Sunday, June 28, 2015

Sunday Surgery: Around the Mulberry Bush

20150622 1441(24)
WHO ordered the pizza? You know I hate Anchovies!! 
Sunday again? What? And June is almost over? Good Lord, it's probably going to be snowing again before I know it. 
Any-Hoo, hello there. General Hospital? Yeah, that's why I'm here. Something is up, I swear because this show is just NOT doing it.  Is there going to be a regime change soon? Was their budget for editing and level-headedness suddenly slashed in half? There's been some shift--and I can't quite put my finger on when it exactly happened but geesh.
Someone do something. And quick. 

What do we have this Sunday? I did buy a giant watermelon from BJ's yesterday. I love watermelon :) It has rained here so hard--I can't even tell you. My Trombone Shorty fun at the Jazz Fest was ruined last night. BOO.  Hope you are dry and happy. 

20150624 1632(10)
You had ONE Job, Luke...ONE job! 
If this "Luke Exit" is doing anything, it's highlighting in painfully sloooowww fashion all of his follies over the years. The Jennifer Smith scenes? Come on. Seriously? It wasn't even written half way decent. B Movie. Or something. I don't even know. Even the sets pissed me off. LOL. Not even trying to be anything  but cardboard.  Yes, the one or two jokes about "Jackie Templeton" were funny. There were a few others but I forget..oh, yeah, the Blackie/Whitey Parrish one. But...other than that. Eh.
TG seemed so--so.. underwhelmed. Genie tried. Then it just went to hell. Sorry, but it did. In a pot. She didn't tell us where Lucky is (Gaffaw) ... Luke didn't DO IT because he passed out (oh the hilarity)!! And Friday, LnL are with Guns drawn on Dillon and Lulu. Holly has one when she comes on. 
I just can't even.
20150623 1450(23)

20150623 1419(26)

20150624 1650(30)
YES!!  I am offering an alternative!!  How about this: 
After the Fluke thing, when he's in the hospital, they discover irreversible cancer  (Ava's story never happened in my dream so shut it). HE's the one that does the "death with dignity" story. It's all done at the hospital. Would even give dull Silas a part.  His past comes to pay some last respects and he fights to die the way he wants. Monica's there...Dr. O is against it. Hell, have a whole debate on it. If you read the NYT piece about self-directed death, there are more 'legal' ways to do it, but it takes ordering drugs across seas and not getting caught. He could have had Robert smuggle some in. Or how about Helena? Coming through for him, helping him die. Sort of an ironic twist. She'd be all "here's your poison but now I suddenly don't want you to truly go".....
 Anyway, point IS...the story could have been SO SO much more. Laura could have come back to help, she and Tracy bonding. Lucky and Ethan back to say goodbye (can you imagine how Lucky would have cried??!)  It would have been a great last performance for Geary. 

But...nope. GH again. With the pseudo-camp or whatever this is supposed to be. Not one person I know likes it or even talks about it much. More people were talking about Donna Mills and Ric kissing than they were Luke.  

20150623 1407(21)
Oh .... YOU MAD??? 
 Nikolas was quite entertaining this week. Full on Cassadine mode which I love. Him going off on Rosalie was great. Scared me a bit. Heh. "Go be my Grandmother's BITCH"! eek! You GO NIK!! It really fits (even though the whole "takeover thing" is kinda stupid and makes no sense) because you have a Cassadine, the only one left..he needs to be used for evil.
IT's the Law. 

20150625 1607(19)
It's really just grows.........IN MY PANTS!! 
Morgan and Sonny were just...comic. Morgan was a horny teenager telling Daddy about the older lady he just couldn't stay away from. Good grief. You have no  idea how I wanted Sonny to look at him and go "you know, Morgan maybe if you had a job, you wouldn't be thinking about your dick 24-7".

20150624 1636(44)
But..But..I can't THINK!! Make me pasta so I can think!! 
Valerie and Dante. Lulu and Dillon. So dull, so predictable. Poor Rocco...he's huge and stuck in that damn crib in the corner for days on end. :giggle:  
Dillon and Lulu.. in one room!!! 
Valerie and Dante kiss after beer and commiseration!!! 
Audience is like: "saw that coming for weeks on end"...
And, look...I'm all for couples and conflicts but this is just -well... boring. Plus the fact that it's so far far out of everything Dante has ever done it's laughable.  A kiss over beers and Rocco's crib.
BTW, that kid sleeps..A LOT.

20150624 1617(33)

ELQ. Lucy is voting with Nik. Ok, that did surprise me. So, kudos there. 

20150625 1522(14)

Sabrina and Michael. I know some of you like them, but I swear they are like Amish to me. Not that there's anything wrong with the Amish...but it's like one of those Amish romance novels you read. (yes, I've read some). I feel like Sabrina is going to sit down soon and make her wedding quilt for the hope chest.  BTW, all of a sudden she's all like 'Ok, just give a baby to a mob-man"? Where the hell did that come from? Some people are thinking that Morgan will end up being the "real' Dad in all of this. Rotating ladies, rotating babies. 

20150625 1648(40)

Donna Mills and Ric.  At least she got her almonds from the Mini-Bar. This has taken an interesting turn I suppose, so..I might be into it. The problem is..we know Nina and Ric don't sleep together. The way Nina acts you can't even really tell if she likes him let alone 'loves him'. The story is odd. If Nina would have kinda 'fallen' for him over time, it may have worked.

20150625 1600(3)

What else is happening? Erm...oh Denise. Going to bother Silas at the ER because she's all upset about the baby. She can't be happy she's out, and might see her other daughter. Nope. She's just all pissed off. (I think it's that ugly wig she has to wear but..??) Franco and she at the Metro were the bright spot for me! All gum and lipstick. heh..Plus Morgan's pasty face looking at the two of them. 

20150625 1648(6)

Why Carly didn't spot her as a phony is beyond me. She knew instantly about Hayden but thinks this is Ava? Or, maybe she doesn't care ? Of course she'd care. :handsintheair: 

20150624 1618(8)

And then there's Sonny. F'kin SONNY. He kills AJ. In front of our faces. We think: finally! FINALLY gonna pay. Oh how stupid we were. Stupid little viewers. Because now? Well, now, Sonny has Carly, he's off the charges, he back as head of his mobular coffee company, Mikey shows up with Avery and..what else? Oh yeah, he gets TJ!!! Got nothin' else to do? Is he still going to PCPU? (get it? PCPU? lol) Will Sonny have a studybuddy lined up for him? You know, he's in Michael's old room. With the Africa books... and a nice sturdy bed to hold the next coma patient that may happen to be living there. Maybe he'll be Avery's manny.

20150624 1609(2)

Even though it was a dull, weird and not great week, I DID actually have three (count them THREE) Scenes of the week. Two of which were soapy drama all the way and carried out by someone that has been phoning in a bit lately.

Well, he woke up. 

20150622 1440(7)

SCENE ONE: Sam and Nikolas talk in the metro about his new found Princely "Charm" and take over of ELQ. I sometimes get a bit sad watching these awesome exchanges and think: WHY has it taken so long for these two to get back together? You totally forget they are family half the time.  Anyway, thanks for this. Kelly and Tyler were both on point. 

20150625 1612(32)

SCENE TWO:  Nikolas is LIT UP like a firecracker on Rosie. He was fierce! Loved. And BTW, no one gives a crap what Rosie's secret is. Too long, and she was off the canvas for forever. Like I said, unless she's a mermaid, forget it. 

SCENE THREE: Because...I LOVE Maura and Roger. And I loved the gum-switch and the lipstick. Only time I laughed all week. 

20150623 1410(26)

FACES OF THE WEEK:  Paddy and Liz see Sam and Jake just laughin' it up. I mean, REALLY laughin' it up.  Then they all go eat dinner together. Awkward. 

20150623 1410(4)

I Mean, come on---- look a that face. Glowing. 

20150625 1525(25)

PROP OF THE WEEK: "Power of Attorney"...which led to the Kissing of Donna Mills. (I shall write a book called that someday!)
I also loved the Green Elephant lamp at Sabby's place but couldn't find a photo! 

So... end of the blog here. I'll say it again. Something is up. I can feel it. Don't know just what but the 'gel' of the show is way way off.  The Luke Finale?  Hollow. While I do appreciate some of the show-- and yes, ALL the actors, the rotating nature of the cast is really starting to affect everything. Julian's not even in this Ava junk. Brad and Lucas shelved (which was a great start of a story) until whenever.  The Nikolas thing is great and thank you for putting Lucy in it. Still....a bit weird, and frankly a bit dull. 
AND FOR THE LOVE OF everything, either tell us that LC is sick and doesn't want to work or something!! Monica's absence is just deafening.  
and so is Josslyn's.
Ok, tee hee..not so much but dang I miss her sass every once and awhile. You know me...I needs the SASS! 


  1. Well, GM, I am first again :), was waiting this morning to get my SS fix! I KNOW there are SOOOO many problems with the show, but I still enjoy it, I guess it is what it is . . .

  2. This was hilarious! I look forward every Sunday for this and I was laughing out loud! Agree with everything you said. I cannot stand the flashbacks and the way they talk to each other about what is going on. If you missed the day before, tough! We don't need a recap every show! I wish they would get new writers - even I think the show is going downhill and I love this show! I DVR it every day and watch it while I eat my dinner....I would miss it if it were gone but they need to make it so much better than it is right now!

  3. Mikey and Sabs all Amish! Made me laugh hysterically out loud for the rest of the paragraph. I KNEW there was something different about them. Haven't even kissed in months. Next they will spend a night together with a bundling board between them. But, besides that, ITA the show is really strange these days, and not just in a campy way. Do the writers ever take a meta look at things? Like stand back and notice, oh we forgot to wrap that s/l up. Oh some MAIN characters haven't been on for months and we forgot to wrap that up. It feels like they write a few scenes on a s/l on one page, then take all the pages and toss them up in the air, grab the ones that land face up and "put on a show" ala Mickey Rooney and Judy Garland. So much potential w/ this cast it makes me wanna cry, then I just get disgusted and watch old Liason vids to get some feels. Don't even get me started on the travesty of Luke's send off.

  4. I am so glad someone else is not liking this Luke send off. It's ridiculous and off mark. Luke and Laura should be on a great adventure with heart. It seems like it is just a time filler instead of the central point. I am really liking the new Dillon, though!

  5. Where is Alexis (who is also a Cassadine, by the way)? I don't watch very much anymore, but has she had any scenes with Nikolas since he suddenly turned to the dark side? She has always been there for him as they were the only " nice" Cassadines. I miss their relationship and she wouldn't tolerate or understand what he has become.

  6. This was the highlight of my

    "you know, Morgan maybe if you had a job, you wouldn't be thinking about your dick 24-7".

    hahahahaha. I wish Sonny had said it.

    And your Amish comments are spot on. ( It's one extreme or the other on this show. )

    I enjoy your Sunday surgery so much. And we agree on so many points.

    I really enjoyed Nik this past week. He's finally getting something he can sink his teeth into.

    And I also no longer care about Rosalie's secret. it will probably turn out to be something so absolutely stupid that no one will care anyway.

    I can't believe that TG read this send off and agreed with it. It's so stupid so far. It should move faster and take up a big portion of each day to try to pull the audience back. I remember the adventures of the past. We tuned in every day because it was front and center every day. By trying to make this adventure last longer they've watered it down to the point of tastelessness.

    And Alexis should be on now too, reading Nicholas the riot act.

    Thanks again for a great read. I'm so glad you've kept this blog.

  7. I read somewhere that Carlivati promised not to kill off Luke. That limited what kind of story they could tell but this is just awful. It's so sad that Genie came back for this flat, stupid story. The villain will probably be some long-dead person nobody cares about. According to TV Guide the Luke farewell lasts through August! It's hard to imagine how they can drag this out for 2 more months.

  8. Carly just moved in with Sonny and left Josslyn. Pretends she doesn't even have a daughter. I agree the lack of Monica in the ELQ, Avery and Jason stuff is incredibly odd. Agree with you on the scenes of the week. Also loved Sabrina, Tracy & Sam working together. Love Roger & Maura and the exchanging the gum and him getting her accent was great. I care a little about Rosalie's story, but it better be damn good! I'm waiting for Lucky and Ethan. Glad to see Holly. Tyler was incredible as Dark Nik and he scared me when he went after Rosalie. I'm totally pissed at Sabrina and I'm a huge Sabrina fan. The writing is so inconsistent. She hates the mob, remember??? Who is running Kelly's? Who do Jake/Jason and Nathan pay rent to? Who is making the BLTs? Is Bobbie keeping Joss or did she fly off to Australia and no one told us?

  9. I think something is off too and has been for awhile. I know a lot of people don't like Ron and Frank but they were awesome on OLTL and did bring GH back to life when they came on board. There's been some kind of change

  10. "It's really just grows.........IN MY PANTS!!"


    "Morgan and Sonny were just...comic. Morgan was a horny teenager telling Daddy about the older lady he just couldn't stay away from. Good grief. You have no idea how I wanted Sonny to look at him and go "you know, Morgan maybe if you had a job, you wouldn't be thinking about your dick 24-7"."

    Oh Karen! ROFL!

    "But..But..I can't THINK!! Make me pasta so I can think!!"

    Dante is starving!!! No wonder! :) Give him pasta Val!!!! :)

  11. Great recap of this week's shows. I enjoyed Sam and Nikolas's scene and I'm not a Sam fan but she plays the dramatic/upset type of scenes really well and I was rooting for her. I'm not really liking this evil Nikolas though. I liked everyone working together to discover what he was up to but there was no payoff, he got ELQ due to a lame reason from Lucy. I hope Michael and Tracy are able to fight back.

  12. Something's off ?? The whole darn show,except for a few little tid bits is way off!! I know I already said it but Nicholas trying to be all dark and gangster with his grandma's bitch comment almost had me rolling on the floor laughing,just not convincing for me. I would like to see Lucky come home and give him a bitch slap though. Not just for what he's doing now but for past transgressions too! I really savored the kiss with Denise and Franco which they acted the hell out of but the Ric and Donna kiss was nauseating. I too hope they can pull off some kind of hail Mary miracle and save the show.

  13. Didn't mean the writing or the show is 'off' I meant something going on behind the scenes.

    I love Cartini and loved them on OLTL and the start of their GH tenure.

  14. I think Tony leaving made a big mess for the writers of GH. They have to do him justice after 37 years as Luke. Other stories are sporadic because they need time to finish Luke's story. I believe things will be more like or usual GH when this storyline is completed. If we want GH to continue we need to support it even when we are not happy about stories on the show.

  15. When we found out that Luke & Laura were leaving to find Lucky, I got so excited. Remembering the adventures of years past...hoping that Robert would show up to help. But what they have done so far,is BORING. I agree with everyone...something is off...way off. I just hope that whatever it is, gets fixed. ASAP!

  16. Everyone seems to agree something is off. I think it is a combo of four factors:
    1. the cast is so bloated they don't know how to manage it. As a result we end up with Alexis and Anna, two of the stars of the show, off for extended durations. Others like Monica, Joss, Mac, Felicia are never seen. Actors that could carry a lead like Ks / Maxie are relegated to supporting players. Storylines (Mayor race, Lucas/Brad, Spencer burn, Brownstone, Maxie/Georgie) are dropped to the point that we no longer care
    2. Cartini has run out of storylines to recycle and can't think up an original one.
    3. Cartini only knows how to write campy crap. Falling ratings are showing that is not working. They don't know what to do if they cant write everyone as cartoons, romances for children, or sex depraved adults.
    4. Some actors (TG/ Luke) are given too much control in being allowed to dictate their schedule and/or storyline.

    The powers that be need to focus less on recruiting big name actors, and focus instead on recruiting some big talent writers. Hire some prime time writers who know how to write drama, suspense, romance, police/hospital driven stories - then fire Cartini.


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