4 episodes on demand).
LOVED the "Deadly Adoption" movie. LOL...they played it JUST like a Lifetime movie and it was total parody. Which speaks for itself! 

Other than that? I still have the first True Detective to go, Transparent-- and Orange is the New Black! I have to hurry up on that one because there are too many spoilers all over the place.

What are you watching this summer? Besides my Real Housewife stuff there's not a heck of a lot I watch. 

One more note. The place they are searching for the escaped convicts is right next to where I grew up. Friendship is a TINY TINY town-- and there are hunting cabins all over the place. I grew up in the "big town' down there which has about 6,000 people. Yep--Cow Country! It was amazing to see it trending on twitter "Allegany County". The last big thing that happened was our flood in '72.  I don't think they are down there, btw-- I mean come on. BUT! Hell, all those troopers have to eat somewhere, right? Put a little money into our local economy. 

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Sunday Surgery: Brought to you by Serta Mattress

Can you believe it's Sunday again? I almost dreaded writing this blog because I honestly thought this week was one of the most boring in recent memory. Then I remembered that even boring can be fun to snark about so....

I'm happy! And in  honor of my sleepy week, here are all the bed-shots from GH's last 5 days. There were a lot of them: 

20150617 1409(17)
Prison Camp at the Webber House 
20150617 1410(52)
Spy-Central at Paddy's 

20150617 1407(38)
Lante in the Loft 
It's the International Jazz Fest here in Rochester! Have some food truck noms and enjoy! My fave is MacARollin' lobster mac-n-cheese.

Friday, June 19, 2015

Triple L Diner

Frank, Luke and Jennifer (Smith)... Frank Smith mention today

It's the old Diner... it didn't blow up. I thought it did, but it was the truck outside. I just watched on You Tube because I was sure it was the Diner. 
It's a romp of nostalgia. 
"You made me whole...but I felt I never deserved you Laura and I was terrified of family life"... Luke says. He says he didn't regret their life or their family. 
Laura's phone rings. 
at the end, SOMEONE walks in the diner. 

This Ava 'Story' is stupid and I HATE IT. Seriously? This is character growth? WTF? UGHHHHH. Her character goes though all she did with the baby, being shot...having cancer, yada yada and all she winds up doing is having sex in a crappy wig with Moronigan on the couch at ELQ?

Rosie walks in, they dress. Then Kiki walks in and knows nothing. They all go to lunch.

Nikolas fails to gain Dillon's ELQ shares.  Lulu figures out it might be Nikolas that is taking the shares. 

OMG is all that Dante and Val do is drink coffee?? 

Nate and Maxie are out to lunch. Nothing happens...jabber jabber

Tracy,  Jake, Sam, Sabby and Michael figure out it's probably Rosie doing the naughty at ELQ. Stupid Mikey already told her about the bug so..there it goes. 

Later-- Sam goes to talk to Nikolas about Rosie and Michael gets Dante to question her at the ELQ offices. 

I May or May Not... I MAY!

  Be here today! I'm subbing with 3 year olds and then doing an eval on a 2 year old so... not sure I'll be fit to do ANYTHING at 2p...