Tuesday, June 30, 2015


IF you watch the show today, Holly basically says she didn't know Bill.

So, RON tweets the SCRIPT saying that the line got "LOST" in today's show where Holly says she doesn't know Bill.

I am just dying laughing. The biggest send off in GH history and THAT gets Fk'd up????? WHAT!


  1. Karen says I am just dying laughing. The biggest send off in GH history and THAT gets Fk'd up????? WHAT!

    BAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I know!!! It's so odd!

  2. I am certainly glad that is the ONLY thing that has gotten so screwed up in this storyline.


  3. This gets worse every day. At least Luke's last appearance is the end of July and there is only one more month of this. Which back from the dead baddie has Lucky? Who cares? You just know it's going to be another amazing resurrection. So sick of this.

  4. Did she also screw up the lines where she said she didn't know that Luke was married?

  5. help me out. Im glad i wasnt the alone in going" wait. werent bill and holly an item?" but, wasnt ethan sired under some sort of duress? were luke in holly in some life or death situation and kicked boots thinking they were going to die? or did i make that happen in my mind. ugh. either way. kudos for doing your homework Ron. sheesh.
    i am leaning towards bill or sly being invlolved in this somehow. i thought that maybe ethan and lucky set this up to bait luke into something. but the promo blew that for me.
    i only care about this because everybody but tony is trying to salvage this.

  6. So Emma states that she and Tony couldn't remember the Bill/Holly storyline, so they changed the line...that sounds fishy.

  7. deckermoss, your memory is right. Holly and Luke were in some situation where they thought they were going to die so they had one last tryst, and there was Ethan. That was pretty-well explained when Ethan came on board.

    Karen--I'm thinking about your "feeling" the other day when you commented like you felt something was going on behind the scenes. It certainly looks like Ron C is being underminded in the writing room. He knows his history and he tends to honor it pretty well (at least based on what I know from OLTL and when he first came to GH) so I'm sure he is also wondering WTH is going on with his scripts...

    Looks like the drama behind the scenes is more exciting than the drama on the screen!


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