Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Kettle Ball

Sloane really COULD be Faison he's so damn creepy. UGHHHH Anna went to throw up. LOL "Should I take it personally" says Sloane?
YES, take it personally!! 

Anna is disgusted. Sloane is all slimy. She finally tells him to: GET OUT.  He leaves. She's pretty upset. 

Flava is at Julian's still pretending to be Denise. She knows about Olivia being Julian's sister. The Jerome, NOT the Falconeri. Oh! Because she got on the internet and found out all about the family.
She also wants to be Avery's "favorite aunt". SHOCKER 
She also yells at Julian for letting Michael "take Avery"..HOW STUPID CAN THIS GET??? god!! 

Silas is back. Kiki tells him about Denise, Avery and her being with Morgan. He plays dumb about Denise. He wants to see The Twin. Looks like Ava did this without his knowing. Hmmm, interesting. 
20150601 1451(7)

AVERY is back!! Baby cutie pants!! Tracy and Luke should have had a code-word to hedge against Fluke faking her out.
Luke has ZERO sparkle. Is it because he's playing "Fluke"?? Is it because he's "cured"? Whateer it is, ti's just not fun. He's not the same. I really don't want to see him with GF this way. NOPE. He's hollow. That's it. Hollow. 

Luke proposes to Tracy because they aren't reall married for some stupid mask reason. 
He says she's his constant. Giant ring . "My heart is broken and only you can fix it". She's not sure she can trust him. 
Dillon comes in. Hair standing right up! 

Morgan and Mike are arguing...who cares. 
Oh they BOX ahahaha. Slow Day. They apologize to each other but say it can never be the same. 

TOLD YOU...Mayor offers Jordan police commish job. 


  1. Karen,
    Go to You Tube and watch Brandon Flowers' video for "Still Want You." Lots of fun (unlike GH).. Flowers' new solo cd is really enjoyable. I think you'll like it.

  2. Good grief! Jordan is 31 years old. She's undoubtedly the youngest Police Commissioner in U.S. history. Police commissioners come to the job with significant supervisory experience as police chiefs, deputy police chiefs or other high-ranking positions. And that's after they work their way up through the ranks. It's definitely time for that mayor to go.

    And how much do these writers like their shirtless men....and boys....lol Michael actually looks younger than Morgan. And he's supposed to be 6 years older.

    Good timing, Dillon. (I hope he hangs around for a while.) And good for Tracy. She finally got her brain back. You're a Quartermaine. Trust no one!!

  3. If Jordan is 31 it means she had TJ at 12! More like 41...

    I wonder if Geary is on pain meds or something due to his back? Maybe that's why his performance is so lack luster.

    Once again, Karen (and also Sonya!) thanks for diligently watching and posting about the show. I'm otherwise preoccupied these days and it's nice to know what I should (creepy SloAnna and Flava) and should not (shirtless men, heehee) zip through.

  4. Brandon Flowers is CUTE! Love Shot in the Night.

  5. OH I LOVVVVVE Brandon Flowers!!! :) LOVE the Killers! Did you know that or just guess??!!

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  7. Port Chuckles Press: Mucho DeMuccio! ROFL!

    Anna's hotel room:

    Robot Sloan: I have feelings for you.

    I knew it!!!!! Hmmm can robots have feelings, or fall in love or have crushes?

    Anna: Get out!

    YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! Get out you slimy pervert!!!! And don't come back! I thought Carly and/or Olivia got rid of the old ugly robes!!

    McSilas's home:

    Kiwi: I was really lonely here without you.

    Or was it IT was really lonely here without you? Well anyway, you weren't lonely Kiwi!!! You had Morgan to play with. Over and over and over again. :)Oh look McSilas is pretending to be surprised about Moochie!

    Kiwi: Are you okay? You seem overly freaked out about this.

    Yeah Kiwi! You are right! He is acting a bit freaked out, anxious, and upset. I started to wonder if he didn't know anything about what Ava is up to.

    Julians home: Oh I thought it was Morgan shirtless working out. Nope Julian! Yummy anyway. :)I don't get why Moochie is living with Julian. She could live in the Brownstone!!!! Moochie wins the line of the day!

    Moochie: Ever heard of the internet genius? Invented by Al Gore for demystifying porn.


    McSilas: Denise DeMuccio?! Cut the crap Ava! I know it's you!

    AH HA! So he DOESN'T know!!! Interesting! :)

    Q home: Sooooooooooooooo Luke and Tracy are NOT married!!! Awesome! :)Take the leap Luke? Every damn time you propose to her you say take the leap! UGH! Stop that! Say no Tracy! Say no!!! Oh hello Dillon! Wow he is hot, and boy he is tanned. Lay off the tanning spray dude.

    Police station: Jordan the new commissioner?!!?! Someone better spill the beans about Mayor Lomax, so that Anna can be back as commissioner, and that Felicia could find out she won the mayor seat!!!

    Boxing ring: Awwww love the Morgan and Michael scenes! They shook hands!! YAY! I kept telling them now hug! :)Maybe next time.

    Sidenote: Robot Sloan said it was going to rain! It didn't!!!! The weather man was wrong! How is all that blood going to be washed away now?!!?! And also, what happened to the tiger that escaped from the zoo?!!?! Is it still wandering around? Or was it caught?!!?! How come nobody is talking about the tiger that escaped?! How come nobody is worried?!

  8. "CareyN said...Once again, Karen (and also Sonya!) thanks for diligently watching and posting about the show."

    You're welcome!!!!!! Don't let bad storylines get you down! We can just make fun of it! :)

  9. I just got home from work, and haven't watched yet, but someone here said that Jordan is 31? We just saw a flashback from 20 years ago where the looked THE SAME as she does today.

  10. karen,
    I remembered you liked him. The last 2 days I have been so appalled by GH (Sloane and Anna!) I've been using the "Still Want You" video to cheer me up.
    I had been watching only sporadically. I am trying to watch Geary's exit but they're making it really difficult. Coming attractions of Laura holding a gun on Holly don't make me very hopeful that this will get better anytime soon. I love Maura West but this Denise thing is just awful. What the hell has happened to these writers?.

  11. AntJoan, I checked and Vinessa Antoine who plays Jordan is 31.

    Moochie would have to have money to live in the brownstone, Sonya. Michael kicked the freeloaders out.

  12. I never thought Silas was in on Ava's plan. There's a promo video on Youtube that shows Laura (with Luke) pulling a gun on Holly, who is also holding one. I'll try to post it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fWLNomvZzpE

  13. Andrea,
    Just watched the video - loved it. I never knew it existed Thanks

  14. Anna had to have been in her mid-20's when she became police chief. BTW, Anna is having a REALLY bad week: Duke's death, killing Carlos, and then sleeping with Sloane! Ugh! This storyline should have Robert Scorpio in it, not Sloane!

  15. "Blogger Di said.. Moochie would have to have money to live in the brownstone, Sonya."

    Ohhhh that's right!!!!!

    "Michael kicked the freeloaders out."

    Oh I forgot! ROFL! coughcoughMORGAN&KIWIcoughcough*

  16. I like Anna and Sloane together. I felt bad for Sloane today. Chad and Bryan should never be shirtless again.

  17. Thanks for the link to the promo, Paul. I'm looking forward to Laura and Holly. I wish they could stay in place of some others.

    Anna and Sloan together....yuck!

  18. P.S. In the past Anna was a WSB agent, international spy, co police chief, police chief, acting commissioner for a short period before Robert got the job, and Police Commissioner in 2012.


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