Monday, June 1, 2015


Delia: I take orders from No Man.

Sonny: Except Tequila 
Delia says Denise is Ava's twin, but fraternal not identical (ie that's why the DNA didn't match) and Denise got adopted.
And she gets off the charges and is GOING TO MOVE IN WITH JULIAN.
HOLY SHEEZzzzzzzzze. 

Although please know that IS Ava and she's just being Ava. And we are going to have to live with this crap for how long?

Ric's talking to Donna Mills. Don't even care. 

Tracy catches Rosie on the phone. She's not happy. Rosie covers and says she's talking to Nina for Michael. She leaves. 

Lulu comes in "LUKE IS GONE"!!

Then Luke walks into  the Q house.  He got a tattoo just like his dead daddy. 

Anna and DieSloane. 
This sucks. Anyone think he's working for Faison because?
UGH. the end they take off their shirts..and tomorrow they are in BED TOGETHER.


  1. Yech.
    Completely and entirely hoping Madeline beats Ric. Someone should give her Carly's number. LOL
    Yech. Anna has been destroyed.
    Karen, Delia knew where everyone was because of Kiki calling her and telling her what was going on. Sooooo convenient.
    Yech. Anna has been defiled.

  2. I almost turned it off when Luke showed his tattoo and I wish I had. The scene with Anna and Sloan made me sick. She only lost Duke a few weeks ago and was devastated and now she's making out with some creepy jerk who's been hounding her for months and in whom she had absolutely no romantic interest? This is so beyond the realm of possibility that it boggles the mind.

    I won't be tuning in tomorrow or anytime soon. I'll follow the recaps here to see if anything unexpected happens, like an antidote to the mass insanity in the town.

    P.S. Denise looks too much like Ava to be a fraternal twin.

  3. Ugh - not looking forward to watching tonight. Cartini should watch the brilliant Orphan Black to learn how to do "twins".

  4. Wubs, I get the feeling that if it weren't for the Denise ish and Sloane, you might actually be enjoying GH somewhat. LOL The Denise stuff I just want to be over with quick. I am glad that MW is back just wish it were a better story line. Denise/Ava seems so disconnected to the people who should be important to her and I think that is the biggest problem for me. nuKiki and Ava haven't interacted enough for there to be a connection between them. Morgan and Ava were suppose to be in love but instead of excitement at the possibility of Ava being alive we see Morgan quietly in the background making confused expressions while Sonny acts like he is the most important player in this story line. Yuck!

  5. Metrocourt: Nina wins the line of the day!

    Nina: I'm doing the dirty. We're doing the nasty. We're doing the mystery sandwich We'redoing the hibidy jibity. We're having so much of the sex. He can't get enough of this! B double O t y. I mean even sex maniacs have to come up for air.

    ROFL! Wow Nina turned into a 20 year old. :) And her brother can't even get through to her.

    Police station: Oh come on!!!! I've seen the looks "Moochie" and Delia are giving each other!!!! And the look "Moochie" gives Kiwi and other people! She is Ava!!! Twins!? Really!? ROFL!

    Q home: Yes Nik! Rosie is an idiot talking to you on the phone at the Q home!!!! Oh look Luke has got a tattoo!

    Tattoo: Well hello Mrs. Spencer, and Lulu! Luke told me so much about you two! Nice to meet you! I am here FOREVER!!!

    Wyndemere: Okay the Nik and Rosie scene intrigued me. I want to see if this plan actually works.

    Ric and Madaline: Ric turned on Madaline!! HAHAHAHAHHA! But looks like she won! Unless Ric is tricking her.

    Anna's room: Oh look The Robot Sloan is smiling again. Nah it's just gas. Oh oh they are both drunk. Oh no!!! Stop kissing!!! YUCK! Even his kissing is stiff! No Anna! Don't have sex with the robot!!!!! BLECH!

  6. My only hope is that Anna is in full self-destruct mode and will wake up tomorrow, like many of us have, and wonder WHAT WAS I THINKING.

  7. According to TV Line, Emma Samms is making a brief return to GH.

  8. Things I don't enjoy on GH right now:
    The Nik money ELQ story--way too stupid/disjointed

    I SORT of like Nina/Franco/Ric just because of the actors, that's it
    I DO LOVE Brad/Lucas story

  9. ALC said...My only hope is that Anna is in full self-destruct mode and will wake up tomorrow, like many of us have, and wonder WHAT WAS I THINKIN

    I'm hoping she wakes up, takes one look at Sloan and starts throwing up!!

  10. I have always liked Anna's taste for the bad boys but WTH...Sloan is just stupid. What a waste of Anna!

  11. OK, I just HAD to share this with all of you, my GH friends. I finally saw the final episode of Mad Men (my fave show on TV, except for GH, of course), I have watched it from the beginning and was dragging out watching the last few DVR'd episodes as I didn't want the show to end. And then, who was there in the last episode: Carrrlooosss!! Did anyone here mention this, I don't remember.

  12. AntJoan, I think I mentioned it. He is a good actor & I hope he does well. Hated to see Mad Men end.



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