Friday, June 26, 2015

Why Ratings Are Low

Ah..first day of my summer vay-kay and what do I do? Sit, drink coffee and read the twitter timeline that started yesterday entitled:  #WhyRatingsAreLow  for #GH (I think there is one for #YR too but I don't watch that so..)

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Knowing some of you don't tweet, I thought I'd give you some of the high and low-lights of this discussion. There were a LOT of tweets yesterday, into the night and this morning. It's still goin' on! 

We have the objective, retrospective and tweeting to TPTB:

When a spontaneous fan protest erupts w/ over 2,000 tweets in just 4 hrs on a Thurs, plz listen

Because everyone in charge of seems to have completely forgotten the reasons people watch soaps in the first place.

Stories need a beginning, middle, & end, not just the beginning/end minus middle or tons of rewrites that fall apart

MY personal Fave:

Because: Character development + quality storytelling + respect for history = viewership.

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Storyline Pleas:

What happen to Spin & Georgie???? Stories that just STOP.

Taking away Families ie: Quartermaines, Cassadines, Webbers, Scorpios that make the show, & replacing them with nobodies.

Whiplash from changes in characters makes it easier to bail on the show. Who can invest when there is no consistency?

Even when big emotional beats are played, there's no sustained follow-thru or fallout. Stories fade away....

and Some plain old...way too detailed shipper tweets:

so why not tell them what your favs from past writing are? Ex: Liz rape, early liason

because they bring "Jason" back and don't put him with his wife and son.

Because longtime fans are forced to swallow BS that Luke doesn't love Laura & prefers a farce with Tracy.Slap N Face

Characters w/actual fan bases are bein sacrificed 4 RC's rando newbs & pets. (Ric Lansing, Dante, etc)

I'm not watching that crap until Jasam are reunited or Ethan comes back. Someone let me know when that happens.

To the head-scratching (Um, Burton left because JFP went to YR)

Because vet actors like Steve Burton get shown the door just to make room for pets like Michael Easton.

To the poignant:

Wow I am so impressed with this fanbase & their concerns for GH. With so few soaps left, I hope the TPTB listen

SO, you write your own tweet!! 140 Characters-- why are the ratings so low? I also say we are aging-out of the demos. They aren't attracting new viewers because the genre is stagnant and production hasn't evolved. Although, look at BandB-- great stories, tight cast and intrigue. It's only 30 minutes as well. That could help with budget et. al.


  1. Wubs, I think you're right about fans aging out. I think that wouldn't be the case so much if GH would use it's history to move forward rather than backward. Luke was popular in the '80s, Sonny was popular in the '90s. It feels that GH is constantly trying to recapture/continue that popularity instead of creating a creating something new. Luke can't be Luke from the '80s and Sonny can't be Sonny from the '90s no matter how many times a story line is repeated. I would love to see the hospital become more prominent. Jason Thompson is an excellent actor and leading man. Felix, Epiphany, Liz, Brad and Lucas are all fun characters that I care about. Get Sabrina and Franco their old jobs back at the hospital. Bring Kevin Collins back. Shift Sonny to supporting and focus on his offspring instead. Play the love and not the violence. Become more female driven and less misogynistic. Find a moral center. Heck the moral center could be the hospital and not a character.

  2. If we weren't "aging out" the overall ratings would be down, and they aren't (that much)-- it's those damn demos.
    Stupid Demos
    Great idea about the hospital being moral center-- so many medical shows are a win-win.

  3. SaveOurSuds said... Find a moral center.

    These guys need to realize that "love in the afternoon" doesn't mean "random sex with anything that moves" in the afternoon. There has to be a story and a build up to attract fans to a ship. And characters can't spend their lives in a bed!



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